Dustin Anderson Hitting A Firefighter At Vancouver Riots

As much as Nathan Kotylak has become the poster boy for “good kids gone bad”.  Dustin Anderson, is representative of this next generation of street thugs.  He is of the same ilk of every low life degenerate punk who proclaims themselves “gangsta”.  Well gangsta boy, I’m introducing you to Captain Vancouver and let’s get busy.

In this picture taken from http://thedirty.com/tag/vancouve/ Dustin appears all suave and lucky to be seen with a beautiful girl.

Dustin Anderson Rioter

"I'm about to cry, this is the last girl I'll be holding"

In this next photo also at http://thedirty.com/tag/vancouve/ we get to see just what a bad ass he is.  He’s a true gangsta in this photo, hanging out all tough with his friends.

Dustin Anderson

Captain Vancouver shoots the collective middle finger right back at you.

Frankly, I’d post this photo up regardless if he was in involved as a rioter or not.  In fact, I’d like to formally state that I do not hold a higher moral ground.  Nor am I here to be the compassionate and fair bleeding heart.  I’m a vigilante who outs morons and people who post photos like this and don’t think of consequences.  Maybe if people thought about how they acted, how they show themselves to the world people like me wouldn’t judge them.

For any of you readers who have been in a position of authority and have reviewed resumes,  I ask wouldn’t you like to know what kind of person is working for you?  In our age of social-media, the internet and how young people start their own digital imprints thru their posts and photos they put up online, you’d think they’d realise that what they’re doing is creating an online resume already.  What you post today, will definitely come up again tomorrow.

Enough of my own ranting and back to our friend Dustin.  I have friends who are Vancouver Firefighters and Dustin, you’re an idiot and here are your shots.

Dustin Anderson

Dustin Anderson Assaulting A Vancouver Firefighter

Dustin Anderson, I sentence you to perpetual internet fame as the shortest tough guy to as of yet be profiled and publicly shamed by Captain Vancouver.

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~ by captainvancouver on June 17, 2011.

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  1. in the group pic of the four of them, isnt the guy on the far left the same one who was yelling at that older lady in front of the bay? he was threatening her with a skateboard?

    • This guy is a loser and has the IQ of a piece of shit. Sorry, the IQ of a piece of shit is higher!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dustin Anderson plans to turn himself in: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/man-riot-taunted-police-plans-surrender-022813689.html

      The guy is a “winner” through and through. Check out this responses from the article:

      “A 22-year-old Vancouver man who was widely seen acting belligerently in video footage during Wednesday’s riot says he plans to turn himself in to police, even though he feels trapped in his home because of his notoriety.

      Dustin Anderson is seen angrily taunting and swinging his shopping bag at a police officer in riot gear, then turns his attention to a firefighter, who he also appears to take a swing at.

      Later, Anderson is recorded dumping milk over his own head, hoping to ease the sting of pepper spray deployed by police.

      “I obviously feel horrible,” Anderson told CBC News Monday. “I can’t leave my house because everybody recognizes me.”

      But he suggested there were also many people who behaved worse than he did Wednesday.

      “It’s not like I was lighting cars on fire or smashing in windows,” Anderson said.

      He did not deny taunting the police officer, but said he was angered by the firefighter’s response to him.

      “I went to him for help because I had been pepper sprayed,” said Anderson. “He told me to go home… He was trying to get in my face.”

      Anderson said he’s surprised he hasn’t been arrested and charged yet, but said he would surrender to authorities Tuesday.”

  2. I know that people have done much worse than punch someone during the rioting in Vancouver, but I’m still glad you posted this. Young people who think that being violent and hating authority is cool need to learn that we have authority figures for a reason.

    As a young, former punk/wannabe-anarchist, you don’t have to conform to follow society’s rules. You also don’t have to be a dick to stand out.

  3. and to think this same firefighter could be called upon to save his life one day.

  4. What a piece of work this guy is.

    A soft handed, fatheaded slob. Taking a punch at a good guy trying to do his best in an intense situation. What a jerk.

    Captain Van, you must get the little creep with the skateboard.

  5. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

  6. An asshole wearing an affliction shirt?

    Never thought I’d see the day.

  7. Fat kids are harder to kidnap….too bad.

    Pissed off in Coquitlam

    • Bet they are a bigger target to shoot at, a shotgun blast makes them splatter nicely too.

      • Hey guys, let’s not respond to violence with MORE VIOLENCE. Come on take yourselves a bit above these people.

  8. I saw this same guy on TV yelling and hitting at a riot police’s shield. He was yelling, “Hit me faggot bitch. You big goof.” Wow words from a true gangsta

  9. Isn’t this the same guy who was swearing at / smacking a riot officer outside the smashed liquor store?

  10. I wish I had a video link but here’s a still pic of this douche bag: http://www.globaltvbc.com/4958073.bin?size=sw940nws taken from http://www.globaltvbc.com/Photo+gallery+Vancouver+rioters+exposed/4957984/story.html

    • This fat little reject is the biggest pussy I have seen in a very long time. That firefighter took a punch from the little burger smuggler without even flinching! AND He totally restrained himself from throttling the little f!cker too! What a BOSS!!

      As for fatfacekilla He is about as Gangsta as a pair of soiled underwear.

      • Note how after he throws the hardest punch a 3′ 1″ “man” could throw, he backs away fast, realizing he is in way over his head… literally.

    • Incredible. He’s actually so lame that it’s more funny than threatening. The fireman didn’t respond to that punch in any violent way cuz there was no threat present.
      Have fun digging ditches for a living punk. You’re too big a sissy to be a gangster.

  11. Well… in addition to being a major joke, and behaving like an imbecile, one has to question why a grown man would drink beer with a straw? Perhaps he didn’t want to leave lipstick all over the glass. Keep up the good world Captain Vancouver!

