Jonathan Mason at the Vancouver Riots ?

Congratulations Jonathan Mason from Kwantlen University College, you’re the first person that I will talk about in my blog.  Now it may be true that you weren’t at the riots as you stated:

 “LOL, police are free to contact me. I didn’t actually do anything, a random post on facebook joking about guilt is not an admittance of guilt. I wasn’t even downtown, you can’t beleive everything you read on the internet, I think that makes… you a fool for beleiving. Thanks for your concern about my well being though. Perhaps you will feel less inclined to message strangers because all you have done with this message is show what a gullible schmuck you are.”

Jonathan Mason Jonathan Mason

However, as everyone can see what you did type you either were there or a moron to even think this was a good idea to post.  So, in my pronouncement of my first judgement, I sentence you to public shaming so that whenever “Jonathan Mason” is ever typed into google, your name will be forever associated with the Vancouver riots.  I will leave it up to your future employer to ask you during your interview whether you were really there or not.  Take your chance with that.  You’ve been served by Captain Vancouver punk!

EDITED June 17th 3:00pm

For those defending this loser for making a “bad joke”,  and how he wasn’t even there I present to you his tweets on Twitter.  There is no way I removing this post now.  Jonathan Mason has helped incite riots thru the social-media by his words.  Regardless if he was attending, or sitting at home on his couch, tweeting and encouraging riots to occur is a show of poor character.  I said it before and will say it again, my page is designed to show that consequences exist if you wish to be an asshat.

To those who wanted me to lay off a guy like Jonathan and go after worse people, I made a judgement on his character initially.  That’s why employers don’t hire people with poor character because in many cases there are many more instances of lapses in their past and more to come in their future.

Jonathan Mason Tweet 1   Jonathan Mason Tweet 2

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


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  1. Get the fuck over it. Nobody appreciates your detective work when it’s pretty clear the guy was joking. He BIT 3 riot police? That made sense to you?

    Find a hobby my friend, there are much better uses of your Googling investigatory work than “shaming” some guy making a joke on Facebook.

    • Sorry you lose Larry. You’re on the wrong side of history and society if you don’t think shaming idiots, or “jokers” is right. It’s obvious you haven’t been in position of being an employer or hiring authority. How so? I could care less if Jonathan was joking or not, because if I was hiring him and I knew this was his kind of humour I would question has judgement and character. Much in the same way I judge your character in defense of a “joke”. You sir, have been judged by Captain Vancouver!

      • You haven’t “served” anyone, you haven’t served any sort of purpose, but if this unfortunate incident gives you a platform to feel important for once in your life, go right to it.

        People who can’t differentiate between levity and reality, and furthermore endeavor to get involved in things that are not their business, are as bad as any idiot he or she tries to “shame”. If you don’t have all the facts, you probably shouldn’t meddle, and if you affect someone’s livelihood because of a joke on Facebook because you misguidedly believe you are some sort of Moral Crusader, well then sir, you are a piece of shit. Pardon my Francais.

      • Larry, we agree then it’s an unfortunate incident for Jonathan Mason to post his “levity”. The difference is I don’t like people who joke around like that nor do I believe I’d care much for you either. You have been served because your ad hominem attacks and name calling already proves that the high ground is mine and you sir have lost. I’ve had plenty to feel “important” in my life thank you very much. Ever wonder why I’m icognito as Captain Vancouver?

        As for this not being my business? Says who? Says you? I’m Captain Vancouver, and everything that happens in the city I call home is my business. The facts are presented in what he posted up. If you do not have the ability to decipher what I wrote about not wishing to hire someone that finds “jokes” like this as commentary on his character, then you have something wrong in your own judgement of right and wrong. I hope it affects him in that it makes him use better judgement the next time he posts (or does) something as idiotic as what he did.

        PS thank-you for posting replies here and allowing me to approve them instead of just cesoring them. It provides contrast to how the minority of people think like yourself. You were served earlier for your failure at presenting how somewho “no one cares” about what I represent and write.

      • Larry didn’t use an ad hominem. He just insulted you. There is a difference.

