Pharaoh Saleh Throwing A Newspaper Box Into A Car

Pharaoh Saleh on his Facebook page states about himself:

“Lord help these young men who have made mistakes that are regrettable but also permanent, may them and their families learn the pain they inflict when i arrive at their doors in the devils carriage, this is a prayer for my enemies. Amen.”

I have arrived at your door Pharaoh Saleh and I present to you this photo.

Pharoah Saleh

Pharoah Saleh throwing a newspaper box into a car.

Pharaoh Saleh, I wish I had more to say about you other than welcome to the pain I inflict upon you by showcasing you here.  I may not even have your first name correct however, since this blog has over 60,000 views in not even half a day I’m sure if I’ve got your first name wrong someone will correct me.  Captain Vancouver owns you Saleh.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


~ by captainvancouver on June 17, 2011.

88 Responses to “Pharaoh Saleh Throwing A Newspaper Box Into A Car”

  1. I have an entire slide show of pictures of this douche smashing that car if he tries to deny it.

    • Good stuff. I think the more pictures the better to be 100% sure of identities. Don’t want to get all internet vigilante all up on the wrong people!

      • No you want to get Internet vigilante on the this person? You might be the douche. Make the cops do their job it’s what we pay them for. Go climb back under the rock you came out from. Stop moaning over a bit of broken glass and some burnt out cars. Stop being so materialistic.

      • RE: bartman:
        A “bit of broken glass and some burnt out cars”???? Do you know how much those cars cost? Some people have to work their whole life to make that kind of money! It’s attitude like yours that instigated the whole riot, and that usually leads to a life in crime. I’m wondering now whether you were part of it, and if you were, you better lookout cause we’re going to find and punish you.
        Shame on those that participated in the riot and shame on those that approve of it.
        Shame on you bartman!

      • Wow you worked your whole life for your car? I hope your life feels complete now.

      • Stop being so materialistic? I doubt you would say that if your car was one of the half dozen or so this ass senselessly destroyed. Your age shows. STFU and grow up kid.

      • Someone has to keep globalization alive.

      • Chris you can come over and burn my shit any day. You just don’t get that some people don’t have the gross attachment to their shit that you do. I have some wonderful children that I will protect with my life. The rest can some and go and for the most part it’s insured. You may have some distorted value system and maybe it’s time you asked yourself , what do you live for every day.

      • AMuncher do as you wish with your own belongings, but that doesn’t give you or anyone the right to take from others. No thanks I’ll pass on burning your shit, I don’t get gratification from senseless distruction.

      • Hey Jonny,

        I bet your acquisition of an ipad2 made you feel great. I hope that some day you can pass that senseless need to acquire shiny things on to your children so we can continue to wage wars to feed their greed. It’s ok though as they will be stamping papers at some desk while the rest of us have to pop bullets in some lonely sheppard in Afghanistan. You don’t need to worry about that as we’ll take care of that mess.

        Fucking douche!


      • No you want to get Internet vigilante on the this person? You might be the douche. Make the cops do their job it’s what we pay them for. Go climb back under the rock you came out from. Stop moaning over a bit of broken glass and some burnt out cars. Stop being so materialistic.

        hey bartman howzabout i come to your place and burn it down?? no dice??

        come on be a sport

      • RE: Glorious Meept
        I said “cars”, that’s plural! Do you know how many cars got flipped and torched? You think that money just grows on trees now? Last time I checked not everyone in Vancouver is a millionaire, and many people earn nothing more than minimum wage.
        I hope you never have to decide between trying to feed your family or keep the gas bills paid, because judging from your comment, you’d probably only feed yourself.

      • @bartman: What if I went to your house and smashed shit. For some reason I don’t think you would be saying this anti- materialistic rhetoric.

    • Shame this asshole….

      • Wow, the more I hear, the more I read and the more pictures and videos I see, I cannot be more disgusted by the senselessness of these individuals.

        Ass Muncher, first to you. It is okay that you think people need shinny things to get by and your above that. But to start harassing people on a site that is intended to bring out the criminal activity where over two hundred people required medical attention, many of which were innocent bystanders is petty, immature, and you sound like a trailer trash piece of shit who just wants to hate on everyone else because you think your better than them. I would like to think that your tax dollars would pay for the repairs like everyone else but you probably don’t make enough to pay taxes and part of my pay cheque probably pays for your lonely ass to buy drink for yourself. I feel for your poor children.

        and Bartman, really? “No you want to get Internet vigilante on the this person? You might be the douche. Make the cops do their job it’s what we pay them for. Go climb back under the rock you came out from. Stop moaning over a bit of broken glass and some burnt out cars. Stop being so materialistic.”

        your fucking jibberish doesn’t make any sense, how can you be so hostile at someone trying to do a good deed and bring these criminals to justice. Your lack of logic frightens me. I lose all faith in humanity when I read shit like this. At least I will see you on fail blog one day, probably a nice picture of you with your dick stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

      • go vigilante go! Fists aren’t just for lattes.