  12. oh this is another stupid kid wanna-be-UFC-fighter or Wanna-be rioter or whatever, Dustin Anderson, you are an embarrassment for the city man, grow up dude

  13. What a clown. Why don’t we just kick him out of vancouver he doesn’t deserve to live in such a great city. Send him to compton LOL he’ll be so “gangsta” over there LMAO!!!!!!

    • i really hope that the canucks refuse to let this piece of shit into any games forever. i wounder if the canucks have thought of revoking anyone with season tickets and also start a list of all those losers and post their picture at the doors and not let them in. ban the assholes…..

  14. as the wife of a retired firefighter, it makes me sick to see this little puke treating ANY firefighters (who risk their lives to save assholes like him on a daily basis) like that. He was lucky – that firefighter showed amazing restraint.

  15. all employers, universities, colleges, associations, sports teams and whatever orgs out there should see all of them thugs and cut off their relationship with them.

    don’t send them to jail, instead take them to Aghanistan where they can see lots of burning cars and explosions. arm them with metal detectors and make them clear out IED’s.

    • I doubt this guy in is college or university. Or went much further than grade five for that matter. Judging by his physical appearance, he probably doesn’t play sports either. It is also a possibility that he doesn’t have a job. Although maybe he could have any social assistance (welfare/EI) cut off.

    • are you kidding that fat piece of shit would be crapping his pants, you have to be a real man for that and areal man he isn’t.

  16. Kudos to the firefighter for keeping his cool!!!!!! Thanks to all the first responders for the insane amount of crap they had to put up with!!! Dustin Anderson you are a tool.

  17. Is he the shortest fat kid around? I am so glad that these sites have been made, this little shit and his pussy little friends will all one day be recognized and I am sure treated much better the next time he starts a fight with a fireman.

  18. What a little joke, I hope he burns to death, that would be sweet KARMA
    but unfortunatly a firefighter would be hurt or killed saving his prissy ass

  19. fatty fat fat fat

  20. Make sure the firefighter union gets a copy of this post.

    • I’m a retired firefighter with a direct line to the President of the IAFF in Washington, D.C. This vid will be sent immediately !

  21. Toll the Port Mann Bridge.

    Thanks Captain Vancity!

  22. I have friend’s who are Vancouver Firefighter’s and Dustin…

    Please delete those unnecessary apostrophes.

  23. Attacking a window is one thing. Attacking a first responder is another.

    Good on you, Cpt Vancouver. Continue to expose these cretins.

    • “Attacking a window is one thing. Attacking a first responder is another.”

      Exactly … this is a message to all the fuck heads out there. Learn this message and learn it good.

  24. He hits like a girl too! That firefighter would have kicked his lard ass into next week.

  25. what a fat, ugly, disgusting loser.

  26. Let’s be Honest… this fat fuck ain’t going to college, university or holding down any sort of real job – he’s the lowest of the low.

  27. Hasthis photo been turned over to the police

  28. What the hell happened to his face??? Oh…never mind, that’s what he looks like…eep.

    Face only a mother could be proud of…if she even is anymore! Probably paid that chick to pose with him…gangsta wanna be!

    Bet he cried like a little girl once he he was pulled into the station, as he didn’t have 200 people behind him to back him up. Best you’re a big man now, huh Dustin??
    Well you are REALLY big, but just a fat big…

  29. I am shocked, shocked that he wears Affliction.

  30. Wow, what a short , fat and ugly loser. He actually thinks it’s cool to attack someone who’s trying to save lives. Dustin the dork. You’re a disgrace to humanity Dustin, enjoy your time in lock up.

  31. When you live in an affluent or middle class area, it’s quite easy to forget that a white underclass still exists. I suspect that real estate prices have slightly spiked in Kitsilano.

  32. I’m so glad this guy got outed. The fire fighter was absolutely fantastic, not being the lesser man and getting angry. Glad someone took a video of this so we can see what an asshole this guy is.

  33. The more I see this fat little dwarf in his affliction shirt the more I wish I had the opportunity to witness him in tears while being interrogated by police.

  34. as for these boys they are just wanna be gangsters. if you had half a brain you would know that the guns these babys are waving in the picture are bb guns.


  36. The guy on the left in that group photo looks VERY much like guy in the photo holding the skateboard about to hit a woman: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150205722158301&set=o.121837081234162&type=1&theater

    Has anybody sent in the group shot to the VPD?

  37. Make sure that the court room is filled with firefighters and police to make sure Dusty’s “posse” sees the sense in leaving town.

  38. i like how everone
    is making fun of him, its becuase it is obvious that he is a fool. I hope ur reading this you fat tub of lard because i dont think you have any friends

  39. i like how everone
    is making fun of him, its becuase it is obvious that he is a fool. I hope ur reading this you fat tub of lard because i dont think you have any friends now.



  41. fattie…so fat. Surrey resident?

  42. lol he’s dripping sweat…hahahahahaha

  43. “I saw this same guy on TV yelling and hitting at a riot police’s shield. He was yelling, “Hit me faggot bitch. You big goof.” Wow words from a true gangsta”

    Yes … I saw him on TV as well …
    I was sitting quietly in my living room watching the news when this tub of lard came on … I considered booking a flight to Vancouver just to whack that fat piece of shit.

  44. Come to Kelowna you fat tub of crap, Dustin… I’d like to see you assault THIS 6’3 240 firefighter. Oh wait, you’re probably too busy throwing your fat around at people that cant or wont fight back like your wannabe gangsta boyfriends there.

  45. Best quote I’ve read all day: “No, dear friends, these are douchebags of the first order; malevolent, knuckle-dragging cave boys of the “fuck you, faggot!” breed. I reckon the overwhelming majority were Skytrain and souped-up Honda Civic bandwagon imports from the strip malls of Maple Ridge, Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam and other points beyond our city limits where culture among twenty-somethings and teens fears to tread. Sure, we have some living among us (witness the recent ruin of Yaletown and the weekend wrecks of Gastown and Granville), but make no mistake: Vancouver was invaded last night. We were attacked and over-run by ignorant young men with assholes for fathers, shit for brains, and no experience of life beyond their Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, 7-11′s and highschool smoke pits.”

