Nathan Kotylak Water Polo All Star Lighting Police Car

Nathan Kotylak you’ve been judged by Captain Vancouver in violation of all that was a promising career as a water polo star.  When I googled his name, Nathan was a star with a future.  In one fell swoop he destroyed that.  I’ve seen Nathan’s phone number posted online and realised that even amongst your friend’s they are outing you for being a punk.

Nathan Kotylak

Nathan Kotylak lighting a rag in the gas tank of a parked police car.

I’ve known players drafted into the NHL, CFL, and the MLB.  Some of them blew their chances by partying, not taking it seriously, and getting injured.  Nathan Kotylak may have blown his chance too.  He’ll probably get off as he’s listed as being a highschool student at Meadowridge and on the Under 18 squad for water polo.  This is an example of our legal system and how many of these rioters will get off with a slap on the wrist.  In the case of this blog, along with his accolades talking about his athleticism he will also be remembered for this. Case closed.

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  1. “In addition to receiving a partial scholarship through Water Polo Canada to attend school at the University of Calgary, where he plans to study kinesiology, Kotylak also qualified for an academic scholarship from the school itself thanks to his good grades.

    “Last year my goal was to make the national team and I did that,” said Kotylak. “They say your first year in the [national development program] is the toughest, so I want to get through it and learn as much as I can.”

    Ultimately, Kotylak has his eyes on the Olympic team.

    “That’s my goal,” he said.”

    Well you only have yourself to blame for killing your Olympic dream.

    • I saw that earlier. Makes it all the more incredulous that in a moment of stupidity he would do this.

    • has anyone emailed UofC about this yet?

    • I don’t quite understand why there is only a page for Nathan when there are soo many people that confessed on their facebook page, and may I add in a disgraceful manner, and attitude about the riot. They admit to stealing, breaking things, fighting, being part of the riot. Why is Nathan so special, where are the websites on the follow: Brock Anton, Tim Kwong, Tony Smith, Mike Dowhaniuk, Christine Millard, Jered McKinnon, Doug West, Josh Taylor, Jonathan Mason, Mike Langille, Rodney Bishop, Tara Rudski Bonnetplume, Jordy Dean, Alan James Jordan Krause, Dmitry Lashkov, Connoer Mcilvenna, John Mitchell, Sean Yates, Nick Black-hawk, Andrew Lawrence, Billy Chickite, Joey Leduc, Brandon Brown, Darren Watroba, Joe Witter, Kyle Brettell, Cody Gayse.
      Why is everyone picking on the one dude with harrassment, phone calls, threats, and damaging his family. Picking on just one is not right, they should all be equally punished. If anything I starting to feel sorry for Nathan, yeah what he did was stupid, but he seems to be the only one being harrassed, phone numbers released, family information released. Leave the poor kid alone. There are adults that were in it too, and they obviously should know better. Nathan lost a lot already, why pick on him even more. He is 1 out of 100s if not 1000s of rioters.

      • You are totally right, all the idiots involved in causing so much distruction should be outted, but Nathan had a promising future that he decided to risk by a stupid pointless act. Why would anyone want someone like that representing water polo or going to the olympics. It just goes to show you that Nathan along with all the others are poor losers and need to grow the fuck up!

      • Yes so why pick on the individual who totally wrecked his future on his own, he already had done enough damage to himself and his family. Why aren’t people being equal and treating the other criminal and rioters the same way. I think you guys are picking on the wrong person, he fucked up his life all by himself, theres no needed to even bash him and treat him like he did this all on his own. Everyone that was involved should all be on this website not just the one individual. Just saying.

      • Poor kid? That kind of thinking is what got him where he is now and what will keep him there!

      • You guys are no better than the rioters. I feel sorry for his family, getting threatening phone calls, Harrassment, Putting the families information all over the net, i think that is totally wrong and you guys are no better than the rioters. Reading all your comments and I am not even in BC thank god, cause all of you are just showing your true colors. Yeah you might not of been there that night, but bashing someone, wishing them dead, raped, makes you just as bad if not worse than setting a stupid car on fire. Death and rape are criminal acts as well. face the facts, Vancouvar is just making themselves look even worse. Sickening really.

      • This guy deserves all the nasty angry messages and shame on you who wrote you feel sorry for him and his family. If you feel it’s ‘unfair’ that only Nathan has a page then why don’t you start a page on the other delinquents who were caught on camera in the act of vandalism??! No sympathy here. None at all.

      • I almost took my son down there to watch the game. This guy could have blown that car up and my kid could have been injured. Let me be clear, I don’t think death threats are in order at all, but you reap what you so. He made his choice and now he has to live with the consequences. Deal with it. I feel zero pity for this guy. He put people’s lives in danger.

      • He is the one who has already totally ruined his life, so all you guys telling him he should kill himself, and giving out his family information, calling him threatening his life, hoping he gets raped in jail are no better human beings. All those acts are illegal. So the people doing that are no better than the rioters.
        You should be treating them all with the same disrespect, and just don’t bag on one person because he had a future and blew it. Obviously he is suffering enough, you should be going after the ones that it doesn’t seem to effect, the ones that are proud of what they did, this kid turned himself in the next morning because he felt sorry and guilt for what he did, and he wasn’t proud of it. Read the facebook remarks at what people were doing and how they justify it being ok ang gloating about it like what they did wasn’t wrong.

      • Nathan, is that you? Little upset a out being “singled out” for burning a cop car?

      • Why are we picking on poor little Nate? Because he is privileged. That’s why you pick on him. Because he has been provided with lifetime opportunities and squandered them, that’s why you pick on him. He out of anyone should have known better. That’s why you pick on him.

      • Yea well maybe he should have thought about the shame he would bring to his family and the position he put them and himself in before he decided to try and light a police car on fire. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!!!! The Fact that the guy is an up and coming water polo star only adds to the fact that he should have a website about him. Just goes to show you that not everyone that goes to university has a lick of sense whatsoever.

      • He is luck this is Canada and not the US. He could have been shoot
        for this stupid and sencless act of violance. Never could there be an explonation
        good enough to excuse his acttions, no I repeat no Olimpics for this

      • what are you, related to him or something? I personally don’t know the punk (yes, that’s exactly what he is along with all of the other punks who made a decision to be active participants in the riot) and I’m glad I don’t…he gives young people a bad name with his disgraceful behaviour and yes, he should pay the price…I’m disgusted with all of them.

      • The little d bag deserves everything he gets. This broad (makayla) defending him is just as bad. My guess is she wouldn’t be spitting out the same “save the poor little baby tune” had she been standing near the cop car as it was blown up!! At least with her fingers mangled and her mouth wired shut she would have nothing to say!!!

      • Just an example on how choices you make in life affect other’s so conduct yourself accordingly! What about the families that his actions put in harms way?

      • Makayla are you fucking him? I can see not reason other than why would you stand up for this loser. What makes me mad is that he might not be charged because of his privrlaged life. Not fair at all! So if he is not going to pay his debt to society, Nathan’s going to pay it by being socially outed for a long fucking time. I hope the U of C kicks him out and the idiot moves out of my city.

      • He is a clown and got caught on film .Who lights cop cars on fire anyway,what did the cops do to deserve this .As well as the people of Van.This riot was inevitable whether it was a win or a loss but totally senseless . He should go to jail and see if someone wants light a towel in his ass .As well as all of the other idiots that participated in the shenanigans !!

      • You’re fucking retarded Makayla, as an athlete and possible Olympic athlete he should know burning a police car is FUCKING ILLEGAL and could potentially damage his career…a 5 year old would know that….

      • Because of the extreme stupidity.

      • Because Nathan is prriviledged. He comes from a wealthy family, is a promising athlete and perhaps people feel that they can do the most damage by attacking him and his family.

      • you are probably a friend of his or something who was told to say this. He’s a loser and he should of thought about everything before he started lighting that cop car on fire! HE DESERVES NO SYMPATHY!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re an idiot. Don’t harass this guy’s father. He’s not his son. He’s probably embarrassed enough as it is without people like you harassing his practice. Bad parenting isn’t always to blame for kids being stupid.

    • I totally agree with you Jay, it was confirmed on the news that the parents said it was him in the photographs but then said he didn’t do anything. LOOK AT THE FUCKING PICTURES, HOW CAN YOU SAY YOUR SON DIDN”T DO ANYTHING, HE IS LIGHTING A SHIRT UP THAT IS IN A COP CAR. Fucking morons. No wonder he is soo fucked up, his parents are in denial. He isn’t even being punished from his parents. His parents don’t think he did anything wrong. Is unbelievable and blows my fucking mind.


    • Don’t you think that nobody feels worse than his father does? The guy’s name has been splashed all over the papers and his practice has been sorely affected. Now, having said all of that, he only didn’t do anything through good and blind luck as two good samaritans saw him put the lighted paper in the car; pushed him away and took out the paper and the lighted piece of cloth that was in the gas tank. Had they not been so good however who knows what damage could occur.


    • Did you see the footage CTV Vancouver got that he was stopped after trying the gas tank and putting lit materials in the FRONT seat. 2 guys pulled the lit materials out and pushed this kid away. CTV has taken their video of this down now.
      In CBC’s own footage he does the gas tank and put lit materials in the BACK seat and then celebrates and the car burns then explodes.
      So apparently he did it twice. I wrote CTV fri night to point this out and their footage is now gone as they are going with the story that he was stopped so didn’t cause the fire.
      I think you should also post the pic of him lighting the garbage can as this seems to be a non topic to the news. Not just swept up in the mob to try a police car twice and be lighting garbage cans.



      Thank you

    • Jay, you are a rotten coward. Putting this guy’s family and business information on line is an invitation to violence. This makes you no better than those who rampaged through the streets. Shame on you for your disgusting, cowardly action.

    • you are a fucking piece of shit, you know that? posting his fathers name and working address and phone number? and saying to harass him? i hope that once this is over, you to will be visiting the police station. what you posted is, to me a criminal act, you are supporting hatred, and harassment. that is considered terrorism- you are promoting terror. congratulations. you are destroying what this man has worked for his entire life. you are no better, and in fact are a lot worse than anything anyone did that night.
      to are you idiots who keep saying ‘oh daddy should lose his practice’ i bet you all work some shitty low paying minimum wage job. his father is a SURGEON. do you have any idea how long and hard he must have worked? he deserves the money he makes. i have had to deal with idiots like these before, and people like you are the number one things i hate. people call me ‘spoiled’ and other shit, only because their own parents, or themselves CHOSE not to work hard. i am in no way spoiled, and work for what i have, and yet when people see ‘privileged’ people they, for some reason began calling them ‘no good’ and their children ‘spoiled’. i have 6 siblings, and the least being an engineer (me and a sister still in high school) we are not rotten kids, and we we brought up well. so stop hating on his father. money in no way affects the way a child is brought up. hard work, and morals, however, does.

      • i cant belive the hatred in you people!! holy smokes.. he made a mistake!!! get over it! how dare you ppl threaten his family..

      • His family shouldn’t be threatened with harm, I agree. That would be and is indeed criminal.

        But young Mr Kotylak’s deed is far more than “a mistake.” This is the premeditated, fully intentional burning of cop cars, and lighting a match near a gas tank with a large crowd gathered closely around, many of whom could be wounded or killed in an explosion.

        “A mistake” is more like if he forgot to give his girlfriend a phone call or something.

        Maybe you want people to just easily “get over” fire attacks on cop cars, but for some of us that’s a damn sight more than a simple forgive-and-forget kind of thing.

    • a new video of Nathan and a different garbage can victim.
      4:28 on…it is labelled as Moron 7.

    • I guess water polo BC and Canadian has no standards.

  2. Someone send this link to the University of Calgary. All of us have to be held accountable for our actions, no matter our age. Under 18 or not, he may escape the courts but there are many other ways to be punished. I’m sure the UOC does not want students like this on their campus!!!

    • Hey Don’t worry about that. I sent all the information and links to 250 specific media contacts of every single newspaper in BC and Calgary. including TV News. I even emailed it to every Jewish, french, east indian, greek, itailan, muslim, chinese, japanese and Mediterranean newspapers in BC and Calgary as well….just too make sure.

      I have the list as i help send news out.

      when anyone googles this guys name for references for jobs or sports….his picture and a hell of alot of of stories with come up.

      PS. His Dad Deserves it as well. I am a parent…it is up to the parent to do his job with teaching him to respect property and people. If this Nathan guy new why and how it effects people….like really show him…he never would have done that. his father is also an idiot for most likely ignoring his kid. His dad is rich enough to pay for all the damage.

      • I agree…the parents should be held responsible if this kid is only going to get a slap on the wrist. They should pay the amount of damages and he do 1000 hours or more or public service; helping the homeless or others.
        Shame on him and his family! If you read the doctor reviews of his dad, they don’t sound that great either. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it seems.

  3. Yup his name is Nathan Kotylak and if you would like to reach this fine young man to tell him, how well he represents Canada his Cell Number Is 1-778-xxx-xxxx…his Youtube account is Nate3Nate…. He’s also on..were so proud of you and hope you represent Canada in the Olympic Polo Games…..Not! Cop cars aren’t cheap buddy! What woman will want you after she find out what kind of canadian citizen you are!
    Take Care

    Edited to remove phone number

  4. Awwwww…..well he can always clean up the guck left on the florr of some XXX movie theater instead.Bye bye Olympic water Polo Team..


    Pissed off Vancouverite (Coquitlam)

  5. Sorry, how do you know it is him, again?

  6. Jailtime. Now.

  7. It would serve him right if his scholarship was retracted.

  8. I know this kid and am absolutely devastated for his family to find out this news. Nathan had a very bright future and completely destroyed it and our city in one fell swoop. His school has already expelled him and there is no way that Waterpolo Canada will have anything to do with someone who has committed acts such as this.

    • I believe our character shows in our darkest moments and unfortunately this “punk” is just that – he isn’t an inocent bystander. He is the criminal. My hope is that he truly has been expelled from school (where they must have a moral’s clause since it’s a Private School) and that he loses his scholarship to the University of Calgary. Heaven forbid that someone like this would ever be allowed to represent our Country in the Olympic Games. This is his true character and unfortunately he will pay dearly for this act. I hope he’ll learn from this and make ammends to the community, his school and his parents. Shameful

    • they should give him the idiot of the year award. he should be banned from travel and from all schools universities etc. but this is Canada he will walk free all he will is don’t do it again. if it was a third world country he would of been lashed. maybe he is from west vancouver where the rich kids are.

      • It is that much more upsetting that he is a child of privilege. This is how he expresses gratitude for his good fortune.

  9. Jail.

  10. so incredibly glad that he was identified.

  11. Has someone sent this to Water Polo Canada and the University of Calgary? They should. Hopefully his parents get involved in punishing his behaviour. I think a summer cleaning out morge trays would be a good starter.

  12. what a loser! I hope he gets jail time. He certainly deserves it.

  13. His Digital footprint has just started. This guy is going to be screwed for any job interview in the future. As long as this blog / newes sites and others remain active he is done. It doesn’t matter anymore about the Justice system and being a minor. This will have much greater impact on his life then any jail sentence.

    • This is a *wonderful* thing for everyone ID’d burning cop cars and the like. Know their lives are ruined for some insurance-covered destruction lifts my spirits back up after all the rage I felt watching the riots.

      Nathan Kotylak, enjoy fighting for minimum wage!

  14. So glad they caught this guy.

  15. “Ultimately, Kotylak has his eyes on the Olympic team.” Oh really? Is this the type of subhuman who strives to be an Olympian? I don’t think so.

  16. I know this kid and am absolutely devastated for his family to find out this news. Nathan had a very bright future and completely destroyed it and our city in one fell swoop. His school has already expelled him and there is no way that Waterpolo Canada will have anything to do with someone who has committed acts such as this.

    His school seriously expelled him? Good!

  17. Why would you do this if you were a decent human being? Serves the peckerhead right.

  18. I have a better idea…make him pay for the damn police car! Why do my taxes have to pay to clean up for this stupidity?

    • I can see 2 cars there, not just one. there is one that can see through back window that is right beside it, both of them were destroyed

  19. Nathan Kotylak

    Kotylak XXXXX (dad)

    Edited: I understand the rage, however I cannot be Captain Vancouver if I were to allow this post. Thank-you.

  20. Obviously, Nathan has no respect for himself, his school, his hockey team, the law or his city.

    Most important, how could he be an athlete when he has no concept of what it means to have sportsmanship. I’m sure he’d do anything at all cost to win in his sport and cry like a baby when he would lose. Glad to see he showed who he is before he polluted the sport of water polo!

    I hope they throw the book at him and everyone else involved in such pathetic behaviour.

    • There ARE athletes with no concept of sportsmanship! He is FAR from the only one. Until that is recognized and ended the problems will only grow. : ( Athletic Elitism tends to perpetuate their sense of entitlement to do basically whatever they please. It’s only when “stuff” gets destroyed that people notice.

      • I take offence to that – my son is an Athlete who is heading the the USA on a sports scholarship and he would have been one of the people standing in front of windows trying to stop the crowd. Most Athletes who have any type of chance at scholarships and even those who dont but play at high levels of sport have enough self esteem and respect for themselves and their coaches and those around them to never dream of doing something like this – that respect is taught by their parents and pure hard work. This kid has already shown his respect for Canada and does not deserve any such prized scholarship!

        I think it is actually “spoilt kid syndrome” that perpetuates their sense of entitlement…..


    Send an email to the polo academy that hes been accepted to.Do you want this douchebag representing you on a national level?

    Get rid of him.

    this guy officially ruined his reputation and future.Way to go…your officially a L’ oser.

  22. Someone said his dad is a doctor…wow must be proud.

  23. This kid was just swept up in the mob mentality. He’s probably has never done anything like that before. Yeah it was dumb to do but i don’t think anyone here can judge him for it. If you have ever been in a mob you would be able to say how you react. but if you have never been in a mob you have absolutely no idea how you would have acted.

    • i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t go around committing acts of arson, but hey that’s just me. fuck this kid’s life up.

    • Bullshit!!! I was in the mob along with thousands of others who got trapped downtown, and never once did I want to say ” Well fuck it might as well wreck something” that’s a cop out! This kid is obviously a spoiled punk with a rich daddy who has never had to face consequences for anything his whole life. I’ll bet money this isn’t the first shitty thing this punk has done!

    • are you serious??? There is NO way one would not know right from wrong in this situation. At best I could see sensing some excitement – maybe watch as a bystander. You are seriously misguided in your comments.

    • you’re are right, i know this kid on a personal level and he has never been the type to do such a thing. Congratulations “Vancouverites” you’ve ripped on ONE rioter, how about the other thousands that we’re involved. This whole situation is just pitiful

      • We (the collective online and offline community) are slowly exposing them for the punks that they are.

      • yeah who just happens to be the one who lit the match that blew up two police cars, but hey lets focus on the guy who knocked over a mailbox

        In any other circumstances this would be like an act of terrorism or something, lets hold this little prick accountable.

        I was down there too, and I made the choice to leave, I wasn’t “caught up in the moment” and decided to blow up a police car. Christ who does that, JAIL!!

      • THAT was NOT mob mentality!! Cheering and throwing some stuff around, maybe yes. He purposely lit the gas tank, of a police car mind you, on fire, that just stinks of criminal activity! It also calls into question how he knew how to set a car on fire, it’s not like its common knowledge, which makes you think that it could have been a premeditated act.
        Regardless of how, “he’s not the type to do such a thing”, you can’t say you really know someone until they pull this kind of a stunt.
        If this is how he reacts to a hockey team losing a game, I wonder how he would react later on in life to more important situations.
        What he did last night just proved that you can be a model citizen on the outside, but be a criminal on the inside. Now, all us tax payers will have to pay for a new police cruiser, and all the cleanup costs.
        I’m just grateful that the car didn’t blow up and hurt/kill someone.

        I hope he’s really proud of how he acted last night, because now it’s going to be known forever.

        Thank you Nathan, you’ve just ruined your own life!

      • the terrorists on 911 never flew planes into buildings before either. What he did was a terrorist act and sugar coating it is a reflection on you!

      • It’s ok young man, it was only your first time lighting a police car on fire, you were just ‘caught up in the moment.’. Ummmmm… No!!! As mentioned, there were thousands of people stuck in that mob who chose not to partake! Some even tried to stop it and paid for it by being beaten!!!

        You’re future is mud kiddo, enjoy it!!! You deserve it!

      • so anonymous,

        you know this kid on a personal level? why don’t you go down to the VPD tomorrow and PAY CASH FOR THE CAR AND ITS CONTENTS.

        should be about 100,000. i suggest bringing large bills.

      • We are the ones that made him look bad!?? Seriously give your head a shake! IF he hasn’t done anything like this before, he started by going to the extreme! He could have killed someone!! Do you ever think of that? Lighting a car on fire not only but a cop car? And so close to people? He deserves losing everything he has ever dreamed of. Until he at least gets a good punishment and earns respect back but that will be a LONG time! I understand when things are happening you can get trapped in the moment but please this is craziness.

      • Please don’t make these people the “victims” of their crimes. They made choices and they followed through on their choices. What they all did was shameful and embarrassing for everyone and ultimately themselves. We are all accountable for “our” choices made in life.

      • I’m sure everyone that gets outed has somebody saying the exact same thing about them- that this is the only bad thing they’ve ever done. I on georgia and hamilton when the cars first started getting flipped over. you know what I did? I left! Us “vancouverites” will out the suburban trash that did this, one by one.

      • He lit a police car on fire! He could have killed people.For a smart guy he sure did a very stupid thing. He has fucked his whole life.

      • Did every rioter set a police car on fire? There were very few who did worse than this idiot and many more who did less. And millions who look upon the whole incident with revulsion. Time to reset your moral compass if you support this douchebag. I’m sure there are people who had good things to say about Paul Bernardo up until the cops punched through his front door.

      • I think whoever made this page will be in a lot of trouble, he is under the age of 18 and as a minor, and under the Youth Justice Criminal Act, I can’t see how this page is even legal.

      • REALLY!!! You are going to compare a rapist and serial killer to an arsonist. Give your fucking head a shake. What he did was VERY wrong, but I don’t think harrassing his family and all that jazz is cool. But to compare him to someone to that extreme just makes Nathan look like an angel. FFS people are soo stupid. No lives were taken and no one was raped or beaten by this dude. He is just a pyro who went way overboard with the fire shit, and made the biggest mistake of his life, but he ain’t no Paul Bernardo lol.

      • Makayla, you are a complete douchebag for defending this kid. The fact is, this photo is one of the most obvious and incriminating pieces of evidence we have seen, and he will, and deserves to pay the consequences for it. Others with equally compelling evidence against them will fall the same way. The fact that he comes from privelege makes him all the more pathetic.

      • I don’t know how many cop cars were torched, but it couldn’t have been more than a couple dozen.

        This guy is clearly one of the biggest scum of the lot.

    • I don’t care if this idiot has never done anything like this or not! We all know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour and there is no damn excuse for it. He deserves to have his life destoyed and to live in a hole.. LOSER! along with all the other participants in last nights tragedy!

    • I like how people are assuming he has money, saying he’s a spoiled little punk when you don’t really know about his life. It’s unfortunate, and I don’t agree with what he did but I think he did get swept up in mob mentality. You can say what you want, but he’s a kid who made a mistake. He has to face his consequences but he doesn’t need to be ridiculed.

      • Come on over and i’ll show you a bad mistake.

      • His dad is head of surgery at ridge meadows hospital, so yeah he’s probably got some money.

      • He goes to Meadowridge School (well before he got expelled anyway). It cost $18,000 per year to go there….so yah I’d say he comes from money.

      • He comes from privilege. How much do you want to bet that he will get off with a warning? Daddy can afford to pay for the best lawyers.

        ps. If you want to know how much money daddy makes, go to the Eagle Ridge Hospital website. Anybody who makes 150k/year or over is considered public knowledge.

    • Benjamin – it would be nice to believe this but look at this photo. Really LOOK at this photo. This is not a good kid caught up in the moment or the mob. This kid IS the mob. He is lighting a police car on fire. Who does this? A criminal does this and if he didn’t have the Private School, good grades, star athlete, surgeon father you’d call him a punk. I’m pleasantly surprised that his school expelled him. How could they not? What message would it send about their moral code had they not done so. This isn’t a prank – this is a serious criminal act.

      • Daddy’s rich lawyers can maybe keep this kid out of jail but he has just fucked his whole life. School is gone,scholarship gone,Olympic dreams gone and I’m sure the Canada Water Polo team will have no choice but to dump him after all the emails they are receiving.

    • I know I would have left when warned and I KNOW I would never set FIRE to a police car… maybe this is the first thing he has ever done wrong… but what a first it was… he still needs to be punished just as harshly as all the others!

    • Nah. He’s dumb. I went to school with him. Had a promising life in front of him if he wanted it.. but it’s not the first time he’s done something stupid. Not that stupid, mind you…

      • I think the fact that people are responding to this outrage is a sign that many people, young people especially take pride in the communities and cities they live in. Most often good things come from unfortunate circumstances and perhaps this young man has had to uphold an “image” of greatness impressed down by his, as one person said a higher up family and this is a way of acting out to the most extreme to show that hey I’m not this person who people think I am. The sad thing is that perhaps he won’t learn and will do something even worse the next time (and kill someone). With such a lack of integrity I hope this young man does nothing even close to what he had aspired to do. However, one has to wonder if those olympic dreams were really his own throwing them away so carelessly. No one however can judge a person until as the song goes has walked a mile in his shoes, and although he comes from a well to do family, theres a story behind this lost soul and perhaps if were lucky he will show a great remorse not for his own selfish reasons of career. But of how he abused a privalege of being a Canadian and not realizing that people are dying daily from car explosions and what we don’t need to re-create havoc over a stupid hockey game when that havoc, death, destruction and misery is happening everyday for people and children alike. The greatest punishment would be that of great remorse for who he has hurt and disrespected as a whole. As a U of C alumni 2011 I hope he never represents our city or university.

    • Swept up in the mob? Not likely. Being swept up in it would be pushing people or not leaving the area etc,. Deliberately setting a car on fire! That is callus, cheap, cowardice and malicious.

      Any scholarship programs or national sports teams he’s applied too should be declined.

      Why should someone with such disregard for the law and safety of others be rewarded with school and sports?

      Until he serves ample time in jail, he shouldn’t be allowed to pass go and do not collect $200. 00

    • This society thrives on excuses. No excuses. It doesn’t matter if he was in a group of 10 people, or 10000 people, you make your own decisions, and must be prepared to accept the consequences for them.

      He should have to pay for that police car and face the courts at the very least. All those institutions that are supporting him financially should be made aware of who they are spending their money on.

      He might be a Kid under the law, but he is old enough to know better.

    • There were over 100,000 people downtown in that mob and 99.9% were not lighting police cars on fire – along with all the other damage the kid did. Take a look at his shoes and you can then recognize him in several other pictures.

    • Really… I understand what you are saying, but Personal choice… we do have the right to say it’s time to go home… rather than stick around…

  24. pffft… a white kid on the water polo team, and his dad is a surgeon, and you think anything is going to happen to him? not a chance. 3 months “community service” (shooting hoops) at the community centre TOPS.

    • You don’t understand the impact of digital identity. What Captain Vancouver is doing is making sure this sticks to his digital identity… follows him into the future. When potential employers, universities, teams, friends, or girlfriends google his name, this action will be tattooed on his forehead forever… it’s worse than short-term jail.

      • And so it should be, Rapists, Murderers, Sex Offenders, Pedophiles all have digital identity. Why should this puke get off free while the rest of B.C. is paying through the roof in taxes for his rich kid attitude.
        If you want to blame anyone , blame his father and mother – bad parenting at it’s finest. I’m 22 and I shot the sh*t as a kid (mind you I still am a kid) but I NEVER EVER would cause such harm to anyone or my country – not even think of it. Takes a pretty chemically unbalanced child to display such acts.

    • He will be made an example of. I know the crown prosecutor and they will be going after all these guys.

  25. Google his name. This blog is the first thing that comes up. Screwed for years. Hoser.

  26. Happy to here this guy has been indentified. He deserves to suffer the consequences of his actions…and they should be harsh. Expelled from high school, no chance of going to UOC, no Waterpolo Canada team, permanent record…throw the book at him. This kid needs to serve hard time.

  27. The guy is lucky to be alive, gasoline is nothing to be fooled with, but then, maybe he does this on a regular basis.

  28. I live in Calgary and we DON’T WANT HIM HERE! My husaband was a prof at the University of Calgary and knows plenty of the kinesiology,staff – his name will come uop in the next few days I’m sure! You blew it Nathan! Shame on you!

  29. He is not a bad kid. Stop judging him like he is a murderer. I have known him since we were like 6 years old and he does not deserve what you people want to be done to him. Taking away is scholarship and getting kicked off the team is not something he deserves. He has been working his ass off for years to get where he is today. So what people make mistakes – im sure all of you are not perfect. So lay off and go pick on someone else.

    • So all the others in the “mob mentality” need to be punished because they’re all bad kids and he’s not? First, who made you the judge of who’s bad and who’s good? Sorry kid, reality check – it doesn’t work that way. It may not result in the punishment some outlined here; but he’s accountable for his actions just as everyone else that was caught up in the “mob mentality”

      -if everyone else was jumping off a bridge… would he?

      • Obviously I cant judge the actions of others – but i’ve known him for years and would not do something that stupid. He turned himself in this morning and he has explained his actions to the police.

      • He had you fooled pretty good then. This kid sounds like a spoiled punk criminal. What kind of person knowingly, willingly sets fire to a police car; especially with all the cameras around him.

        Bet you thought he was smart too, eh? Fooled you twice now.

      • Why does it seem the ‘younger generation’ (below 30) has no sense of being accountable for their actions? Yes, you may know the guy and figure he’s a good guy . . . however that doesn’t preclude him or anyone else from not having to bear the consequences of criminal behavior. Yes, he does deserve to be expelled from school. Yes, he does deserve to lose scholarships and chances at pursuing ‘Olympic dreams’ . . . with what he did last night, he doesn’t represent the Olympic (or even just sport) ideals in any way, shape, or form. I’m from Calgary too . . . . we certainly don’t want this hooligan here. And yes, he deserves to make financial amends for what he destroyed. That would so totally be appropriate consequences.

      • Someone DID jump off a bridge, and others didn’t follow. There goes that theory.

      • My son and his friends who are all 18 were downtown. They told me that when they saw the first car get turned over and a guy trying to light it that they got the hell out of there and jumped on the skytrain. These boys aren’t angels so I was impressed that all of them had the sense to get the hell out of downtown.So I don’t want to hear any crap about being caught up in a mob. This boy committed a malicious act and he is lucky that the car didn’t blow up and kill several people or he could be facing murder charges!

    • He’s a criminal and deserves to be treated as such. End of story.

    • So what hes a nice kid who has worked his ass off, does that entitle him to set fire to a police car??? What the fuck, Would you be saying the same thing if the car exploded and people got hurt.. he is a nice kid shut the fuck up. He deserves everything he has coming to him. Wants to be a tough guy in a riot the shut up and take the punishment.

    • Ummm hello, are you dumb? wait, don’t answer that, I already know the answer.

      Nobody gives a FUCK that you’ve known him since you were 6 years old; homeboy is trying to light (actually blow up) a cop car from sticking a lit shirt into the gas tank! He doesn’t deserve this?? What happens if the car blew up? I’ve been involved in some wild nights in my life but blowing up cop cars was never on my agenda. It’s going to suck for him, but unfortunately this is a decision he made and is now going to have to live with. Let this be a lesson for future dumbasses.

    • No, I’m definitely not going to judge him for being a murderer.

      I’m going to judge him for trying to light a fucking cop car on fire. People make mistakes and pay the consequences.