        Basically, you know that there’s a guy who posted a joke in poor taste. First, you claim that the joke must be an accurate depiction of facts, and when it’s pointed out that that is a bit ridiculous you instead shed your mantle of anti-riot crusader and move on to being the humour police.

        You’re causing harm to someone who doesn’t deserve it, and you’re doing it in a cowardly way just because you couldn’t find a better target for that post. If you were actually out to do good, you’d apologize to the guy and yank the post.

        And as an FYI, there’s no ad hominem in this comment.

      • Bilf, I was thinking personal attacks were also ad hominem as defined If wrong I was wrong.
        As well, I thought I had made my point that I have no gray area in regards to what is regarded as a joke or not. That’s why I based it on poor judgement. However, since I am Captain Vancouver I will consider pulling the post upon my personal reflection on whether it still has merit as to prove the point of being careful what you say.

      • You should post “Larry’s” IP address. It can be tracked in logs even if it’s changed.

      • Captain: I hope you do pull it. If you look further down, you can see that people are rushing to the attack, and that your post will probably have consequences, potentially far-reaching ones for this guy. What he did was make a stupid, not-particularly-funny joke. But at this point you are causing harm by keeping this post up.

        The guy is an idiot, but he certainly doesn’t deserve the vitriol accorded to people who were actually involved in the riot.

      • Keep up the great work Captain Canuck. Don’t listen to detracters like Larry – he’s probably friends with this fool.

      • Wow, looking at “Captain Vancouver”‘s post, I gotta say this guy is a pretty big egomaniac. Get real, you’re not assisting anyone by running this blog, you’re making a travesty of our justice system, and inciting people to take laws into their own hands. And who are you to decide when a facebook post is offensive enough and therefore deserving of your “omnipotent power of internet disapproval”? And if you are going to censure that kid, what about your “loyal supporters” posting death threat on your blog? Aren’t hose just as bad as what that kid posted, which is obviously in jest and posted in a moment of immaturity? Rather hypocritical. Seriously, am I in the minority here in finding something very sour going on here?

    • Larry, you are an ***hole. YOU were at the riot and you are a criminal.

    • larry sucks cock for a living

    • Larry, he said he bit 3 cops, and according to police reports, several cops had been treated for bite marks. Now, if I was just at home pretending that I was at the riot, the last thing I would post would be about biting cops, it would be more along the lines of breaking things and maybe pushing things over. So, if he is innocent, where did he get the idea to write that? Unless, of course, he WAS there and he DID bite 3 cops…. and with bite marks, there’s physical evidence. Regardless of whether he was there or not, this guy is a douchebag and a moron.
      The last time I checked, assaulting a police officer wasn’t a laughing matter and the fact that he bragged about it online, just proved how stupid he is!
      And anyone that supports him, that includes you Larry, is even more of an idiot because you should be able to see objectively how much of an asshole he is. But since you can’t, that puts you above Jonathan Mason as a bigger douchebag, and you’ll be eventually caught out!

    • Larry, do you not see the irony in you taking the time out of your life to lecture a blogger telling them to find a hobby?

      Your suggestion can be thrown right back at you. Seriously, think before you post.

      [Nobody appreciates your detective work when it’s pretty clear the guy was joking.]

      You mean YOU don’t appreciate your detective work. I know this may come as shock, but not everyone shares your opinion or believed the guy was joking. Fyi: it is quite possible to bite more than one cop in a huge riot.

      • If he was there and did I’m sure dome caught it on camera….justice will prevail

    • um yeah lots of cops were bitten!!! and Im sorry but if your dumb enough to think that this is funny…. then you deserve to be shamed for the whole world to see!! grow the f up moron

    • There were two (or three?) VPD bitten according to the press conference yesterday so, yah, it makes sense to me.

    • Well guess what I do apppreciate the detective job, and thanks for the idea of making this website we’ll get some faces out there, or what, are you a vandal as well? maybe you’re covering up your buddies or what? are you no interested in having these kids paying for their mess? I do, I love this city, let’s crack down Jonathan

  2. NICE!!!
    Keep goin through the fb Van riots page – you can find other morons who’ve bragged about this as well!!!
    LOOOVE that names will forever come up in a search related to the riot last night!