    • *Standing and clapping* Straight out of the bored, overfed, entitled, culturally and socially poor suburban wasteland. Where are the fucking parents? Oh – probably still washing the masturbation stains out of junior’s bedsheets and buying his pizza pops. What the fuck happened to real masculinity – of the kind witnessed by the few good samaritan videos?

      Hold these pieces of shit – and their enabling parents – accountable. The rest of society doesn’t want to pay for their obvious deficiencies.

  46. I am a firefighter…. and I give the vancouver firefighter so much respect for not fighting back, He was in uniform and did his city proud!!

  47. I love the way he punched the firefighter so the guy would not be ready then backpeddled so he would not get hit back. Shows a real man… oh wait, nevermind, I am glad you are posting these. Idiots like this kid has no right to be protected by people that think you should not post stuff like this. I am tired of people like this and think they need a hard lesson in life.

  48. Is this how some “sports fans” act when they lose? Like I always say “Can you imagine being the wife or girlfriend of an a’hole like this? Warning ladies: This is the real him!!!

  49. Is this kid even old enough to drink beer or possess a restricted firearm???

  50. please send these items to robbery@vpd.ca

  51. The firefighter barely even flinched. That fat asshole throws 99 cent muffins. Id rather get hit by him than a 12 year old girl in a pillow fight.

    Way to go “gangsta” ! Nice pic of you and your “thugs” too. F’n morons. You all think you’re friggen 2Pac or some shit. WRONG. Youre low life losers. Wannabes. Wait til life catches up to you and youre all fat ass 45 year old losers with nothing going for you. Nobody will give a shit about you and your asshole will be 4x bigger thanks to multiple trips to the big house. You have visions of living like Biggie in that mansion with all his friends and the pool in the Juicy video. WRONG. Not gonna happen. “IT WAS ALL A DREAM.” And thats all it will ever be for you losers. Stay cool !

    Go change your lives for the better and contribute to society.

  52. http://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceLisaa#p/a/u/0/DmHYSD7k9gY
    1:53 same guy.

  53. Dustin Anderson? More like Louie Anderson!

  54. No but seriously … who hits a firefighter for Christ sakes?

    These guys save lives … that sub-human piece of fesces needs to be taken out.

  55. Put this douche in Jail with Jamie Bacon..

  56. Is his friend drinking a beer with a long red straw?

    This piece of shit needs the SHIT kicked out of him. Another Clay Roueche wanna be gangster. If the cops want to rid the city of gangsters, start with this FATASS!

  57. This is where Dustin Anderson hits a police officer too.

  58. Is this person going to be charged? Assaulting a police officer (video) is chargeable I think (and hope) and also assaulting an emergency worker should be if it already isn’t. There should be no leeway given, charge him…..assault is assault.

  59. I’m so happy I’m not a cop, cause I’m pretty sure I’d take this piece of shit out for good and head straight to lunch!

  60. I am sure that the police, firefighers and EMS all know which trailer his is in the meth park. I hope it doesn’t blow up as the first responders will all tied up in court and not able to respond.

  61. Trying to find a bit more about this guy. I checked Linkedin.
    If you search this guy’s name on Linkedin within Canada, you’ll see a student at The University of Calgary.

  62. He’s an asshole.

  63. Punching a firefighter tres tough dipshit, enjoy your fame numb nuts.

    Looks like the firefighter didn’t even flinch from his hit.

  64. Hopefully this animal gets locked up for 10+ years, His is a big fat loser who is nothing but a disgrace to Vancouver.

  65. Firefighter could have snapped him over his knee like a twig….a soft marshmallowy twig

  66. freekin’ hats off to two of the ballsiest gals around (4:42 on) too bad fat boy didn’t try and mess with them!

  67. He reminds me of one of the “Lollipop Kids” from the Wizard of Oz.
    Representin’ !

  68. AND he’s on The Dirty. hahaha what a loser.

  69. actually his parents both need to be sterilized

  70. This fucktard makes that guy Chumly on Pawn Stars look like a brain surgeon. I would hope that he takes a stray airsoft pellet in the eye from one of his crew the next time they take team pictures.

    You does he think he is? Brock Anton? Even Jason Li could kick his pasty white ass.

  71. Bye bye Dustin….

  72. Dustin’s Written Confession

    Deer Homey’s,

    I was just chillin with my bros and this rent a cop was givin me tude. Yah, I putt him in his plase all rite. i bitch slaped him so hard he krapped his pants. Word. i wanted to get to a Kelseys for sum beer and natchos and he got in my way. Now everryone is givin me greef. I cant even go online for some porn without seein crap like Cappin Vancouver is doin to me. Im just hopin 7-11 will still let me werk.

    Dustin D-Bomb Anderson

  73. I unfortunately know this idiot personally.. He is THE biggest goof I have ever met and needs to be brought to justice. Because of him I had some of the worst times in my entire life. He thinks he is invincible because he was “born into” a family filled/affiliated with every gang there is.. apparently. This guy needs to give his head a shake and wake the fuck up. He is not the toughest guy in the world, he is not cool for attempting to fight police officers or firefighters and he is not cool for drinking and partying his life away. I’ve tried to tell him many times to clean up his act but he clearly doesn’t listen to anyone. Dustin, maybe stop trying to give other people in your life advice and take your own! I hope you know this was the last straw for you, you may have been lucky thus far, but it’s over now buddy. Too bad you couldn’t get your act together when you had somewhat of a chance. Good luck in jail!