    • I’m personally sending e-mails to the school, his team, and UofC to make sure this little fuckwit doesn’t get anything that he wants.

      Tell him the internet says hi.

    • Bullshit. There is no excuse – for him or for anybody else who ever had it cross their mind that it would be okay, acceptable, or in any way cool to participate in something like this over a FUCKING GAME, let alone try to blow up a (police) car. I just paid 600 dollars in taxes these past two weeks. I pay about 1000 a month in taxes. He might as well have stuck his hand in my pocket, took my money, and wiped his ass with it. Same goes for everybody else who pays into government facilities. That said – it’s not even completely about money or the complete waste this is. Nobody who is this ignorant should get any privileges, and especially should never get to represent our country internationally. He deserves all of the defamation, as do all of the other fools who just made Canada the laughing stock of the rest of the world. I’m not saying he can never redeem himself…but until then they are all scum.

    • You know what – your attitude “Poor kid made a mistake, forgive him” is probably the attitude he has been given his whole life. At some point he should have been made responsible for his choices and the logical consequences of them (like starting at 2, enforced at age SIX, and then of course by 12, and certainly by 18 he would have that concept down pat).

      This “kid” did an adult act of violence and crime. He destroyed property, endangered the lives of others and committed an act in a riot that means he is eligible to receive life in prison. He made an adult choice and now he faces adult consequences. Sucks he didn’t learn this lesson before BUT that is not our (the public’s) problem — that is HIS problem, and the shame of his parents.

      It seems he threw away a career and an education. For what? One night of fun? He is an idiot. And sadly he will pay for this, and the same on his parents’ heads is his to own (and theirs for never teaching him how to control himself before this point).

    • People make mistakes. Criminals set fire to police cars.

      Lock him up.

    • Forget about the actual property, do you have any idea about what HE could of done to dozens of human beings?

      Can you explain his exact intention by lighting a gas tank on fire in the middle of a crowd? What if the car blew up and people were set on fire? Burning, gasoline covered shrapnel plummeting towards human flesh.. What about the victims who would be in the burn unit at a hospital, with charred, black skin? Their families around their bed, saying their last goodbyes?

      What a great citizen who deserves scholarships and the Olympics.

    • “Turned himself in”? Baloney! No doubt his family recognized him in the photo and his daddy’s lawyer advised him to do so to get a lesser sentence. Coward.

      • Absolutely. Someone advised him to turn himself in hoping for a lighter sentence. No Doubt this kid was cowering under his bed as soon as he saw his pictures go viral!

    • oh yes oops he accidentally set a cop car on fire sorry but we all do make mistakes but when it comes to vandalism all pay i messed up in highschool almost got expelled i helped out loads after volunteer work and helped do alot for the community it was what was right i do not agree with expulsion as he will then become what some other schmuck who causes troubles in the future but i do think he has to pay a long time now for what he’s done you can’t go back in time this isn’t a video game you want to act an idiot do it on grand theft auto not rl in our city streets what really needs to be changed is how when something happens people all rush to capture all the action on their cell phones you may have good intentions to get them caught but your also fuelling the riot they will do more and more when people watch take pictures video tape it the young and impressionable love to put on a show and be recognized but for this it’s an embarassment if everyone who wasn’t rioting left and weren’t around the cops would have less crod to handle and i beleive things would have been handled more effectively but with the ways things did happen we can hope justice is served still but now it’s public justice as their names and private information is going out public i pity the parents and families of these people i know our justice system doesn’t do enough but you look at the cost of a cop car and the price of keeping some punk in jail for a year you have to debate what is the right punishment the only one that helps both is community service and paying it back to the community

    • Yeah- I have made mistakes too. Have I torched a cop car? No.
      I was in the crowd, and left. He was in the crowd, and torched a perfectly good car.
      Don’t care if you knew him as a kid.
      Now he’s fucked up his life. Time to change his name legally, make amends, and start from scratch. I hear there is some broken glass to pick up on Granville street. He should dye his hair, wear some glasses, and go help out.

    • he does deserve it and your just as much of a dumb a** if you think otherwise! there is no excuse for this behaviour… and just because he didn’t actually KILL anyone, he put a lot of people in harms way… NO EXCUSE!
      You can work your whole life to make a name for yurself but one stupid decision can destroy it.. that’s why we ALL need to think before we act! NO MORE FRIGGIN EXCUSES! Take responsibility and be accoutable for your actions!

    • You aren’t 6 years old anymore. I’m sorry for you as his friend – you seem like a supportive and loyal one. BUT this is serious stuff. This is not getting caught up in the action. This is a deliberate criminal act and he’ll pay dearly for it as he should. People in Vancouver are furious, this isn’t a little schoolboy prank. It’s time for him to grow up and face the music and with the best of intentions I say that you need to do the same. Support him but not his actions.

    • I admit I have not been a poster boy of good behavior, but I also dealt with the consequences of my actions. This kid set of an incendiary device in the middle of a crowd, he created an explosive device by doing that to the cop car. He will be lucky to get off with just losing his scholarship and the chance to play on the Olympic team. In other countries he would have been shot on sight, or if caught later jailed for an extended period.

      And to the people who say ‘Oh he just got caught up in the mod mentality’…no excuse. I have been in mobs in Montreal, France, Egypt, and Bosnia. Never once did I let the anger of the group control me. This just proves he is a weak individual and nothing else.

    • Sure we make mistakes, I’m 39, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but rest assure, those mistakes do not include burning a police car, taking part in a riot (mob or otherwise), or destroying a city’s reputation. Losing his scholarship and not attending the university of his choice will be a very powerful life lesson, hopefully he will learn from it and use it to be a positive force in the community in the years to come. For the near future, he will have to face his mistake AND face the community that he has brought shame to.

    • He made his own bed now let him lie in it! He will learn that bad decisions will have consequences. He will pay for this idiotic act for many years to come!

    • Stop defending this pathetic little douchebag.

    • That is NOT a mistake…that is a deliberate intentional act. He needs to face the consequences of what he has done. No one “mistakenly” sets a cop car on fire!!!!!!

    • Oh well. We all wake up on the morning and make choices. Choices have consequences. Nathan’s choice last night was to torch a cop car.

      So what if he’s worked hard for years to become a star water-polo player? He’s probably had everything else in his life handed to him on a silver platter.

      He may very be “not a bad kid” according to you. But you could be a total shit-stain. You could be Brock Anton for all we know…So I’m going by what I see; and that’s a photgraph of a guy named Nathan Kotylak lighting a police car on fire.
      Not exactly making an effort to hide his identity. So the fact that a bunch of people who are pissed off at what was done to Vancouver (I live 6 blocks from the riot zone) are crucifying him online, shouldn’t be a shocker to you.

      And I would also add; that knowing how slack the legal system in this country is – he deserves everything he’s getting right now.

    • Please let`s not start making excuses and saying this kid should not have severe consequences. That is half the trouble in this country when it comes to crimes committed, true consequences are few and far between. There`s always a way to pin blame on someone else. This is not a mistake!! A mistake is a misdeed done unintentionally. To light a car on fire the way he did takes some planning and people do not plan honest mistakes.
      I`m not saying crucify the boy but his consequence should be severe. He chose to do what he did with no regard for the fact he was putting people at risk, with no regard for the fact that it costs a fair amount of $$$$$ to replace the car and with absolute no regard for the law.

    • You only feel bad for him because he got caught!!!! He never should have been in the situation in the first place, that was his choice. Ask all those veterans from WWI/WWII if they were too young to make the right choices!!!

      I hope you and your parents get sued!!

      More pics = more names = more accountability!!!

      So embarrassed, but loved the volunteers coming together to help clean up, AWESOME!

    • Unfortuntly scholarships represent a person outside of the academic sphere. Someone who is an outstanding character, who prides themselves in the improvement of community rather than the destruction of it. Not that your friend should be as one writer put “stuffed in a dark hole forever” If we did not hold people responsible than who would? It is our responsibility as citizens to do this not only for ourselves but as friends, lovers, and neighbours. You may be suprised that your friend cares less for what he has worked for than you think. And if he wants it bad enough he will work past this terrible reputation by working that much harder not on his academics and personal physique. But on his ethical, moral, character that he is so clearly lacking. I know children from harder backgrounds than his who by stereotypes would be labeled a punk who have more good judgment and strength of character in their pinky finger. HE needs to be held accountable and if you are his friend please do so. Word spreads and as one writer so plainly put. SHAME on you! U of C Alumni 2011 (Volunteer for Victim services CPS)

    • Nathan was caught! For those of you who said to leave him alone…why? He damaged property that wasnt his…and it is the taxpayers who are gonna have to shell out of their pockets, I would leave him alone if he owns up to this, and PAYS for ALL the damage that he has caused….and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

    • Would you let me near *your* car? I certainly wouldn’t. What if there was someone in that car he hadn’t seen? Would you still be making excuses for him then?

      Do you make excuses for all of your stupid decisions in life too, or just his?

    • He’s a good kid?! It was only one incident.
      Please since when has our society become so “laissez faire” that we believe people should not be held accountable for their actions? This kind of attitude is part of the problem. We find excuses to applaud criminal behaviour instead of condemn it. With this kind of mentality I’m afraid to know what kind of society my grandchildren will grow up in.

      • One incident. Are you kidding me. Had that Police car blown up there would have been countless people killed or injured.

    • This is a wee bit over the top to say that he is a good kid who made a mistake, pushing over a mailbox, maybe, torching a police car? Not so much.
      Scholarship should be gone, and he can NEVER represent Canada-on our taxpayer dime, in any capacity.
      He needs to pay his own way from here on out. His life should not be over, but I don’t want a red cent of Canadian tax dollars to reward him. He is lucky if his dad is who he is being laid out to be, at least he won’t be homeless.
      There is on-line schooling, rec water polo, and tons of volunteer activity for years to attempt to rebuild his rep.
      Good luck to him.

    • Grow up man!! Its not like this kid stole a candybar, he SET A COP CAR ON FIRE!! He needs to take responsibility for his actions! He destroyed police property that the taxpayers of BC pay for! If he doesn’t do jailtime I will be outraged. At the very least he might be able to do his time at a minimum security prison if lawyers pull some strings. I sincerely hope that the courts make an example out of every single rioter with harsh sentences.

    • A person who sets a cop car on fire needs to spend a couple of years in jail even if it is their first offense. If they worst thing that happens to him is losing a scholarship then he should thank his lucky stars.

      • “A couple of years in jail…”? You’ve gotta be kidding. They don’t even get that for Murder 1 anymore, after double time credits, good behavior, 2/3 of sentence served, etc. etc. This virile punishment is much more effective than what the courts would appropriate!

    • Is this a joke? If he was such a good kid he wouldn’t have done this. Period. Plenty of others got caught up in the moment but this kid LIT a POLICE car on fire. Hello?! I don’t car how hard he has worked. That police officer who drove that car works hard, the guy who built that car works hard, the tax payers who SUPPLIED that car work hard. He’s not the VICTIM here and don’t make him look like one because we aren’t buying it.

      None of us are perfect, but none of us set a police car on fire either.

    • I have known Nathan for a long time and the guy is a douche. This is Karma for all the kids you picked on in high school prick.

    • Anonymous, you know him on a personal level and are wiling to overlook his transgressions. On the other hand, my younger son was on a select BC team in another team and has worked for years to hone his craft. They were told in no uncertain terms that they represented the province and even fairly minor transgressions would be grounds for being removed from the team and he was only 13 and then 14. One thing that my son was certain of was that lighting a car on fire is one of those things that will get you kicked from the team never ever to be allowed back onto it.

      It is good he is lost to the national team and has lost his place at university and at school as it was really a despicable act. He’s just 17 so he need not go to jail but should do a lot of community work to rehabilitate his image and he should then on his own accord, try to return to university but he had to expect that criminal actions should have some consequences to them.

  30. Ruined his life in a blink of an eye. You get everything you deserve for being such an asshat.

  31. Just e-mailed the president of the club with the link.

  32. Let’s see, vandalism, mischief,to the tune of about 50,000 bucks for that police car….

    I can see him getting off with a suspended sentence,”I was caught up in the moment and regret my etc.,etc.,… Wonder if his coach will appear as a character witness.

    He should NEVER be allowed to have any job that is taxpayer funded,like in one of those cushy government bureaucracies,and hopefully,it’s goodbye scholarship.

    What a stupid ass.

  33. He’s not a bad kid?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! He didn’t just follow a mob and get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. He deliberately walked up to a cop car and lit it on fire with INTENTION. That was no accident. That is a serious offence. I don’t care if he has worked hard in the past or not, if he didn’t want the punishment, he shouldn’t have done the crime.

    • Completely agree! I could understand (not approve of, but understand), getting caught up in the mob mentality and in an instant making a decision to kick in a window with a bunch of other people. But this is a complex actions. Decide how you’re going to light the car on fire. Find a rag. Stick it in the gas tank. Taking the time to light the cloth on fire.

    • was he not the only one that set cop cars on fire? or did other people do it as well? I agree with anon totally and everyone else except for his little friend. Just a curious if he was the only one.

  34. I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life… none of which included setting vehicles on fire. Throw the book at him!

  35. I believe that what this child has done is incredibly irresponsible and devastating. However, I also feel that you putting his name and information out is also irresponsible and devastating. This young man made a mistake. He is under legal age and I think that this one nights lapse of judgement and hype should not ruin his life. Please think about what you are posting. Every action has a reaction.

    • He’s 18. That’s old enough to have a beer, old enough to drive a car – old enough to get killed serving in the Canadian military. He is by age an adult – and was “smart” enough to willingly attempt to blow up not just a car but publicly paid for property. I think every act of senseless destruction and ignorance like this needs to be exposed to the fullest extent possible. A mistake implies he didn’t fully understand his actions or the consequences. Looking at the photograph, he seems pretty damn determined to me. Perhaps you should think about what you are posting – attitudes like that are why “kids” can go on thinking they don’t have to give a fuck about anyone or anything else but themselves and their own self satisfaction..

    • FUCK YOU Robin. My step-son was killed one night due to someone elses “Lapse of Judgement” – Read what is being said – see the photo for what it is. HE IS LIGHTING A CAR ON FIRE THROUGH THE GAS TANK! There are people around him. I don’t care if he knows or doesn’t know what could or could not have happened. The fact is he is destroying property and putting others LIVES in danger.

      • Oh well Tiger, at least he wasn’t your blood. Don’t get all worked up now, you’re not getting any sympathy.

  36. I sure as hell hope this IS Nathan Kotylak in the picture, because if everybody’s wrong…that poor kid is fucked.

  37. “So what people make mistakes – im sure all of you are not perfect. So lay off and go pick on someone else.”

    Before any leniency is even considered let him personally replace that police car and pay all damages.

    • Good idea – in addition to criminal charges, file a civil suit against him too – make him pay for a new police car and clean up etc. etc.

  38. Yeah, whatever happened to having the chance to make amends? Someone who had that much promise before this colossal f***-up could still turn out to be an amazing person, if he realizes how much he’s lost and works to build it back up again. Otherwise we run the risk of turning out more bitter, angry ex-cons who just keep sliding downhill and contributing further to the problem. He’s been identified, now let the system do its job.

  39. Hey buddy you say he shouldnt loose his scholarship because he has worked his butt off to get it !!!! WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF VANCOUVER WHO WORK THEIR BUTTS OFF EVERYDAY TO MAKE IT THE GREAT CITY IT IS !!!!!!!!!!! What about the POLICE AND FIREMEN WHO HAD TO RISK THEIR LIVES TO PUT OUT WHAT HE HELPED START !!!!!!!!! WHERE WAS HE THIS MORNING !!!!! I BET HE WASNT DOWNTOWN TRYING TO CLEAN IT UP WAS HE !!!!!!

    IF YOU WERE MY SON YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mistake or not You were big enought to stand there and do it STAND UP AND TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE COMING !!!!!

  40. “…what you people want to be done to him.” ??? ‘scuse me. Did we put the rag in his and and the lighter too? Oh, wait, what was in that backpack.

  41. While I appreciate the forcefulness of the above posts, I actually feel very sorry for this young man. He has made the worst decision of his life. But what more should he loose besides schooling, a scholarship, the opportunity to realize your dream in a sport you love, and the respect of anyone you ever met?! WOW. That was a dumb decision.

    My vote is rehabilitation, face to face apologies to the public, and repayment of the police car. It would be very sad if this boy was pushed into a legal system that will not focus on teaching him what it takes to be a positive member of society.

    • I agree. I think that WOULD be throwing the book at him in a sense. Nothing is worse on a kid than losing face, not only to your family, friends, and community, but your city, your country. Face to face apologies is a great idea. And a police car doesn’t cost $50,000 like suggested above, it costs over $100,000… I know because I drove one for years. I can also tell you in my opinion the legal system won’t be as beneficial as an alternative measure such as serious rehabilition efforts, long-term community service. He’ll likely lose his free ride in school among other current life pursuits. He should be made an example of certainly… what about spending the next 5 years speaking to students about how moments of idiocy can ruin a life??

      • He should be used as a posterchild and spokesman for what he has done, he should pay for the damage he caused. If you do the crime do the time otherwise they do not learn. All the people involved should have to do this not just one person. Don’t harass his family and friends they did not light the match. He should be held accountable and responsible for his actions. He should have to go to his chool the sholarship board, the Olympic team and the U of C and explain his actions. They should make the decision on his future. I am not siding with him at all, he did wrong, but he should be made to make it right. It was an extremely dangerous and stupid thing to do thank goodness no one was hurt.

    • I have known Nathan for years now. Nathan is a good kid who got caught up in the activitities of the night… the canadian justice sysytem will give him a slap on the wrist but .. i would not want to witness the wrath that he will suffer at the hands of his mother… and yes he has lost a lot of face with his actions….
      his family is well known and respected in our community and this is a blow to us all… his punishment will not be in the povincial court room but in the social one… tried and found guilty!!

  42. Nathan,
    Speak out to the news, bring others to justice. That’s your only move at this point

  43. Thank you..really informative!!

  44. Nathan,

    We’ve all done stupid shit in our lives but this is beyond stupid. There are consequences for our actions and your actions were beyond moronic. I realize that you are one of hundreds but you were stupid enough to do this and also stupid enough to do it in this day and age of non-anonymity. I will take time out of my busy day tomorrow to track down friends in Calgary to get in touch with their university and re evaluate if you are the type of student that they want.

    Make better decisions in your not so bright future.

  45. GUYS…I say it’s horrific what he did- utterly reprehensible-but think about the power of him apologizing and using this situation to educate younger kids- do we have to throw away his dream, his life for one night and a really bad decision? I don’t that is the “Canadian” way- if it were we would have the death penalty.

    I love my city, I adore the Vancouverites that showed up today to help the city redeem itself give us back the pride we lost last night- but I can’t advocate or support completely ruining this kids life.

    Punish him yes, hold him accountable yes, but there is a positive that can be achieved here- think of the power of a Olympian speaking out about violence etc?

    • I will post his apology and the restitution that follows, if or when he chooses to do so. In either case, consequences have painted this light upon him of which there is no turning back. How he evolves from this is another day to follow.

    • I’m usually a Pollyanna about these things but with the increasing violence in our society, some of it done by underage, misunderstood youth who just need a second chance and a break, I’m fed up. Truly fed up. Unfortunately Nathan may end up being the poster boy but I’m finding it difficult to feel sorry for him. Enough with all the poor kid, let him off the hook stuff. In this age of social media kids will simply not learn that what they do online may someday come back to bite them. I find it hard to believe that this is an isolated act – I think it speaks volumes about his true character and while I’m sad for what he’ll face in the coming weeks and perhaps longer he needs to be held accountable. He was one of the catalysists for this and if he didn’t know it he’s not ready to represent the University of Calgary or our country. He’s got some serious growing up to do.

    • So why is losing these privileges akin to ” completely ruining this kid’s life. ‘ Most people do not have the same opportunities. What is availalbe to him should he lose the Olympic team opportunitiy, scholarships, etc. is a lesson that we must be responsible for our actions. Far from his life being ruined by having to face the consequences of his actions, Nathan has an opportunity to grow up.

    • Which Olympian are you talking about? The one that no longer exists?

      Watching people like him do what they did last night made me sick. He ruined his own life, let him face the consequences.

    • I would generally agree with you however this situation goes a beyond that. I cannot help but feel that some people do not understand the potential implications of his actions. There were hundreds of people surrounding the vehicle, this had to be obvious to the young man yet he still lit it on fire.
      I doubt anybody would be in his defense whatsoever if he had killed bystanders with an explosion, shrapnel, or even exploding ammunition from a police vehicle.

      Nathan, in his ignorance failed to think about the lives of countless human-beings around him, why should I think of his?

    • He is NOT an Olympian, I am married to one, and this is NOT what can be expected of someone who has risen to the height of representing our country in front of the world.
      I would wager that he will never have the opportunity to play his sport on a world stage ever again. I don’t believe he has that right any longer.
      We are livid about the riot but want to give this rich white kid a pass? I don’t think so. He should not be over-punished- as we seem to be doing here, but in my opinion he cannot represent Canada, ME, in any way. Ever.
      The torching of the police car was one of the signature events in this horrific riot. HE caused that. HE incited HOW MUCH violence??

  46. Stick a rag in this fuckers asshole and i bet there would be line up of people waiting to light it!

  47. wow… seriously if I was as rich as him I wouldnt even be on the streets. I would be at my house with my 60” TV watching the game with some foie gras, steak and champagne. WAT A RETARD. If the police dont give him jail time. I will make sure the judge gets analed

  48. What he is doing in that photo is putting people’s lives in danger, including his own and everyone standing around that car. The severity of that needs to be realized. Guess what, you can be a great person your whole life, it doesn’t outweigh putting others lives in danger. Disgusted by this whole thing. How does a person like this decide blowing up a police car is a good idea, mob mentality is no excuse, he could have killed people.

  49. He’s not cheering an act of violence and destruction, he’s leading it…The kid is a punk.

  50. Hats off to the Captain for putting up this site. There is a man with a conscious and some morals.

    This hot shot spoiled dork should change his name and move far away.
    Thank God his colors came out before he ruined some girls life with marriage and kids. Whenever he gets pulled over for a taillight out, speeding or has i.d. checked by the police for whatever reason this will haunt him. Many people have screwed up their lives with one stupid move, it happens. NO reason to give him or anybody else involved a pass. They’re young adults, NOT children.

    • Exactly! He will be forever houded by cops as he is an attempted cop killer. His name in that city is toast and they will ensure some form of justice.

    • He is 17 so I am pretty sure this will be sealed after his 18th bday. Anyone know more about the intricacies of our legal system more than me/

  51. And this douchebag was suppose to be on a National Team!showing sportsmanship ect…?
    who cares if you have known him since you were 6!!!!!!!
    he aint 6 anymore lady.Wake up!

    take a good look at the photo sweetheart.truth hurts dont it?

    TAKE A LOOK AT THE PHOTO….hes a punk that knew what he was doing..and did it.

    I hope society gives it to him….

  52. known him since *he* was sick.

    edited for typo

  53. *six*…!!!

    im sooooo pissed off!

  54. You know, if it was ANY other car, I might have excused his behaviour as being “caught up in the moment”. But he deliberately targeted a police car. This shows a complete lack of respect towards authority and perhaps a natural tendency towards attempting to circumvent the system.

    • You know, if it were any other car, I would of thought he was amoral sociopath. If he had actually targeted someone else, it would have shown a complete lack of respect towards other human beings, and their boundaries.

      What the hell is wrong with you.

  55. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. Life is all about learning from them.. I do hope he gets some sort of punishment for this. Life is also about making decisions… He made the wrong decision, and now he must deal with the consequences. If that means losing his scholarship, being kicked off his team, so be it. He chose to do this. Maybe this will make him think twice in the future about things.

  56. I know Nathan and his family. I’m shocked, but I have so much sympathy. Don’t let all this bring you down Nathan. But you better have learned your fucking lesson.

  57. Now this is social justice

  58. Throw his dumbass in jail.

  59. Is there any video or other pictures of nathan doing this?

    • Yes, check with the CBC. They have full film coverage of Nathan’s actions. Can you believe the father saying his son didn’t do it.

      Looks like “Dad” need a reality check as well as NK !

      Dr. Daddy… need to take full responsibility for your “off” spring. BTW – you had better write a really big cheque to the VPD.

      • Did he actually do it though? I watched the video and he tried to do it and some good samaritans (much to his good luck) pushed him aside and took the burning paper from the front of the car and the burning rag from the gastank. No question though that he tried to do it and in doing so was putting peoples’ safety at risk.

    • still think he is innocent?

      Apology not accepted – sorry, decision to riot made – deal with the consequences. People arent as forgiving as you hope they would be.

      If your son comes to my town, I will make sure he isnt welcomed.


      In addition to the most posted photo of him holding a flame close to the gas tank, there is an additional photograph of him holding another flame at the bottom of the shirt.

  60. if you dont believe people DON’T know RIGHT from WRONG, watch this clip of a brave lone Vancouverite standing up against the mob saying ” This is our city. What the fuck are you doing?”

    There were countless people out there that night just like him. This Nathan guy is just a punk and deserves to charged.
    People get put in jail for so much less, and more much more sensical crimes (Theft due to starvation and hunger).
    This is a clear cut situation of a spoiled rich kid getting all hyper. Please stop enabling his behavior and the millions of self-entitled pricks out there who think this is alright.
    Contact the polo club and contact his school. This kid needs a reality check.

    • whoops here’s the link

    • Thanks for the video. Now this is someone who should go on an entirely different list. Loseres like this Nathan can be on the shame list. Winners like the guy in the video should be on a list perhaps called “badge of honor”


      • Dammit, I just saw a later post with a picture of this guy being an idiot. I take back what I said about him, but there are others who should go on a hero list.

  61. Wow , the young man made a really dumb mistake but so did thousands of others last night , is it productive ruining this mans life further because you want revenge. We decided long ago in our society that a punishment must fit the crime , and yes what this man did was wrong but should he pay for it with everything that he has ? It is not two eyes for an eye in our society .

    • Using the different tools available, the police department, with the cooperation of the public, will track down those that participated in the destruction of private property last night. Rest assured, Nathan is not the only boy that will get charged for vandalism.

    • Should he pay for it with everything he has? No. Should he face the consequences of his own actions? Absofuckinglutely. A scholarship is a privilege. A spot on a team is a privilege. Acceptance to a university is a privilege.

      A privilege. Not a right. I’m not advocating that he loses his rights, but he fucking well doesn’t deserve any privileges after committing an apparently pre-meditated felony. Where did he get the shirt? Why did he even have a lighter?

      Yes, thousands of people made mistakes last night. And I, for one, am very much in favor of outing and publicly shaming every last one of them. He is just the among the first.

      • I would like to add that since he committed a crimimal act, that he should in fact lose his rights. Of course this needs to be done through the proper legal channels, where he sure as shit should be found guilty hopefully), and then sentenced appropriately!

    • I hope a dumb mistake claims the property of your family.

    • Yes, he should. He made a choice. The wrong one at that. If it was any other vehicle I could see it as forgivable but this is a POLICE CAR, that our taxes PAY FOR. If you wanna stick up for this little shit maybe YOU should pay for the car. You are no better than he is for defending this atrocious behavior. I know tons of other athletes who have worked hard to get where they did, and NONE of them were stupid enough to pull a stunt like this.
      What if the car blew up? Would you still be sniffling about how hard we are on him if his idiotic decision took lives? Pull your head out of your ass. Our city was damaged because of shitheads like him. He is 18, he should know better. There is NO excuse. If he is let off than how many other kids will think it’s OK to try to blow up Police cars because he got a slap on the wrist…If his future was so important to him maybe he shouldn’t have pulled a stunt like that.

      • Well said Lillian! I worked hard all my life does that mean i get to torch a car – or maybe put a bomb out in the middle of 10,000 people to see what happens?

    • He should face the consequences. The difference between him and the others out there last night is that he had so much more to lose and he took that for granted. Throw him in jail please.

    • Most of the people rioting were his age, so i kind of understand him getting involved in it a little bit. But when you have soo much to lose, why would you be stupid enough to do this. Especially the kids in this generation, they know more than anyone the social media and camera, camcorders were going to catch him red handed. It was a Police Car thats a HUGE deal. I feel bad for the kid, but honestly he did it to himself. Sad, he just lost soo much that he worked for from 1 night of stupidity. He deserves what he gets. I am in Calgary, and I definetly do not want him in my city.

  62. “Turned himself in”? Baloney! No doubt this little coward’s family saw the photo, recognized him and then daddy’s lawyer gets him to turn himself in, in order to get a reduced sentence. He’s a coward, his family did a piss-poor job raising him and his lawyer is a rat.

  63. Steve sounds like another shitstain waiting for the hammer to drop.
    Punish him fairly according to the law. Nobody can help how the chips fall elsewhere.
    Nobody but shitstain himself ruined his life. Now he has to put on his big girl panties and suck it up. This ain’t kindergarten Steve, so don’t be so stupid.

  64. This was a deliberate act of pointless destruction, not a “dumb mistake”. The expression “dumb mistake” suggests something done unintentionally, with no destructive motives, for example, forgetting an acquaintance’s name or misplacing your keys. Moreover, this destructive act speaks volumes about the perpetrators character, in a way that a “dumb mistake” does not.

  65. Because of this kid and others, all the outdoor festivals, drinking outside, greek days, all gone. Ruining the reputation for the whole city because of this idiot.

  66. Nice video, thanks thegoodlifeiknow.

    Shitstained skaters are all just pieces of shit with feet. They should be shunned instead we build parks for them. They all need some serious boot up their ass.

  67. I hope his life from this point forward becomes a living Hell. Hopefully he will never work unless it’s a minimum wage job. I would love to see him strung out and homeless until his painful death. Coward little punk who must have been raised by Jackals to behave in such a way towards police. This waste wants to destroy everything so everything he has and is should be also destroyed. What terrible parenting skills must have been deployed in raising this angry destructive little boy.

    • Im not saying I condone this behavior, but I wouldn’t blame the parents. The Kotylak family is great- friendly and kind. His siblings are all great, so dont blame the parents. It was alcohol.

      • So he was drinking underage as well? He’s full of bright ideas. Don’t blame his stupidity on alcohol.

      • “IT was alcohol” “thats why he raped that underaged girl” really!!!??? I’m sorry I am sure the family is kind, nice, whatever you would like to call them however morally????? I agree that alcohol can be the ruin of families, children, and more lives that one would like to count. However, when you are in the extreme state of intoxication lighting a police car on fire would be more likely not to happen. It’s parents like you if you have children that GIVE these children excuses, sure get mad at them for ruining the family name!!!! But accountability, HE IS YOUNG IT WAS ALCHOL HIS PARENTS REALLY ARE “GOOD” PEOPLE. Its not about good or bad its about consequences and as numerous people have said accountability. Not too long ago a young man who I personally worked with was caught on CTV camera raping a young girl…HE WAS PROBABLY DRUNK. This post probably made me madest. ITS NOT ABOUT BLAME but that family needs accountability on every level AND OBVIOUSLY AS A FRIEND OF THEIERS YOU lack the same responbility. If there is anyone I feel sorry for is the future children of this young man because apparently his parent’s friends are just as bad as making excuses for him. You have contradicted yourself as for SAYING IT WAS ALCOHOL IS IN FACT CONDONING HIS BEHAVIOUR. Go read Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle then post something. PATHETIC

  68. This young man is inciting a riot, he needes to pay a heavy price for his actions. I hope Daddy doesn’t write the cheque, he should be made to pay every cent back as well as spend time in jail. He is the worst society has to offer, a Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

  69. It would be an incredible shame for Nathan to lose everything he has worked so hard for. But people make mistakes and sometimes the consequences are traumatic.