  3. If everyone did their part such as you have the world would be a better place. Good for you! Best regards to Vancouver from a small town north of Toronto.

  4. You claim to somehow represent society yet instead of reporting something tangible and making a worthy contribution, you pull up some guy’s admittedly poorly timed and foolish facebook post and appoint yourself judge, and “sentence” him? If you, or anyone else, cares about anything beyond your own self interests revolving around our bruised reputation, you’ll head downtown and support the merchants by patronizing their businesses, for it is they that will shoulder the greatest burden from the sheer lunacy that occurred in our city last night.

    • I’ve got to juggle this blog while inbetween my daily life at the moment. Jonathan Mason was just the first I stumbled upon. There will be plenty to make a “worthy contribution” of. As for self-appointment as a judge. Yes and I make no apologizes over that. As for heading downtown and supporting merchants? What makes you think I don’t live there and wish to extend retribution upon all those who had fun rioting and damaging my city?

  5. I can appreciate your intent Captain but truth be told, folks like you are wasting police resources by giving them leads to follow-up on that are highly unlikely to ever result in either charges or conviction. If you live downtown and witnessed anything and are prepared to give a witness statement or testimony, or have photos or video of crimes being committed, send them to the VPD because that should be the focus, not the dumbass bravado comments of some kid on facebook who likely wasn’t even present. Stop trying to shame people, it’s lame and weak. Support the merchants in the core who are suffering with something tangible…your money.

    • I am considering yanking Jonathan Mason’s shaming. There are many other photos I can go thru which are much more valid.

      • I think that would be a good idea Captain. Mason’s crime is mostly having a bad sense of humour and a weak grasp of how badly sarcasm translates in type. Shaming him the same way as the other two only diminishes their punishment.

    • You are the criminal. YOU are the problem.

    • Even if it doesn’t result in charges, chances are that this guy’s dumbass “joke” will still get stumbled across by any potential employer doing their background (and FYI, social media checks are now a standard part of any background check). If I were an employer, I’d give this guy’s resume a miss based on this comment.

      It’s the internet age, folks…posting your stupid shit on social media means that the world might not think you’re as cute and smart as you think you are…and judge you accordingly IRL.

  6. No. Keep this up. The lamers who are defending this creep are probably on their way to the clink, too. All the posts above are helping to track these bastards down. You think YOU were angry last night? Rioters who get lined up for their court photos will be subject to the wrath of thousands in Vancouver and beyond. The Internet is forever.

  7. Leave it up.

    I don’t care if the idiot was “joking” or not. Not a lot different than joking about a bomb in an airport IMHO.

    Posting like he did when he did serves the stupid prick right. His stupidity is neither yours or my problem.

  8. Leave it up. You reap what you sow. He deserves to be vilified for his idiocy..

    If he runs into real legal trouble, well then he can go to court and be judged there.

  9. So the folks who were there to watch their team and were doing nothing when the riot ensued are criminals too eh Stone? You obviously weren’t there. And clearly don’t know that of which you speak. You are a malcontent and a buffoon Stone, move back to Alberta.

  10. This is a stupid pointless post.

    He posted a silly status. You think you are helping people by “blogging” about it thinking its evidence. the kid probably wasn’t even at the game. You relised that you are a fool for posting this but instead of taking it down you wanna keep it up to stop him from getting work? You have great intent but your a moron.

  11. Leave it up! Shame all the bastards who participated and/or encouraged it including this douche.

  12. Keep up the great work Captain Vancouver!

  13. He added to the embarrassment and shame that’s being heaped on Vancouver & Canada in general as we speak, I personally don’t give a rats crap if he posted it in jest or not, if you’re going to act like a brainless dipshit ANYWHERE, then be prepared for consequences of said act. Don’t snivel like a baby afterwards.

    And yes Scott, the useless bags of skin that sat by and watched have a large part of the blame for this, by enabling and protecting the thugs instigating it.

  14. Does anyone know his birthday?

  15. Jb.block, if you’re suggesting that citizens should endanger their lives to protect retail property and contents being damaged and looted by an armed mob, you’re an imbecile.

    Had I witnessed any physical assaults, I would most certainly have intervened, but for property, hell no. If you want to play the part of security guard to protect private property, bee my guest, but my life is more important than another man’s property.