  74. Time to fuck this little biatch up! People who know him and hate him, start typing. We need info to get this ‘tough’ guy. Firefighters are some of the nicest people. I’ve been to the firehalls on field trips and they are great with all the kids. This punk obviously has never visited a firehall. I think it’s time to sniff this fucker out and bring him to one.

  75. This is what happens when mommy lets her weekend boyfriends have their way with “little” Dustin…

  76. You can look here for the listings of people that have gone, or will be attending their court dates. I would love to be there when Dustin and all the other asshats show up!


  77. Oh…and make sure you pass the link along!

  78. Yea. I bet his parents are really proud of him. what a freaking loser!!!

  79. what an obnoxious piece of crap! i hope he looks back on this video at some point in his miserable life and thinks ‘ what was I thinking’ but I seriously doubt it. And what the hell is this guy eating? Prednisone for breakfast.?With that face he should be hiding somewhere! As a mother I cannot even imagine what kind of a person raised this human piece of shit. Gangster, what a laugh, he’s just a fat loser. You have a life and you’re just throwing it away being a drunk….go live somewhere else….Vancouver doesn’t need crap like you on our streets. Bad Karma coming….

  80. It’s difficult to look tough when you’re stashing a Twinkie in each cheek.

  81. I will gladly meet this piece of shit anywhere, anytime and he can throw down when he’s not surrounded by his douchebag friends. I would love it! Hope he enjoys a shitty life as a fat ignorant ugly human. Waste of oxygen.

  82. … it’s a condition known as Fattness of the Head. It’s when you get so fat that it pushes up through your neck and squishes your brain into something about the size of a walnut. It is an irreversible condition and the sufferers are known to have fleeting delusions that they are either hardened gangbangers or MMA champions. It almost always results in a slow and painful death.

  83. I think it is obvious why this kid is so angry. My God if I looked like that I would want to riot as well. Not very often do disgusting pigs fit their ID so exacting as this fat faced fool.

  84. Dustin do everyone a favor and string your “gold” Ardene chain and bracelet together and hang yourself with it

  85. Dustin Anderson looks more like Louis Anderson.

    Silly bitch punches with a limp wrist, didn’t even hurt the firefighter lol.

  86. Looks like a fat down syndrome kid. Sorry that would be an insult to the person with down syndrome. Would love to beat the shit out of this punk and leave him for dead . He’s the load his mom should have swallowed

  87. Thanks for this post! I really like your work. Keep it up! I think I’ve just found my new favorite website 🙂

  88. Can I get an address for Dustin?

  89. “Young people who think that being violent and hating authority is cool need to learn that we have authority figures for a reason. As a young, former punk/wannabe-anarchist, you don’t have to conform to follow society’s rules. You also don’t have to be a dick to stand out.”

    Well done, Sarah the Sheep. In two sentences you’ve managed to out yourself as a complete poseur: a former “anarchist/punk” (what, you’re not sure? Were you in it for the hairstyles, the heavy chains and black boots, or the cogent political philosophy?) who has turned into a compliant slave who equates hating authority with violence. Nice. Total lack of powers of discernment.

    • vanisle, you obviously have as much understanding of ‘anarchy’ as the witless scuzz who brought on all this stupidity. Sure, you’re planning to go on conjugal visit day to service your heroic douchebags, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose to be stupid the rest of your life.

  90. never has 15 minutes of fame been so cheap and pathetic.

  91. Good to see this guy outed, but some of the response are little scary.
    Isn’t the problem unrestrained violence?
    A little troubling, then, to see so many of you want to rain violence down on this guy’s head.
    Just let the cops deal with it. It’ll get handled.

  92. He is an angry midget

  93. someone should feed him to the bees a few more times

  94. Overweight. Ugly. Gap between teeth. Short. Failure in school. No wonder he needs to seek attention. What a poser!

  95. He hits a riot cop in this video:

  96. I can’t watch this video anymore cause I get way too pissed off. Dustin you little puke your not even worth the dirt on that fireman’s shoe. I work with that FF and he could have torn you from limb to limb, hell he could tear me apart. He showed incredible restraint and professionalism and your sniveling, fat, obviously retarded ass is lucky cause others in that position wouldn’t have been able to hold back on extinguishing your little imp existence.

  97. While I generally agree with most of your sentiments, your misuse of apostrophes is distracting and seems a bit unprofessional. They are used for possessive nouns (ex. Frank’s blackberry) and contractions (it’s a shame) only. The sentence “I have friend’s who are Vancouver Firefighter’s” is entirely wrong, and I would recommend you fix it to add more legitimacy to this site.


    • I actually saw that earlier and believe it or not I do know the rules for possessive nouns. I use the spell checker but other than that I do not always reread what I’ve posted with a fine tooth comb. In typing I’ve caught myself a few times in other posts and corrected them. In fact, I’m only going to correct this now as I’m heading to bed and it was the last thing I saw in your comment. Thank-you for reminding me, and again if it was you the other time before.

  98. Dana White – if you are reading this, I would pay big $$$ to see this little fatboy midget in the octagon with this fireman.


  100. What a knob, his mother must be proud

  101. He looks like that kid “Corky” from that show…

    • yeah but corky was a good hearted kid that tried hard and succeeded at everything he tried, this kid is just a fucking slob and a degenerate – waste of oxygen.

  102. Kudos for your work on this blog. This is the true spirit of community; if you can’t do something to stop this kind of behaviour, identify those responsible to help bring them to justice. They have no qualms about social networking as long as it works to their advantage, it’s high time the other side of the coin came into play. It’s all about responsibility; it’s never too late to learn it. Irresponsible people become involved in riots because they think they can’t be identified or apprehended (“they can’t get us all”).
    This is Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) chance to show that this behaviour is intolerable.
    Captain Vancouver, I salute you.