    The way the world works is this: it is a virtual guarantee that some other young man somewhere else in Canada has been working just as hard as Nathan to make that national team, and with Nathan’s spot open, he will get it. So as sad as it would be for Nathan and his friends and family to lose the spot, some other person will become the focus of celebration — because he worked really hard and avoided making an opportunity-limiting decision like this.

    All that said, I would like to see him have the chance to make restitution. At least give him the chance to say, “I tried to make good on a stupid mistake, and have done the best I could since then.”

  70. From a legal perspective, this looks close to premeditated. It’s one thing to get caught in a mob mentality and maybe break a window.

    But approaching a police car, opening the gas tank, sticking a rag in the tank, and then lighting it is an OBVIOUS sign of intent. This was essentially pre-meditated. It’s not a spur of the moment thing.

    Lock him up. The more he has to lose, the better an example he’ll be.

  71. All rights to anonymity were lost when he decided to light a cop car on fire in broad daylight in front of hundreds of cameras.

    That said, this is a cop car – there’s gasoline and possibly rounds of ammunition in the car. Extreme stupidity.

  72. Everyone needs to write to Water Polo Canada – emails here: and tell them that we will launch a campaign to remove all government funding if this punk is ever allowed to compete or be associated with them again.

  73. Oh noooooo please don’t charge him his water polo career will be fucked up just like his ass is going to be when he goes to the slammer dumb fucker

  74. People seem to forget that there are consequences to their actions. That’s probably why half the people there did the damage they did… never having to face the consequences of their idiotic words or actions. LIghting a cop car on fire without consequences just give the green light for some other dumba$$ to do something even more harmful. Yeah, no one was murdered, but man, what an extreme bar to have to cross for this guy to have to answer. No freaking respect…

  75. This guy is a terrorist and should be put on the NO FLY list. I am trying to contact the TSA with info about this terrorist.

  76. Character is something you have when NO ONE is looking. This young man has shown his TRUE colours.

  77. I have emailed the president of University of Calgary ( in regards to this. Please do the same.

    • why is calvin c a dickhead?

      Are you one of those people that sees a crime and doesnt report it? What gives Nathan a right to a free ride when he commits a crime on society.

      After this is finish, Nathan doesnt even have a right to bag groceries at the local Safeway. It requires honesty and intergrety to work at an honest job. That, unfortunately Nathan doesnt have.

      Comments like this really angers me. We, as citizen, should hold each other responsible.

  78. Would you feel safe flying on the same plane as Nathan Kotylak? I sure would be concerned about this.


  79. Under 18, his dad is a doctor, hmmmm WTF why should we pay for his stupidity his parents should be held responsible

  80. Terrorist trying to kill Canadians and himself. Anyone else think that statement might hold some water? I wonder what the legal implications of that would be in this post 9/11 world.

  81. I understand the anger against this vandal, but it helps nobody to destroy a life. He’s not yet really even an adult. Find a better way for him to make amends.

    • this is more than a vandal travis. come over! bring your family and friends – we can all sit down have a nice meal while i vandalize the gas line, close the windows, and spark the grill. Let’s see what happens.

      Sounds premeditated? Sure does… now think about the steps our fantastic citizen of Water Polo had to take in order to do what he’s doing… go on… got it? Cool! Now think about the point at which he could have stopped himself from doing this… go on… got it? Cool…

      You just represented yourself as a defender of an act of violence that could have hurt or killed others.

      I’m calling you out.

    • he is the one who ruined his life, not anyone else. Why should I have to share my city with him, never mind allowing him into the U of C which my tax dollars help support. If he wants to truly make amends, perhaps 10 years+ in the armed forces will help him value the freedom he obviously ignored. Perhaps a great job like mine sweeping in kids playgrounds in 3rd world countries would be a good eye opener for him and his silver spoon lifestyle. Paying for one police car isn’t enough, this is just one car that he is caught torching, I recall seeing 2 side by side on fire last night on tv, what other things did he do that we don’t know about yet!

  82. The only thing this piece of garbage would be sorry for is getting caught. I’d reject any apology from this animal. I say make an example of him. Failure to disperse within 30 minutes of the riot act being read is an indictable offense and liable to life imprisonment. He didn’t “get caught up in the moment and made a mistake”, he deliberately stuck a rag in the gas tank of a cop car and lit it on fire. Give him a fair trial, then lock him up and throw away the key.

  83. I personally hate Canadians… are all yeast wallets. Nice to see you turning on each other (as usual) and destroying another Canadian. I hope he goes to jail for being so stupid, and I hope karma kicks most of you in the ass for being little bitch snitches when it was obvious that the police would catch him. Karma will come hardest for those who have emailed his future prospects. An all around win-win for haters of Canada. Yeah!!

    • hahaha! Check out this guy!

    • MFY: It’s ok… Americans hate us, everyone else hates you.



      • Canada, America’s silly hat.

      • wish there was a like button. Soo true.

      • “MFY: It’s ok… Americans hate us, everyone else hates you.

        Ohhhhhhh man….that had me laughing! Good one!

        An american had the audacity yesterday morning on an L.A. radio program to call Canadians the most vile and violent humans on earth… that nathan’s act was proof. I was going to reply, but how do you possibly reply to that? You can’t reason/discuss with beings like that.

      • Everyone hates America because we obviously rule the roost, it’s natural to hate us. People don’t hate Canadians because most countries think you’re just make-believe. They don’t believe that we would let a worthless non producing country with nothing to offer live under our protection. Even France though it was so funny they came over and took a huge portion of your country. The biggest pacifists in the world just moved right in, changed the language and treated you like bitches. We would have done something, but…well it’s France. That would be like slapping a retarded kid. Don’t worry though, a good portion of America believes you are real, and we wont let the French take the rest.

    • I personally like all people that obey the Law and dislike those that do not. You talk of Karma, spewing hatred for all Canadians, let me tell you Karma will be your middle name for that statement, mark my words Dano!

      • ok eh. But you’re still a yeast wallet. A dirty, smelly, Canadian yeast wallet.

      • Yeah, Karma is a bitch buddy, and so is your ip address…

      • If that monkey can throw poop through a computer, then I apologize right now. Monkeys scare me. Not that one’s dressed like a human. You guys are funny. I like you. But why did you call my IP address a bitch? Surely it has no feelings. If you get a chance, for your next picture can you put a top hat with a flower in it on that lil monkeys head. That would be hilarious.

      • And BTW, that boy is a far greater Man than you will ever be, showing your true American colours eh Dano? Pretty tough behind a keyboard, wonder if you weren’t rioting in anonymity yourself last night?

      • Snappy comeback, you win. I’ll send over a hand of bananas for your monkey. You should name him Mr. wiggles.

        On a serious note, I don’t condone owning wild animals. Please set him free.

        Your Friend,


      • Dont feed trolls!!

    • wait… what’s that? what’s that? turning on each other as usual??? i didn’t quite catch that – your mullet was in the way “merica…”

    • Obvious troll is obvious.

      • well played sir…well played. It was fun though. You laughed…you know it.

    • Why do you hate Canadians? Because we volunteer to help others without looking to benefit from stategic military locations? Because we do not believe in the need to own a Mac-10? I love Canada and I love travelling to the States. There was no riot in Boston, but Boston told its people they weren’t allowed to assemble. We gave it a shot, and the professional hooligans, including some Americans who came to this event and the Olympics last year, showed up to insite a riot. Any chance you were one of the imports?

      They used Facebook to spread and underground word, and are now upset that the same venue is catching up with them. Keep it up Captain!

      • ” professional hooligans, including some Americans who came to this event and the Olympics last year, showed up to insite a riot.”

        Thats just stupid. Blaming everyone but fellow Canadians…please, you must have made a typo. I can’t believe anyone is that stupid, especially considering that the worst of them (this threads main topic) is Canadian.

  84. He is a traitor to Canada and a terrorist. A picture speaks a thousand words and in this picture he is trying to destroy public paid for property and murder people with an explosion. He is old enough to know right from wrong, no sympathy for this terrorist. He was obviously raised by idiots. Ne better get a few years in jail.

  85. Here’s your “Brave Vancouverite”

  86. […] […]

  87. “Brave Vancouverite”? Here’s a still of the big fella:

  88. Almost all the people complaining would have done the exact same thing when they were of that high school age. They had a guy on the radio from the ’94 riots…and he said what these idiots did was bad. lol. Like are you kidding me..

    The irony is listening to all the people on my facebook that I went to high school with whining about the rioters..yet I know they would have done the same thing (riot or watch) if they were there when we were young. One pissed on a cops shoe when he was drunk at a he’s saying all these new idiot rioters are hooligans that belong in jail, send pics to the police, etc..

    Seriously…shut up hypocrites!

    • Yeah everyone here would have lit a Police car on fire in a crowd of people. I think you are only talking about your experience in life not mine, that’s for damn sure!

      • ^Ya I’m sure your poo doesn’t stink……’just like everybody else’. At 17 you would not have watched? Ya right.

        This is the new bandwagon since everyone jumped off the last one.

    • @Truth: it’s not always that simple.

      I was at the ’94 riots, when I was 15. I happened to be at the Starbucks there when the crowd assembled. I left Robson/Thurlow just before that dingleberry fell off the Trolley lines, because I knew it was going bad, and I wanted to be elsewhere when it did.

      At least this one was clear-cut hooliganism. That one, the looting, etc, started when the Ambulance couldn’t get thru the crowd, and the Riot Police came charging in and started cracking skulls.. before that, it was just fighting and a mosh pit.

      I still wouldn’t have stayed to watch this one go this bad, but i’m sure the people who were there then too are sitting at home with 6-10yo kids, telling their kids that if they ever do something like that, they’ll need to find somewhere else to live (or maybe I was the only one).

      • Count me in! Im your definition of a hypocrite. I also paid for the things that i did. But no matter what i did. i never put other lives in danager.

        There’s also a difference – what i did i got caught. I paid the price, and i grew up. All your friends calling this ‘tard out likely did the same thing…. they grew up and realized right and wrong. That actions have consequences.

        Now perhaps you can shut the fuck up now because there is no defence in what our golden child is doing. He got caught, he’s going to pay the price and i can almost guarantee he will learn.

        Perhaps you should take a look at your life and realize that you’ve grown too. It’s what humans do.

        frankly i can’t believe you even have friends calling them out the way you just did. perhaps you would like to post you FB profile so we can link or paste the words you just spoke? in defence of a criminal. or are you speaking “hypocritically” too now?

      • This reply is meant for our resident soul exposer “truth” M. Not for you.

      • Nice one Arch. Your internet penis must be soooo huge. Such a tough guy behind your anonymous internet posting. I guess I must have rustled your past demons loose and they have now bubbled to the surface with my true posting.

        I can care less what happens to this idiot. But keep on with the communist purges. Stalin is proud of you….

      • You want touch guy Truth? Let’s find a way to get together. REALLY!

        The penis one has been used often. Anon posting… You pretty much covered most of the weak retorts, only one missing was Internet Warrior. Love that one.

        But really? Stalin? Purges? Demons? Please elaborate on the demons! I DEFINITELY have had those as i assume most ppl on this planet have. Dealing with them is what defines us – i wish to know your take on this and why you assume YOU ‘rustled’ my past loose. Otherwise, I see nothing wring with what i replied other than “taking ownership’ and “backing it up” – surely nothing towards communistic ideals. Let’s see you take some ownership.

        You want to back this up further – let’s have that party. I sincerely do.

    • I was a teenager in the mid 80’s and was bad as bad can get. But never EVER would have I done anything remotely similar to this kid. If I was still that same dumb teen who got dropped out of school, and partook in more than my fair share of illegal substances, and more, oh believe me, more. I still would be shaking my head at this guy insisting he was an absolute idiot and deserves whats coming his way. Truth be told, I was at least wise enough to admit that I deserved what might come my way too.

      So this forum is NOT full of hyprocrites. We just know whats right and whats wrong…and this is so very, very, wrong.

      Oh just in case you hope to discredit my ability to come up a reasonably educated response for my “lack of education” I should inform you I did go back to school and then ultimately university.

      • Haha, although I didn’t proof my post very well at all. I didn’t get dropped out of school. I simply dropped out of school. I’ll blame it on a flashback, lol

  89. He made a mistake?! A lapse in judgement?! Caught up in mob mentality?! I guess the photo of him lighting a garbage can on fire is also a mistake/lapse in judgement/caught up in mob mentality……

    • Throwing a match in a garbage can is one thing, and bad enough.

      looking for a rag (or stuffing one you brought, for just such an occasion), and trying hard to light it, is another.

    • Lighting a garbage can on fire simply isn’t as serious. The garbage can isn’t likely to blow up and potentially cause bodily harm or death, the police car is. The likelyhood the garbage has live ammunition that could fire off into the crowd is unlikely as well but very likely in the case of the cop car.

      • Didn’t notice this moron lit the cop car AND a garbage can on fire. Clearly this guy was one of the main instigator’s in that area of the riot.

  90. I look at these pictures and videos and am infuriated and embarrassed that it occurred in Canada. I had many friends that were involved in quelling the riot downtown and some of those suffered some pretty vicious injuries. So when I see this person possibly identified I want to see him held accountable for his actions, whether that entails academic, personal, or professional consequences. However, after reading many of the posts I wonder how the attitude on here differs from the rioters last night. There is anger… Threats of violence… Hatred … And a deep desire for this persons life to be ruined. I appreciate the accountability but I wonder when people get this worked up – how different are they.

    • They are law abiding, tax paying contributors to society that have had enough! If he did something like that in the US he would get life. Inciting a riot, arson, endangering lives. This “so called boy” had a napsack full of rioting gear by the looks of it and I for one will only offer the sympathy that is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

    • Displaying anger on the internet and displaying anger on the streets (via blowing up cop cars) are two very different things.

      People are angry because they know 99% of the people who went out to ruin our great city will get away with it (at most, a slap on the wrist). Nathan, a private school kid, under 18, and with a rich dad, will almost certainly escape the legal system. Thankfully this blog exists to at least serve as some sort of punishment for his crimes. I wouldn’t want to explain this to every future employer.

      • The mob mentality and emotion is the same. The lack of a physical response is only because it is online. I’m not defending his actions. It was more a reflection on human nature to have such a capacity for vengeance.

  91. His dad should be ashamed of him (Dr. Kotylak XXXXXXXXX)

    Edited to remove full name of Dr. Kotylak

  92. […] out to be high school students, their classmates are outing them on Facebook and elsewhere, Nathan Kotylak thought it would be a bright idea to blow up a cop car, he was caught on film and outed. 0(function() {var s = document.createElement('SCRIPT'), s1 = […]

  93. Oh,sniff sniff, please shitstain Nathan, don’t let this get you down…..
    This WILL drag you down the rest of your miserable life.
    But remember shitstain, a bullet only cost 50 cents.

    • Over the line there caveman… stay on the right side. Nathan should learn consequences but we do not want his death. You don’t want to read about that happening. Stay on the right side of the line. He already has what’s coming to him coming. Don’t ask for more than that.


    His older brother is at Pepperdine University.

    Google Kotylak Surgeon and his father’s practice in Maple Ridge will come up.

    This is a spoiled brat who’s been fed by the silver spoon all his life. RIGHT and WRONG. There’s a difference.

    Had he done something like this in New York City or any other AMERICAN city – he’d likely be sitting in Guantanamo Bay being charged with terrorism. What he did last night was and is terrorism. His family should be SO ashamed. What an absolute disgrace.

    Edited to remove link to Nathan’s brother. Thanks for understanding.

  95. I have emailed both the President of the University of Calgary along with the Calgary Sun Editor. Im sure the two of them will have discussions with their future citizens and students. Included were links of proof to who he is.

    Karma can be a wonderful thing, one mistake or not, we are ALL held accountable.



    Here is our favorite boy Nathan doing more garbage!!!!

    To those defending him….what do you have to say now?

  97. Heres the other photo of our ‘athlete’ and his ‘lapse in judgement’.

  98. Awe man.

    Don’t threaten violence.

    The last thing this city needs is more violence.

    He will literally never not have an employer find this. Dude’s fucked.

    don’t hurt more people.

    • Whoops double post – sorry, meant to respond to Mack.

      Who’s threatening violence?

      Not that I don’t agree with you, I just must have missed that somewhere in the posts.

  99. Nathan doing more garbage!!!! Awwww…..we should give this guy a break…NOT.Douchbag!!/photo.php?fbid=10150270608545141&set=o.218307958191810&type=1&theater

  100. View more of Nathan here:!/photo.php?fbid=10150270608545141&set=o.218307958191810&type=1&theater

  101. Now that he knows his way around a gas tank…..he may have a future at a gas station pumping gas.
    One bad decision…we need to send a message to society that this behavior is not acceptable and you must be accountable for your actions. I agree that there were many others involved but he is the one that can be identified. Unless he is willing to give up others, throw the book at him to the full extent of the law.
    We may not get our justice as he appears to be under 18…Would he not be charged under the young offenders act? Now he only gets a slap on the wrist….TOO BAD

  102. I think we’ve all said enough about Nathan here.

    There is enough information for VPD to do their job and decide what Nathan deserves.

    What I’ve just read through are only our personal opinions, and not necessarily what is deemed justice. Let the legal system do their job now. We’re not attorneys, or crown prosecutors, to be speaking so boldly about what “sentence” he deserves.

    This public wall of shame should be plenty to teach him a lesson, from the public standpoint.

    Be it UofC or WaterPolo team to decide otherwise about the scholarship because they see his picture on these sites. It’s not for us to decide whether it ought to be removed. We’re not on the scholarship committee.

    And please leave his family out of it. So people have looked up his father’s work information. Would you do that if his father was working as a taxi driver? That is not related. Whether his father’s occupation is doctor or taxi driver, he could still be a “good” or “bad” father. Please don’t judge. There’s no higher persecution for what your parents do for a living.

    • When you have Don asshat Cherry and the media blaming this on left wing pinkos and anarchist, I think his family and his private schooling is very relevant. But yes, people should leave his family alone. They should be ashamed of this serial arsonist already.

    • Our justice system does not do it’s job. He is lighting a cop car on fire and he will not spend any time in jail.

    • This website is free speech towards Nathan and what he did, and what he did is a BIG DEAL, to the people around him, Vancouvar and the whole damn Country. He will be hated by all Canadians, and remembered. His life is fucked just from this website. Welcome the the World Wide Web, people can say whatever the fuck they want.

      You sound very passive, like his dad probably is. Thats why he did what he did, no morals or respect. He definetly will lose his chances at UOC and the Olympics, theres absolutely no question on that. So no point in defending him. No one cares, everyone is pissed off and ashamed about what happened last night. Setting a Police car on fire, how more disrespectful can one human being be. He obviously has no brains to go to UOC. We definetly don’t want him in our city.

  103. I disagree with the poster that said we would all go along with the crowd and riot when we were a teenager. I don’t know about today’s youths and how they are brought up but I was brought up with respect for authority and other people’s property. If I pulled garbage like that I would have got my ass kicked when my parents found out and made me accountable for my actions. It is a sad state that some youths now a days think it cool to go along with the crowd with no respect and not have to worry about accountability.

  104. I work at a post-secondary institution. If one of our students shows up in any of these photos, they’re gone. Period. As educators we are responsible for putting the best PEOPLE out into the world. This kid will have a criminal record and not be able to cross the border, and no upstanding school will/should take him.

    The mob today is lynching last night’s mob.

    • I don’t disagree with you Chris, about what how serious post-secondary institutions handle matters like these. However, let us not assume that UofC will be handling matters as the general public prescribes it here on this blog. That’s all I’m saying.

      Let’s just leave matters as is, and let the people who actually decide on these matters, figure it out. It won’t be Captain Vancouver or you deciding the details of how he continues to post-secondary education anyhow.

      On the internet, we don’t have to stoop to their mob mentality – even though that’s probably how everyone is feeling, right about now.

      • You are soo niave, its like you are hoping everything turns out all right for him. Your dreaming and obviously one of his family members or a friend. Your not hiding it very well. He is going to get what he deserves, and trust me, UOC will not be taking him let alone a scholarship. You would think a guy with that much potential decides one night to fuck it up, is plainly fucked. UOC will see this and they will not want to lose their reputation and with enough emails to the UOC it won’t be missed and what he did will not be acceptable to the UOC. Sorry to burst your hopes, but its reality.

  105. Those who are responsible for doing this (regardless of how much of an upstanding citizen they were BEFORE they did this) should be punished to the fullest extent of the law! Set an example of ALL of them! Their behaviour is despicable and should be punished!!!

  106. Cooler heads must prevail and the authorities must do their jobs to sort this out. It has been a black eye on Vancouver but we will move on and things will return to normal.
    Just be thankful at this point, I believe, that there were no fatalities as a result of this event. It is not the first nor will it be the last “riot” in Canada or else where.
    How we handle this and the victims of this event will shape us even further.
    I think there needs to be a movement to support the businesses impacted by this poor event and help them get back on their feet.

    Do not get me wrong, if this is indeed Nathan, he must pay for his actions, but how we handle this crisis will also tell alot about who we are as a society and a culture.
    Proud to be Canadian, an Albertan and a hockey fan. I may not be a Canucks fan but that is for another conversation.

  107. Now I am not sure if this is a joke or to be taken seriously? Nathan will need as will his family need alot of support during this time.
    I am mad as h*ll but to wish someone to die is not acceptable either !

    • I totally agree with you. The family is probably in shock and confused and totally sick of the harassment. It sucks for his family that Nathan was the first one identified like this. But setting a cop car on fire is a big deal. And the dude that said get a gun or whatever was totally out of line. That line plainly made me sick, he is no better than the rioters.

  108. Dear ‘Fire lighting…waterpolo playing…douchebag,

    You have pissed me off beyond anything in my 34yrs.Im sure your life will never be “the same”you have embarassed me and thousands of others.
    Good luck in the real world…now that you have been exposed yourself and your antics.The only thing you deserve is a big hard one up your you know what….

    Pissed off in Poco

  109. im so sadened to see what happened.
    I have met his dad and he’s ben helping people in need all his life.
    i think that this kid deserves a punishment but spare him and his son of any further embarrasment. he’s a dumb kid like most of us were

    • Hey sam STFU k? most dumb kids don’t try to burn down cars and place others in harms way.

      • hey Arch, you dont see me calling your parents telling them that they raised a fool such as yourself, do u? im saying leave his parents out of this!!!

    • I think the parents have had enough for 1 day, and we can’t judge his family, we don’t know them, but what Nathan did was wrong. His family shouldn’t be getting harrassed, i think they are probably shocked enough to know what their son has done, but for people to harrass them, makes you no better than the rioters. Thats harrassment and you don’t know his family. Obviously his dad is a doctor, which means he cares about people and for you all to judge him is rather sickening. I understand everyone is angry, but this is one out of many people that did this, but he is the only one that went to the police station and turned himself in. Are we going to make this page on everyone and blog about them and harrass all their families? Highly doubtful. You should be giving his parents a break. He obviously felt guilty, he told his dad and his dad told him to turn himself in or he felt guilty enough to turn himself in. And now he lost everything. LEAVE HIS FAMILY ALONE!!! Its not right.

      • What are you so worried about? Do you think the kid or his family is actually reading any of this? Trust me, not one word is getting through, not one phone call is being addressed – the only reason any were published was to capture some sympathy, and apparently that worked on you. People are venting and I believe that is legal done in this forum – but that family isn’t reading this, they are the last people you need to worry about, they have much bigger problems than what the people who live in Vancouver think of their son’s actions!


    Just another friendly reminder of our friend Nathan in action…not 1 but 2 times!!

  111. This tool is the putrid scum of this planet. Spoiled, un-compassionate, selfish, raised by dirt family scum. I hope the rest of his life is garbage because of what he did to our community. This is OUR community, not just his. Scum Scum Scum.

    • Good job getting the info on Nathans brother. Feed on this family like vultures at a BBQ. Scatter the flesh.

      • you speak like this is a witch hunt of yours and you’d be happy to burn him at the stake. how is this not freakishly similar to the people who torched the cars last night?

    • So Joe, do you know Nathan personally? Do you know his family personally? Or are you just judging on things you don’t know anything about. His dad is a DOCTOR, which means he HELPS people. If he was UN-COMPASSIONATE would he of turned himself in?

  112. wow. that is a lot of privilege right there! something we don’t talk about nearly enough in our culture. He is lucky he is Canadian, yet another privilege we are all too unaware of most of the time. Dude, really? Have you not been taught respect, humility, self awareness, a sense of community, the meaning of community? This is the product of a society which is sorely lacking in so much and completed saturated in privilege.
    are we really still so unevolved?

  113. This Man deserves to pay a heavy price, but kill himself, attack his parents? Just let the Law and Social Media punish him! I’m pissed too but saying things or hoping for things like that is just showing a mob mentality too!

  114. Jail + Community Service

  115. With the posting of the second pic of him starting a fire in a garbage bin, I wonder if the cops should not be looking at suspicious fires in his neighbourhood, he seems like a serial arsonist.

  116. I don’t wanna spoil everybody’s fun but how exactly was this verified? IF it is indeed this kid then string him up. However IF it is not then somebody gonna get sued real bad.

    • He turned himself in, his friend even commented on it. He is the first person to go forward and admit what he did was wrong. So all evidence points to him, because he admitted to it.

      • Not according to the facebook group where he says he has an alibi and his other friend says it wasn’t him. Social Media isn’t due process gang.

    • and where is this so called facebook group? You say that he is innocent, then prove it, don’t just say thats what he said, when there is more proof of him admitting to it.

  117. t

    A report on this kids bright future…..I mean potential future up until yesterday.

  118. Hmmmm… potentially harming others, potentially ruining lives, getting caught up in the hype and the ‘mob mentality’…you mean kind of like the hundreds of people jumping on the band wagon to target this one person? Last night a real riot occurred and it was dispicable. Today an online riot is taking place…just because it’s online “in the name of justice” doesn’t make it okay. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Apparently the kid has been identified, turned himself in and will face the consequences of his actions. Creating facebook pages about this individual, posting phone numbers and family information, emailing university deans, commenting on the kids choice of shoes, seriously? Hypocrits. The mob mentality many of you claim to have never been caught up in just caught you.

    • Oh, oh, jeez apologies to Nathan’s mom! Our bad. Many innocents were brutalized last night, millions in tax payers money burned, and businesses/livelihoods destroyed. You’re totally right. I do feel bad for this kid now! xxxxxxxxxx is still funny though.

      • And what the hell are you Anonymous – a keeper of rightousness? As many of you defending this fucking moron states – no one is being killed. If we decide to take a stance and defend our reputation, our city, and our businesses by calling out this maggot and all you fucking worms that defend him. That is our choice – just as Fuck’tard made his last night and your making yours right now.

        After seeing first hand how quickly information spreads with technology and social media, i would NOT have made the choice he did last night. It’s no secret big brother is all around us. HE knew ppl were taking videos and snapping photos, HE knows that facebook and twitter and blogs exist. Yet HE still choose to do what he did.

        And i agree with those emailing the Universities and am ok with everyone posting information about his family. If i made the choices he made i would expect no less.

        Maybe his fathers practice will lay in ruins like so many of those businesses in Vancity. Maybe his bothers water polo career will end up on the rocks. It’s a risk HE took and now it’s time to face the consequences of a free internet and social system. If it means HE drags his family down with him then that is a choice HE made.

  119. I’m a good friend of Nathan’s – in no way am I defending him or justifying his actions, what he did is wrong and he deserves the punishment he will get. HOWEVER, everyone else in Vancouver does not need to be involved, putting his number up online and figuring out who his parents are is none of your business. Let the police deal with it, he’s embarrassed enough as it is and YES his future is fucked. So lets make it a little better and stop bashing him over the internet. It’s low. He doesn’t need this.

    • He doesn’t need it? Poor baby. He should have thought about that before he attacked all Vancouverites.

      • he doesnt. he’s getting death threats. WHO NEEDS THAT. he didnt fucking kill anyone. he turned himself in and is dealing with it. BC hates him already so people need to shut up about it

      • Leave the family out of it, they will be going through enough. Rise above Vancity.

    • Whatever – I’m pretty sure his rich parents will secure him a lawyer and get him out… so stop pity-ing the poor baby Nathan!

    • I agree leave the family out of it, the death threats, the harrassment, you guys are no better. They obviously had the worst day of their lives, and the family obviously has dealt with enough for one day, and they weren’t even involved. Nathans future is fucked, everything he worked for is fucked, so why make it any worse. yeah u are all angry, but there were way more than 1 person who did the riot, thats why its called a riot.

  120. It’s cool, they have water polo is prison too, it’s just played a little differently.

  121. before you throw stones, be sure you have the right info. I’m not convinced it’s a good idea to identify people this way. It feels like Communist China to me, for some reason.

    • There are two VERY clear photos – one of him lighting the match to the rag shoved down the gas tank of the police car – AND ANOTHER of him lighting a garbage on fire….close up photos, no doubts needed – its him…..

  122. i am sure this kid WAS a good kid, but he wasn’t on this night, and he should have to pay the consequences. That is the problem, there is no more punishment for acts (in this case lighting a cop car on fire), there is a couple community service hours, a fine the kids parents pay, and that’s it.

    There is no deterrent any more. That is why you see so many people aged 18-28 in these photos, because at the end of the day, the know, they won’t really be in that much trouble.

    • Agreed. And I think that’s why everyone here is so angry. We will be paying the bills for his actions. In return he will do 3 months of community service and get his father to clear his name. This is a forum for people to vent. Friends and family can go start up a ‘Nathan’s a Good Kid who made a Mistake’ page.

  123. Ok, alright, can someone just clarify if the car even blew up or not? This is the 100th time I’ve seen this photo but no one has mentioned what happened after that photo was taken.

  124. He should be treated as any adult in court . why should this person get away with this because he is under the age of 18? What he did was wrong and disgusting . He had the choice he picked the wrong one and I don’t feel sorry for this punk at all. He didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. sweet justice, I am soo happy for social networking and everyone and their dog basically carry around CCTV in the form of iPhones in their pocket. This punk deserves everything he gets. This is my neighbourhood and I am pissed!!!! I hope this follows him around for years to come. He deserves it all! Stupid ignorant punk!

  126. Going over board big time don’t you think?
    I am very angry that this stuff is happening in my country but this kid does not need any help destroying his life. Not sure its legal to even post his image online with out permission. never mind you have no control over who reads this or what they might do…..Just send the evidence to the cops next time, this is just irresponsible. ,something a kid with a computer and no life experience might do. Identifying him was a bad move. No one has the right to contact his school . At least get the names of all the brats and shame them all equally. Take care

    • I agree on shame them all equally. They need to all be on this website. When caught. Can’t just pick on one kid, when he was the only one that turned himself in. I don’t agree on not contacting the school, but i don’t think anyone should be contacting his family with threats and harrassments.

  127. Whoever this guy is, he is a disgrace, however, there may be a case of mistaken identity here. I hope they do catch this person and that he does time for it.

    Particularly the disgusting blogger who furthered and contributed to the public slander of an individual that so far has been not identified nor confirmed…oh, that’s right, besides his EX-girlfriend. Veridic as always I’M SURE.
    If he ends out not guilty (you know, that little presumption of innocence clause we take so fairweather here…) I hope all you bandwagon pseudo e-vigilantes feel ashamed of yourselves.