    I suspect if you’d been in the core when the riot began, you might have some idea what you were talking about.

    It seems likely though, that you’re just someone who has watched coverage on TV and arrogantly sits back and tells people what he thinks they should Have done.

  16. This kid was obliviously there and he is getting all his little dip shit friends to post (or he is doing it himself) I LOVE what you are doing Captain Vancouver. I want these punks lives to be ruined by what they did!

  17. Keep this up forever. What a dip shit.

  18. Larry is also a traitor to Canada and a terrorist you are next Larry

  19. Keep this post up forever, keep up posting more, and lets catch the rest of the impostor fans !

    & for the record, I COMPLETELY agree that potential employers will see this and it will come back to *bite* those assholes 😉

  20. This is a waste of time, post something of worth and merit. You need evidence and proof to be of value to justice. Do not act as if you’ve never said anything in bad taste or out of place before, unfortunately for this person they are in the wrong era at the wrong time. With so many true criminals out there I think that it is unjust and unfounded to slander this man for untimely words, especially on a blog such as this designed to leave thugs and hooligans deservedly cornered.

    • I should add that although I believe you have extremely great intent, you need to be careful upon posting obscure cases such as these. If you truly are Captain Vancouver surely you understand that there were thugs committing disturbing acts of hate and violence physically destroying our city. Incidences such as this deserve nothing more than to be overlooked when there are criminals out there with evidence and proof stacked against them. You are walking a fine line between a justified executioner and a petty saboteur, some of these are innocent – perhaps out of line – individuals amongst true criminals that should only be humiliated on here.

  21. love this blog!!! keep it upp!!!! 🙂

  22. Leave it up Captain…. douchebag will get what his comments deserve…. Ha ha ha ..

    big joke….. dick

  23. Leave it up. Vancouverites are ashamed at what happened, and anyone who gloats on what happened last night deserves to have their words immortalized along with their name. It is time the youth and young adults learn some respect for their society and fellow citizens.

  24. For all of you debating about whether this is a joke or not, the police can’t arrest someone for something they post on facebook. However, if there is a crime, they can use this as evidence, along with other evidence they have.

  25. They can sure as hell use a post on Facebook as reason to ask the guy some questions. If he’s a poser, fine, but that’s for them to figure out.

  26. Innocent suggestion, since you proclaim yourself to stand for justice or… whatnot:

    I understand in the interests of pursuing justice for Vancouver that you posted the full names of those who admitted to being involved in the riots on Facebook. I don’t find it highly justifiable, fair or decent to also be disclosing the full names of those “friends” such as Jon M who are by and large innocent of any wrongdoing and even just disgusted by this as yourself. (You can argue that some may have justified exposure for condoning or even celebrating the violence but that’s another issue.)

    Either way, knowing the internets, their exposure can easily inadvertently lead to harassment on their own facebooks for no more reason than innocent association with the guilty party. And if those riots showed anything, people act stupid when they feel they can act anonymously. And no more is this true than on the internet where the lines are even less clear.

    So with respects to their privacy as well as a general internet courtesy, please make an attempt to at least blur their last names and even profile images. Put yourself in their shoes and think if your FB name ended up publicized simply because a “facebook friend” of yours happens to be one of these ‘anarchists’ and if you would wish for the same courtesy.

    Cheers from Toronto. And trust me when I say I share the sorrow of this event both as a hockey fan and a Canadian.

    • As you’ve seen here, the internets are serious business, and xxx people without anything better to do will try and find smoke where there isn’t any fire.

      I don’t support rioters, I hope everyone involved gets charged and punished to the full extent of the law. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing them receive the same kind of street justice they doled out.

      However, as has been made clear by their fervent persecution of me for simply suggesting they take a joke as a joke, they’ve suggested “tracking my IP address”, that I “was at the riots” (I haven’t even been to Vancouver since I was 9 yrs old) and that I “suck dick for a living”.

      This kind of sheepish, lemming mentality is why those riots happened. Simple-minded buffoons can’t think for themselves and get caught up in the mob mentality. You are all just as bad as the rioters, you just didn’t happen to be there at the time.