  103. apparently somebody has posted where he lives on http://www.thedirty.com

  104. search louie anderson surrey style http://www.thedirty.com

  105. Glad I found this site. Let’s publicly shame all of these idiots for a long long time

  106. I saw him away from the riots, closer to Robson and Homer where he was dumping milk on the back of his head after being sprayed with tear gas. People started posing with him and for a split moment I had some remorse for him. This ended abruptly. One guy got too close and he spun quickly, spraying us all with milk before trying to fight a girl in front of the 711. The cops came over and may not have helped him out (giving him a wet cloth for his eyes) had they known who they were helping.

  107. Dustin is a chump and a living cartoon. He honestly believes he is a hardcore gangster. I’d be interested in seeing his life expectancy if he was dropped into East LA, Harlem or inner city Chicago. He has no prospects for a future beyond being a goof gangsta wannabe. What he needs is a bitchslap that will knock him into next week.

    • I 2nd that, I know him and I never have wished bad on anyone until I crossed paths with this LOSER !! I hope KARMA is going to cetch up to him and make him PAY for all the bad he has done to people in his life.

  108. In the photo you have posted of Dustin Anderson, there is a tattoo on his left forarm, however in the video of the incident the guy hitting the fireman does not. Also, this person, whoever he is, does not have a large red welt on the side of his face before the fireman leads him behind the firetruck and out of view of the camera but when he comes back into view he does and is yelling “you hit me goof” at the fireman. Probably the second time the fireman hit him and the reason why he was trying to take pictures of the fireman with his cellphone, which you can also see him doing.

    So my question is, will you apply the same standards to yourself as you applied to Dustin Anderson and publish an article on your blog publicly shaming yourself for wrongfully accusing Dustin Anderson of assaulting a fireman when clearly it is a different person, and would you be willing to post a page publicly shaming the fireman who instigated an altercation with some unknown person during a riot now that you have evidence of it?

    • You don’t even know left from right so stfu. He said ‘hit me goof’, daring the fireman to hit him which the fireman does not. Get your story straight loser.

      • His right forarm but it appears on the left when looking at a photograph of him facing the camera. In any case, the man in the video has no tattoo on either forarm so you are all publicly shaming the wrong person.
        I agree that it is unclear what he is saying. I think he his saying “you hit me you faggot” because between 4 seconds and 12 seconds this person, whoever he really is, was trying to photograph/video tape the fireman. I think this behaviour is more consistent of a person trying to get evidence against the fireman. I don’t think a person planning to assault a fireman would try to videotape the incident himself.
        Anyways, there are professionals who specialize in analyzing this sort of thing and I think you people might be better off letting them do the crime fighting. It would be nice if this riot would finally end.

      • Same bag, same guy. Still a fat yappy douche.



  109. what a fat piece of shit, hopefully all this has been sent to the police

    • His right forarm but it appears on the left when looking at a photograph of him facing the camera. In any case, the man in the video has no tattoo on either forarm so you are all publicly shaming the wrong person.

      I agree that it is unclear what he is saying. I think he his saying “you hit me you faggot” because between 4 seconds and 12 seconds this person, whoever he really is, was trying to photograph/video tape the fireman. I think this behaviour is more consistent of a person trying to get evidence against the fireman. I don’t think a person planning to assault a fireman would try to videotape the incident himself.

      Anyways, there are professionals who specialize in analyzing this sort of thing and I think you people might be better off letting them do the crime fighting. It would be nice if this riot would finally end.

      • This guy is fake everything. That was a TEMP tattoo. Stop defending this loser.

      • Love your logic that the wrong person is being blamed because we don’t clearly see the arm tatoo in one video and yet you acknowledge that Dustin Anderson is the person clearly in the the video hitting the cop. You don’t deny that do you? Plus you can see the chain under his shirt in the video of him hitting the fireman.

        I’m starting to think you might just be Dustin.

      • I have to say this, the fireman is my brother, and he DID NOT hit Dustin Anderson. It will all be resolved in court. I initially posted this video on fb so he could be identified, and my brother could put a name to who he would charge. If you look at the other videos, Dustin uses identicaly the same vocabulary, and has a strange tendancy to only do this to uniforms. I could not be more proud of my brothe for restraining himself after being hit in the face.

      • I wasn’t aware there was a second video when I said that. and in any case, although it appears now that it is actually the same person in the videos and photograph there is still no evidence that this person is Dustin Andersen or that other things may have happened that can’t be seen in the video.

        Not to minimize what happened there or anything, and I understand there is an abolutely horrific crime problem in Vancouver and that people are fed up with it. My issue is with this site, it’s owners, the people on it, and how they haven’t put any thought into the consequences of a society where vigilante justice is carried out by angry mobs of irrational people.

  110. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Make him apologize, video it and put it on youtube for the world to see.

    To all – send this website to all your friends, family, co-workers, etc so we can run these sleazebuckets like Dustin out of town.

    edited removed sentence that could be called incitement to violence

  111. Their self hate will be their downfall. No need to lower ourselves in any way to their level. The pictures truly speak all the negativity for us. Let’s hope that these kids find identity beneath their inked skin. Those that merely take, will be given the debts of all from who’ve they taken.

  112. I have an idea for Vancouver Police, if there is a riot in the future, get a few water cannon’s with florescent water/paint and paint the crowd. Should be easy for the public to pick out the idiots.

  113. Can you imagine the smell of bacon if he gets tasered ?

  114. Public Enemy No. 1

  115. You call that a punch? Mr. tough guy ( Dustin) better learn how to fight better than that. i believe if justice is served then Dustin will be fighting for a different reason in jail. I hope you get what you deserve Dustin. To the Vancouver Firefighter I wish to say from one professional firefighter to another you did an excellent job in an incredibly difficult situation.

  116. Piece of shit, worthless fuck. Glad we all know who you are now dumbass! Better keep your eyes peeled cause you’re gonna get yours.