  129. All these kids i saw over and over again are F#$@ing retards to say the least.
    having said that, the city should have sent out public notice that if you do $hit like this, you will pay, mabey not on the night, but eventually through public media. the city didnt bring this to everyones attention, and we see the result. a bunch of fools thinking that their actions will only go as far as the memory card of the device being used. They will have to pay now, no doubt, but it was common sense to send out such a simple public advisory. even something so simple, was hard to digest for this kid, thats the only reason he would be so so stupid to be lighting a cop car in front of 200 photographers. make him pay, but let this be a warning. what seems so simple to understand to you or me may fade the judgement of these chimps

  130. I cannot help but feel that some people do not understand the potential implications of his actions. There were hundreds of people surrounding the vehicle, this had to be obvious to the young man yet he still lit it on fire.

    I doubt anybody would be in his defense whatsoever if he had killed bystanders with an explosion, shrapnel, or even exploding ammunition from a police vehicle.

    Nathan, in his ignorance failed to think about the lives of countless human-beings around him, why should I think of his?

  131. National Polo contact info – to make sure he doesn’t somehow buy his way on to the team

  132. I hope the city decides to launch a class action suit against the rioters, or even their parents, given their actions. What a complete waste of talent. Goes to show that book smarts do not equal street smarts or common sense.

  133. […] […]

  134. check out these newly released pics…
    im afraid its all true. still not jumping to conclusions but im more than sure now for myself…!/pages/Nathan-Kotylak-go-to-Jail-Do-not-Pass-Go/234642076552969

  135. It is worth a look at how his father is being hung by the testicles. At least we can hope that his father, Dr XXXXX Kotylak in Maple Ridge, BC, will have enough spare time between cancelling his surgical appointments and beating Nathan to surgically prevent his son from carrying on the inferior upbringing.

    Edited to remove first name of Dr. Kotylak. thanks

    • Ya really smart posting the Dad’s info. Dumb Ass Americans like you shouldn’t be allowed to type on the internet…

      He’s a surgeon in my town. His son obviously really ****** up. But now besides dealing with that you have to post his name..where a bunch of other morons are gonna get his info and probably call complain/prank the doctors office where he works (along with other doctors)…and fuck up people’s surgery and schedules.

      Dumb just dumb. Get a life loser (along with the rest on here posting personal info). Provide criminal activity and information to the local police of those that are doing the actual criminal acts. That’s it. The internet is the new witch hunt.

  136. STOP BEING THE MOB… do you realize all the jeering comments this blog makes towards this young kid is the literal translation of what happened last night with smashing of windows?

    This has got to come to an end.

    Captain Vancouver. Are you actually moderating your blog?

    This page, in particular, is getting WAY out of line.

    • You may wish to note, KL, that although there may be a seemingly mob mentality of opposition, it does reflect the implied backlash for kids to remember. Legal and public judgment is the price criminals pay for what they do. Regardless of whether it is premeditated, mental defect, drug-induced, or other excuse, it is not tolerated. The public speaks as a sword cuts … it is sharp in both directions.

      • KL thats what this page is for, criticizing Nathan, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. But for people harrassing the family and death threats is more like the mob mentality.

  137. Ya this kid f**ked up bad and deserves to be held accountable for what he did but what is up with this sick sense of justice some of you people have. The fact that people are wishing rape on anyone jokingly or otherwise is simply disturbing. That kind of stuff is tragic and there is nothing poetic or funny about it.

    • … and I hope that while he’s in jail he drops the soap in the shower multiple times, and that his fellow cellmate puts him in a dress and lipstick and goes on a LOT of dates with him.

  138. Delighted that this lad was identified. Bullshit to those who suggest he’s a good boy pulling a prank while afflicted by mob mentality. An inappropriate prank is streaking, spraypainting graffiti, maybe even slashing a tire. BLOWING UP A CAR is not a prank, and not defensible on any level. It could have killed someone and then it would be murder. Is that a prank? If he’s a good boy from a good boy with an education that got him into university (too bad about that btw) – he knew better.

  139. You guys make the Chinese Cultural Revolution look like a wet dream.

    Denounce 5 ‘rioters’ to the state in order to receive your precious red book. Now we all know why people backed Hitler, McCarthy, Stalin and so on…mob mentality all the way. Just people here do it hiding behind computers….like I’m doing now….weeeeeeee

  140. I would love to see this kid have to pay off the price of the car that he destroyed and do a bunch of community service in places like the police precinct, or the morgue or the burn unit or picking up garbage off the streets. I don’t want to see him go to jail cause them my tax dollars are going to have to pay for his actions again! I think he has done enough damage to himself by the poor choice to be involved in this criminal act. I realize that he comes from money and will likely have a great lawyer so it is unlikely that he will go to jail for this anyway. But I am glad that he has already been expelled and I hope that his free ride will be reconsidered by the universities that he applies to.
    The concept of consequences for his actions should not be a lesson that he will soon forget!!!

  141. I think he needs to get a minimum wage job to pay to replace those 2 police vehicles. What a LOSER!!!!!!!! Sure wouldn’t want him representing our country!!!

  142. I’m all for catching these criminals but when you look at the facebook page that supports getting this guy arrested, look at the pictures more clearly. The guy who actually set the car on fire is wearing a grey AA hoodie with white strings in the front…and in all of nathan’s pics with his jersey, yea he’s wearing a grey hoodie but the drawstrings are grey…The two look a lot alike but it’s not him. Feel so bad for this nathan guy and his reputation that social media has now completely destroyed when it’s not even him.

  143. No. 1 Rule in Life:

    You have the freedom to make your own choices…
    BUT you DON’T have the freedom to control the consequences.

  144. I’m all for catching these criminals but when you look at the facebook page that supports getting this guy arrested, look at the pictures more clearly. The guy who actually set the car on fire is wearing a grey AA hoodie with white strings in the front…and in all of nathan’s pics with his jersey, yea he’s wearing a grey hoodie but the drawstrings are grey…The two look a lot alike but it’s not him. Feel so bad for this nathan guy and his reputation that social media has now completely destroyed when it’s not even him.
    Here’s the fb link :!/pages/Nathan-Kotylak-go-to-Jail-Do-not-Pass-Go/234642076552969?sk=wall
    Just compare the pics and what he’s wearing..

  145. So where is Jason Li site. Is everyone just picking on Nathan?

  146. So wheres the website for all the people actually confessing on their facebook profiles? why is everyone just picking on the one dude?

  147. I agree Makayla, where are the rest of them? I don’t quite understand why there is only a page for Nathan when there are soo many people that confessed on their facebook page, and may I add in a disgraceful manner, and attitude about the riot. They admit to stealing, breaking things, fighting, being part of the riot. Why is Nathan so special, where are the websites on the follow:
    Brock Anton, Tim Kwong, Tony Smith, Mike Dowhaniuk, Christine Millard, Jered McKinnon, Doug West, Josh Taylor, Jonathan Mason, Mike Langille, Rodney Bishop, Tara Rudski Bonnetplume, Jordy Dean, Alan James Jordan Krause, Dmitry Lashkov, Connoer Mcilvenna, John Mitchell, Sean Yates, Nick Black-hawk, Andrew Lawrence, Billy Chickite, Joey Leduc, Brandon Brown, Darren Watroba, Joe Witter, Kyle Brettell, Cody Gayse. Why is everyone picking on the one dude with harrassment, phone calls, threats, and damaging his family. Picking on just one is not right, they should all be equally punished. If anything I starting to feel sorry for Nathan, yeah what he did was stupid, but he seems to be the only one being harrassed, phone numbers released, family information released. Leave the poor kid alone. There are adults that were in it too, and they obviously should know better. Nathan lost a lot already, why pick on him even more. He is 1 out of 100s if not 1000s of rioters.

    • Nikki, get your fucking head out of your ass. Its not even been 48 hours since this photo was taken. The rest will get their comeuppance in time. This pathetic individual was stupid enough to have a colour corrected, digitally enhanced, hi-res photo taken of him lighting a police car on fire. How can you feel sorry for that? This asshole had a chance to play in the Olympics, and by his OWN HAND, destroyed that dream forever. UofC will expel him, scholarship gone, family shamed and likely sued for the damages he caused. He can be charged under the Riot Act which was enacted that night. 2 years in prison for just breaching that. Not to mention, about 7 more possible charges stemming from that one picture. Stupidity breads stupidity, and if you feel sorry for this scumbag, then I think you must be related.

      Nathan Kotylak is simply the first in a long list of sub human pieces of shit that will be systematically located, identified, charged, fined, convicted and ultimately have their lives reduced to a smouldering pile of shit, much like what they did to Vancouver only 2 days ago.

      Fuck you, and fuck anyone else who feels any kind of sympathy to anyone who’s having a hard time dealing with the attention from being in a riot. You’re generation is so completely fucked I shudder at the thought of actually having to hire people like you!

      • My generation lol, I am not 17 I am an adult. I do agree with everything you are saying though, but death threats and phone calls harrassing his family, just makes everyone else just as bad as the rioters. Not even being 48 hours, i am sure the parents are absolutely shocked, disappointed, ashamed, and pissed off just as much as everyone else, they don’t need the rest of BC to make them feel even more shittier when they weren’t even there. Nathan deserves EVERYTHING he gets, I get that, but his family does not deserve to be treated this way. People that are harrassing the family is just as bad as the rioters, and i have no respect for them at all.

  148. Some of you people are unbelievable. You wouldn’t know now that the guy killed someone. Most of these comments just show that most of you are just as idiotic as Nathan was.

    Like the guy who said he should be banned from all travel and universities. Yes b’y. Lets ruin the kid’s life cause he lit a cop car on fire. While he should be punished like the rest of them, he doesn’t deserve his life ruined. If that’s all he did, he does deserve only a slap on the wrist. He didn’t hurt anyone and he rape anybody. My God, you people are insane.

    It’s great that you can all hide behind your computers and call for his head but I bet you wouldn’t get in his face and say all this crap!!!

    Ignorant fools!!!

    • If I saw Nathan, I’d direct him to this site and repeat everything posted on here to his face.

  149. Inouï ! What a huge social drama for only burning an ugly car, doesn’t it !?

  150. oh, and a ridiculous bunch of cul-bénis oui oui. Avec un bon esprit de COLLABORATEURS.

  151. All the excuses for this kid’s behaviour are ridiculous. When you’re 17, you know what the fuck you’re doing, I sure as hell did when I was 17. Absolutely take away a scholarship from this kid – give it to a more worthy kid. Rich or not, wrong is wrong. Fuck this debate.

  152. ..and if you can’t tell that it’s Nathan in the pic’s from all the different pictures that have been posted already on this and other sites, you seriously need to get your eyes or your intelligence checked.

  153. there is something definitely wrong with you.

  154. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have no tolerance for people who destroy other’s property. To witness the destruction of our beautiful city was devastating to so many of us and we want those who took part in the chaos to be punished to the full extent of the law.

  155. Makes me sick how instantly you’ve all jumped to conclusion.

    Stop acting like a pack of animals and let the right people and the right system bring justice to the people we know deserve it.

  156. His only choice to salvage anything out of the burning wreck he has made his life(Not just the police car!) would be go public, come clean, ask forgiveness, and make FULL AMENDS. But if I had money to bet, it would be that he hides behind daddy, daddy’s lawyer and the utterly useless YCJA. The good news is, he can’t hide from the internet!

  157. Don’t get carried away with suggesting the kid should be ‘shot’ ‘raped’ etc. I know a lot of this is just internet rage. He should absolutely get a criminal record, and his scholarship given away to a more worth student.

    Jeremy – great, you’re better then everyone else. Hooray! The pack mentality you’re speaking of exists – but there is a large amount of level-headedness on this comments page then you are seeing.

    Hopefully his parents are rightly ashamed – what a douchebag.

  158. i think you people need to stop and think, put yourselves in his shoes. he’s a privileged white guy who never had any opportunity to act out before, some of you don’t have a fire burning in your stomach the way nathan has, and nathan needed to get it out someway. deep inside nathan was crying out for something more, he wanted to experience some real adrenaline, some real passion, some real excitement, some real danger. we can all agree that nathan is considered a star when it comes to water polo, well stars don’t think like regular people, they need something more in their lives to satisfy them. nathan acted out in the riot because he was dying to act out for ages, and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. he had to take it! there would never be another chance he could live a dream like that. i know that nathan will look back on the riot fondly, it was an experience he’ll never forget, even though now he is embarrassed because he’s all over the internet, but he felt amazing inside during the riot. i have to admit i think i’ve fallen in love with him. he is sooo cute! so you people need to put yourselves in his shoes, stop being so harsh and critical. there’s a reason we do everything we do and you are no better than nathan. i love you nathan!

  159. Man, I sincerely hope you’re trying to be funny….

  160. please think about it, there’s a reason WHY nathan did what he did. there was something missing in his life, a big void, and he needed to fill it. WHY did he need to fill it with the most extreme thing he could possibly do? that’s something we need to be examining and looking at, maybe try expressing empathy and sympathy for a poor young guy who is clearly feeling lost in his life, instead of persecuting him and burning him at the stake. i don’t know about you, i don’t know about you, but i like people who go to extremes, and who like the extremes of life. people who like to feel that huge shot of adrenaline that comes with doing something extremely dangerous, or taboo, or even in some cases immoral/wrong, the way nathan clearly does. it turns me on and makes me appreciate life.

    • Maybe he’s just an asshole who thought it would be fun to see a police car go up in Flames?

      It’s not like he kicked over a port -a-potty in a brief flash of testosterone filled over exuberance. He took the time to stick a rag in a gas tank and light it on fire on a crowded street.

  161. We should all contact the University and make sure his scholarship is revoked! This is a disgrace! And I don’t believe he should just get by with a slap on the wrist.

  162. His high schools knows …..

  163. Looks like he got warmed up lighting a garbage can on fire

  164. […] and identifying the rioters, particularly those who were doing notably obnoxious things like setting police cars afire. With the aid of such identification, police have already arrested some. As I said, these were not […]

  165. How does this presumably non smoking athlete even have a lighter/matches?

    Is he maybe not as ‘clean cut’ as some say?

    Or did he ‘borrow’ a light, further premeditating his crime?

  166. I have to say, I hate to see a reputation ruined, even for a moment’s stupidity. Let’s be honest, we have all done things in our youth that we shouldn’t have done, but lighting a police car on fire? That’s pretty serious and goes way beyond a slight lapse in judgement. Besides the obvious vandalkism aspect, he could have killed people.

  167. This young man is actually lighting a police car on fire, which is not only vandalism but a slap in the face to those who serve to protect us! Him and his lved ones included! I wonder how many would have bleeding hearts for this promising young man if someone had been killed? it’s a miracle that no one was. Stupidity is not a defence for this crime, nor the other comitted June 15, 2011. I say shame on each and every one of yous participating in criminal behaviour that night but the courts I am hoping will not be nearly as lenient as I have to be.

  168. Okay…the majority of us agree. Nathan has ruined his life.

    Now…I wnat to see more of the people, no, more of the criminals, on this page. There were thousands of photos taken…let’s get those up on this site. The looting of London Drugs was premeditated…they knew exactly what they were looking for…the damage to all the buildings and businesses in the area…there must be photos of the criminals committing those acts. They need to be seen here too.

    • No Way! This is a place for people who never would have had it as good as Nathan was going to have it. These people want to make sure he never gets a chance to redeem himself and rise above them. A place for people who think vigilante justice is good, and that the laws and systems of Canada are worthless. Screw the cops and legal system, Lets all lynch Nathan.

      The cops already knew who he was, and still people are doing this shit:


      “This guy is a terrorist and should be put on the NO FLY list. I am trying to contact the TSA with info about this terrorist.”


      “I have emailed the president of University of Calgary ( in regards to this. Please do the same.”

      Calvin C said this on June 17


      “Someone send this link to the University of Calgary. All of us have to be held accountable for our actions, no matter our age. Under 18 or not, he may escape the courts but there are many other ways to be punished. ”


      “Yup his name is Nathan Kotylak and if you would like to reach this fine young man to tell him, how well he represents Canada his Cell Number Is 1-778-xxx-xxxx…his Youtube account is Nate3Nate….”


      “Nathan Kotylak

      Kotylak XXXXX (dad)


      Send an email to the polo academy that hes been accepted to…”


      “You don’t understand the impact of digital identity. What Captain Vancouver is doing is making sure this sticks to his digital identity… follows him into the future. When potential employers, universities, teams, friends, or girlfriends google his name, this action will be tattooed on his forehead forever… it’s worse than short-term jail.”


      And on and on…For those who have posted his home phone number and his Father’s work number in this thread. Shame on you. Some have even threatened him with violence! This is just pathetic. Most of you seem pretty upset that he comes from a wealthy family. Money seems to be an oft discussed subject about Nathan. Did this kid do wrong? Absolutely. Does he deserve a just punishment? Absolutely. Does he deserve to be destroyed every day for the rest of his life? No, he destroyed property, just property. He took no innocent lives, and harmed no ones child. The thought that someone could get hurt probably never entered his mind. Let the police do their job, and the justice system do its job.

      Capt V……do you want to be tied to this thread forever? Most people here are anonymous, but this is all in your house.

      • “The thought that someone could get hurt probably never entered his mind”

        Exactly and that is why this thoughtless moron needs to be removed from society. The idiot is unable to comprehend how his stupid actions might harm others. I doubt he is capable of learning that, so it’s best to just do away with the child like cretin.

  169. here is some amazing footage

  170. He needs to be held accountable for his actions, revoked scholarship, a criminal record, community service cleaning up Vancouver and cleaning out Vancouver Police cars.
    If he gets off of anything due to his age, the courts are setting a bad example for the future.

  171. Waterpolo is in spite of general thinking is a mind game. If this guy could not figure out the consequences of his actions, he certainly has no place on the Canadian squad. He is plain stupid, which does not excuse him from the punishment, whatever it is.

  172. Pay up Nathan. His dad makes money by billing us, the taxpayer. As a minimum, they should pay for that car.

  173. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t done anything like this before and hes a “good kid.” A lot of teenagers rebel and do bad stuff – theft, drugs, whatever… But lighting a cop car on fire? He’s lucky it didn’t kill everyone around! I agree that he should lose his scholarships and his chance at the Olympics. He can’t be that smart anyways… if there’s like 1000 people around with cameras, you think that no ones gonna get a photo of you? It’s just plain stupidity. And I was stuck in the crowds and had absolutely no feeling whatsoever of wanting to join in on the riots. So this mob mentality excuse is absolute bullshit.

  174. I hope this video has been sent to the police. For those who are backing Nathan up because he made “one mistake” you should be ashamed of yourselves. It was a criminal act – he intentionally set fire to a cop car for goodness sake – he could have killed people. There are many so called “good” people out there who commit criminal offences that we wouldn’t so easily forgive. Drunk drivers that kill by “accident”, a young boy that can’t stop himself after a few drinks and rapes a girl, people that get caught up in mob mentality and jump a kid which ends up in an “accidental” death. It is not a mistake it is a criminal act – wake up. I hope he is tried as an adult and that he is punished accordingly. Let the scholarship go to another more deserving young boy or girl, who works hard, someone who isn’t a rich spoiled brat who thinks he can do as he/she wants, someone who is not a criminal.

  175. Tough luck for this goof Nathan! He should have used his pea sized f*cking brain before he decided to torch a police car. The saddest thing about this is that he wasn’t in the police car when it burned. F*cking goof Nathan! I hope your life has become HELL because scum like you deserve it. You’re being raped on the net and hopefully you’ll join the prison water polo team for some more rape, you goof! I hope his life is ruined because it’s poetic justice that a loser scum thought he could get away with it! Public shaming brings justice where the courts will likely fail.

  176. About 3:47 into the vid that was posted above, you see the lighting. Link posted here in case it vanishes.

  177. whoops – guess it embedded it again – didn’t mean to do a double-post…

  178. He should be held accountable for his actions. But is it wise to so thoroughly shame him to the extent that his only future prospect in life is to lead a life of hardened crime? I rather suspect that will come back to bite us (well, BC, not me – I don’t live there).

  179. I cant believe people are feeling sorry for this douchebag. I’m sure his parents never raised him to be an animal, but here he is doing them proud. Whatever he gets he deserves! I hope they have to pay for the cop car.

  180. […] Nathan Kotylak Water Polo All Star Lighting Police Car publicshamingeternus ^Stupid, stupid decision kid. __________________ Mostly, I just want to watch Sid play again in my lifetime. […]

  181. His parents may or may not be part of the problem but THEY aren’t torching police cars. This puke is old enough to make adult decisions and it seems like he has made his choice in life. Everything in his life before this picture is HISTORY. He will forever go through life with this image haunting him. He will wish he could have a “do over” but it ain’t gonna happen. Even if he paid the entire cost of the police car, do you think he should be forgiven? NO! His actions further incited the mob to perform criminal acts so by virtue of his actions he is a criminal. He deserves public shaming, as does every other goof who rioted.

  182. This kid might be a born sociopath but more likely he’s one of those kids who still has 12 yr old judgement in an 18 yr old body. In the first case, there’s no hope. In the second case, he could mature into a decent human being in another ten or twenty years.

    In either case, heartfelt support to his family. The people who get cheap thrills from online vengeance are doing the same thing he did, just in a different way.

    Nathan, your only hope now is a long, long effort to grow up and reclaim your respect. Pay your price, which will include accepting any menial job you can still get, and doing it well. If this is the worst behaviour you’re capable of, you need to spend the next twenty years practising your best behaviour. Character isn’t entirely an accident. It can be improved by practice. Water polo is out for you; character development is in.

  183. To the people defending this dude, yes he is being made a scapegoat, there were hundreds of idiots who deserve the same treatment. Doesn’t change the fact that he is being photographed lighting a cop car on fire and endangering his life and the life of others.

  184. As a mother raising my own teen boy on one income, I can only dream of providing my boy with the opportunities that Nathans parents GAVE him. He had it all handed him with much support and no doubt a great amount of Love from his family. Look now at the shame he’s caused his school, his peers, his family and the community they live in. Shame on you Nathan. You could have made history with your athletics or contributed through academic opportunities — instead you choose to leave a legacy of just another young punk being a asshole along with all the rest of the dumb asses on the the night our Canucks lost to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup final…way to go!!

    Good luck repairing that sterling future you where once so privileged to be given!

  185. I really can’t see why people are defending him? It’s not like this site is only going after him. There is equal coverage for other confirmed rioters.

    The excuse of him being caught up in mob mentality is laughable. Mob mentality is what the people in the background are doing. What Nathan is doing is done with a sole purpose. Completely oblivious to the camera eye, and the repercussions of his extremely dangerous criminal act. He is trying to get a gas tank to explode on a crowded city street.

    He’s so very lucky that no one was killed or injured from his attempt. Obviously, there is a monetary & judicial value to his lawlessness and he will indeed pay for it.

  186. You can let the President of the University of Calgary, the university that grants our police CarBQ idiot a scholarship, what you think the University should do with that scholarship

    Office of the President

    +1 (403) 220-5617
    +1 (403) 289-6800 (Fax)

  187. Parents need to pay up for the damages at the very least. His dad made $591,263.04 from MSP alone in 2010! I encourage other parents/teachers to use this a learning tool for kids. It’s never to early to teach kids the real consequences that their actions have! My husband already told our son (he’s 10) that he ever did anything like what happened the other night he’d deliver him to the police himself!

  188. are you kidding? you idiot! this shit head lit a police car on fire! your such a dip shit for thinking he doesn’t deserve so much attention. its one thing to steal a purse or break a window….but its 1000 times worse to light a police car on fire…They need these cars to help protect and get to emergencies! You wouldn’t be saying that if you were on death row waiting for a cop to get to you quick! Your such an idiot!

  189. The guy who deliberately set fire to a police car, a garbage can, and who knows what else that wasn’t captured on film? The guy who actively and deliberately participated in a riot that caused millions in damage, destroyed people’s livelihoods, injured people, and put a foul stain on Vancouver’s reputation as a world class city?

    He’s the real victim here.

  190. mmmmmm….all those they say he was a good kid… was charles Manson,…..give your heads a shake, he’s a criminal, is anyone pointing a gun at his head to do this NO……he did the crime, now he will do his time…..And if all his dreams go to shit….Serve him right, he was not caught up in a mob mentality, he was part of the mob, one of the worse………Sorry for the family ???…….NO….Sorry for his so called harrasment……NO…..Happy that someone else who deserves a place in University, and scholarship will now get this morons place/money, absolutely…..He should never, ever represent Canada again, no one cent of our money should help live his dream !

  191. Is it actually confirmed through other corroborating information that the dufus torching the cop car is in fact the guy who was called out? The riot pic is just a side shot from behind of a non-distinctive generic white blonde guy with a canucks shirt.

    Whoever did it should get the book thrown at them for sure, but how is everyone sure the guy named is actually the same guy torching the cop car – how positive is the ID?

    Are there other photos, videos, or admission that are more certain and conclusive? Otherwise I’d think that any defense lawyer would be easily able to argue its insufficient evidence, and the guy could try to sue this blog and commenters for libel.

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but I’m just sayin’ – there’s got to be more evidence than just that photo to make a positive ID – if there are others, link them in: more proof is better. If its the guy, he should pay for the crime and do the time, but if its not him, this could wreck somebody’s reputation.

  192. I hope he comes and applies for a job at my place of business. It would feel really good to say, “NO.”

  193. For Nathan and the other pieces of Turd that rioted. The Fed’s should make a tent city prison somewhere in the interior of BC, close to a mosquito infested area. The tent city Prison should be run bt the Miliary under the Military’s Penal Rules. All the POS’s that get indenyified as taking part in the riot, those that turn themselves in should go directly to this jail. Fuck them. They made a choice to riot, loot and burn. Let them sit in a real prison cleaning their latrines with their toothbrushes

    • Your exactly right. A tent city prison in the interior is exactly whats needed.You need to prison these guys so that future kids will think twice.I would never let downtown hockey celebrations happen again.Everyone knew there was going to be a riot win or lose.What did Nathan have in his back back, water and snickers bars or tools to do destruction. I believe this kid came downtown to cause trouble and was prepared to do this.


  195. All the fuckers that took part in the riot should get a minimum of 3 three years in the big house. That’s right, fucking federal time. Spread the fuckers out, across the countries federal prisons. Let’s see how tough those pukes really are. No dead time served, no time off for good behaviour, no little get out of jail passes becuase their mommy is sick etc. Fuck them. Make them serve hard fucking time and every second of it. I hope none of those losers get legal aid….can you fucking imagine that? Our tax dollars wasted, cars burned and looted, police cars and equipment destroyed. Hundreds of extra cops called in, hundreds of extra city employess cleaning up the trash and destruction, never mind the loss to the private sector. All this paid by the taxpayer…..thats right thats you and me. Joe and Jane Lunchbucket. The average person trying to get ahead in life. If any of these rotten mother fuckers, (how can their mothers be proud of their little POS’s now…) get legal aid, I will fucken flip out….Every Lawyer who has any sense should tell these rotten spoiled little pieces of humand excrement to plead guilty by themselves, to fuck off and die, and GTFOOMO!

  196. Too bad nobody understands the young offenders justice system.
    Tried and convicted without a trial…
    Shame on all of us.
    Awful lot of hate going on here. No wonder there was a riot. Mob mentality rules…

  197. This is just public knowledge with public domain photos with public opinions. There is no trial or punishment here. But this kid and hopefully kids all across the lowermainland will learn “ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES”. Something that every idiot rioting wasn’t taught.

  198. hmm Captain Vancouver –maybe you should be Publicly Shaming these people AFTER they have been convicted in a Court of Law according to the democratic standards and due process that make Canada a Free and Civil Society? You are allowing a forum for people to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

    Even if this kid did do this, this site alone has likey ruined his life. He may deserve it, but he also deserves to be judged fairly.

    Have you also thought of someone providing false information or mixing someones name with someone elses? This whole thing is wrought with ethical and legal issues.

    We all are frustarted and upset by what these kids and young adults did but we should also hold ourselves to a higher level than them by acting in accordance to the very laws that we are accusing them of breaking.

    I suggest you wait until people are found guilty so as to escape someone creating a legal action on you for defamation of character.

    All I see here is an online version of Mob Mentality

    • The kid has already turned himself in.
      Until he is charged there’s no legal problem with these comments.

    • No, it is the LACK of MOB MENTALITY when it comes to swift justice that is sorely lacking and that has emboldened these rioters to believe that even if they are caught on film, they still get away with it – and indeed they have and they will – in court . I’m glad we don’t need to endure the sniveling of a $450 dollar per hour lawyer to tell us what a fantastic man Nate is. No quarter asked when he tried to create a potentially fatal explosion, none shall be given in the court of public opinion.

      Be a good man Nate – just please guilty and do your time. Don’t let Daddy’s $$$ buy you out of it. As if.

  199. Domestic terrorist that should be charged under terrorism laws.


  201. Give him the maximum attention and punishment! Let him represent our country with justice…clearly not a good ambassador athlete.

  202. Sorry, and not to make light of this but isn’t “Waterpolo Star” a bit of an oxymoron?

  203. c’mon you guys, the kid may have wronged, but you shouldn’t be the judge, jury and executor. its not right.

    • Nobody is being “Judge, Jury and Executioner” here, We do not have such powers! We are simply very angry that this young Man, who lit a Police car on fire, our very symbol of Public protection, not only putting lives at risk and furthur inciting the riot, but taking from each and every one of us the amazing season our team had.

      I feel gutted by his actions, there will probably never be big screens allowed downtown again to enjoy our team. Our City is now the laughing stock of the World as News pours out that “The priveledged Canadians” are rioting because our team lost. I do business with people and Companies all over the World and I am being asked “Is it safe in Vancouver?”

      The riot has not only caused millions in material damage but possibly a billion, or more, in economic damage. People are cancelling trips to Vancouver, businesses are thinking twice about being here, cruise lines are re-thinking Vancouver as a destination.

      The “fires” that these criminals lit in Vancouver will take years to extinguish. These Criminals that were committing acts of arson, vandalism and assaulting Police officers and citizens were furthur inciting the riot as well as endangering the lives of the Police and citizens.

      I do not feel any empathy whatsoever for this young man, he made his bed, now he has to lie in it. I do however feel for his family, who should not be included in this discussion. The bottom line here is that, in these days of Social Media, Nathan should have understood that the consequences of his actions would also put his family in the spot light and that should have been enough to assist this young Man in not making the poor decisions he did on that fateful night.

      • Daniel, I’m all the way down in Australia and you can rest easy my friend.

        I love your city, been there a number of times and certainly WON’T be cancelling any trips to Vancouver (or elsewhere in Canada) – nor I’m quite sure will most others.

        Some commentators and businesses might be making reactive statements about ‘the long-term price to Vancouver’ of the recent riots.

        Mate, don’t buy into it.

        Most people and businesses the world over will see this for what it was. A small minority of foolish retards and newly outed criminals expressing part of their true character. Sadly for people like this alleged Nathan and all the others, they will (and should) be paying it for a long time. I just hope your legal system shows a little teeth.

        But these same dudes (and dudettes) who must be found and fully held accountable can be found in most large cities right around the world. They’re not, and never will be, a reflection of the true soul of Vancouver, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

        Personally as a ‘foreigner’, I was more interested in how many of the people of Vancouver responded the day after. That to me represents the REAL spirit of your beautiful city and why it’s got such a special place in this Aussie’s heart…..

  204. The good thing about this moron is his name is one that is not easy to forget. He will stick out like a sore thumb whenever he aplies for a job. ” Hey you’re that kid who torched a cop car in the riots” I wonder if that will get him a lot of good jobs.

  205. My word of the day: Nathan is a bane; however, if you wish him to commit suicide you’re not in my tribe. Everyone does REALLY stoopyd things…like, I mean STUPID. Most that post here are true hypocrites, I do NOT condone the a-holes actions but I can relate at the enormity of being the one partaking in utter stupidity. Thank Zues FB never was around in my depraved youth.