      • If you joke about killing an American president, the Secret Service shows up regardless. At the very least you should learn that stupid, thoughtless words have consequences…especially if you haven’t checked your Facebook privacy settings before posting them.

  27. Please keep it up. Look at it this way… he’s a University student; therefore, almost certainly an adult. As an adullt he is expected to act like one. Perhaps if he were 16, we could apprecite the possibility of immature bravato. Whether it’s the truth or not. That is not the case here. Let him be feel shame, as any self respecting adult should…

  28. Captain Vancouver. We appreciate you helping the authorities track down those responsible and keeping Vancouver safe. I like the post on that water polo player. A picture like that tells a thousand words. However give this dude a break. Reading his facebook post it seems like he is being sarcastic. Who gave you the right to judge the comments of others. It might be his lame attempt at a bad joke. Your attempted censorship and upbraiding of this causes you to lose credibility. Stick to real facts. Match the photos with the names and then spew your diatribe. That stuff you write there is amusing and those folks deserve to be outed. By the way you are a loser.

  29. You are an idiot and I hope you get sued for libel. It’s obvious to all but the mentally retarded that this guy was joking. I would be contacting a lawyer if I was him. A jewish lawyer

  30. bit could easily have been a mistype of hit.
    Either way, dumb kid.

  31. This one entry is weakening the rest of your blog. Focus on those where there’s hard photographic evidence and let the bigmouths make fools of themselves in private.

  32. Oh yes, get the FBI after me to track my IP address, keep going after the true criminals. First it was a guy making a Facebook joke, now it’s a guy criticizing you for being a meddling, incompetent, self-important idiot. I’m glad you morons aren’t in charge of police funding.

    Of course you gullible idiots are from Vancouver. You wonder why the rest of Canada laughs at you? Start with stupid moral crusading garbage like this. Find a real cause you latte-sipping yuppy.

  33. Small-minded idiots who can’t tell a joke from “gloating” are the reason society is in such bad shape. While they charge the rioters, they should charge you all with Stupidity and Complacency in the 1st degree.

  34. Your kind used to burn witches in the old days. In several hundred years, the mob mentality of small-minded people hasn’t changed one iota. “GET HIM! I KNOW WE DON’T HAVE ANY FACTS, EVIDENCE OR AUTHORITY, BUT KILL KILL KILL! I LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE AND I WILL THROW STONES IF I DAMN WELL PLEASE!”

    It’s scary that you troglodytes think you are doing the right thing.

  35. People wonder how riots get started…

    Well, get a large group of people together who are frustrated and a bit angry. Pick a few targets (cop cars, banks, a guy in the wrong jersey, or a guy who made a joke you dislike), and use them as targets for that frustration and anger. Others join in.

    Trying to destroy the life of a guy who is basically innocent just because you’re pissed off about the riots comes from the same mentality as people who set fire to cop cars just because they’re pissed off that their team lost. There’s probably an element of doing it just because you can, too–venting feelings of impotence by trying to feel powerful while cloaked by the sense of anonymity.

    Of course, people are lining up to join in.

    And no, I don’t know this guy at all, and I wasn’t in the city for the riots.

  36. Every single participant in the riot should be publicly shamed. All the photos and their personal information should be posted and passed around like a digital riot. I hope rioters lose friends, jobs, status, school placements, positions on teams and anything else they deem to be important. It’s likely that the justice system won’t be able to punish these f*ckers to the fullest extent of the law so hopefully publically shaming these losers will be second best. Rot in Hell anarchists, vandals, looters, arsonists and all the rest of you scumbags who participated in the mayhem. Karma is a bitch and you’ll see what it will do for you!

  37. This Larry guy is as moron. But we all know his REAL name is Jonathan Mason!!! Why else would he feel this passionate about this low life? Or it’s his dad or something. If Jonathan is your son, you did a shit job raising him!

  38. Captain Vancouver…Job well done.

    To Larry, and to a lesser extent Biff, the “suspect” in question will merely have his day in court. If the evidence is there, let’s hope he will be held accountable.

    What were all these people who were just standing around watching the looting thinking? Their complicity was unbelievable. If there were more people present who were interested in preventing a riot and looting, maybe it wouldn’t have taken place.