  117. The clearest shot of the inside of his right forarm I can find is at 0:33-0:34 of the video. If you pause the video right there and then put the youtube player on full-screen, you can see clearly that there is no tattoo there.

    Anyways, this is a distraction. My question was this:

    If, after the police conclude their investigation and if this Dustin guy is found not to be the same person as in the video, I would like to know if the operator of this website will hold himself to the same standards that he has set for Dustin and identify himself and post his own photograph on his wall of shame and leave it there “for all eternity”?

    I’m betting he won’t.

    • I don’t need to pause or zoom anything. My eyes work perfect. There IS a tattoo there. Like I said get your eyes checked.

    • Okay, just for the sake of having the arguement dropped I just watched it again. When Dustin first holds the camera up to the Firemans face you can make out his tattoo, I will admit it is hard to make out with grainy video, but its there.

    • Oh quiet already. That’s him. Look at that ugly face. Why are you trying to spot a tattoo on that little grainy video? Get a life buddy. I’m sure Capt. Vancouver did his homework before posting this. Now fuck off!

  118. Never take this website down. Dustin Anderson needs to live with this for the rest of his life. Congrats to the firemen for keeping their cool. Those guys are heroes.

  119. Well, he does have a point. The dude in the video doesn’t seem to have a tattoo.

    • I am kind of hoping maybe someone with a good video editor can take a good screenshot of when he holds up the camera. Its a very shaky and grainy video but I can see the line of letters or whatever the hell the tattoo is. Also, if you look at the other video the kid is wearing the same white teeshirt with red spatters on it.

      • In the second video the guy also has a gold chain around his neck but not in the first. Interestingly, at 1:58-1:59 in the second video you can see the tattoo clearly. Also the same color bag.

        If it is the same person then somewhere between hitting the fireman and the riot cop he acquired a rather expensive looking piece of jewelery.

        Captain Vancouver, you may have survived your public lynching this time but I’ll be watching you!

      • Anyone with eyes can see the tattoo on his forarm, it is also easy to take off jewelery and put it in your pocket. Any idiot can clearly see that the right person has been identified here, now hopefully the Police can put 2 & 2 together and let justice be served.

      • BTW- Lots of criminals were aquiring jewelery and the like that night.

      • It’s pretty clear that most idiots can clearly identify him without any thought whatsoever and I suppose this lack of thought is what makes them idiots. I hope that when one of these idiots comes across someone who looks somewhat similar to his photos that they don’t assault, maim or kill that person.

  120. I fully understand why some species eat their young!


    • When you get his address let me know…. the guy ripped me off $1500 I would like to see JUSTICE !!!!


  122. Who is the dude with the pistol over his right shoulder.

    Good work posting all these pictures etc.,.

  123. Wow, what a piece of shit.

  124. I remember Dustin Anderson as a kid growing up in Nelson. He was always trying to pick fights (even with girls like me!) Trust me, nothing has changed since he was 10 years old. Same lippy mouth, same scrappy attitude. I’m not surprised by this at all. Big ups to the firefighter, maybe he can teach Dustin what it means to be a man.

  125. Don’t firefighters have axes?

  126. […] Dustin Anderson Hitting A Firefighter At Vancouver Riots As much as Nathan Kotylak has become the poster boy for “good kids gone bad”.  Dustin Anderson, is representative of […] […]

  127. What a fat tub of crap!

  128. I think that a just punishment would be to drop our little Canadian “Gangsta” off in St. Louis or perhaps Compton (#1 and #8 most dangerous cities in America). Let’s see how he approaches people there.

  129. I saw this comment regarding this incident on youtube:

    “I WAS THERE, AND THATS NOT A COP, ITS A PARAMEDIC, btw, that guy that punched him…. he got stomped like 20 minutes later”

  130. Can’t wait to see you in the pen Dustin. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice.

  131. I know Dustin and you all should get off his back. He can’t help being an ugly drunken sub-intelligent asshole with a fist for a brain and no soul. Do you think he would grunt insults at you strangers if you did something stupid, destructive and illegal on camera? Really he is a good guy, when he’s not drunk or being mean (mostly when he’s passed out) and he knows some of the greatest AIDS jokes there is, so leave him alone.

    • And he has the brain of a monkey….leave him alone…I doubt it..This useless piece of shit will pay for this for years..

  132. I am a 62 year old man whose dad and granddad fought in two wars and one died for this low lives piece of shits freedom . I don’t think they sacrificed so much for this. ehim

  133. TOTAL PUNK ASS, Thinks he is all hot shit. His girlfriend is hot he is not. She is lucky she can do way better than his stinky fat ass. Jail time for you buddy, you can make a new girlfriend behind bars. Wanted or not wanted they will get you.

  134. https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/index.do

    Search Traffic/Criminal records for File Number 169146 in the Surrey Provincial Court category.

    The court record says: Dustin Wade Anderson b1989 is due in Room 100 of the Surrey Provincial Court 14340 – 57th Avenue Surrey, B.C. on 27-Jun-2011 at 01:30 PM for arraignment hearing on an outstanding assault charge from 2008. I wonder if it’s the same guy??

  135. I think this is one of the most significant information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The site style is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  136. One xxx xxxx He deserves a good flogging.

  137. If there’s any justice, he’ll find himself spending a few months in a correctional institution (AKA jail), making new friends in the shower. We can only hope.

  138. I’ve seen this asshat in a number of videos. One assault leads to another i guess. This idiot needs to be locked up tight for a while.

  139. Throw the “Riot Act” at this shit stain. We need to make an example of this behaviour to the others that got away with what happened in our beautiful city. Charge this lil piggy with the riot act and all us true Vancouverites and Canucks fans will have our dignity returned to us some what. At least the only xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! And along with all your punk friends too Dustin, time will get you all you Surrey pieces of trash. And if you dirtbags are trying to look tough in a picture make sure next time you get your buddys to not drink a beer with a straw and drinking wine. Also you losers are lacking gun powder aswell. Just do the lower mainland and all of Canada a favour and move to the states where you douche bads belong.