  206. “We shouldn’t be the judge, jury and executor. its not right.”?? have you’ve seen the effin photo’s and video? There is absolutely no excuse for what he did. The VPD is already short on squad cars and this jackass didn’t help with the situation. The moment he lit that car on fire, it wasn’t just the car he was burning but his life as well. If this was elsewhere in the world, he’d have his arms chopped off, hanged or shot

  207. Our society has become way too permissive. The frustration noted here is not just because of the moronic rioters, it’s because of our weak kneed, pussy “justice” system. We know that we, the taxpayers, will end up paying for this mess and the perps will get a slap on the wrist, if that. Why was an elite athlete carrying rags and a lighter if he was just watching a hockey game? I am all for second chances, but only after a debt to society has been paid. He should have to pay for that car and serve time in jail. After that, let him live his life in peace, if he chooses to be law abiding. Work camps might be a good idea. Why must we tolerate this? We’ve tried 40 years of an enlightened approach to crime and punishment. In some cases it has worked, but this riot proves that a lot of people think they can do anything they want and get away with it. Some old school ass kicking has its place too.

  208. I like to picture this kid reading every single comment on here with tears in his eyes trying to understand the gravity of what he has done.

  209. could everyone seriously stop being such bitches about Nathan. he actually goes to my school and he isn’t here today to graduate because of the media although he DID graduate with ALL qualifications. he didn’t get either or his scholarships because people are bitching at him and saying that he deserves all the blame for this. i hate to tell all of you fucking hypocrites on this site this but he wasn’t the only one. he should clean up his mess and pay for the damages but he doesn’t deserve to be singled out or bitched at from all of you that don’t know shit about him.

    • ^waaahhh. He’s missing his grad. boo-effin-hoo. Do you really think any decent person CARES if this little delinquent brat misses his “big day”? No. This is reality. Go cry to people who care (there are none) about something or someone that actually matters (i.e. not Nathan). Thanks for coming out. High school competency and graduation does NOT equal wisdom, nor does does it make a good person. Nathan is DOWNRIGHT a terrible terrible person. Grow some interpersonal judgment. Deal with it.

      Furthermore, it does not make us hypocrites to focus here on this particular dipisht, perhaps look up the definition of “hypocrite”? (further proof that graduating high school does not mean someone is smart on any level). We would be hypocrites if the people ragging on Nathan and others guilty of this riot were actually a PART of the riot. But we weren’t because we’re not morons. Also, elsewhere, other names and faces are being recognized and when they are, those people are also being called out and held accountable. Welcome to social media, kiddo. Nathan is nothing special. He’s one of hundreds that will inevitably be found due to the mass numbers of cameras and cell phones and street security footage and newscrews. Don’t worry, this whole discussion is just a drop in the bucket.

    • Anonymous, are you not brave enough to use your name? He made a terrible decision and he must pay for it. No, he wasn’t the only one, but he was a participant. Some young people seem think that they are not accountable for their actions. Society, unfortunately, has coddled you. Chronologically, he is an adult. In other ways he is a child. If he gets his act together all will be forgiven. However, he must make amends. This should mean jail and the total cost for a police car. However, it being Canada, it’ll probably be a lot more lenient than that.

    • Poor guy doesn’t get to go to graduation. He’s not going to get much sympathy here.
      And he isn’t at graduation because of the media. He’s missing it BECAUSE HE TORCHED A POLICE CAR!!! – in front of thousands of people – all with cameras!

      I wonder what his response would have been if someone asked him, while he was about to light the match, “Hey man, what if you get caught doing this?” What do you think he would have said?

      A) Fuck Off!
      B) I don’t give a fuck.
      C) I won’t get caught.
      D) I won’t get to go to graduation, I’ll lose my scholarship, get kicked off my Water-polo team, and my name will be scattered all over the media.

      They say your true character comes out when nobody is watching. Well, thousands were watching, what does that say about our little Nate? The water-fucking-polo player for chris’sake!

    • I know he lights cop cars on fire. That’s pretty much anyone needs to know about him.

      Funny how one stupid act can destroy your reputation, your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

    • BOO HOO….

    • We don’t need to know about him. His actions speak for themselves. Boohoo, spoilt little richboy is missing his graduation in his private school…

    • What I know is that MY SON and over 300 of his friends graduated that day in Granville Street and were put in harms way and could have been killed because of this idiots actions… two police cars sitting side by side with tanks full of gas could have killed hundreds of people – would you have still stood by him then? Our grad was ruined by morons like Nathan – hope you enjoyed yours!!!! But glad he didn’t get a chance to…

    • He didn’t graduate and he didn’t get his scholarship? A person like him with so much to lose should have known better. He doesn’t deserve to graduate, to go to university, to represent our country in anything!!

      He is so unbelievably stupid, ignorant, and ungrateful that I do not feel sorry for him at all. Please make an example out of him so we do not have any future Nathan Kotylaks anymore.

    • lol, good
      fuck him

    • Yes he does. HE TRIED TO BLOW UP A POLICE CAR!!!!
      What part of that don’t you understand????????


  210. Do you know shit about him?!!!!!!

    Hey asshat…look at the 3+ photos circulating the net showing what this mother fucker is trying to do!

    1 bad…but 4?!!!! You deserve a beatdown.

    BTW…im in POCO…andIll be glad to have a run in with this douchebag.

    Pissed in POCO

  211. People like anonymous clearly don’t get it. There is no jury or executioner here. It is just commenting on public photos of illegal acts. If the person is identified then that is good news.

    Yeah, we’re the bad guys for being outraged at this waterhead. No one could care less if he was kicked out of school or lost a scholarship. That’s just collateral damage from his crimes.

    Nathan should be grateful that no one died from his setting off a gas tank in the middle of a crowded urban street.

  212. Any individual who would do such an ignorant act, should never be considered to represent our country, nor should he be allowed to continue in sport. As a high level athlete, he is in a position to influence younger athletes, and kids in general. He should be a role model, not a thug…… The damage he has done,and thus contributing to the reputation of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada, is unrepairable. He should be stripped of all privileges to be involved in “high level sport” and should never be in a position to represent Canada.

  213. Also, I just realized that his dad operated on my appendix last year. Good surgeon with my scar size, but absolutely the WORST bedside manner. He was a total asshole. Not surprised his kid is too. Lesson for all the future parents out there: your attitude and general outlook and disposition in life will directly influence the kind of personality your kid will have. Dr. K, see a shrink and realize your failure in life: an utter lack of parenting skills.

  214. You know him and he’s “not the type”. Sorry, YOU’RE WRONG. That picture doesn’t lie. He DID it. He clearly IS the type. You’ll have to redefine in your head the type of guy that does these things, because it’s NATHAN’S TYPE!! Hard to reconcile ‘boy next door’ with ‘arsonist’ but guess what? He’s the boy next door arsonist!!!

    He was not only destructive but put people’s LIVES IN DANGER, and then took it to another level with destroying a representation of the last line of defence we have between civil chaos and order: the police.

    To the whiners who want us to spread our anger and distaste around? You bore me. Same old thing: spineless Canadian ‘fairness’ that removes personal responsibility from the equation. An utterly misguided perspective.

    I don’t care how many other people or who else was involved that night. This was Nathan’s act. And Nathan deserves all the fallout that Nathan’s act produces. The others will get their own in good time if there’s any justice in the world. I will not dilute my anger because other bad things happened the same night.

    • QUOTE: To the whiners who want us to spread our anger and distaste around? You bore me. Same old thing: spineless Canadian ‘fairness’ that removes personal responsibility from the equation. An utterly misguided perspective.

      My wife is a teacher and caught a 17 year old girl cheating. This girl was incredulous when told she was getting a mark of ‘zero” for the test. “Everyone cheats”, she said. “It’s not fair I get a zero.” Nathan and this girl are the results of our permissive society in which all can be excused and there are no consequences for one’s actions. Canadians look down at Americans and their tougher justice system. Nathan would get ten years for this at least. What will he get here? I bet a suspended sentence.

  215. Nathan: come forward and apologize. And tell us how you’re going to make this up to the people of Vancouver.

    What is your plan to take personal responsibility for sticking that rag in the tank and lighting it?

    Everyone says you’re a smart kid. So correct me if I’m wrong, but that means you already had your “I’m doing this because I think it’s worth it for me, but when I’m done this is how I’m going to make it up to everyone that it affects” plan in your head when you torched a police cruiser that my tax dollars paid for. Right?!

  216. I just read many of these rioters will be charged with looting, disturbing the peace??? These do not seem like just punishments. We need to smoke these rioters out of our city. I love this site and I love the fact that they are not anonymous anymore. We need to send a strong message to people everywhere that you cannot do this without consquence anymore.

    Right now the list I gather is Brock Anton, Tim Kwong, Tony Smith, Mike Dowhaniuk, Christine Millard, Jered McKinnon, Doug West, Josh Taylor, Jonathan Mason, Mike Langille, Rodney Bishop, Tara Rudski Bonnetplume, Jordy Dean, Alan James Jordan Krause, Dmitry Lashkov, Connoer Mcilvenna, John Mitchell, Sean Yates, Nick Black-hawk, Andrew Lawrence, Billy Chickite, Joey Leduc, Brandon Brown, Darren Watroba, Joe Witter, Kyle Brettell, Cody Gayse, Nathan Kotylak.

    Everyone named and identified in the riots should not be allowed to work, or go to school in or around Vancouver again. Still in High School? You need to be expelled and your name needs to go to every high school in the city and neighboring cities to be blacklisted. Nathan’s father is a doctor? Well time to send your son to boarding school way the fuck away from here.

    We need to put pressure on EVERY company in the city to blacklist these people from ever working in Vancouver again. If you cannot earn, you cannot survive and you will have to leave. Their parents need to know their kids are not welcome here anymore and they need to get sent away.

    We as the people have the right to anoint you all as the scum of the earth and therefore, you all are no longer welcome in this city.

  217. What a moron. Wow, good luck ever being gainfully employed douche; most companies google prospective employee names. Who the hell would want YOU as an employee? And further more stay the f**k out of my City AND as a U of C Alumni stay the f**k away from my Alma mater.
    You should also have an additional charge for horrible fashion sense. Those shoes?? Just hideous. They clash with your Canuck jersey ass-wipe.

  218. This kid is a douche, there’s no doubt. Calling for Nathan to accept personal responsibility while in the same breath slandering his brother and father as though they could somehow control his stupidity beyond the front door is a little silly. But ranting on the internet is a good way to vent anger over what happened. My big question in all this is, while we’re all really angry over the riots, in all the pictures were hundreds of people watching it all go on. Why didn’t any of them help? Where are they now? On this board? Why didn’t any of them defend the people who tried to protect cars/stores or calm people down? What would have happened if the mob laid the beats on the trouble makers in the very beginning?

  219. This kid deserves everything that’s coming to him. This was thought out and intentional. He brought all his whole kit of rags, lighter fluid and probably a backpack full of bricks.
    The kid’s a terrorist. Felon!

  220. If Muslims extremists had set fire to police cars in Vancouver they would be on the world’s most wanted list…so how should we treat young punks from the lower mainland who do it?

  221. Simply cannot believe the messages posted here defending this kid. Threatening and harassing his family is wrong and unnecessary, but:

    a) torching a car is a crime

    b) torching a police car is an especially reprehensible crime

    c) torching a police car in the age of social media with dozens of camera phones recording you is beyond stupid.

    Sorry, but this dimwit signed up for everything he’s currently getting.

  222. Most of us here agree that Nathan and others brought shame to our city, but things are beginning to snowball out of control in our effort to see the offenders brought to justice. With the public vilification of these young and immature people I fear we could be moving towards further tragedy — and that would help no one at all. Indeed, it would make things so much worse. It’s time we all take a deep breath, step back and let the police and courts do their jobs. There will be public trials and the adults will be identified. Those found guilty will be punished accordingly.

    • Maybe sites like this will serve as an example to others.

      As they say, don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the time.

      • I think that’s a valid point, but things have gone too far. Families are being harassed and some Vancouverites are displaying qualities that are arguably just as bad as what the original offenders did to get their attention in the first place. Look — I don’t like what the rioters did one bit. I fucking hate it as a matter of fact. When I first saw this site I was happy that these people were being called out for what they did. But pretty-much anything in excess can be dangerous, and that’s my point. In my opinion it’s time to stand down and let the justice system do their jobs. There will be trials for the accused and we can all open fire on them again at that time — after they’re convicted.

  223. Maybe this DB should have his scholarship revoked to pay for the police car he set on fire. Is this the type of student the University of Calgary really wants representing them? Seems Nathan should be kicked out of there, too.

  224. I have a few comments to make, first off I totally think those people harrassing the family and making death threats are as criminal as the rioters themselves. You are not above moral ground when you behave criminally. Death threats are a ciminal action. Yes, this young man has ruined his life and he deserves to lose it all. Don’t whine about what a good kid he is..ffs if he was a good kid he like thousands of others would have walked away and not lite a cop car on fire. Don’t tell me to feel sorry for this PUNK!!! HE IS A PUNK!!! He could have killed someone!! It is not just the Vancouver tax payers that will be paying for this, it is every tax payer in BC that includes those of us on the Islands. Why the hell should I pay for this????? As for Nathan feeling so bad he turned himself in the next day I call bullshit…he turned himself in b/c his face was plastered all over the place lighting a cop car on fire….Don’t try and tell me he has morals!!! I was a single parent working full time and raising two kids…. Neither one of my kids would ever nor have they ever committed an act as stupid as this. They were raised to resepect others and their property. Don’t worry Nathan is not the only one being outed. There are many many more and will be many many more. The public is outraged that this happened and will do what they can to bring every last one of them to Justice. I think they should all be charged as terrorists as there were all terrorist acts that endangered lifes. I think every single one of them that was involved should never be allowed to have a passport, or a driver’s liscence or be bondable. I think they should all have to pay for the damages they caused!! And I am sure as parents you have reconized your kids in the multitude of photos and videos that are out there and if you had any decency at all you would drag your child by the scruff of the neck into the Police station and turn them in. I know damn well I would!! And yes, I can say that and know full well I would!!!!! Stop trying to make excuses for these terrorists saying they got caught up in the moment…After the age of Five you Know right from wrong. And the person who made the comparission to Bernardo.. I got what you meant. You were pointing out how no one thought he was a killer and thought he was such a nice upstanding guy…… I get it…so for the rest of you if this was your property I bet you would feel differently in defending this PUNK!!!

  225. Here’s the site where you can rate Nathan’s Dad as a Doctor:

    Is there a site for rating parenting skills? The guy would set an all-time low. Dude must have a Phd in bad parenting. Sure hope I never require medical assistance from him.

    The comments from people defending him and his family are clueless. This kind of behavior from anyone is inexcusible. An over-privilged little pr!ck who has had every advantage in life deserves the harshest punishment possible.

    • And if Dr. Kotylak is not someone’s doctor – what interest should anyone here have in that link?

  226. News today on the early editions on all three tv stations ran a story about the gentleman we refer to as Nathan on the first photo of this website. I suspect that the same stories will run again at 6:00 pm tonight.
    The U of C as of late this afternoon put out a report, referenced by the news stories, stating that Mr. Nathan was not currently a registered student.
    Water Polo Canada was either putting a press release or having a press conference later this evening to discuss this situation or something related also referenced by the news stories.
    One news station actually has video that shows the gentleman in the picture, whether that is Nathan or not, trying to light the shirt on fire and then actually throwing the shirt or something similar into the back window of the car and turns to the crowd and celebrates.
    The media is all over this story if indeed this photos are of Mr. Nathan.

    The story went onto to say that Nathan will turn him self in and that the family has hired a lawyer.

    On another rioter, the news showed a video of one lower main land person actually lighting an overturned car and has since been charged and identified with four counts, I missed what they were for, the police are doing their jobs are actually very busy with tips. This and other sites have aided in that.

    Good luck to you all.

  227. Vancouver you are making yourselves look violent and scary just like your rioters.
    Seems like a mob energy on these posts.
    Lots of perpetrator comments on here threatening criminal acts to the guy in the picture and any one who disagrees.

  228. […] Nathan Kotylak Water Polo All Star Lighting Police Car Nathan Kotylak you’ve been judged by Captain Vancouver in violation of all that was a promising career as a water polo […] […]

  229. water polo has just announced that the person in question has since been suspended from the team pending an investigation.
    The fall out has started

  230. I love how everyone describes this as one moment of stupidity. Like attempting to set a police car on fire is something that’s an honest slip up that could happen to anyone. Bullshit. You don’t just start with arson, you start with other stuff and buildup. This is just the first time he got caught or the first time daddy’s money couldn’t get him off the hook.

    • Like it was a mistake or something? Honestly, I didn’t mean to stuff a rag in the gas tank of a Police cruiser and light it on fire, I slipped, sorry! I surely do not condone harassing his parents and family but Nathan should have taken things like that in to account before he chose to commit this indefensible crime!

      • I agree, the whole situation is sickening. I think it is awesome that everyone that was their is taking ignitiative to make sure that the people doing wrong in their city are caught and get the punishment they deserve. Kids now a days are very niave and its surprising how niave they actually are. They grew up with social networks and computers, cell phones with camera, youtube, etc… I am in total shock that they believed that they would get away with what they did. Especially when it was obvious people were taking pictures the whole time. I am especially shocked that people on facebook admitted to their crimes and were proud of it. How could these kids believe that their wouldn’t be consequences for their actions. Shameful really. For the kids under 18, what the hell were they doing on the streets with alcohol anyhow. Was this allowed throughout the the Finals? And if so, why was this allowed? I thought the age limit for drinking was 19, so maybe the parents should be punished as well for letting this happen. Nathan probably lost more than anyone else, other than the people who lost their jobs from this chaos. I think this is a huge lesson to everyone, that now a days you really can’t get away with anything, with all the technology now a days.

  231. too bad the police car didnt blow up.

  232. 06.17.2011

    Water Polo Canada Suspends Athlete Following Vancouver Riot

    Water Polo Canada today issued a provisional suspension against a member of its Junior Men’s National Team who is facing allegations of vandalism stemming from Wednesday night’s riot in Vancouver.

  233. oh man, evidence…

  234. I guess that answers the question “How can we be sure it’s him?”

  235. Is this a responsible use of technology? I’m sorry, but should all the people who participated in the ’94 riot have their entire lives ruined? This is a rash,rushed,and not fully considered use of powerful social networking technology that IMO should be illegal. We have a legal system for a reason, and one of those is to prevent lynch mobs. This activity currently reminds me of a digital version of the lynch mob, and is an inverse of the riot the other night.
    I believe all websites like this should be vetted through the VPD before going on air. What is going on there in Canada,eh?

    • What is going on is that society deems the actions of the rioters to be completely unacceptable. The consequences of their actions will live in digital infamy forever, they should have thought about that before they comitted these heinous acts. I have not once condoned harassing the family or the other idiotic things being said but I have ZERO sympathy for these criminals. People that have grown up in the age of digital/social media must understand that there is a high price to pay getting caught and hopefully it will serve as a deterrent moving forward.

    • What do you disapprove of? The fact that people are posting pictures that they took in public areas? Their personal opinions? Identification of people in the pictures?

    • Nate, some sense to the mob mentality you mention, and the comments sections of these outed offenders are frequently disgusting, I agree there. BUT – and listen very closely to this – the very essence of mob mentality and those caught up in rioting and looting is a sense of anonymity in the crowd. A kid who wouldn’t break into a store and steal takes his chance when dozens are doing the same and no police can begin to stop it. A thug takes out his violent rage on anyone he cares to because he can’t be singled out in the crowd.

      Well, now they can. That’s the power of the internet identifying everyone who thought they were getting away with committing acts that they knew very well were bad, who thought they were merely “lost in the crowd”. Stop and think for one moment the effect this has on the next large crowd that starts to turn ugly. These idiots were stupid enough to go ahead with various criminal acts despite hundreds of cameras turned toward them. The more they are punished, vilified, and humiliated publicly by their peers and fellow citizens for that, the greater the deterrent effect in the future.

    • To answer your question – all of the people in the 94 riot should have face consequences for their actions. Fortunately, there’s now evidence to hold those for the 2011 riot responsible.

      To see a community coming together to say that trashing the city is unacceptable is the most positive development to come out of this nonsense.

    • First of all, websites like this are protected under freedom of speech. Are you honestly suggesting that information should be filtered through the police to deem what’s palatable and what’s not? You should move to a communist country then, you’d fit in well.

      In this age of social media, people should know that they WILL be outted in public for participating in such irresponsible and illegal acts. If you do something so brazen as set a police car on fire in the presence of tens of thousands of cameras, you will be identified, and quite honestly you deserve what you get.

  236. His facebook page says he was s born JANUARY 7 1993… Which makes him 18 years, 5 months, and 8 days old when he torched that car… Good job, you grown-up.

    • Well he’s extra fucked now, thats a criminal record for the rest of his life. Good to know. People were questioning his age, thanks for clarifying it.

  237. jail for reckless endangerment and destroying public property. Family (under 18) pays for car and a nice chunk for his portion of police overtime, overtime at hospitals, insurance + punitive damages for Vancouver’s reputational losses. Should be in the multiple six figures. scholarships go to more deserving person. People have been publicly identifying and naming criminals since the dawn of time, the technology is just better today, act accordingly folks. Punishment has to be serious to deter the next brat who tries this, lucky for him no one got killed when that thing went up in flames.

  238. He is getting what he deserves, that is all. we do not want amoron like that representing canada

  239. Every single person who defends losers such Nathan has blood on their hands.

  240. His parents say thats him in the pictures but he didn’t do it. Niave parents or what? Don’t punish your son, don’t be discusted with him, just say he is the one in the pictures but he didn’t do it lol, when the evidence is right in front of their faces. CRAZY

  241. […]… […]

    • I just watched the vid on

      I am perplexed. There seems to be little ambiguity about the kid in the video’s involvement.

      What if anything could he have been thinking? In today’s world of camera phones, how could anyone think they would not be captured on video and pics?

      My heart breaks for all those affected by these actions. Innocent members of his family. I was sad to see Vancouver in flames…. and for what? Kicks?

      Those responsible should be held accountable. No question. The costs should be paid by them, not the public.

      The kid and others in the video may have just destroyed their own lives and those of their families.

      Deeply disturbing.


    1. What he did was bad and in the short term, he will pay. Long term, he will be fine and in a worst case scenario, a name change wipes the slate clean doesn’t it? If he changes his name to Mike Smith, a Google on this name will bring up millions of hits.

    2. Why do people say he is expelled? He’s a grade 12 graduate, read here

    3. He’s also only 17. He’s not doing hard time for this. Just juvy and he’s done. Like it or not, that is our system.

  243. This site and others like it are AWESOME. Seriously, all you bleeding hearts out there who are coming up with excuses and explainations… get real. These people trashed our city and it’s name. They deserve to be publicly humiliated the way Vancouver was, thanks to their actions. Caught up in the moment? So anyone saying that is saying that maybe it’s okay to shoot someone because they made you angry and you got caught up in the moment? People know the difference between right and wrong, and if they don’t, it’s time someone showed them. Lighting a police car on fire is a pretty big crime and pretty deliberate. Tax payers will have to pay to replace those vehicles. The same tax payers that are paying for scholarships and school systems. I love that Nathan’s dad thinks that if his older brother was there it wouldn’t have happened… so you have raised your child to need a chaperone, even as a 17 year old… so he won’t do things like light police cars on fire??? Get your heads out of your BUTTS people and see that this guy and people like him are doing us ALL a huge service. I’m angry about what happened. The crimes, the garbage, the fighting…. awful and shameful and people need to realize that they can’t get away with it and that it is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I don’t want a person like Nathan representing my city or my country. Classy behaviour… nice. That’s not exactly a little slip up… like not wearing a seatbelt or jaywalking. Nice kids… GOOD kids… well they don’t act like that. And maybe it’s because their parents were bleeding hearts as well that these kids did act like this. Keep up the good work, Captain Vancouver.

  244. Dear U of Calgary,

    Nathan has been a bad boy. He tried to blow up a police car. Now he will be in jail for a long time. Hope this doesn’t affect his scholarship status. He was drunk and stupid. Please forgive him.


    Mr. and Mrs. Kotylak

  245. This age thing has me puzzled. If he is under 18 does he fall under the Young offenders but if he is over 18 would he automatically be tried as an adult ? I would like ask this and see if someone has some constructive feedback
    I found something that might tell us his age and a few other items….

    Canadian Sport Centre Pacific and/or PacificSport

    Have a look at this site…

    It has it stated that Mr Nathan Kotylak is 18 years old.

    It quotes:
    “Canadian Sport Centre is proud to have the opportunity to work with British Columbia and Canada’s top athletes.
    They are stars in their communities and role models to our youth.
    They inspire all of us to better ourselves and live a healthy lifestyle.
    These future leaders of our province are helping BC be the healthiest place on earth.”

    I am really encouraged by the lines …”They are role models to our youth…” and “they inspire all of us to better ourselves…”

    I hope he can turn his life around and learn from his actions IF this is him and he is found guilty of any charges. he will have much to talk to youth about if this is the case.

    We all make mistakes and some are bigger than others. He will get through this as will his family. it may be tough for a while but soon the public will forget about him and move onto someone else to hate. Once that happens he can move on and hopefully be a productive person in society. I just would not want him around my child.

  246. Lighting a police car on fire…not smart. God only knows whether or not their is any ammunition in the trunk of a police car. had their been…there would have been live rounds exploding haphazardly in every direction…potentially killing anyone in the vicinity.

    We all do stupid things as teenagers….but this took it to a criminal extreme. Sorry for the pain the family and good Doctor is now feeling. Kudos for marching him down to the police station and not trying to hide him from the consequences. He will have a lifetime of regret to think about it. Prosecute him, penalize hm, make him pay his debt to society..but then let him get on with being a productive member of society. I am sure that in a few years he will regret his actions time and time again.

    And yes…don’t only focus on this lad because he was identified. Remember he turned himself in. Now…move on and look for the hundreds, or thousands, of others who woke up today and still don’t have enough courage to do the right thing…and turn themselves in.

    • Don’t make him out to be a saint because he turned himself in. He knew he was busted; he may have done this as a form of self-serving “damage control”.

    • He has not, as of yet, turned himself in.

    • Hugh…. generally agreed. Those causing the damage should be held to account to the degree that they pay for their harms, including the cost of property damaged, the risk they put the public at, their open contempt for our laws and common decency, and the poor example to others.

      How do we quantify that with dollars paid and years incarcerated or in some manner hindered?… hard to say.

      The math would start with the cost of the police car. Lets say 30k for the car + 30k to equip it for police use + contents…. make it 75k. Add cost to repair damage to the street due to burn etc…. brings us to 100k. So thats base line. Minimum.

      Then add prosecution and court costs if found guilty…. Another 100k? 500k? Million?

      Next, we as Canadian Taxpayers should not subsidize tuitiions for a guilty party’s school. Nor support involvement in tax-payer funded amateur athletics including and especially if a person were to make it to olympic level.

      I feel these would be two easily quantifiable consequences to start with. Paying for contempt of our laws and culture? Well, at the very least a criminal record that does not disappear at 19 and incarceration of some amount of time.

      Certainly there is also argument for making an example of those who are most easily identified. But for us as a poplulation to become vengeful, spiteful and essentially riot in retaliation, I do not understand. Innocent members of an offenders family do not deserve to be harmed even if the offender did put them at risk of humiliation and damaged reputation.

      Invariably, it will suck to be those identified and found guilty first. And those who are the most high-profile. They were the ones who took the risk though. Life’s not fair as we are all continually reminded.



  247. I hope for his sake he does do some time in juvi. He’s already pretty much screwed up his promising life, a little jail time might help him be able to fix it – he’s still young, he still has a chance to be a decent human being. I just hope he learns from this

  248. […] the “son of a highly-respected surgeon” according to CBC News, was outed by several people who recognized the star athlete from this notorious video which has become one of the most seen […]

  249. There are BILLIONS of people wanting to live here in CANADA, to be safe, to have an education, FREEDOM, you take it all for granted, why???? do you even know how good we have it here??? You deserve nothing but worst that life has to offer because you had the opportunity to be compassionate to your community but chose to spit in ALL of our faces.

    Have a great life SHIT HEAD.

  250. The guy goes to my school i know him

  251. There are now two different videos of him attempting to light a police car on fire. In this one, he throws the burning paper in the back window and yells to the crowd:

    In this one, he puts the burning paper in the front seat, but another guy shoves him out of the way and pulls the paper out:

    • Well it just shows the CBC is up to date while CTV is still behind with their information

  252. Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.

  253. hyperbole and childish exageration make us all LOL.

    you all win the internet! grats!

  254. Nathan’s mother was advised several times in the past that Nathan was heading down the wrong path, and she chose to turn the helpful advice around and instead, attacked the advice giver professionally, and caused untold emotional and personal stress, using her position to ‘accuse the accuser’. Looking back in light of this series of events involving Nathan, it is possible the lesson he learned from his mother was that ‘one does not have to be responsible for what one does, because mom can destroy anyone who raises a red flag’.

    I am sorry for Nathan, because I do believe he did get caught up in a situation of other people setting a series of bad examples for him to follow, OR NOT FOLLOW; and his PARENTING did not give him a CLEAR MODEL for him to CHOOSE.

    There were 100,000 people there. Everyone of them had the same CHOICE.

    The same mother that is helping Nathan now in his time of greatest need, HAD THE CHANCE TO HELP HIM years ago, by letting him take responsibility for his behaviour then, probably averting this hard lesson he is learning now – and the cost.

    As I write this, I am listening to what I am saying, for it is a lesson to me, too…

    • Yeah, that’s it – blame his mother. Women are always convenient scapegoats for men and boys’ actions. It was all her fault, he didn’t have a mind of his own and burning cop cars was something she (and not dad) should have anticipated and baked cookies and served them to him to put him off the path.

      Do you feel better and more important now because you anonymously put down his entire family with your supposed insider insight? Are there any visible minorities or gay people that you’d also like to blame for him choosing to do what he did – might as well let it all out – you obviously know everything about his family and their motivations, so why not give us some more of your excellent ranting advice?

      The kid was an older teen who knew right from wrong and that burning a cop car isn’t just a stupid prank and he did it anyway, and got caught – blaming everything on his mom and parents is just makes others, like yourself, feel superior and right about your own life. No excuses for what he did and he deserves the full book being thrown at him, but dragging his parents, specifically his mother, into it with vague innuendos and unsubstantiated stories is just the same type of inciteful and predatory mob behaviour that ruined downtown Van – you are just doing it online. Ooh, so big.

      • What in the Blue Hell are you talking about!? Bringing Gays into this has no merit whatsoever! I think you are simply ranting where there is no rant. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about and no sense of accepting responsibility for actions or sense of morals.

        -The kid was an older teen who knew right from wrong and that burning a cop car isn’t just a stupid prank and he did it anyway, and got caught –


  255. I would never associate with anyone involved with water polo.

  256. I see that the kid has ‘turned himself in’. But I also noticed that the first thing daddy did was hire a lawyer instead of telling his son to man up and do the right thing. I can’t say I am shocked. A predictable move by the rich. And he will not be punished. He is white, male, and come from privilege, making him untouchable. So what if he loses his scholarship? I’m sure daddy can afford it. In fact, I’m sure daddy has already made a sizable contribution to the university, Water Polo Canada and to the university’s dept of medicine (because once he finishes kinesiology, he will follow daddy’s footsteps). He would get off with a slap on the wrist and daddy punishing him by taking his BMW away. Life of an aristocrat is hard. As for his family, they are only embarrassed that he was caught…..