    My question is why should all of us law abiding citizens shed a tear for some moron who might have to face the music for at the very least his astronomical stupidity. (at jokingly confessing to indictable offenses) I personally have a hard time believing that he was joking.

    This is the real world folks. There are consequences for your actions, and “confessions”. Even if they were false… I am an employer of a highly educated workforce. If he can prove his innocence publicly, it can go a long ways towards his future prospects. These are painful lessons for a young person for sure.

  39. Bite marks can be matched to the teeth that put them there. I would hope that the cops had the wounds properly measured and photographed. Since this idiot claims he bit three cops they have reason to arrest him and check the evidence.

  40. Whatever, he’s a vandal, a supporter of vandalism in the city, that kid needs to go behind bars for some time so he learns some things… and yeah Jonathan Mason is guilty, I saw his tweeter check this shit out what a douche bag!/masonstcc

  41. I agree with the sentiment of this blog. Our community needs to stand up and make it known that we will not tolerate rioting. But I also have to agree with home sweet home’s comment. This guy’s comment on facebook is being misconstrued as rioting or looting or an attempt to incite rioting which it is not. I think he is pretty obviously being sarcastic – probably because he feels as uncomfortable about what happened as we do.

    Captain Vancouver is condemning the right to free speech if it relates to something he dislikes and that’s censorship, not vigilantism.

    Definitely remove this post before the integrity of the project is questioned further.

    If this gets on the news the byline will read “Anyone can be a target of vigilante CaptainVancouver”.

  42. first off, I applaud Captain Vancouver! and all that contribute evidence to this site. You are not a vigilante, you are a crusader. Do not drop the post.
    bob Wiley, I completeley disagree with you, as sensible and logical post as it was. I just wanted to differentiate a reasonable post one can disagree with, with diarreahea from morons such as Larry.
    That being said, when is enough is enough in our society? There is no doubt that the words ” Canadian justice System ” are in fact, an oxymoron. I believe everyone should be accountable for what they do in life. and sadly, our justice system falls far short in determining accountability.
    So everyone should also email their mp and mla, a special prosecutor and judge completely dedicated to this matter should be appointed. Criminals should do time, AND have to pay $$$… for a change. And that debt, as well as their lack of reputation should follow them forever. I have had enough of this shit. The vast majority of Canadians also have, yet we never speak up. We take it like iike a Sedin takes 5 punches to the head. May this be the catalyst for change in our legal system in Canada, which for the most part is a joke.
    The many bystanders should be ashamed of being the cheerleaders for a bunch of losers. This makes you losers also.
    Getting pics with your best ‘hood’ pose in front of a burning vehicle is just so baddass. Its so Compton. You little middle class fucker gangsta wannabees would be eaten alive in compton. I know.
    In the case of Jon Mason, take a look at his pre-game tweats, as well as his posts during and post riot. In both of those instances, that is inciting to riot. That is a criminal offence. Folks we live in a viral age, and something one person says, is heard by thousands,, and instantly, and the results and reprocussions are exponential.
    And finally on the subject of Mason, one poster made a very good point. How could he know that police were bit?? Who would ever guess up that one? without having done it, or having first hand knowledge of someone who did? So at the least , lets add accomplice to a criminal offence to this guy. He has questions to answer.
    I can see ONE post being humor, as distasteful and stupid and juvenile as it would be. But multiple and ongoing, is disturbing. This guy has some serious issues, of that there is no doubt. Lets stop making excuses for all the punks. Society and the courts have that area totally covered.
    Lets make the criminals pay.
    keep up the great work.

  43. There are a lot of people who are MEMORIZING these people’s names. I hope each and every one of you that are guilty are scared for your lives, for the rest of your lives.