  140. Imposition of order equals escalation of chaos.

    These spineless idiots deserve everything they get.

  141. What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?! Didn’t Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?


  142. I’ve noticed that a lot of these miscreants have deleted incriminating remarks from their Facebook pages. Do the extent that those pages are evidence, deleting them is Obstruction of Justice and is a crime in and of itself, but also can be used as evidence of their quilt for the original crime.

  143. What a twat! He’s got to be the biggest porky pig white trash loser I’ve ever seen. This boy (little boy) couldn’t actually get a real life for him self, cause he’s clueless what respect really means.

  144. As someone else mentionned, charge that little piggy with the Riot Act and make an example out of sorry ass.

    Riot Act

  145. https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/esearch/criminal/partySearch.do;jsessionid=8e240a7030d6018c44b33247461cb4f2faec1f685c92.e34NaxaTbN4Mai0MchaRaNaSc390n6jAmljGr5XDqQLvpAe

    According to the above Provincial Justice public link, Dustin Anderson has 1, possibly 2 assault with a weapon offences and had a breach of probation offence laid against him just last month.

  146. I know this teletubby has never had an incoing call in his life, but someone must have his cell number. Please post it here

  147. […] 'wpp-260'; var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false};See this Link by Captain Vancouver Dustin Anderson Hitting A Firefighter At Vancouver Riots Tagged with: Captain Vancouver  If you enjoyed this article, please consider […]

  148. Fuck all you suckers. I did nothing wrong!
    Check out my music as you waist you time. http://www.pandora.com/stations/96b6b4a314a4725164ed9b29b0753833e7c5e7241f96d370

    • See you in court on the 23rd Dusty! We will be the guys in uniform filling the seats behind you. Take care of yourself until then, we wouldn’t want you missing your trial.

  149. XXXX XXX XXXX, x xxxx xxxx xxxx, sleep well.

    edited kept on file for reference. edited for profanity and threats

    • You silly.. silly ..fat man. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat to see what you do with the above saved references.

  150. Oh wonderful — making a threat in front of all these witnesses.

    Re: In response to Ann C. Johnson on June 19, 2011 at 7:31 pm:

    You wrote: “xxxx xxx xxxx, I xxxx your xxxx, sleep well.”

    Incidentally, dummy, there is no “i” in “waste”. Similarly, there is no “k” in Criminal Code. Look up assault, look up intimidation, look up uttering threats. You are even more stupid than you look.

    edited: Uttering threats is indeed illegal as mentioned.

    • Bring it on

      • Wow you were able to string a couple words together – better break for lunch fatty.

      • Hey Porky – maybe you can get Nathan Kotylak and Brock Anton as cellmates and you can all sit around in a circle jerk reliving your riot glories.

      • I just pulled up your arrest record Dustin. 🙂 That is some good readin there.

      • Wow, you just get stupider and stupider before our very eyes.
        Evolution is seen in many quarters as a being a fact, with the belief that man sprang from the apes. Evidently you didn’t spring far enough.

        You are a joke!!! Or is this all part of your plan to plead insanity? (Pleading stupid might work better.)

        It might be worth the plane ticket to be in the Vancouver courtroom when your case comes up.

      • Is this anybody you know, Dusty? (Comes from a public website, accessible by anyone.)

        Care to shed some light on the charges, Dusty?

        Class Document
        Reference Last Name, First Name Court Location Date Time Room Rsn Last Rslt Agency File # Details
        P,A 169146-2-A ANDERSON, DUSTIN Wade Jewell Surrey Provincial Court 23Jun2011
        9:30 AM 104 FXD IBC 726:09-128224 View File Details
        P,A 169146-3-B ANDERSON, DUSTIN Wade Jewell Surrey Provincial Court 27Jun2011
        1:30 PM 100 AHR SBD BURN:08-84993-1, 401:11-69480 View File Details
        P,A 169146-1 ANDERSON, DUSTIN Wade Surrey Provincial Court 28Oct2010
        1:30 PM 105 DEC END 726:08-84993 View File Details

  151. You fat waste of skin. I doubt this is you, likely Shameonyou or one of the Elby cumatchers out there fighting for criminal rights. If it is actually your illiterate, hillbilly inbred arse, I hope the rumors of your beating last night were true and your sister/cousin is actually having to type this for you.

  152. Speaking of cases coming up …..He has to appear twice this week. 😀

    • Re upcoming cases, including the Vancouver riot….I hope someone will keep the rest of us advised as to dates and results.
      Thanks in advance.

  153. Alias Type Alias
    Previous ANDERSON, DUSTIN Wade
    Alias BARNES, ROBERT Henry
    Alias SCHUT, AARON Jesse

  154. Dustin Anderson or Nathan Kotylak? who do you think is the the biggest scumbag of Vancouver riots? i voted “for “Anderson:


  155. the only way someone’s face could look like that was if their mom and dad were brother and sister……

  156. nice tough guy pellet guns .. straight .177 cal ouch that stings

  157. Here is Nathan Kotylak assaulting a police officer at the 1:50 mark. Video uploaded by SpaceLissa.

  158. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  159. Keep up the good work and do not let people sway you otherwise. This website is necessary and I look forward to interviewing one of these punks for a job years from now!

  160. He has a court date coming up on other charges. It would be a good show if some peaceful members of the community went to the proceedings as a show of unity for peace loving, good citizens. He will realize that Canada does give a crap about his shitty lifestyle.

  161. Quite possibly something may be happening with Dustin. According to the Ministry Of The Attorney General, he has two court appearances (06/27/2011 & 06.23/2011) Both at Surrey Provincial Court. Looks like he will be adding to his Assault with a weapon charge. Anyone else have the 23rd or 27th off?