  257. Nathan’s mother was advised several times in the past that Nathan was heading down the wrong path, and she chose to turn the helpful advice around and instead, attacked the advice giver professionally, and caused untold emotional and personal stress, using her position to ‘accuse the accuser’. Looking back in light of this series of events involving Nathan, it is possible the lesson he learned from his mother was that ‘one does not have to be responsible for what one does, because mom can destroy anyone who raises a red flag’.

    I am sorry for Nathan, because I do believe he did get caught up in a situation of other people setting a series of bad examples for him to follow, OR NOT FOLLOW; and his PARENTING did not give him a CLEAR MODEL for him to CHOOSE.

    There were 100,000 people there. Everyone of them had the same CHOICE.

    The same mother that is helping Nathan now in his time of greatest need, HAD THE CHANCE TO HELP HIM years ago, by letting him take responsibility for his behaviour then, probably averting this hard lesson he is learning now – and the cost.

    As I write this, I am listening to what I am saying, for it is a lesson to me, too…


    Absolutely, agree to this.

  258. This was on another site addressed to another rioter (Tim Kwong) but it applies to Nathan. Substitute Nathans name for Tims and it actually works.

    Just because you can string an apologetic sentence together does not mean you are sorry. Perhaps i should make you aware of the consequences of your action. To you it’s just an overturned car that you set on fire. To me, it’s walking into an overflowing ER and helping treat a girl with a severe asthma attack because she was exposed to the noxious, acrid smoke of a burning vehicle. To her it was just a chance to be a part of a group cheering for her team. Little did she know that later on, we were thinking of sticking a breathing tube down her throat if her condition did not improve. To you (yes i am lumping you with all the douchebag rioters in the ER that night) its a chance to congregate in the ER waiting room, pounding on the triage window demanding to be seen for teargas exposure and cuts from looting and fighting, while posturing and bragging about how you kicked the crap out of somebody and smashed shit up. To me, its taking my time away from the little old quiet lady having chest pain or taking time away from the person you “shit-kicked” for trying to stop the looting. To you its just a fight, to me, it’s the ER social worker looking for a teddybear to console a 4 yr old girl because she just witnessed her dad get a broken nose as he was trying to get his daughter out of the hotzone. To you its writing a letter saying ‘you will do whatever it takes to help clean the city’. To me its walking home after a long shift and seeing all these people at 7:30 in the morning armed with garbage bags cleaning up YOUR mess and realizing that these people have more class in their pinky finger than you could ever muster in your whole life. To me, its getting home to shower, only to have my elderly neighbour knock on my door and ask me if he should make an appointment to this doctor because he was experiencing shortness of breath which later turned to chest pain in the morning. He did not think about leaving his window open as he went to bed at 9 o’clock. The smoke from all the burning cars made it to our building, into his room and triggered his asthma, which then raised his heart rate, which then became a small heart attack. I asked him why he didn’t go to the ER, and he answered, ‘I turned on the tv this morning and saw the rioting, I did not want to be a burden’. To you, its just an overturned car that you set on fire.
    Why am I blaming you for all this? Because you are the instigator. You ask people to leave your family, friends and co-workers alone?! I think they need to know how much of a colossal douche you are. Remember that your parents worked themselves to the bone so they can move to this country and give you your god-given right to flip cars over and set them on fire.

  259. This is a great letter. I fully agree, a few meaningless sentences saying how “sorry” these guys (and girls) are is useless. The fact that a few “turned themselves in” is irrelevant….they knew they were either outed or would be caught so they “did the right thing” and turned themselves in. Sorry buddy…the right thing would have been to enjoy the game and then go home WITHOUT setting a car on fire. I wonder, did he admit to anything other than what the public has a picture of him doing? Did he admit that he threw bottles, tipped things over, etc? Would be awfully strange that he was there and his only act was to set a car on fire. Anyways…none of these SOBs get any sympathy from me, they deserve what they get. One has to live with the consequences of their actions and they should have realized that the rest of society would not like their actions. Enough of my ramblings.

  260. Personal choice, stay or go home! My kids were not permitted downtown at the age of 17 without adult supervision. Might sound a little controlled but we knew where are kids were and who their friends were (for the most part) they were not angels, but were held accountable for their actions. While I would like to see the parents held responsible here a sizable donation to the VPD to offset the cost of a new car, as well, a sizable donation to the VFD to offset the cost of putting out a fire might be in order. Not to mention a couple hundred hours of community service…. Restorative Justice is in order!

  261. Same thing at Toronto G20; same consequences?

  262. ‘CAUGHT UP IN THE MOMENT”…..JOKE!!!!!!!! I am proud of my kids friends who chose to run home…they were terrified. You were there to destroy….SHAME!!! Your off the Water Polo team… are hopefully removed from University too….maybe you should do volunteer wrk for a year….


  263. He made a choice to be destructive and got caught. People do not realize that there are consequences for actions you take. Do you think that he would have turned him self in had it not been for this picture?

  264. On the National news last night it was reported that his parents said he “did not do it”. Thats is laughable because to me that means that Nathan denied involvement. Also I highly doubt his only offense was lighting this cop car on fire (as someone above mentioned), If this kid was only seen lighting the cop car than this may be the only offense he is charged with, but he likely damaged much more.

  265. Why is his mom working when his dad is a doctor? Kids now don’t have one parent teaching them values. Both parents working just to get a new iPad2 or that new car. In return, this is what we get.

  266. He has led a priviliged life – private schools, always wearing the right clothes, getting what he wants – too bad he didn’t grow up with a conscience or set of values. Who is he angry at – he has had everything — let me guess…. he must be bored……..
    he could easily have killed someone lighting a gas tank – this isn’t just a little thing, it is much bigger – surely he understood someone could have been hurt.

    I am sure daddy will buy a new cruiser – what a loser.


    New video shows he tried to light the fire, but couldn’t, so he didn’t burn the car. He’ll still be charged with other things like attempted arson, but not arson (not that it makes his involvement any less criminal).

  268. […] quiser ler sobre esse garoto, primeiro tem esse site que o identificou. Depois tem uma matéria no The Globe and Mail  e a matéria na CTV sobre o […]

  269. My company is a sponsor of many CDN athletes and I am disgusted that this coward could be representing Canada. I have sent an email to Water Polo Canada saying they had better ban this idiot for life. I do not want this moron competing on behalf of my country.

  270. While he’s a minor, there’s always the chance that because he’s almost 18 the Crown will decide to charge him as an adult. I hope that’s what they do and gets a good sentence for what he did.

    Vancouver deserved better that night; it’s a shame the reputation will suffer at the hands of these punks, considering they’re not even a true representation of the good City of Vancouver. Those who went to clean up the mess the following morning, you know, the ones who DIDN’T destroy the city, are a great representation of Vancouver and everyone should be proud of their efforts. Good on them!

  271. He wasn’t charged because the photo was misleading and because he turned himself in

  272. So he still TRIED to light a Cop Car on fire. Should he get his scholarship back? He is still the type of person who would do it obviously.

    Also as I mentioned above, this is the only video and picture evidence of an act he was caught doing. I highly doubt it was the only thing he attempted or succeeded in doing.

  273. No he shouldn’t get his scholarship back . I was just passing on the message that he wasn’t charged .

    • I have to agree, he shouldnt get his scholarship back, there is no excuse for what he did, i dont care if he was under the influence, that seems to be the excuse coming from all these rioter’s mouths….

  274. I really hope it was all worth it, making not only an ass of yourself but of your entire family. I hope that he has to pay for the damage of that police car, not only by doing some jail time, but I hope that he has to pay for it out of his pocket. Why should we as tax payers not only have to pay for his time in jail, but why should we pay the cost to replace those two police cars?

  275. Unfortunately, he will only come off with a slap on the wrist. The boy has lived all his life with a sense of entitlement and privilege. Entitlement fostered by by parents who also came from privilege. Why should the parents be spared from this? The parents first reaction was to deny the allegations then obtain legal counsel. Unlike the parents from Burnaby who turned their child in. They (the Burnaby parents) should be commended for their actions and the lessons they are teaching their child. The Kotylaks on the other live a privileged life that most Vancouverites would never experience. And this entitlement will open more doors for Nathan than some kid who is working part-time to help pay for tuition. The legal system is filled by people who come from privilege but for some reason we think the child will get punished to the full extent of the law. Not in my bourgeois lifetime.
    Look at the Duke University scandal, they got off with a slap on the wrist. White privilege and athletic elitism at its best.

  276. Well guess this proves canadians are nothing more than a bunch of scummy nignogs. Wait, I think the rest of the world has known that for awhile.

  277. Owed an apology?

    He tried to light a damn cop car on fire – by lighting a rag stuffed in the gas tank, and lighting a piece of paper and throwing it on the front seat. It’s a cop car! These are criminal acts!! What the hell! There’s other photos of him lighting a garbage can as well – this is nuts. Nobody accused him of blowing up the damn car – not that I can read anyhow.

    Owed an apology….good grief.

    • lol no one owes him an apology, He started the cop car on fire, theres videos all over this page that i posted. CTV didn’t even have all the information, CBC atleast had the information and showed a video of him doing it again right after the good samaratans almost saved his ass. He did it, and no one owes him an apology, he owes Vancouvar and Canada a fucking apology, and he has to pay for what he has done. His parents and the media were trying to cover his ass, but CBC straightened out the poor Nathan act and proved to the whole world that he did do it.

      • Yes thats right! I remember seeing another video on the National news last night that I did not see online, showing him light the fire in definitely. CAN ANYONE FIND THE LINK OF THE VIDEO ON CBC LAST NIGHT?

  278. This kid should be legally punished and taught that actions have consequences. I have no sympathy and wish him nothing positive. I will always remember and any chance I get I will forward his deeds so others will remember. Discipline people. Learn discipline.

  279. xxxxx you Nathan. Be a man and own up to your crimes, you spoiled little rich brat.

  280. This guy got $5400 of grant money from the AAP

    he should have to give it back.

  281. People should write to the University of Calgary and demand that Nathan’s scholarship be revoked. Life has choices, and choices have consequences, people. If you want a free ride, don’t burn cop cars.

  282. I just seen his apology on the news. Nathan & his family was making excuses for his actions. His father said the pictures were misleading. Yes, there was a couple good samaritans that put out the fire. However, if you watch the whole video Nathan tried again. He had the intent to set fire to a police car which could have exploded and killed a bunch of bystanders. There was a bunch of cars that was set on fire that day. Just because one video shows that someone intervene does not mean he didn’t try again with another car. If he can torch one car he can torch another.

    Here is another picture of him lighting a garbage can on fire.

    HIs family is well connected & rich. He will probably get away with just a slap on the wrist. We all know Canada has a weak justice system for young offenders. So all this bashing on the internet is another form of justice to me.

    • This picture is new to me.
      Imagine what else he did that day that wasn’t caught on tape or picture.
      A million apologies isn’t even enough.

  283. Wilfully causing event to occur
    Either doing something, or not doing something that you should have.
    429. (1) Every one who causes the occurrence of an event by doing an act or by omitting to do an act that it is his duty to do, knowing that the act or omission will probably cause the occurrence of the event and being reckless whether the event occurs or not, shall be deemed, for the purposes of this Part, wilfully to have caused the occurrence of the event.

    (2) Every one who commits mischief that causes actual danger to life is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.

  284. Now people need to move on..

    • You need to move on. This tool is going to learn our brand of social justice.

    • CH,

      Move on to what? Will the world move on from branding Vancouver and Canada as being a riotious city or country. Do you realize what sort of damage, reputation wise or economically our city has taken?

      Nathan should be one of those STOPPING people from rioting. This is what people in his situation is expected to do. NOT inciting it. Let alone trying to light up a police car, denying that it was him, then having been outted; cry on TV so that he can get what his back to him with fake tears of remorse.

      Give me a break . Im sure everyone who commits a crime, would cry in court and on TV and get away with it and not having to go to jail.

    • Move on?!?!?! This is exactly why people feel they are free to riot at will – because there are no real consequences. We are civilized because we have laws. You break the laws and you pay the price. A crying apology is total b.s. All the rioters need to learn a REAL lesson that this type of behaviour is not acceptable in our city and country. Send them to jail (even for a few days) and that will send a proper message. NO MORE slap on the wrist justice or this will happen all over again.


      No wonder it is the way it is.

    • Hey, here’s a clue : plead guilty, save Dad a few bucks huh?

      And as for the rest over of over-priviledged teens under the age of 17, make sure you at least make your first offense a really good one – because apparently you get one for free.


    heres the video


  287. Many officers were injured and 15 police cars set on fire. I hope all the rioters are also charged with assault on police whether or not they threw a brick or a punch. Any rioters being arrested by police took away from other areas where police were needed. Charge him with assault as well. If you partake in a crime that someone is injured, then you are guilty of assault. Cut and dried.

  288. What a cry baby he is. He’ll be crying in jail soon.

  289. I just watched your fake apology on Gobal BC. First, you deny that it was you! Photographics don’t lie!! Then, you only decide to make a public apology because you were caught. Your actions are a true relection of your character. No one “gets caught up in the moment” and set a police car on fire!! What else did you do – did you smash the windows at the Bay? What stores did you loot? Then, your parents hug you on TV!! They are just as responsible! How could they hug you? They should have been apologizing too. You don’t even live in Vancouver, yet you feel entitled to come to our city, trash it and ruin its reputation! You have serious psychological issues that your parents NEED to deal with!! They are in denial, just as much as you are! I hope this haunts you for the rest of your life and your family’s life. This should have never happened and saddens me greatly! You deserve all the hate in the world. You need to get help because you move forward. You need to take FULL responsibility and so do your parents!! Own up to your mistakes, kid!! And, stay away from our city!!!

  290. I am deeply disappointed that Dr. Kotylak did not take responsiblity for his son’s actions, given that he is considered a minor in the eyes of the legal system. How can an entire family deny what was clearly caught on tape and in photographs? And then, as noted above, only provide a public apology after Nathan was caught. As a physician, Dr. Kotylak should have encouraged his son to take full responsibility and Dr. Kotylak should have made an apology too. I am glad he is not my physician, and that I do not live in Maple Ridge. I do not want to see him or his family. What Nathan did makes me very angry. The photographs clearly show how estactic Nathan was during his participation in the riot. I hope he does not get his scholarship and he is not allowed to return to the water polo team. He must be made to pay for his crimminal acts. I hope the legal system does not fail us in this regard.

  291. Kotylak family are all losers and fakes! You think crying on TV will make us forgive you? You think Vancouverites are that naive? You acted like a complete idiot in our city and trashed it. I hope you pay BIG time. Stay away from Vancouver!!

  292. I believe this young man’s apology. I do not believe it was fake. I think he is sincerely trying to make amends, and he did the right thing by admitting the mistake and acknowledging the dire consequences. In my opinion, the efforts of Tim Kwong and Mr. Kotylak to come forth publicly admitting their involvement in the riot is a hopeful prelude to future actions of rectifying their crimes. Justice has been served.

    • In comparison to Mr. Kotylak and Mr. Kwong, there are other rioters who have NO remorse STILL for what they have done. They would never show their faces in the media admitting their guilt, but would rather hide and plan to strike again when the opportunity arises. I think we need to separate individuals who have potential to rehabilitate into society as upstanding citizens again, from those who are devoid of morale, empathy, respect, and remorse. There is a difference between hardened criminals and crimes done by people who made a terrible and naive error in judgment.

    • Justice is still not served. Restitution still needs to be paid, either in the form of money, community service, or jail time.

      • I agree with you Timmy Wong. I retract my statement that justice has been served. It will not be served until he pays for his crimes through the legal system. I’ve been reading posts on this blog, and it has become so toxic now. A lot of personal insults are strewn about, posters turning on each other, derogatory remarks, threats to rioter’s families and workplaces, etc. It’s becoming too much to tolerate now.

  293. As a medical profressional, I was embarrased by Dr. Kotylak’s denial of and then response to Nathan’s participation in the riot. I will no longer be referring my patients to him.

  294. Predictions:
    -His father will spend lots and lots of money and will successfully argue that he has been “punished enough”. The spin is already beginning – “The picture is misleading” says Dad.
    -He will express his remorse and will cry on TV
    -Somehow society will be blamed for his actions on the night of the riot – even though he appears to have enjoyed more of society’s privilege than most people can imagine.
    -He will NOT do jail time
    -He won’t face any real consequences.
    -He will continue to play water polo at an elite level and, in so doing, will be in receipt of your tax dollars.

    He happened to get caught on camera as he lit the rag in the fuel tank of a police car and then when he through a flaming object into the window of the car. You really have to wonder what other bad things this piece of excrement did that night. He came with a backpack full of “equipment” and a club – this is a very bad kid. This was not some momentary slip up – this was premeditated.

    I would never, ever want to see an arsonist and rioter as an Olympian. Olympians are ambassadors of our country and for their sport. Olympians are role models for our children. This is no Olympian.

  295. I just watched Nathan crying on TV and I sit here shaking my head. He committed a very,very serious crime and if it was any other night and he just randomly walked up to a police car and tried to set it on fire, he would be in jail in a second. Instead, his parents wait a couple days and hire a lawyer (to get their ducks in a row) before he turns himself in.

    He says he regrets what he did and the tearful apology is supposed to make us forgive him. OK, so the first time he tried to light the car through the gas tank (it didn’t work), he could have walked away. But no, he tried a seond time by putting a lit piece of paper in the car (bystander took out). He could have walked away then. But no, he tried a third time to put a piece of lit paper in the car and then cheered and bragged about lighting up the car to his friends!

    At any of these times he could have walked away but didn’t. And his parents are in greater deniel than he is. How does a great kid go from 0-100 in an instant. They really need to explore that. This “great” kid set a cop car on fire. A COP CAR!!

    I did some crazy things when I was a kid but burning a car, much less a cop car was not even on my radar. I knew how far over the line I could go without suffering the wrath of my parents. Obviously he is not scared of the consequences.

    My parents love me and are very supportive of me but if I set a car on fire they sure as hell would not be hugging me on TV, patting me on the back or trying to excuse what I did. I would have to face the “firing squad” so to speak. The reason he did what he did is because he feels no consequence. He’s still being protected by his parents.

    Commit an adult crime, expect to pay the consequences. I still want them to throw the book at him, or he’ll never learn. Crying because you got caught and reality has set in does not excuse the decision.

    • The best part of the interview was “He just got caught up in the mob mentality.”, as if that is justification for the crimes he committed and lack of judgment put forth by a supposed “elite level” athlete. Nothing is going to happen to this kid. He’s a 17 year old kid with rich parents and a good legal team. Thankfully, the public shaming will persist and at least some justice will be served.

  296. Just watched the the apology. I don’t understand why they keep saying he waived his right to not be named and his family makes it seem like it was his decision to do all of this. No it wasn’t. Your fuckin name was already outed. Even if he didn’t waive the right, everyone know’s who he is. You think he would’ve turned himself in if the internet didn’t identify him? I doubt it. Make an example out of this loser.

  297. Remember any opportunity taken away from his punk with be a dream come true for some hard working honest person.


    Well written and very well presented “mea culpa”, especially the part in the interview about wanting to continue on his water polo and U of Calgary career.

    He never really did say if he was sorry or sorry he got caught.

  299. Cry me a river Nathan…. You deserve to rot in hell! Good job ruining the reputation of the Kotylak name. I hear the people at Pepperdine University in California where your brother Julian attends is also vey sick of your actions.

  300. I love how he’s feeling all so sorry now, but earlier he didn’t feel at all bothered by the fact that he was lighting things up on fire in front of thousands of people, many of which were taking photos and videos. Which to me, just proves that it wasn’t the action (lighting the garbage can and police car) that he’s apologetic for, its the fact that he got caught!!
    That’s why this whole public shaming thing is so awesome, its finally making those morons who rioted wake up and realize that even though they might not be afraid of the law (or the consequences of their own actions), they will never forget the shame that they feel from knowing that the public has seen it all and will not let them go that easily.

    If it takes public shaming to make the younger generation realize that they’re not all as invincible as they seem to think they are, and that maybe the fear of being publicly shamed will prevent them from doing something criminal, then that’s what we need to do. Because if they have no fear, they’ll just walk over all of us, and we as a society will have to pay the consequences of their actions.

    And to that, I say, “Right on! Public Shaming!”

  301. The real measure of a good person is when they do the right thing, when no one is looking. Nathan Kotylak is not a good person.

  302. This is a lesson to rich families that just because you have the means , it doesn’t mean your money can raise your kids for you also. Everything starts from home. This poor boy probably grew up with a Nanny and parents were never there to be emotionally close to him growing up. We see this kind of situation often, although , not the lighting of a cop’s car, but it’s usually the privileged kids that are screwed – up and get into trouble because Mommy or Daddy is always there to bail them out because that’s the easiest thing for them to do. Spending quality time is too much work, after all they’re too busy chasing the Mighty Dollar. May God help this boy realized what damage he has done to his future , his family , and to our society. I’m praying that justice will be served.

  303. The doctor was quoted in the paper as saying that the photos were misleading, and they’d be getting a lawyer. Now this tearful apology with the “caught up in the moment” excuse. Okay, fine, but consequences should still be significant. I also agree with those who feel the parents should also have apologized – their son is a minor and they are still responsible for his actions. I’m not convinced that any of them are truly sorry.

  304. quite the online mob mentality here.
    forget a trial, lynch him now

    • mat,

      This is black and white. Nathan tried to blow up a police car. What else do you need to know? However we collectively do not have faith in our justice system to punish this guy, hence this site. I hope he does jail time but if not, at least should be kicked off the Water Polo team.

      • yeah he was a drunk 17 year kid and made a really bad decision. He is still a teen and they make poor decisions sometiem, and he should be tried by a court of law rather than the online community. I don’t think that he should go to jail. I think being caught and what he is going through is teaching him, and hopefully others more.

      • He will be. The online community just did its civic duty to bring him to justice. Would he have come out from his rock..sorry mansion..otherwise?

      • Mat. A bad decision? Are you joking? Allowing yourself to get into a fight at a bar is a bad decision. But trying to light a cop car on fire in the middle of a riot, now that’s a lack of basic morals. Are you Canadian?

        His Father lied to the press saying that the pictures were misleading – until he realized there was a video. The father was either deceived by his son, or the father knowingly gave a false statement. Either way, this shows an ugly dysfunction in the family. Bad morals start from somewhere.

    • After reading the majority of the blog entries, it goes to show that there are about 90% of the people on this blog are no better with their words as the person in the pic did with that police car. This is why there is a justice system that will properly look at all the evidence and will appropriately deal with this situation.

      The social media today is no better than back in the 1800’s wild west. It is complete anarchy and shows that human beings need to be controlled. Otherwise, it would just be another planet of the apes.

      Put a little more thought into what you are saying and do not let your emotion control you to make senseless comments on the web.

      The responsibility is with you.

    • oooh online lynch mob, big fucking deal
      How many people were lynched by a real mob for doing nothing more than standing up for their city?

  305. I laughed at that scripted apology. Obviously spin-doctoring done at the behest of his lawyer. He’s not sorry for his actions – he’s sorry he got caught. He deserves everything this page doles out to him and his parents deserve it too for their actions after the fact.
    This is better justice than the courts will ever give out – so much for the Young Offenders Act. If you pull some dumbshit move and it’s caught on camera, YOU will be outed. No anonymity, no sealed record. Think about that potential rioters the next time you feel the need to participate in wanton destruction for the sake of being ‘cool’. Your actions will now have consequences…period.

    • They made sure that the public was aware that his lawyer obtained a court order to publish his name. This act was not due to feeling apologetic about his actions, it’s a brilliant strategic move by his savvy legal team. If Nathan was under a publication ban for being underage, he would not be able to deliver his well scripted ‘mea culpa’ or better yet, ‘mea maxima culpa’. His apology, nothing but well timed talking points. Brilliant execution by the legal counsel! Something I would have scripted myself, except I would erase the word ‘mob mentality’, it does not garner a positive response from the public….

  306. I am slightly confused – everyone keeps saying he made a drunken mistake – yet he didn’t look drunk in any photos…..but most importantly everyone – including his father keep saying he is a minor and charges should me minimal if any. Yet on his Facebook page – which he has just put back up and proudly states that he is with University of Calgary (bit of an FU to everyone I think) but he personally lists his birthdate as 7th january 1993 – in fact that is the date of his birthdate listed in earlier waterpolo competitions also. If he has listed his birthdate correctly that would actually make him 18 and an adult……big difference in penalty.

  307. What a looser, and some nice fake crying there too. You got caught and now your trying to weezle your way out of it. You’re just another spoiled little punk and I hope they try you as an adult.

  308. I’ve been reading through all these posts and am shocked at most of you. Yes, he did something really ‘stupid’ – and he’s paying for it now. He shouldn’t have to pay for the rest of his life. He didn’t get caught..he turned himself in. You are all a bunch of ‘BULLIES; You people who are phoning and harassing his family are behaving no better than Nathan or any of the others who participated in the riot. After reading all your comments, I’m left thinking …”What the hell kind of mob mentality is this?” The rioting upset me too but I certainly am not out to hang this kid. There were others, not just Nathan. I honestly believe he is remorseful and I’m sure that one day he’ll become a responsible citizen in his community. Get over it!

    • Overall, I agree with what you say. I don’t know the family, but I believe the entire family has some soul searching to do.

      Regarding your comment about turning himself in, yes he did, but be honest. If he hadn’t, do you really think the police wouldn’t have found him. His picture is one of a few that has been the face of this riot that has circulated around the world.

      He’s turned himself in because he would have been paid a visit anyways and by turning himself in, it shows he is cooperating in the hopes of a lighter sentence.

    • He did get caught. His photos where all aver the web and people posted his name and he read it on the web first. You asking what kind of mob mentality is this? He tried to blow up a police car on a street full of people! In my book that’s call a terrorist. I am going to call and email anybody that helps this punk over and over. If he gets a job, I’m going to call that company a terrorist supporter and contact any customers of that company over and over asking why they funding terrorists. You know this is just the start of his pain, he gave a black eye to our city and our country.

  309. Most definitely. His parents probably encouraged him to turn himself in. I don’t think it was his idea. lol. . If it were my kid, I would have dragged him by the seat of his pants into the police station. You’re right they would have caught him anyway.

    The main point of my comment is for people to stop tormenting him to death. They are really bullying him. Enough is enough!

    • I think people are upset because they know how the justice system works.

      In this case, rich white kid with influential parents. Unlikely he will get anything more severe then a slap on the wrist. We see this all the time with the rich…Think Lindsey Lohan

      In contrast, if it was a poor black kid from a broken home, it would be throw the book at him at all cost.

  310. He didn’t do the press conference out of the kindness of his heart. He even admitted he did it to try to save what’s left of his (and his family’s) reputation. Self serving prick. If he does get back on his water polo team they better have a hell of fund raising drive; it’s going to be tough raising funds with a criminal on the team.

  311. To all the people who are showing support to Nathan – COME ON – this guy set a police car on fire!!! Our lax Canadian justice system does not scare anyone. It always leaves the public outraged at the lack of equity between the crime and the punishment. Already lawyers have appeared on tv saying that video and photos may not be enough evidence to convict. “Witnesses need to be called and video evidence doesn’t show the whole story” – obviously these lawyers are looking for new clients. Just plain unacceptable!
    Thankfully, social media is playing the role of witness, detective, prosecutor, judge and jury. In this day and age this may be just the thing that citizens need to exact some true justice. I do not condone violence in return to him or his family. But I do believe that Nathan and all the rioters that are being exposed need to serve as a strong example so that in the future others will realize that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated in our society and that there are consequences. He should lose any scholarships, his chance to be on the Canadian Water Polo team and he should lose any chance of employment in our community and province. The public shaming will be his true punishment. And in turn his family will share in this embarrassment. I hope that they are forced to move out of our community/province for his actions and start a new life elsewhere. This will also scare the parents of these hooligans into realizing that they too can suffer from the actions of their children. There are many parents that need to wake up and be real parents. If Nathan and others like him do not pay a heavy toll for their actions than the lessons (and penalties) that others can learn from this unfortunate event will be lost.

  312. If someone from Iraq did this they call them a terrorist and everyone would want to give him life in prison.

  313. …….haven’t you seen anything. Keep his family out of it. His brother, sister, mom and dad do NOT need to be involved in this. His brother doesn’t need to be grouped with Nathan, please leave the family alone.

    • Anon, the problem with your argument is that his father dragged himself into it by saying that the pictures were misleading. That was a false statement. It wasn’t until his father realized that Nathan was caught on video, that he changed his tune. By – perhaps inadvertently – lying to the press, he dragged himself and his family into this.

      Though I suspect that the father got that story from his son, and that’s why he said it. Unfortunately that shows that Nathan cannot be straight with his father, even in one of the most important points in his life. If the father can’t get a simple answer in this situation, when will he ever? That’s a dysfunction in the family and a shows a lack of good parenting. There are laws in Canada where parents can be charged in situations like these, you know?

      And if the father lied for any reason, then you can’t say they don’t deserve this. By not being straight forward at the beginning, the family has put themselves in this position. You can’t say keep the family out, when they simply lied to deceive the public.

  314. Trying to blow up a police car and getting caught – PRICELESS!!!

  315. I just watched the video showing the full deal and the pathetic apology. This scum said it was a mistake and he didn’t know why he did it. He had multiple chances to stop but, he continue lightening fires and egging people on. The so-called apology not accepted. He ruined not only Vancouver image but, also Canada. His family said they were proud of him to come forward. That just hilarious. He only came forward because he got caught. They said he wanted to get a court order to release his name. Well, his name and picture was already all over the internet. They need to stop making him seems like he such a good kid. These damn spoiled kids grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth. They don’t know what hard work is. Destroying other people properties without a care in the world. I wondered how he would feel if someone came light his house on fire. His parents deserve the part of the blame too because they did such a great job raising him.

  316. his water polo career is over. I don’t want this idiot representing us at any event! I hope he loses his scholarship to the University of Calgary too.

    i guess is the dumbest hooligans and the one who has the most to lose following his did.

    i vote for him as the ” star” of the riot vs jason li here

    what do think?

  317. I just read this story in the newspaper, as well as some
    postings here. I’m surprised that he didn’t hide behind
    the young offender’s act. What did he think was going to
    happen to him for publicly admitting to torching a cop
    car. I’m not suggesting this, but it would not surprise me
    if this kid doesn’t die soon, either from suicide or stress.
    No question this kid brought all of this on all by himself.
    That being said, if this kid doesn’t get psychological help,
    he won’t be long for this earth. I have not heard what the
    father has said in response to this, but if what i read in
    some postings is true, and he in fact is saying that his
    son has done nothing, then i have no sympathy for his
    parents, particularily since the kid was caught on tape!
    I have to say it pisses me off to no end the way some
    self-entitled rich kids act-like they don’t have to answer
    to anyone, and can do whatever they want.

  318. This guy made a very stupid choice and a massive mistake. While I want to see some extremely serious consequences for actions and I do mean serious! Let’s also try to remember that he didn’t have to waive his rights as a “young offender” for anonymity and he did man up and turn himself in though I’m sure he would have been caught anyway.

    As well let’s remember that he is a 17 year old kid who threw away a lot with one action. While I’m very angry and want justice, I’m not totally without empathy. I’m sure not on the same level of torching a police car, but who among us has not done something very stupid when they were 17? Let’s let this guy take his punishment and pay his due to society and let him move on once he’s made satisfactory restitution.

    I also don’t mind the public shaming but again let’s keep it in perspective folks. We can’t allow ourselves to fall victim to the same “mob mentality” that the idiots on Wednesday night did.

    • I think as more names come out, his will naturally fade a little more into the backround. If naming stops, then he is in big trouble. His best hope is this and many websites , as they will spread the energy around to other people. If he loses his scholarship then I don’t think jail time in necessary. I think that will happen and that will actually help him by alleviating some of the pressure for justice.