  44. This is highly counterproductive.
    All these folks coming here to triumph what is essentially a witch hunt. I’m 41, I was downtown and I played no part in the riots, yet I still think this is wrong.
    Why you ask? Simple.
    Under Canadian law, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, except in the case of reverse onus offenses, and none of the potential acts committed meet that definition.
    It matters not if you feel the video or images show the person committing a crime clearly and apparently or not. In BC, it is the job of the police to investigate and the job of the Crown to determine if there is sufficient evidence to lay charges.
    It’s completely irrelevant if you feel it’s clear cut, it’s completely irrelevant if you feel our justice system is too lenient on offenders. When you conduct online campaigns like this one, well intentioned or not, you provide ammo for the defense attorney to use to insinuate that their client cannot receive a fair trial, which can potentially result in charges being dismissed by the Crown.
    If you goal is to ensure that justice is served, and convictions obtained, you’ll simply post photos and identities of the suspects, not leave commentary and not allow commentary by posters and visitors.
    If your goal is only to shame people, with no hope of them ever being brought to justice, you’d keep doing what you’re doing. The Law is the law and although I despise what was done in our city, all of us, just like the rioters, must respect thee letter of the law. If we feel we can pick and choose which laws we. Choosee to abide. By, and the circumstances we. Abide by them, we are in essence, criminals, just like those who engaged in the riot. What you are doing is putting a fundamental tenet of Canadian Law into disrepute and potentially helping rioters get off in court. Is that what you wanted?
    Your intent is noble, but from a legal standpoint, misguided and counterproductive to the justice and retribution you, and many Vancouverites seek.
    Mark my words, at least some of the suspects you’ve profiled here will end up pleading to lesser charges, or even having charges dismissed entirely owing to comments made by yourself and visitors.
    The Vancouver Police Department already has thee names of all the individuals you have profiled here, several have now turned themselves in or are awaiting charges.
    I’d urge you at this time to step back and allow the Police and Crown to do their job in obtaining convictions on these individuals.

    • As an employer, I welcome sites like this. It provides information via web searches that may not show up in criminal background checks. The people that stayed in the crowds and posed with the burning cars, were contributory offenders and assisted in facilitating the growth of the mob mentality.

      How would you feel if this happened to your home or business? Then what if the individual applied for a job with you the following month?

      20hours of community service doesn’t cut it. Big Brother is watching, that is the age we are in.

      Keep it up Captain Vancouver!

  45. Lol, contributory offenders eh? Now you’re making up imaginary offenses that you feel should exist in the criminal code to support your mentality, that’s rich. “As an employer” and “big brother is watching” are your catchphrases? I pity anyone that takes a job with your company, but I’m sure you’d be par for the course in a fascist regime. Let me guess, you’re behind Stephen Harper’s Omnibus crime bill too right? Careful what you ask for…seems like you may be living in the wrong country.

  46. Ignore the naysayers. You aren’t pronouncing him, only reporting information available to anyone with a computer. And as a person who recently went from employee to employer *I* sure wouldn’t want to hire this clown, nor spend my dollars at any place we deal with. Thank you for posting this to save me a little time during our employee search.

  47. Scott LARRY and Jonathan are all idiots! Some jokes are NOT funny and this biting thing reeks of truth. Cops got bitten by some Babymen that night. Grown men biting or even SAYING they bit a cop…..give me a break, You’re MEN for gods sake. Girly men that bite and won’t take responsibility. Whether proved guilty or not you’re ALL assholes. Bite ME, I’m 70 years old and just disgusted with all of you. This city doesn’t need any of you. Go back under the rock you crawled out from. I have no respect for any of you. You could have grown up to be hockey players or something worthwhile but you’ve CHOSEN to be losers. If you can’t do something good then just grow up and stop whining…BABYMEN!!

  48. 70 years old and you still can’t make change for a quarter?

    I’m a loser in your estimation because I support our Charter or rights and Freedoms and the equitable enforcement of the law of our land Sally?

    As I said, posting comments of this nature serves as ammo for rioter’s defense attorneys to use to get them off on lesser charges in court. Do you not understand I support these people being prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Do you know anything about the law, or have any respect for it?

    Because it certainly appears you do not…

    • Glad to see I’m not alone; vigilantism is a crime, and freedom of speech is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedom. However much you disagree with what that kid says, however much in poor taste you think it is, he still has the right to say it, a fact apparently lost on most of the posters here. And I really like how name-calling is the only way most of those selfsame posters know how to argue.