    Note the June 27th date is for an Arraignment .


  162. Correction: Looks like it may be for other charges. Either way, as someone else said, it may an idea if we showed up to the court day. Of course conduct ourselves in a respectful and peaceful manner.

  163. Of all the idiots at the riot this c**t was the worst I saw. I hope he goes down.

  164. Y ‘know, the more I look at those photos of this idiot as he attacked the firefighter, the more I am reminded of photos I’ve seen from 1930s Germany when the Nazis were taking power.

    Hmmm…I wonder…

  165. Another picture of this douchebag…. second picture down. Look for the fat guy to the left.


  166. I hope when the cops come a knocking (and they will) they will have seen the photo of him and the tough guys with the guns, consider him armed and dangerous. I would love to see swat feed the floor to this “xxxxx”. No ofence to you if your’e gay just wanted to throw it back. he deserves the beating he will get by the cops.

  167. Hitting a Firefighter? My life was saved by two firefighters!

    These two men did heart massage and stabilized me, until an ambulance arrived.

    When I got out of ICU and learned to walk again, I went over to the Fire Station near my home, and asked to speak to the Fire Captain on Duty. I told him the date and what happened.

    I was in luck – both of these heroes were ‘on duty’ and at the firehouse.
    I had to be introduced, because I of course, only knew their names.

    I started to cry – and told them that they saved my life. I get choked even writing this.
    They were comforting and one of them said “it’s what we want to do and why we do it – we are so glad you made it”.

    Then I see this fat BLEEP do this?

    To all VPD and FIRE, RCMP, and other detachments that showed up and tried – 99.9% of the City LOVE and respect you.

    One last thing – when do the EMT’s get a raise?
    We can find millions for Politicians to blow, and first responders are treated like dirt.

  168. What are the possibilties of me getting a crack at this tick turd.

  169. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/man-riot-taunted-police-plans-surrender-022813689.html

    • Everyone needs to read the comments he gave to CBC and you will die laughing! He is the poster child of stupid idiot. He says that he’s afraid to leave his house (to surrender) because his face is everywhere. Oh come on, you’re a tough guy. Taunting riot cops, trying to punch firefighters. And you’re afraid of little old me? He talks about how the firefighter was mean to him. Awww. I guess he hasn’t seen all the other videos of him taking on the riot cops, police, crowd, etc. I love it when one of these rioters tries to defend themselves on one piece of video, not realizing that there are many, many other shots of them. Just when I think I’ve heard the most inane excuse from a rioter, an even more moronic statement comes out. Are people really this stupid? I feel like I’m being punked!

      • tell me about it. I think he’s just deluded. He claims the the firefighter was in his face, but all I see in the video is the firefighters trying to walk away as he aggressively gets up on them, calls them pussies, faggots and implores the one firefighter to hit him. Then he decks the firefighter. Meanwhile, the firefighter is just trying to go back to the truck.

        I actually wonder if this guy has any self=awareness. I think he ACTUALLY believes that he’s been wronged.

  170. Fatso cant leave his house..I am going to pose as a pizza delivery guy and go pay him a visit. I am sure he will let me in with the smell of a pizza and a 2litre dr.pepper…

  171. Fatso cant leave his house..I am going to pose as a pizza delivery guy and go pay him a visit. I am sure he will let me in with the smell of a pizza and a 2litre dr.pepper…

  172. lets have a contest and guess his weight.

  173. dustin..did u order a pizza?

  174. let\s have a contest…guess Dustin\s weight and cup size.

  175. dustin i want you

  176. dustin, son, is that you?

  177. That guy is a piece of human garbage who doesn’t deserve to live in beautiful Vancouver or any of its peaceful suburbs.

  178. The fact that Dustin said he is planning on turning himself in to Police today says he was thinking he was going to get away with it. You turn yourself in almost a week later? The only reason this garbage is turning himself in is because someone that knows him told him that his picture is plastered on the internet (or something to that effect). I read his comments in that above article trying to defend his actions saying he was mad at the Firefighter/EMT. Grow up you little puke! You punched an EMT and slapped a riot officer with a lady purse (or whatever it was) not to mention the video where I saw a group of people attempting to protect a store front and you (like a typical coward) pushed a guy from behind into one of the ladies yelling against the crowd. – seemingly on purpose.

    I certainly hope the Vancouver Police have obtained all of the videos of your misdeeds. I would hate to see you turn yourself in and only be charged with whatever you admit to. Judging by your general demeanor (from the videos I have seen) at the riots you were flopping around different areas of the crowd stirring up trouble and violence and then fleeing away like a coward. I am sure that the couple of videos of you that have surfaced are not the only offenses you commited.

  179. Dustin states: “It’s not like I was lighting cars on fire or smashing in windows”.

    Camille Cacnio basically stated the same thing after she was caught looting.

    So if you’re not the worse of the worse, its ok?

  180. Dustin Anderson’s phone number is 604.XXX.XXXX Call him and tell him what you think of him!

    Edit: Please do not post personal information on my blog. I understand your frustration, however failure to comply will result in a banning thru your IP address. Thank-you. Capt. V

  181. From what I can gather, Dustin Anderson can also be seen at the 0:41 mark pushing over two good samaritans who were trying to protect a liquor store from the mob:


    His “apology” is a complete crock.


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  184. […] said, it’s probably unfair for this kid to still be face of the riot, especially with the Fat Kid That Punched a Fireman […]

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  191. it’s too bad you didn’t try taking a shot at me..you wouldn’t of had to worry about turning yourself in to the police….you would still be in the hospital…little runt..

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  195. This Punk was found Guilty this week here is the article in todays paper >>>

    Good News Spread the Word on your wall and Twitter 😉 This Punk was found Guilty https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152233935831822&set=o.238202642859751&type=1

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