  319. Is the greater good served by basically destroying the life of a 17-yr old kid who made an incredibly stupid and immensly insane decision? I am as outraged as anyone, and my gut reaction, like everyone else’s, is to have every single person involved in this riot strung up. But several days removed now from that event, this site is beginning to ring “empty” for me. I don’t know what the right answer is, but my gut is telling me what the right answer “isn’t”. This isn’t the right answer. Morally, this isn’t the right answer.

    Send your images to the VPD, if you recognize someone, give the name to the VPD. And then step back and let the legal system (flawed as it is) do it’s job.

    • give me a break, the guy’s life is hardly over
      if he had succeeded in igniting the gas tank on the cop car and ended up killing or maiming dozens of people would you still feel sorry for him?

    • Yes. The greater good is served by ridiculing this over privileged, narcissistic, little creep. He committed a very serious crime and he should be thankful Daddy can afford a good lawyer. Him and his family deserve to have the feeling that his life is destroyed. The family has a lot of money and that goes a long way for this creep’s future. He might not fulfill his water polo dreams in Calgary, but he’ll get his education and move on. Try not to be so mellow dramatic Ron.

      • You don’t know him – you can’t call him a narcissist or a creep….also it’s spelled melodramatic*

  320. All of the photographs of Kotylak lighting the fire, including the video, appear to show someone engaged in a deliberate, wilful and measured act. I write “measured” because he’s not jumping up and down on vehicles, supposedly caught up in the frenzy of “mob mentality”. Instead, he is seen taking the time to hold a match close to the tank, and again to hold the match to the bottom of the shirt that has been stuffed in the tank and again throwing something into the vehicle and then clapping and cheering about it. Did he stuff the shirt into the tank? Where did he get it? What else did he have in his backpack? Someone else mentioned noticing those distinctive sneakers in a number of photographs.
    Hopefully there will be consequences for him and being affected personally is perhaps the only way he will grow as a human being. Just as earlier comments have stated, he could have killed someone through his actions and nothing that he suffers as a consequence of his stupidity will be as serious as that.

  321. And now he cries to the press as he sees the consequences to his action. Sorry Nathan this was deliberate vandalism that is serious and not deserving of a scholarship to Calgary University or any other.

  322. Why is there so much rage here? This kid fucked up big time. He deserves to suffer the consequences of a criminal charge and he deserved to be outed. But he has no apologized and turned himself in. I know plenty of kids who made huge mistakes as young people and through their mistakes went on to become very productive, healthy and socially aware adults. This kid will be no exception. Already, his dreams of the olympics are probably dashed, and maybe med school too. Plus, he’s going to have a very serious criminal charges. I think he’s suffered enough.

    Some of the messages posted here are over the top. Is there a purpose to allowing unmoderated comments? I think comments should be removed. Its getting really out of hand, especially as people post names and #s, which is MESSED UP. People don’t deserve to have their lives threatened over the destruction of material items. This is terrifying and psychologically destructive, not only for him, but for his family and is far more dangerous and messed up than burning a cop car.

    • You’re absolutely right, ABC — I think that despite the grave mistakes made by a youth, he/she can still grow up to lead a very productive and successful life.
      The problem is that Canadians are simply fed up with this lax form of justice. Hopefully the public shaming will scare future potential offenders and deter them.

      • He’s already experienced the consequences of the shaming. Everyone in the country knows who this kid is, everyone who knows him is now aware of what an idiot he is, and the shaming process has had a huge impact not only on his athletics career, but may have an impact on his academic career.

        My problem is not that his name has been broadcast, but that he’s getting the ‘baby-rapist’ treatment; that is, people are treating him the way they would the most deviant of criminals — they’re harassing him, threatening his life, trying to shame him for life, isolate him for his community. A certain degree of shaming is expected, but it has gone over the top now. The mob-issued punishment does not fit the crime.

      • and as to deterrence, I think what happened in the first few days will deter them. I don’t think this needs to continue for it to have a deterrent effect.

    • To help Nathan out we should contact global and tell them how courageous it was for nathan to go on national TV and speak. And how this kid has been through enough “public shaming”
      Here is the global contact email! do it now!
      the contact page is

      • I don’t think he’s courageous at all. He went on national tV because his name had already been dragged through the mud and he wanted to restore it. Nothing courageous about that. and probably his parents made him do it anyway.

        But if the purpose of this site is to deter so that people will think twice in the future, that goal has been accomplished. Not only is this kid reviled by 40 MILLION Canadians, he’s not going to be able to avoid the legal system because there are clear videos and photos of what happened, captured by professional photographers and reporters. It won’t be hard to contact witnesses and have him prosecuted. He’s also been suspended from his water polo team.

        I think it’s enough public shaming, but I don’t necessarily think we should defend him publicly either. If you want to defend him, what about the others who also apologized?

  323. I have NO sympathy for this man. He is sorry he got caught. He should be punished to the full extent of the law and have his scholarship taken away.

  324. He did NOT turn himself in … He GAVE UP AFTER ALL HIS FRIENDS OUTED HIM ONLINE …


    heh heh heh

  325. He COULD have hurt someone, but didn’t. Many people DID hurt others that night….why aren’t their names being dragged through the mud. He COULD have blown up the car, but didn’t. Watch the video…another individual DID set the car on fire…why isn’t his name being dragged through the mud? For those of you making comments about his father’s skills as a doctor…especially the person who commented on his bedside manner, let’s not overlook the small detail that his father SAVED YOUR LIFE. This person has already turned himself in…why don’t you guys put your energy into helping the police identify all the others involved? This kid was not alone. And leave his family alone… once this has all died down, those of you threatening and harassing the family could very well be getting a visit of your own from the cops. Online anonymity is not quite as anonymous as you think…phone numbers and IP addresses are traceable. Oh, and one more thing, a family’s financial status has no connection to how they raise their children. Lots of poor families produce children who make bad choices too.

  326. We need to establish a website “”
    Publish all the key photos with clear face pics and then allow the public to start naming them!!

    PS: Shame on Nathan Koytlak’s father for defening his son’s actions and trying to ‘downplay’ his ‘attempt’ to torch the cop car. It’s precisely the attitudes of parents which give their kids all the more justification to stupid/criminal things and feel like they will get away with it! SHAME!!!

  327. Lets not also start punishing innocent people.. that is no better than a rioting mob.–vancouver-rioter-s-family-flees-home-over-safety-concerns

  328. Just tossing this in here as an update to his story. He and his family have apparently had to flee their home over safety concerns.

    • The “safety concerns” seem unfounded. They’re just being overwhelmed by the direct hate being thrown at them on the “interwebs”. There is nothing to prove they have been directly threatened or confronted in real life, and this seems like another piece in their “paint themselves as victims” approach to the whole situation. Despicable.

  329. Being threatened over the internet? Are you kidding me? This is another attempt to garner some sympathy for this twat. The facebook page has now been deleted and now I feel this family is a joke. Who does this douche think he is?

  330. The Kotylak family still deny that their son did anything wrong. I am disgraced that his father is a doctor in our country. Really I did not know you guys support domestic terrorism. What your son did was an act of terrorism. Give your head a shake and now Im starting to think the son is not to blame but the nitwit parents. No wonder the kid does not know right from wrongs, its because his idiotic excuse for a parents are delusional as hell. The Kotylak get the Dickwad of the Week Award.

  331. You guys are hilarious…accepting everything the media says as the absolute truth. What’s really embarrassing for Canadians is the number of ignorant fools in our society who can’t stop to think a little more. Put your critical thinking caps on guys…media edit comments to make more sensation…it’s called ratings! Were any of you actually physically present at the recording of the apology? Did you here the whole thing from every person or did you watch the edited clips? Stop and think a little…the media are not known for telling the whole story! Also, maybe we should talk about how the people who have harassed the family to the point that Dr. Kotylak had to close his practice for a few days. I’m sure the people scheduled for surgery are very grateful to these “well meaning citizens” for their cancelled surgeries and the jeopardizing of their health. Maybe you guys should think about the consequences of your actions too.

    • ” I’m sure the people scheduled for surgery are very grateful to these “well meaning citizens” for their cancelled surgeries and the jeopardizing of their health. Maybe you guys should think about the consequences of your actions too.”

      THIS!!!! THANK YOU!

      • A family member of mine had surgery done by Dr. Kotylak and I have looked after many of his clients….they love him…he is a great doctor, he cares for his patients and their families. He’s attentive and always available, he is responsible, knowledgeable and respectful to his patients and to others he works with. I doubt very much the patients of cancelled surgeries are happy about that particularily when a lot of his surgeries are to remove cancerous tumors.

        I am not making light of what Nathan has done, it is unthinkable and justice needs to be served but hounding his family is not serving justice…only causing further hardship in an already overwhelmed medical system.

      • Fact, Dr. Kotylak is showing his true colors. He blatantly denied his sons participation. He is not displaying accountability. This raises another question, as a surgeon, will he display accountability if he made a mistake during surgery?

      • This was a sarcastic comment aimed at the idiots harassing this doctor. They have caused him to cancel important surgeries. This was not a slight against him at all. He saved my life once, he is an excellent surgeon and I am appalled that the general public have jeopardized the health of others by forcing him to close his practice for a while

  332. Lighting a shirt that is stuck into a gas tank causes an explosion. If someone from another country had come in and done that it would be called terrorism and attempted murder. He tried to light it. His intent was to light it. He did not snuff it out, he walked away. What if it had exploded? What if people have died?

    People who drink and drive don’t think they are going to kill people. If they don’t get into an accident, then yes lives were spared. Just because a drunk driver doesn’t hit anyone doesn’t make drunk driving not a crime.

    He may not have intended to kill anyone but the act of trying to light a gas tank (which is essentially a bomb) may have killed someone.

    His background should have nothing to do with this. He’s a good kid with a great future so let’s lessen his punishment? If it was a 42 year old man who tried to do that you’d all be asking to throw him in jail and throw away the key. You may think we are singling him out or being too harsh on him, but what he did was not mischief (jumping on a car, turning over a mail box, breaking a window) what he did was almost ignite a bomb. For those of you who feel like that sounds melodramatic, I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Let’s not sugar coat this.

    Many people who make mistakes wind up in jail. What makes him so different? He should be sent to jail, not community service. Yes he made a mistake. So man up and do your time. Jail is for people who try to blow up police cars. Community service is for people who turn over mail boxes.

    Jail is harsh, and it should be. His life is not ruined. But it is going to be pretty bad for the next little while. That’s how people learn lessons. Pain helps you grow. Punishment helps you comprehend consequences. Nathan may not know this now, but he will learn some very valuable lessons about empathy, respecting other’s property, respecting the services of the police and how to stand up to peer pressure. Unfortunately he’s going to learn it the hard way but that’s a choice he made. And if public shaming is the way to learn, well again that’s a choice he made.

    If you don’t want people mocking you, don’t try to light police cars on fire as hundreds of people record it on their cellphones.

    Sorry my post is so long, but hey, a lot to say.

  333. There is a counter argument for you comments as well “Anon”. The doctor may have closed his practice for a few days to try and control the situation and make arrangements to talk to lawyers and anyone else that needed to be part of the family council.

    It could be what you say is true and if it is, I am disgusted at those people who are harassing the family. That is a crime also !

    Lets make it very clear….I do not support or am defending Mr Nathan or his family.

    Now that he has been identified, lets move on. I came back to this page to see if there were any updates in terms of if any charges had been identified.
    All i see is more anger.

    This young man will have some issues for years to come and I hope he gets the help he is afforded as a member of this great country.

    Take care all of you and best wishes


  334. This kid is a typical entitled jackass who thinks his actions are above any personal responsibility. A fitting punishment would be banishment from water polo and a lifetime pumping gas, so he can remember his crime everytime he goes to work.


  335. God, some of you are over the top. You say Nathan’s “not sorry for his actions, just that he got caught”
    How do you know?? There’s no way anyone can say for sure if he’s sincere or not. Only time will tell.

    “What if the car blew up and killed people?”
    Well, it didn’t, so stop with that irrelevant argument.

    “Should pump gas for the rest of his life”
    Yes, that’d be a great choice for a bright talented kid who, if sincere, could receive his punishment, learn a lot from his stupid behaviour and potentially become very productive and contributing member to society.

    “Family should be banished from BC”. Another excellent, well-thought through solution.

    So really, no punishment he endures will ever be enough for you guys to move on? How ridiculous and self-righteous of you.

    I think public shaming is an excellent way to make people realize how horrifically shitty their behaviour was. This site is brilliant for that reason.
    BUT, when they actually GET IT, when they see what full-on doucebags they were, why won’t we give them a chance to PROVE they get it?

    The kid seems very sincere. He doesn’t know why he did it. What’s so unbelievable about that? He’s an emotionally immature kid who needs to think through how he’d respond in any situation. He lost his mind in the moment – super crazy, agreed. And he needs to face the consequences. And hopefully can develop the maturity to be a good person in any situation, no matter what it is.
    Furthermore, he doesn’t know why he got caught up in it, but he wants to remove himself from the young offenders act, and be tried as an adult. That should show he’s trying to prove he’s sincere. Give him a fucking chance.

    Since he’s making this effort, can we let him move on? Can we say,
    “hey, way to go, that apology took guts. It’ll take awhile for society to believe you’re sincere, but we’re willing to let you prove you are sincere”

    Is that not reasonable?

    • True, he needs to face the consequences. No free scholarship, no water polo. Let someone good have that scholarship and place on the team. Why should he get anything?
      The question Is he going to go to court and plead guilty?

    • So if he planted a pipe or gasoline bomb (which this indirectly was) then no harm no foul? What about all the other fires he set that night that were documented on film? What about the others he wasn’t caught lighting? Fucktard.

    • If he planted a bomb, that would suggest pre-meditation, which is a different situation.
      Of course he needs to suffer the consequences of lighting fires & rioting, which is very severe, but let’s just keep it all in context. Focus on what he did do, which is bad enough, not claim it’s the same as “attempted murder” or any of that bullshit.

      And I’m saying make him pay, but then give him a chance to change. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But he definitely won’t if society won’t let him.

  336. The CBC video shows the inside of the police car smoking, and Nathan going back and ADDING NEWSPAPER to what’s smoking inside … if that’s not lighting it then it’s adding TO IT …

    Parents are to blame, because, in spite of being caught up in the moment, Nathan did not have the moral upbringing to internalize “setting fire to a police car is WRONG?”, he did not have the upbringing to process the CHOICE he had, the same CHOICE that 100,000 other people had …

    He HAS a history of BAD BEHAVIOUR, BUT IT’S BEING COVERED UP… why doesn’t someone follow up and investigate … THERE IS A HISTORY, IF SOMEONE CARES TO LOOK … LOOK in the water polo club records, look in the school records, look in the swim club records …

  337. A nicely written “apology” given to him by his lawyer. All he is sorry for is that he got caught via pictures and video; knowing he has seriously f—ed himself and his future. Sorry that he has blown his chance of possibly going to the Olympics and getting a free-ride education. One moment he is crying and the next all serious. Whatever! From the pictures and video I have seen of him during the riot, he sure didn’t look like he was sorry but actually enjoying himself. Hopefully his future will consist of asking people “would you like fries with that?”.

    • You know that because he showed his true side another person, a good decent person is going to have there dreams come true possibly going to the Olympics and getting a free-ride education.

  338. Nathan is NOT a star player. How did he get a scholarship from Waterpolo Canada to the U of Calgary? How did he get on the Canadian National team? How did he become an Olympic hopeful? This is news to a lot of people on his team, the U of Calgary Waterpolo team, and Waterpolo Canada team members … there are several other players that are more skillful, more teachable, and better behaved.

    Someone should ask Nathan’s MOM who is just now EX-president of B.C. Water Polo (she resigned last Friday, just before the B.C. waterpolo AGM Saturday) and did not attend, possibly for obvious reasons.

    • This is all very interesting news, but his parents did not light the police car that night. Nathan did. Every parent I know will try to give their sons or daughters the best chances they will have in life. I’m sure this is what Nathan’s parents have tried. Yes, they are affluent and positioned themselves to make a path for Nathan. Let’s not turn this on them.

      As a parent myself, I would defend and protect my son by any means possible. They are doing the same. Nathan will get his day in court and perhaps hopefully he will learn from his actions.

      • Well said.

      • Mad Dog, by stating that photos of the incident were misleading, the father turned the spotlight on himself and his family. Whether he gave this false statement knowingly or unknowingly, he drew his entire family into the situation.

        If Nathan lied to his father about the incident, at one of the most important moments of his life, that that shows an extreme dysfunction in the family. If the father knowingly gave a false statement, that’s worse. I understand your point about being a sheltering parent, but you can’t say his parents aren’t at fault here. They maybe should be called out even more.

  339. Why hasn’t this a-hole been charged with anything yet? Umm…he turned himself in…or wait, was that daddy’s hotshot lawyer who did it? Kwong, who turned himself in days earlier is facing 4 charges (guess it’s because he doesn’t have a high-paid lawyer and most likely friends in the law enforcement community). VPD, grow some balls. As for him getting a court order to release his name so that he could apologize, what a joke. EVERYONE already knew his name. Had they not known it….I promise you, noone would be the wiser.
    I also noticed the anti-Nathan Kotylak facebook groups are missing….I’m guessing someone’s daddy’s lawyer did some threatening or someone’s palms got greased. I hope people keep making them….

  340. I wonder why the need for the back pack when one is just going down to celebrate? Natey was looking for trouble and big daddy doctor can’t help him out now. He deserves to get the book thrown at him.

  341. I wonder if his family realizes that by not being charged this is making the situation much worse. If people feel you’ve paid your penance, then they’re more apt to move on and forget about you. If they think you’ve gotten away with something, which is clear in the video, then they will feel an extreme injustice, if you are not taken to court.

    If I were the parents, I would insist my son be charged and let people move on. If not, this looks really bad on his family, the VPD, and people may never stop the pressure on the kid.

  342. The apologists for Nathan’s behavior on here may be right; maybe Nathan committed no crime, if he did nothing wrong, why is he apologizing? … maybe trying to light a police car on fire when you’re 17 and an ‘elite’ athelete maybe heading for the Olympics and have a lowyer and rich parents and go to private school buys you a “Get out of jail FREE” card? …

    Yes, in BC this can be done… Ref: Basi/Verk and BC RAIL … need I say more?

    The REAL CROOKS fly as long as SOMEONE takes the rap … apparently there are 5 others that been ratted out and have given up to the police … so Nathan and his lawyer may indeed go SCOTT FREE …

  343. Someone should make a website just from Nathan. This story has only just started. I’m sure there will be payoffs and coverups coming soon.
    Water Polo All Star gone bad. – Canada’s 17 year old home grown domestic terrorist. is available

  344. I think this kid and his family has gone through enough!!! The authorities know he was involved so let them deal with it. Everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect it took a lot of courage for this kid speak out. It doesn’t matter what his parents do for a living they are not the ones in trouble leave them out of it!! Some of you people are ridiculous on here, give your head a shake!!

  345. Oh naive, privileged Nathan. Too bad so sad that you’re getting so much more than your 15 minutes of fame. As a grade 9 dropout and a single parent solely responsible for my 16 year old child in every way since her birth, this is another time when I resent the notion of “experts” who claim being raised in a two parent traditional home is the best for all children. I’ve raised my kid from insufficient pay cheque to insufficient pay cheque for 16 years. She helps out at soup kitchens, mentors younger high school kids, walks dogs for elderly neighbours, has helped construct facilities in 3rd world refugee camps and is SO much more deserving of a scholarship than the likes of you. I was in the midst of a riot after Seafest years ago (yes – that revelation makes me old). I dropped acid on a pretty well weekly basis. at your tender age. I was put in the drunk tank for ;public drunkenness & shouting obscenities at cops. NEVER, ever would I have dreamed of engaging in acts of terror. Terrorism is when you inflict terror on people – & that, little boy, is just what you did. Perhaps you didn’t take the time to notice the respectable, decent folks with good moral compasses who were trying to get away from the riot with terror on their faces. It is oh so very clear that you have not had (at least up until the night of game 7) any appreciation whatsoever for your many privileges thus far in your young life. Look upon this calamity you have bought down upon yourself and your family and your teammates as a gift. Learn from it. Go forth in your life committing good and selfless acts. And be very, very glad you’re not going to be charges with multiple murders. It could so easily have ended up much worse for you than it has. Really. Good luck with your future.

  346. Wake up folks. Stop being so naive by believing everything the media is reporting. If any of you posting here were actually present at the time his dad made his statement, we’d be happy to hear your opinion. Those of you assuming the media posted everything he said, with no edits, get a reality check. The general public is way to quick to believe without question…very sad for the population of a first world country. Also, let’s give up on the “what ifs” and focus on the “what actually occurred.” While we’re at it, anyone got the name of the person who actually lit the car?

    • You may be the only person in Canada who doesn’t know it ….CBC made sure of that….

      • Kim, you were at the filming of this? You heard first hand the entire thing from start to finish so that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that CBC relayed everything as is, no cuts, no edits, no intention to gain further public interest?

      • …no, I don’t know the name of the individual who actually succeeded in igniting the vehicle…do you?

  347. The whole situation made me think of those demotivational posters…I needed the laugh. (c/o

    FREEDOM – I may not agree with what you say, but I respect your right to be punished for it.
    IDIOCY – never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
    IRRESPONSIBILITY – No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood.
    TEAMWORK – A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.
    PRESSURE – It can turn a lump of coal into a flawless diamond, or an average person into a perfect basketcase.
    PERSEVERANCE – The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

  348. Nathan’s televised apology was WEAK!
    It was completely scripted and then delivered with the crocodile
    tears by Nathan who may almost now realize that his life is
    going down the toilet with no hope for a scholarship, the
    Olympics and the likelihood of a criminal record.
    Awww poor sad Nathan. Finally caught for being a
    longtime douchebag.

  349. You people are taking all of your anger that you have towards the thousands of people who collectively destroyed the city, out on one boy who has come forward and is working to do the right thing. If you don’t know Nathan and his family then what gives you the right to trash talk his parents and family and the way you think he has grown up. Even if you do know Nathan and his family, what on earth gives you the right to slander their names?? You know nothing about his life except what you ASSUME and read on the internet!!! This page is full of the mob mentality!! You’re all feeding off of each others anger and directing it towards one target – who can honestly say that is the right thing to do?? If you think you can, then you need to get your head checked.

    How is telling a 17 year old kid to kill himself, threatening his family, trying to destroy his future more than it already is, etc. going to help him learn?? Nathan has taken the wrath of an entire city upon his shoulders and is still trying to cooperate and do everything he can to make amends. Someone tell me that isn’t being amazingly brave and doing the right thing to try and correct your mistakes..

    No, he did not make the best choices that night, but he is doing his best to make amends for that now, and all that is coming of that is more public wrath and hatred.. No wonder the other thousands of rioters aren’t coming forward – why would they want to take on all of this, just because they are trying to do the right thing and take responsibility for their actions?? The events of June 15, 2011 cannot be undone or taken back, and taking away someone’s entire future and entire life and judging them and their families based on the worst moment of their entire life is not going to change that. How would each of you feel if you were publicly judged and trashed based the worst moment of your life? Would you still think it was the right thing to do, if god forbid, this was you in the spotlight??

    If you knew Nathan, you would know that the backlash he has faced already will ensure that he never does anything even remotely questionable again until the day he dies. To all of you assuming that this is just the tip of the iceberg with him, you could not be more wrong, and until you can prove otherwise, you have absolutely no right to continue to slander and deface his name, along with those around him.

    Also, to the people who are posting threats on this site, you really think that people aren’t sending your threats to the police? You honestly think it’s not possible for the police to trace your IP addresses and find out who you are?? Are you aware that your actions are illegal too? Your are no better than those who rioted.

    And finally, to “BeenThereDoneThat” I sure hope I don’t know you and that you’re only someone pretending to be part of the waterpolo community, because should your name come out after the things you have said on here, you will find yourself a very unpopular person around the pool deck once everyone has moved on from the initial shock of this event. The aquatics community is a family, a family that supports one another and helps in situations where it is needed, and you sure are not displaying that with your slanderous comments and allegations. Honestly, I am disturbed by how easily you are publicly throwing Nathan’s name and family under the bus, especially if you know the family personally. I sure wouldn’t want you as a friend.

    • Wow. simply wow. You come on here to defend Nathan, telling people to stop threatening and harassing him and then your last paragraph you threaten and harass. At the very least that’s not very helpful at all to Nathan. At the most, you start to see the culture that produces a person who would do such an act of domestic terrorism. Maybe you’re right. Maybe the fault isn’t with Nathan. It’s with his friends and family who gave him the environment where personal accountability takes a back seat to protecting your own. Shame on you for not helping Nathan with your post.

    • I understand what you’re trying to say, but you said it really really badly. Your long letter seems very sincere and articulate. They why did you kill your argument and any good will by threatening people at the end?

      I think the massive majority of good posters on this board don’t wish any harm on Nathan. They just wish that people are held accountable and that the riot doesn’t happen again. The fact that Nathan hasn’t been charged, even when the evidence is clear and he has confessed is not helping at all. If you know Nathan’s family, please tell them encourage the police to publicly charge Nathan, even if there will be no jail time, and you’ll find that a lot of the pressure will be off. People want to see restitution. The fact that there’s been none is not good for him.

      You’re very right about the fact that Nathan is getting the brunt because not so many people have been outed. That’s why these web sites are so important. As more people are ID’d, Nathan will get less and less attention. But it takes a lot of work to out people If you’ve read this site, you’ll realize the head only wants people who took part in a crime. That takes a ton of time and energy. He’s only one person.

      • Sorry about the bad editing. You seem like a good friend, and I wanted to get this out before it’s not to late for you to see it.

      • I can’t believe the end of that letter, either. I liked hearing his point of view, but then he just turned evil. The letter was made with a lot of time and effort and comes at the end of a long string of a 2 day old post. Not the typical agenda for a troll. Do you think it really was his friend?

      • Good call on the non trollish behavior. If it really is Nathan’s friend, he should come back and apologize for that last paragraph. He hurt Nathan’s cause terribly by writing something like that.

      • Hey bud, you realize that just because you’re using 3 different names, doesn’t mean we can’t tell that you’re one person right? See that color bar at the end of your post.. It stays the same every time you post.. A for effort though.. 5 posts in a row with 3 different names, way to go!

      • Ya, sorry about that. Linked family computer. I can’t control what my Father-in-law says. (or does, especially when it comes to computers). My daughter really loves that you stood up for your friend, even with all the adversity, and she was the one who pushed me to give you some advice. She thinks you’re being a good friend, and I have to say, I agree with her. She tends to push her Dad around a lot, too.

    • Anonymous said: “You people are taking all of your anger that you have towards the thousands of people who collectively destroyed the city, out on one boy who has come forward and is working to do the right thing.”
      Thank s for checking out the rest of the blog. Obviously you missed a few hundred other posts aimed at other rioting losers who helped destroy the Vancouver downtown core.
      If you had read those other posts you would realize that public shaming IS working to out the opportunistic animals that destroyed public and private property to the cost of millions.
      Tell your weepy friend Nathan that he apology is weak. He has NO real remorse other than he has been caught and now his oh so f*cking privileged life is now a greasy sh!t stain blemishing his family, his community and his friends.

      • Sorry, do you know that he has no real remorse or are you just assuming? Have you talked to him? Have you even watched the FULL interview, not the one that was only 1/4 of the actual length? Did you talk to him before the photos came out to see his level of remorse before any of this even went public so that you could say he only cares because he was caught? Or are you just assuming that because you want to believe the worst in someone so that you have someone to blame?

    • No 1 – not all people on here are threatening him or his family – some of us are simply insuring that his “google fingerprint” will remain and that there is enough public pressure on police to ensure a fair prosecution. Other children much younger than him have committed first, second and third degree arson and public mischief and are paying harshly for it. If I were to walk to the police station tomorrow and throw a match under a police car – deliberately and then cheer on any bystanders to watch it burn – I would be thrown in handcuffs and immediately arrested.

      Its all well and good for you, who is obviously someone who knows him, to say he has learnt a lesson and will never do anything naughty ever again – but did you ever expect to see him commit this felony…… I didn’t think so.

    • The last paragraph just cemented the fact that his apology was nothing but a ploy for a lenient sentence. It also shows Nathan’s character, his family’s character and the character of your elitist community, that you protect your own.

  350. Wow. Just wow. You come on here to defend Nathan, telling people to stop threatening and harassing him and then your last paragraph you threaten and harass. At the very least that’s not very helpful at all to Nathan. At the most, you start to see the culture that produces a person who would do such an act of domestic terrorism. Maybe you’re right. Maybe the fault isn’t with Nathan. It’s with his friends and family who gave him the environment where personal accountability takes a back seat to protecting your own.

    • if he is your true friend then ask him this question, ‘would you have turned yourself in even if you were not photographed?’

  351. so very stupid young!!!

  352. I was not threatening in any way, and if it came across that way that was not my intention. I simply meant that for someone who seems to be a part of the aquatics community to be slandering his name as his posts are, that is not in the spirit of the close-knit waterpolo community. And yes, after I posted I did realize that it was an unnecessary part of my post, however once it is posted you cannot delete or edit it. So if it was taken as a threat, it was not intended to be that way.

    • are you saying that everyone in the aquatic community HAS to support him – that none can be absolutely and totally disgusted by what he has done? Surely people are allowed their own opinions without being threatened…

    • surely people in the aquatic community are allowed their own opinions and are fully entitled to be absolutely and totally disgusted by the felony crimes he has committed and the ever lasting smug on Vancouver and Canadas name that he helped to put there

    • You’re joking right? Do you realize how bad your making Nathan’s friends look by writing a threat and then saying:

      “So if it was taken as a threat, it was not intended to be that way.”

      Sorry, but that’s total BS. This board exists because of the belief in personal accountability, and you’ve refused to take personal accountability. You want to help Nathan by telling people to stop threatening him, and then you threaten someone yourself. It starts to make people realize think how Nathan became what he is by the people around him.

      So how can we believe you when you say Nathan is not normally like this as a person, when his own friend goes ahead and acts in the same fashion!

      • ” If it really is Nathan’s friend, he should come back and apologize for that last paragraph.”

        If you would like a personal apology, this is it. As I said before, that last paragraph was unnecessary. It is very hard to not get emotional when you see hundreds of people bashing someone who you know is truly a good person. For me to see someone (BeenThereDoneThat) who seems to know the Kotylak family and to still be bashing them in the manor in which they were, makes me quite upset, which is where the paragraph came from – my emotions. I’m only human but I do realize that it wasn’t necessary and I really did not mean for it to detract from “Nathan’s cause” as you say.

    • Yes, please now attack me because of this, that’s the right thing to do.

      Never did I say that everyone from the aquatics community were to be declined the right to their own opinions – I said it is not in the fashion of the tight-knit community to throw someone under the bus who needs support in this challenging time. Also, did I ever say I agreed with what he did? No, but I don’t agree with how he and his family are being treated.

      Please tell me when I threatened someone?? I said they wouldn’t be very popular for committing an act of slander to people who they apparently know. What about that is a threat? I don’t quite understand how I am refusing to take personal responsibility –
      “And yes, after I posted I did realize that it was an unnecessary part of my post, however once it is posted you cannot delete or edit it. So if it was taken as a threat, it was not intended to be that way.”
      I believe I apologized for that, did I not?