  49. If this Moron thinks this is a joke and funny he needs a labotomy!!! Seriously !!! Every person who has in some way helped to incite this riot by standing idly by and watching/jeering/taking pictures and not leaving the area when the police read the riot act should all be charged as they are all equally guilty.

  50. P.S all teeth impressions are like fingerprints no two are alike. So, perhaps the police will be asking for a bite impression to check against the officers that were bitten….

  51. Laura, the “people standing idly by” watching and taking pictures are the reason many of these people are now being caught and prosecuted. What have you contributed to the mix? It’s funny that people like you seem to think that an accredited journalist who was there was documenting news, but a citizen who does thee same is a criminal. Captain Vancouver’s assertion that we live in an age where everyone has a camera in their phone is spot on, and it is pictures and footage primarily from these “criminals” cameras that you find here. To the people who assert that those who stood and documented the chaos contributed to the chaos and incited the rioter’s behavior by providing an audience, I’m curious as to who you feel incited the rioters who set all the cars in the seymour street parkade alight, with nobody to see them doing it. These people came prepared with hammers and gasoline to torch cars, they would have done so win or lose, audience of not,, and the opinion of some pompous Criminology professor at a local University does nothing to change that reality.
    There’s a big difference between standing and filming and cheering on violence or heckling the cops. You want rioters arrested but then suggest those aiding in their arrest should be charged too, sorry, but you can’t have it both ways and without the video vigilantes, this would just be a blog of whining folks such as yourself whose only knowledge of the events that happened would be edited news footage they watched while sitting on their asses at home.

  52. Captain Vancouver, I IMPLORE YOU!!!…do not let up one iota on your public shaming of anyone caught on film, or photographed….I for one, will never get over the disgust and shame that was perpetrated that night, and all of the pretentious, bleeding heart, tree hugging assholes that have a problem with your website, can suck it!, along with their $6.00 latte’s!!

    • Name-calling. The height of maturity. And I really like how anonymity makes “heroes” out of all of you, and how swimming well a random nobody can orchestrate a witch hunt using modern technology. Now, go back to work and make me that $6.00 latte that I ordered, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Those damn trees won’t hug themselves you know.

  53. @ CaptainVancouver

    How do you know it wasnt his little brother who posted that on his facebook acct. as a joke??!!

    I have no problem with your name & shame, I just hope you are 100% sure the parties involved are actually guilty

  54. More video:

  55. […] Jonathan Mason at the Vancouver Riots ? […]

  56. Keep up the great work, Captain Vancouver. Anyone that says this is counter productive etc etc blah blah is probably just looking out for a friend or even them selves. Public shaming, provided there is evidence to your claims is a wonderful thing.

  57. What some of you think passes for evidence is what makes the whole public shaming debacle so onerous. This makes a Kangaroo court look credible by comparison.

    So principled is he and sure of his actions, that he hides behind a pseudonym on the web. What are YOU hiding from Captain Vancouver?

    If yours is the righteous fight, and legally and morally just as you claim, why don’t you have the balls to out yourself, so those you accuse can face you?

    What if I used the same logic as the previous poster? “If Captain Vancouver refuses to reveal his identity to the public today, he is just a rioter who is trying to assuage his feelings of guilt”

    I mean really, why don’t you require everyone who posts here to submit a photo of themselves so we can compare it to the growing pile of photos uploaded to the web?

    How can we trust that you were not a participant in the riot Captain Vancouver? It’s a well known fact that criminals frequently inject themselves into an investigation…

    So Captain Vancouver, I publicly call you out.

    Post your picture if you have nothing to hide.
    Refusal to do so means we can assume you might have participated in the riot…

  58. Captain Vancouver! I demand that you reveal yourself!

  59. I do not care if these idiots were tweeting as if they were there and were not.
    I don’t care if your a UBC student.
    I don’t care if you just had a photo taken in the carnage.
    I don’t care if you were just standing in front of the police and riot sqauds.
    I don’t care if you are somewhat famous.
    I don’t care if you have never been charged with anything before.
    I don’t care if you pretend to be sweet and inocent.
    I hope you all get what you deserve.. If you are really a good person you would not have been part of the problem.
    Shame them all

  60. If it’s a joke, he’s even stupider than the people who were actually there.

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