      • I tried to be straight forward with you, but I really have no choice in the matter by your blinded and stubborn answer. He’s how you started

        “And finally, to “BeenThereDoneThat” I sure hope I don’t know you and that you’re only someone pretending to be part of the waterpolo community, ”

        The is the classic way of how to start a threat of someone. I’m an English teacher. I’d love to learn something new here

        “because should your name come out after the things you have said on here, you will find yourself a very unpopular person around the pool deck once everyone has moved on from the initial shock of this event.”

        Definition: THREAT: Noun. A statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.

        You promised a hostile action in retribution to his post.

        DING DING!!! Congratulations! You’ve matched the definition.

        Now, please, tell me how this is not a threat.

      • Oh my gosh, they’re not going to be well liked at the pool! I feel so threatened!

        I am done with this site and all the negative BS on it. I hope one day you people grow up and realize that all you’re trying to do on here is ruin a boy’s life. I sure hope you feel good about yourselves.

      • Anon, I’m not trying to be a vengeful person or a jerk here. I’m just on the other side of the argument.

        I’m sorry that your friend is in huge trouble. I can really sympathize with that. In fact, your post had me sympathize with you and him until the final two paragraphs.

        I understand why you threatened that person. But by doing it in an open forum like this, you made Nathan look really bad because people will feel his friends just don’t understand the difference between right and wrong.

        And now by denying that it’s a threat, when it’s clearly a threat, you make people wonder what’s going on in the community and friends that surrounds Nathan. Basically you’ve implied that the people around him don’t have the sense when they’re doing something awful, when they clearly are. Do you really want people to think that?

      • Sorry that last sentence should read, doing something wrong. Not awfuI. I wanted to get it in so Anon would see it.

        But by the tone of his last paragraph, I get the feeling he’s gone off to play Grand Theft Auto or some rewarding game like that.

        I wonder where they get the idea to join a riot?

      • I didn’t mean it in a threatening way. I understand that is the way it came across, but that is not how it was intended. I did not articulate my point well and in no way should it be a reflection on Nathan. He comes from a great family who raised him very well. He made a huge, huge mistake, and although you all don’t know what a great person he is, I don’t think that any of you are even open to seeing the amazing side of him that everyone who knows him and his family have seen for years and years and years.

        I feel as though the positive posts on here are being wasted because I feel like all of your minds have already been made on how you will feel about Nathan forever. I understand that you have only seen him in this terrible light, but doesn’t even a tiny piece of you believe that Nathan is truly a great kid who simply made the biggest mistake of his life?

      • I’m a teacher so I can try to understand where Nathan’s coming from. Here’s some advice for you and your friends to help Nathan.

        First, you have to expect very negative post headed your way. People are really angry that the city was destroyed by normal citizens. They need to express that anger. If not, Nathan will find people standing outside the courthouse yelling at him if and when he is called. I know somebody who went through that, and there’s nothing worse. You have to let people get out their anger and vent. Just skip the posts that aren’t objective.

        Second, it’s a bit too soon to help Nathan out by responding to people’s passionate posts. Come back in a few days and talk with people then. When the spotlight goes on other people, people will be more accepting to hear from his friends.

        Third. Don’t expect people to change their feeling about him through only discussions. But keep pumping how good of a person he is by his deeds, not what he says. Don’t be specific, but give examples of what he’s done in the past to make you feel that he’s a good guy. Now people will cynical because we all feel are friends are good guys. So just keep at it without going overboard but be sincere and objective.

        4. Don’t engage with people who will tell you off. Keep helping his image by the keeping things positive. If someone is sincere in their posts, be sincere back. You’ll find that even though people are angry, this is Canada. We are an objective people when we aren’t ridiculously passionate about something.

        5. There are thousands of people on here who just read and don’t post. They want to be objective and want Nathan’s side of things. Remember when you write you are speaking to them too.

      • 6. Don’t come threaten people. That was a really bad move guys. I know why you did it, but that actually really hurt Nathan’s cause. Keep things positive. Most people here have no interest in a lynch mob. They just want justice and restitution.

        7. Don’t lose objectivity and be stubborn and pig-headed yourself. That shows a lack of good character and will reflect on Nathan. I’ve shown you how it was a threat and you’re still arguing with me. This is not helping at all. You should have apologized unequivocally and said you only did that because your so upset about how Nathan has been treated. Boom end of story. Remember, this will be read for a long time to come, and people will see that. You don’t want people to dismiss the rest of your posts because you look like your not objective yourself.

        8. Really try to avoid arguement and argumentative language if you can, especially for the first little while. You’re not going to win, as people are just too passionate about it. The key is to get Nathan’s viewpoint out there as positively as you can

        If you’re smart, this forum could be a great way to help your friend. Be polite
        be objective, be positive, and be strong.

        Basically, be a good Canadian. You can’t argue with that. LOL

      • Oh and one more thing. Don’t worry about being passionate as long as you’re not being inflammatory. Most of your letter is good except for the parts when you talk down to people. My suggestion is don’t hit the send button on a passionate post unless you’ve thought about the it, or, even better, had someone else read it for you to make sure it’s not going to get people angry at you. Remember you’re speaking to thousands more than are actually posting.

        Let me know when you get this. I’ll answer any questions that you have.

      • Anon,

        Sorry about number 7. I totally missed your post from up there apologizing. You did apologize very well, and did it better than I would have thought. My bad.

        But I’m a bit confused. You then, later go and slag that person and the apology off. What was that?

      • In response to #7 – I apologized and then you continued to rag on me about it, so I was a bit confused to why you even felt like you were owed an apology and then completely dismissed it anyways. Now that you have said you did not see the apology, that is understandable. Also, don’t forget that the posts are not always in order as they were posted. You can post at the top, then the bottom and then the middle, then the top again by responding to different threads, so just because something is lower down on the page does not necessarily mean that it was posted later. In this case, yes it was posted later, but just for future reference.

        And thank you for helping me remain level headed amongst all of the angry posts – it is very hard to not get emotional when you see your friend and his family being publicly torn to pieces when you know they are a million times better than all of this.

      • Yah Anon, it does become a bit of a maze sometimes

        Give it a couple of days before people start to settle down. When more people are out there, the pressure will cool off. Remember to stay positive, and don’t respond to trolls.

        I feel very sorry for Nathan that he has to go through this. I really wish that he would have learned his lesson before this happened, so he didn’t have to feel this kind of pressure. It can’t be a good feeling.

        Hopefully one day he’ll be able to put it behind him and do great things. Try to be as supportive as you can and talk to him. Support from friends is very important now..

        Come back to this area if you have any questions or thoughts. Talk to you later.

  353. Look, ha made a mistake and is an amazing person. To all of you who do not know him and are making assumption, take a stroll in his shoes or his siblings or parents. He is owing up to what he did. I am not saying that is enough and there will be many more consequences but just because he made the mistake, he does not deserve this harassment. His family does not deserve to be frightened enough to leave their house. Instead of using all of this hatred against a seventeen year old, why don’t you use it to find the anarchists who went downtown with gas masks and bats, prepared to instigate and make the riots happen.


    • he’s an “amazing person” why? because he’s a “star water polo” athlete, or because his mommy was president of BC Water Polo right up until her timely resignation on Jul 17? or the perseverance he so clearly demonstrated by failing to initially set the police car on fire, and then going back later to throw in the burning news paper? please do tell.

      • Has this been published somewhere…that she was part of the organization or that she resigned? If yes, has it been verified as coming from a credible source? If it hasn’t been published, how would you have access to this information? If you are part of the BC Water Polo organization, and have just made this public, do the other members of the organization know that you have made this info public? Do you have permission from the organization to announce this? Please, do tell…

    • what choice did he have but to present himself – he was already outed…… and Nathan WAS ONE OF THOSE ANARCHISTS THAT DESTROYED DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER you fool.

    • GS, Thanks for coming on here with another point of view

      But what he did was not a mistake. It was a lack of basic morals. I don’t know one person who would ever considering doing something like that , at any age. Not one. That’s why people are so upset.

      And the fact that he comes from an upbringing where he must no better makes it many times worse.

      I understand that you guys are his friends. I think it’s great that you’re on here to help him. He has taken way too much of the brunt of this. But don’t at all try to excuse it as a mistake. Getting goaded into a fight at school is a mistake. Trying to light a fire in a police car in the middle of riot is a lack of humanity. If you don’t know better, then I think you better take a long look at yourself before you tell others not to be hard on him.

      Tell people they need to stop attacking him at his home and harassing him. I have no problem with that. But this was more than a mistake and I think you personally have to come to grips with that.

      I’m sorry if I’m so harsh.

    • “why don’t you use it to find the anarchists who went downtown with gas masks and bats, prepared to instigate and make the riots happen.”

      I think you hit the crux of the matter. Because so many non-hoolums joined the riot, it made impossible for the VPD to police it and now find the real criminals and send them to hard prison time.

      What this site is doing is trying to make sure this never happens again. If people know that will have a ton to lose by siding with the scum, then they will have to think long and hard before they ever join in again. Then the police can go after the real criminals.

  354. i just realized why the Nathan Kotylak go to Jail, Do not Pass Go | Facebook group is gone. Not because people were talking smack about him, but because of the fact that he told everyone to go fuck themselves. If that was still up, he couldn’t play the good child card…I’m curious as to the timing of his apology and removal of the group. Anyone have any screen shots? I

    • The group disappeared last night between 8 – 10pm. how do you know he told everyone to go F themselves

    • There seemed to be more than one Nathan Katyak facebook accounts out there. I wouldn’t put any stock that it was him that he swore at people.

    • My educated guess is that Nathans Lawyer(s) issued a Cease and Disist order to the Moderator of the site or to Facebook. This is just the beginning of the defence of this “alleged” criminal that “allegedly” committed Arson, Incited a Riot and Endangered lives. May I add, “allegedly” contrevening the Riot Act as well. These offenses are not mistakes, they are heinous crimes and are indefensible. A couple of the “friends” defending him sound like Lawyers to me. There will be a lot of money thrown at this problem by his Father. While I in no way, shape, or form, condone the harassment of his family, Nathan should be tried as an adult and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In the end, he will, most likely, receive the obligatory “slap on the wrist” his Dad will pay the fine and restitution. The scholarship will be pocket change for a Surgeon that billed out over $600k last year and Water Polo Canada will, after the dust has settled, allow him to play. The public shaming will probably end up being his largest punishment and this I fully condone, minus the death threats, publishing of addresses and phone numbers and the harassment of his family. Anyone that belives he will be pumping gas or working at the 7-11 is delusional, his Father has loads of money, don’t let anyone try to tell you any different.

      BTW I truly believe his well paid Lawyers will be keeping a close eye on this site, I would advise people to be careful what they say, Lawyers would love to portray Nathan as the “Victom” !

  355. Even the cached pages are MIA.

  356. on the young man’s facebook. he did not turn himself in, he told people to “fuck off, you are trying to get me into trouble and I was never in Vancouver” Wednesday night after all the indecencies he committed.

    please forward to vpd or crown council. i hope they are checking his facebook.

    please pass on this info.

  357. is available if anyone is a webmaster/writer. This story is only going to get bigger.


  359. Could someone answer my quetsion on here:

    Since Nathan and his parents signed a document to waive his rights from exclusion from the Young Offenders Act, is this permanent ? This means we can keep following nathans adventure in the courts and post. It would be a real shame if nothing happens to him at the court level and he gets a conditional discharge, no record no fine nothin’

    also has he even addmitted he lit the cars?

    • it was attempted. so he didn’t light the fires, THEREFORE he wouldn’t admit to doing something he didn’t do.
      he has come forward and said what he did was wrong, the action of attempting to light the fires was wrong. so he’s admitted to the attempt, but there is NO proof showing that he was the one who lit it on fire.
      In fact, it was shown on video there are about 4 or 5 people lighting things on fire into the car, which is what the explosion was caused from, the shirt in the gap cap had no effect on the car.

      • Wilfully causing event to occur
        Either doing something, or not doing something that you should have.
        429. (1) Every one who causes the occurrence of an event by doing an act or by omitting to do an act that it is his duty to do, knowing that the act or omission will probably cause the occurrence of the event and being reckless whether the event occurs or not, shall be deemed, for the purposes of this Part, wilfully to have caused the occurrence of the event.

      • As far as the ‘he only attempted lighting the fires’ etc. comment above, I refer you to this video that was posted below, at the 4:27 mark:

        He’s clearly lighting another fire in the can, not ‘attempting’ it.

      • What BS – he DID light a fire in the car – TWICE – stop making excuses for him. That is what keeps enraging people. He is also caught lighting garbage bins on fire. He light the rag to the gas cap – TWICE – he lit the inside of the car – TWICE – check the CBC footage – he also incited the crowd to riot by cheering and clapping his hands “ITS GONNA BURN” after he lit it. It does not matter if three other also lit it – SO DID NATHAN……

        man, this is what keeps enraging people on here – people like you making excuses, his father making excuses. The kid admitted he did wrong – just let him take the consequences and move on. No more denials. You are NOT doing him a favor

      • @ Kim… “it does not matter if three others also lit it, so did Nathan” …

        …and the names of the three others are?

        This kid and his family got singled out of the crowd. He was not alone in the act, but seems to be alone in taking the shaming here. Have the names of the other three been published? Have their names been plastered all over the web? Have their families been harassed and threatened by people?

        If you know who the other people are, please, share their names…

    • Mark, no he’s still considered a minor. His parents did that because it was all over the net anyways, and they hoped by him being named, it would be less of a story and show that he takes responsibility. That’s been blown out of the water now.

      I don’t think he’s going to jail. He might get a fine, considering the cost of the police car, but that’s probably it. At 18 it will be wiped from his record.

      Considering all this kid’s been through, I personally can accept that. He will be known for life anyways. And there are so many rioters who did similar things and they need to called out and paid attention to, too.

      Mind you after reading what his friends wrote just above this post, you start to understand the type of mentality of what these kids got away with. I think this will be a lesson for all the kids his age. And that’s a great thing.

  360. You earn it, you own it. This man makes me sick with his tearful plea. He could have killed people. I have little sympathy for his wealthy parents who have obviously hired a nice, expensive lawyer to tell the media and the judges how it was for little Nate.

    Does anyone think this kid will serve a day in jail?

    I am pleased that this blog is having the impact that it is on the perpetrators. If no laws are being broken, it is not vigilantism. It is justice. No one is passing judgement – we’re all “just sayin'”.

  361. Nathan loves burning garbage as well!

  362. Those are some darn good lawyers his father got for him – excellent public apology that they wrote for him to read in the above clip. They’re worth they’re money, thats for sure.

  363. This kid will absolutely get away with this in the long run. The public at large has a short memory.

    Money buys everything, including an expensive legal team. He’s got opportunities that poor people do not; it’s just the way it is, and the judicial system is not and will not be blind to that. Wish it wasn’t that way of course, but no point in being a dreamer that justice will be served.

  364. Here he is lighting another fire, caught from behind at the 14 sec. mark. Just putting it here for posterity.

  365. Sorry, embedding the video didn’t work. Here is the direct link to the article that posted this video:

    Nathan comes in from the right, viewed from behind, 14 sec. mark.

    This video also contains some terrific footage of other fools that deserve to be held accountable for their actions.

  366. Just read about the family having to relocate because of threats. Not cool. Public shaming is not a mob mentality thing and should never lead to threats or violence. It is meant to let the public know of the actions of these people and to reveal their true character to the world so people can judge whether they wish to associate with these inidivuals. It should never lead to violence because that brings society right down to their level. In the national post the father is saying his actions dont reflect his true character and that he was caught up in the moment. Jeepers people if the decisions we make in the moment dont reflect our true character then what does? I mean does he need a while to contemplate every action so that is reflects well upon him? No anyone while a well established sense of right and wrong would immediately conclude that setting to properrty that is not your own is wrong and they would not do it. I refuse to accept any of these appologies at all…unless the appology is backed up with hours upon hours of community service to repay the city for the damage and shame they have brought. Their word are meaningless…i encourage everyone to look for and read a letter that was posted to tim wong i believe from someone in the medical proffession. It explains why they cant accept the simple appology words.

    • The problem here is that there’s a high priced lawyer involved. Even if nothing was happening to them, I’m sure the story would be wrtten the same way. The father said at the beginning that the pictures were misleading, when clealy the video showed his son destroying the police car. He lost a ton of credibilty right there, so I don’t really know what to trust from this family any more.

      I do think too much pressure has been put on Nathan but I think as more people are shown as criminals, the pressure and attention will lesson and he can move forward. But pulling this PR move with the family doesn’t help his cause at all. It just brings more attention to him and them and makes the rest of us question their sincerity.

  367. Here’s an article referring to the parents being forced to leave their home. Don’t know if it’s true, but here it is for posterity:

    A good ‘boy’s will be boy’s’ smile on his father in the picture. Very professional staging, kudos to the photographer.

  368. I’m all for giving the kid a break, but then I read how he’s become the victim of him trying to blow up a police car. What???

    His lawyer better understand, soon, this is not helping Nathan’s cause as it will only make people, who think, realize it’s just PR.

    The Vancouver Sun should be ashamed of themselves. I’ve written the hack writer to let her know that I can’t accept that now he’s the victim. He destroyed a cruiser in the middle of a riot! I’ll let people make up their own minds if they want to write.

    • I agree, Nathan is getting the best PR money can buy.

      Also, he set many fires there, not just the cop car (which would be bad enough of course). Fire in a garbage can, street fire, etc. Seems like he made more then one ‘bad choice’ that day.

      Be that as it may, I sincerely doubt any lasting charges or repercussions will come to him because of his repeated arson among other crimes.

      Canadian legal system – cash talks.

    • Re: Denise Ryan’s article: Rioting teen Nathan Kotylak and family face backlash, forced to leave home

      A little more depth on the machinations of social media might have given her article more credibility and interest. Yes, social media is changing the way events unfold in public.

      It is unfortunate to view posts of addresses and phone numbers and even more upsetting to see racist and sexist and violent comments on some other threads. But hopefully the online community will mediate / regulate itself.

      Denise Ryan quotes UBC’s Christopher Schneider ““There is a profound disconnect between who we are online and in life. We are still learning how to be cyber citizens.” Add to that: We are still learning how to be citizens, period. This is Nathan Kotylak’s biggest lesson.

      If people are writing charged comments on YVR Riot sites it is because wanton destruction and stupidity are so often unaccounted for. Here, we have images, videos and faces and we are all stunned and appalled.
      Kotylak made choices that night. As images attest, he stepped forward to engage in several exceptional acts: in addition to attempting to ignite a police cruiser, he is seen in photographs, attempting ignite trash bins.

      Folks are angry and regardless of whether we like what they are saying, this kid made choices and these choices will define him. He set this in motion. Social media is leaving an online footprint of both Kotylak’s actions and the kind of commentary and gossip, vindictive and otherwise, that, in the past, would just pass from ear to ear.

      The unfortunate result of his thinking or not thinking (he continues to claim he doesn’t know what he was thinking…as I understand it, thought usually precedes action…), he and his family have consequences to bear. This is perhaps the only way he will grow as a human being and they will grow as a family. Choices and actions define us. If the Kotylak’s choose to be portrayed as victims, that speaks volumes too.

      Hopefully one day he can be honest with himself, admit that he DID know what he was thinking and take full responsibility for his actions. As many of the online comments have stated, he might have injured someone through his actions and nothing that he suffers as a consequence of his stupidity will be as serious as that.

      As for the other rioters, many of them bragged about their antics on social media. The same media that they court and adore is now making their lives difficult. Surely it isn’t the first time they’ve seen how this media slices through privacy. Putting them forward as victims won’t go over well. These are the “modern” consequences of their actions.

    • Have you noticed that Denise Ryan’s source in the article was Nathan’s lawyer? Incredible.

      This is the type of spin-doctoring usually reserved for politicians 😉

      I am certainly against any sort of mob behaviour, but geez, what a farce that article is.

    • Versions of the Sun Article have appeared in major daily papers + small publications across Canada.

    What a busy lad. Carefully finding things to light on fire. Deliberately fanning the flames (youtube video, moron #7). Deliberate, measured acts. And he claims he doesn’t know what he was thinking. Thinking usually precedes action…particularly deliberate action. Kotylak made choices that night. If only he could now choose to be COMPLETELY honest, alligator tears notwithstanding.

  370. Heres a link to ban Nathan from the olympics. I know I do not want him to represent me.

  371. Everyone whose face you recognize is a criminal. The crowd was ordered to disperse, and everyone who stayed is a criminal under the riot act. Which carries a maximum lifetime penalty so, even though they’ll never be charged, their crime is a serious one.

    And everyone you recognize shouting “F**** off pigs” or otherwise joining in, is committing the very serious crime of inciting a riot.

    Remember this when you see these people again. There are a lot of people in Vancouver, you can afford to be selective about who your friends are.

  372. […] saw the picture of you trying to set fire to a police car on a blog dedicated to Public Shaming and your story made me more than angry, it made me […]

  373. Nathan hardley seems a hardened criminal.He is clearly not getting away with anything hes messed up big time
    threats against his family and home cross the line.He has become the easiest target out of all the other morons for people to pile on and attack.What about Dustin Anderson? An actual criminal assulting emegencey workers…he has a history of shit like this and he dosent get a 10th of the attention this kid gets. Seems unbalanced to me.

    • Unfortunately, it is easy to pick on my friend Nathan because he of his family’s success as a HARD working GOOD doctor and his mother as a nurse who have both worked very hard to get the family where they are today. The fact that he is an olympic hopeful makes him all the more easy to pick out of a crowd and has become the “poster boy” of these riots. It is unbalanced, but this is how our society works. It’s messed up.

  374. Time will tell if he get’s away with it, but there is no denying that he was involved in multiple fires throughout the riot, perhaps even contributing to inciting it.

    That Dustin Anderson kid deserves what he gets as well – but criminal acts are criminal acts. Comparing the two is odious, and deflective.

    For what it’s worth, that Dustin kid has his own posting thread, and no-one on it seems to be letting him off easy from what I can read.

  375. Who’s threatening violence?

    Not that I don’t agree with you, I just must have missed that somewhere in the posts.

  376. He comes from an affluent family where it’s clear that his path has been paved for him from parents who haven’t taught him any values, whatsoever. I expect he’s very used to things being given to him. Oh and now his daddy is probably going to be footing his lawyer bills. I hope the university of Calgary doesn’t allow him to keep his scholarship as that would go against proper ethics and make it completely unfair for other candidates who are trying to be well grounded citizens. I’m not writing this to harm Nathan, I’m writing this to allow him and others to learn from this, and ultimately for Nathan to grow from this awful mistake. My hope is that he can give back to his community.

  377. Maybe Captain Vancouver is doing a good job moderating these comments – because the comments your referring to seem to be removed.

  378. Jail him, blubbering on TV because he got caught? Scared for his future? You should be buddy. I helped pay for that cop car that you TRIED to light twice. But that’s enough evidence, so what are you waiting for VPD? Jail him, take away his scholarship and never ever allow this creature to be part of anything national… rest assured I won’t be rooting on any team he is even on. He is a disgrace to humanity, representative of all that is wrong with it. Jail him, and set an example for would be rioters in the future. Throw away the key. Daddy will feed him with his inheritance after all. Absolute and utter idiot needs taught a real lesson in life. Don’t be fooled by these tears, they are simply for himself. JAIL JAIL JAIL – full extent of the law – arson… do you know how many years that is? Endangering people’s lives. There is no choice, the premier said full extent of the law. Then do it.

  379. i forgive him, he didnt hurt anybody just made a stupid mistake which we all have done!!

    • I’ve never committed arson. Certainly never did anything to a cop car. Just saying.

  380. Sean, in case you didn’t notice, he made a SERIES of “mistakes”: including the one of him fanning the flames in the youtube video, moron #7

  381. So many things to be said. What if Kotylak was just an ordinary kid with no sports skill to speak of? There would be no sympathy, no question of punishment. If I attempted to blow up a POLICE vehicle, while recorded by various devices, a hailstorm of unrelenting absolute condemnation would follow. If you’re old enough to drive, you’re old enough to take the punishment for your actions. imo

  382. Nathan dude i now feel really bad for you, this is all way over the top.You did bad but you don’t deserve this.Keep the hope alive!

  383. When you hear the excuses that his parents make for Nathan it is no wonder that he acted like a vandal. Apparently lighting police ars on fire “is not his true character” and ” he was caught-up in the moment”. Well, I am pretty sure at his age, rather than act as a riot leader, I would have been disgusted about the rioting and I would hope that I would have tried to stop him. Instead of being caught-up in the moment, his acts, in the early stage of the riot, more likely incited others to his level of stupid behaviour. I wonder if he only made the polo team due to his parents influence? Mommy and Daddy to the rescue again?

  384. Nathan dude i now feel really bad for you, this is all way over the top.You did bad but you don’t deserve this.

  385. I’d like to follow the logic of some of the posts on here. Some of you claim that the reason this kid should be singled out is because his actions are worse than everyone else’s that night because
    1. He comes from a wealthy family,
    2. Had a good education, and
    3. His father is a doctor,
    …and because of this, we should make an example of him.

    If we follow along this logic, then that means everyone else who was involved that night does not deserve to be made an example of or punished as harshly because
    1. They come from moderate to low income families,
    2. Have had to suffer through a public school education, and
    3. Have fathers who do something other than save people’s lives for a living.
    Clearly the lowly peasants of our society couldn’t have known any better since they have not had the same privileges and therefore we will spare them from harsh punishments and public shaming.

    So, should we make an example of every wealthy kid when they step out of line and ignore the actions of kids from lower incomes? This is what some of you are suggesting? Wait, let’s take this logic one step further…let’s take away all opportunities for people to excel in our society. Let’s all get paid the same salary regardless of our occupation. Let’s all live in the same houses and drive the same cars, yes, this will stop those wealthy people from stepping out of line. Let’s, let’s…oh wait, some countries already tried this theory…don’t know of any with a good outcome.

    So, since wealthy, educated individuals are such a threat to our community, let’s all wish for the following:

    “Please, grant us a society that is filled with poverty, provides poor education, and is free of doctors so that we may prosper and never have any more children that make poor choices. This should ensure us a prosperous, crime free society.”

    (Please note: what’s written above contains sarcasm… What’s written below does not.)

    Those of you who claim to be justified in making an example of this kid and his family because they are wealthy, your argument is as weak as the logic above.

    Poor to moderate income families have also been known to have children who make bad choices… I bet some of them were even part of the rioters that night. Claiming this kid deserves to be punished more harshly because of his financial status is ridiculous.

    • This is a ridiculous and deflective posting.

      • That’s the point! The post is intentionally as ridiculous as the claims that justify making an example of this kid and singling him out because of his background!

    • These criminal acts have nothing to do with his background – thats the deflective posting.

      The postings you’re responding to however have everything to do with Nathan’s multiple criminal acts, which not only were incredibly shameful, destructive and careless, potentially put the public at risk, and probably contributing to inciting the riot as it was, from not getting covered up and forgotten.

      These sort of postings you’re making throughout the comments page don’t help him, people will misinterpret them. You should leave trying to deflect attention away from Nathan’s crimes to his legal team; they are professionals, and doing a very good job on his PR in the media. They’ve done a decent job so far of turning him into a victim instead of the perpetrator in the press. With all the PR spinning going on right now in regards to his role in the riot, in a week or two from now, his crimes will be spun into the actions of a child making a few mistakes who deserves a second chance, and he’ll suffer very little consequences for his actions overall.

      I don’t think you’ll need to worry about it, he’ll be fine. His future is far from derailed. What he did will be forgotten shortly, and I doubt he’ll face any serious criminal charges.

      Anyhow, this is my last posting on the matter. I’m glad there are people posting in this comments page that think people should still be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their financial standing, but strictly because of their criminal acts. It’s a good example to set for younger people. The legal and justice system is supposed to be blind, I hope it is.

  386. He did a lot more than go for the gas tank. See his attempted boobie grope.

  387. Nathan Kotylak also comotted sexual assault during the riot at about 2 seconds before hte end of the video

  388. Nathan Kotylak also committed sexual assault during the riot at about 2 seconds before hte end of the video

  389. Nathan Kotylak also committed sexual assault during the riot see the still pic here

    in the video he actually makes contact and smacks/grabs the girls breast. It was not an attempted grab but a completed grab.

  390. how sorry is the little misfit? do you really think he would have gone public if he thought his picture hadn’t been taken and that he could get away with it? an apology for getting caught, complete with crocodile tears! throw the book at him with none of this good behavior crap; keep the original behaviour in mind always.

  391. how sorry is this little misfit? do you really think he would have gone public if he thought his picture hadn’t been taken and that he could get away with it? an apology for getting caught, complete with crocodile tears! throw the book at him with none of this good behaviour crap; keep the original behaviour in mind always. he didn’t make a mistake, he made a choice.

  392. If Nathan’s photo didnt appear in public, do you think he will surrender himself and apologized for what he did??? I dont think so… If he’s willing to surrender himself, the riot happened last Jun 15, and he only came up few days ago.. He should surrender himself a day after the riot if his intention is to admit for what he had done in the riot. Or he’s just trying to saved himself being an athlete and the scholarship??? As a citizen of this country, we should responsible for our own action, and every action that we did, good or bad, we have to face the consequences.. May this be a great lesson for everyone. We dont need to riot just for the Canucks who didnt get the cup, what’s important is that we will always there to support our team. But for what happened last week, we put the “Vancouver Canucks” into shame.. not only from not winning the game but rather, how Vancouverites reacts after the defeat… so shameful…

  393. I am the first one to agree that what Nathan did was NOT A MISTAKE and he should definitely be punished accordingly. They have already said that the culprits will be severely dealt with, and unfortunately for Nathan he is the poster child for the riot – the justice system will probably make an example of him to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.
    The riots tarnished our city’s reputation and it is so sad to see people adding to the embarrassment with the vigilante type of behaviour that is taking place. The internet and social media will ensure that people all around the world will read these comments. What type of impression do you think we are giving them? Think before you write otherwise you are not better than the morons who damaged our city in the riots. I think Nathan and his family are going through enough right now, I am worried that this kid might end up trying to take his own life ( after all how much can one person handle?) – How would you feel if you contributed to that by something you wrote?
    We do not live in a lawless third world country, please simmer down and let the legal system deal with it. We live in a wonderful country that prides itself on being fair and just.

  394. You make your bed, you have to lie in it. Make no mistake, Nathan didn’t come forward because he felt guilty for what he did, he came forward because he got caught.

    He only made it worse by being stupid enough to deny it was him. If that pic was never taken do you *really* think he would have came forward and confessed?

    No, of course he wouldn’t.

    Oh, I’m sure the tears are real. Nathan has publicly humiliated himself and his family, his career is probably over, his parents got a nice fine for his actions. Does he cry for his family? No, he cries because he got caught and was turned into a public spectacle in front of his peers.

    He got exactly what he deserved.

  395. the guy in the back…
    does that look like someone caught in the moment or looking for his moment to ‘shine’? you are to judge…

    allegedly this woman was trying to discourage people from lighting the car, with someone looking like the subject of this topic approaching the car.
    and noone around to push him into lighting it… you are the judge

  396. the funny thing is he is the son of one of the top surgeons in BC…

  397. […] Nathan Kotylak Water Polo All Star Lighting Police Car … they should give him the idiot of the year award. he should be banned from travel and from all schools universities etc. but this is Canada he will walk free all he will is don't do it again. if it was a third world country he would of been lashed. maybe Long term, he will be fine and in a worst case scenario, a name change wipes the slate clean doesn't it? If he changes his name to Mike Smith, a Google on this name will bring up millions of hits. […]

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  400. Nathan Kotyluk and all of the rioters should have the boots put to them. Only when they have a broken jaw and missing teeth will it occur to their weak brains that there will be reprisals for damaging private and public property. I can hardly wait till this fucking weak feminine society collapses and we can rebuild a strong, masculine society run by men.

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