    • Brenden Banah?

      Twitter account: Brenden Banah – @B_Banah18

  2. Get them all captain Vancouver!

  3. Please note that his name is pharAOh, not pharOAh, per his facebook – right now he’s not showing up on a Google search due to the mispelling

  4. Of all the douches I have seen in the world… this one… this one is in the running for all time douchiest in the North hemisphere. I want to hadouken the shit out of him.

  5. He has deleted his facebook. Cache still works

  6. This guy was the same guy in the video from youtube, who started bashing a car and tried to fight with a guy with his skateboard because the guy was trying to stop him

  7. Here’s one thing I don’t get, in this day and age how could these people be SO STUPID to think they would not be caught on camera? They do all this crap with their phones, face book, you tube and every other media out there.
    If you ask me they are dumb as a box of rocks but soon to get a righteous education.

    God bless the CAPTAIN!!!!!!

  8. You’re doing the lords work here sir. Keep it up!

  9. captain & blog readers-

    Identify them. Post their pictures. Shame them. Contact people they know.

    But everyone- lets not stoop to their level.

    I was downtown last night, and walked away from the riots.
    All the people pictured here could have done the same.
    As a man who grew up in Vancouver, I’m saddened by what happened last night.

    Let us all remember that Vancouver is a great city, with great people- and those pictured here do not represent us!

    Our actions now- in these days following- will have impact on how crowds act in the future.

  10. … its like the kid on the bike shouting “look Ma! No hands!” and then wipes out face first onto a gravel driveway. “Look Ma! No Brains! I’m smashin’ shit up like a fukin’ rock star and everybody’s takin’ my picamatures!”

    • Joe Knows, it sounds like you know what it’s like to be someone’s bitch.

      • MadMandy, sounds like you are friends with some of the dumb asses. Maybe the Captain should look into you

  11. I hope the owner of the car sues his ass for damages. I would, considering the proof that’s out there.

  12. Bring all these idiots to justice. Please keep posting.

    • Bring your ass to justice for being a giant douche. For not giving a shit about anything so long as you can keep on rock climbing and kayaking. Keep on licking of the tit of other’s success.

  13. want to exchange links

  14. There are a ton more like this over at

  15. Im saddened to see such moronic comments on here… “stop being materialistic”??? This isnt anything to do with materialism.. It is about violence and ridiculous needless crime against a gorgeous city . i think this site is awesome. You felt comfortable doing these things, you should show your face! If you arent proud you did this, then you know you did wrong… and you know that there is always a consequence for your actions…

  16. This isn’t about being materialistic. That’s not the issue here. What IS at issue is that a small handful of jerks ruined it for EVERYBODY. You think the city will ever put up those big screen TVs for a sporting event again? Not for decades. You think this isn’t going to ruin our chances of ever getting the “First Night” celebrations back in the city or get approval for other cultural events such as fireworks festivals etc.? You think they just made it easier for public venues to get liqour licences? Dream the f*ck on. All the yahoos pissed on the party parade and it’s going to be a long time before it ever comes around again.

    Not to mention the embarrassment of, you know, being the laughingstock of the entire freakin’ world.

  17. You know what happens to snitches 🙂

    • No but do you know what happens to fucktards that riot and get their asses caught?

      • Mighty big words from a mother’s basement. Go play magic xxxx and spank it a bit. Come back when you’ve calmed down.

    • What, are you going to cast a spell with your 12 sided dice and set the orcs or gnomes on the Captain?

    • the REAL question is: do you know what happens to douchebags 😀

      (you’re such an idiot).

  18. For anyone who thinks the riots were “no big deal,” you might find this an illuminating read:

  19. FYI, ICBC told a co-worker today that they do not cover damages as a result of riots or war, and they told her most business insurance also does not cover against riot/war activity.

  20. JUST A WARNING, PEOPLE WILL FLAME IN ORDER TO GET A RISE… There are groups on the internet that will come to easy to post message boards like this and be devils advocate JUST to piss people off. They will usually post your reaction in another board too and laugh about it. Keep that in mind when someone seems completely ignorant about the whole situation.

  21. dear Captain Vancouver, I am not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!!) but i do believe i have my first man crush of 2011 goin’ on. well played my friend. well played. cue the idiotic homophobic slurs that will most likely accompany my post.

  22. post to reddit and lose

  23. Materialistic or not – in the words of once great John Travolta: “Don’t f*** with another man’s vehicle”

  24. You’re an idiot. It has nothing to do with “things”. It has to do with respect: not just for property, but for decency, humanity, and common sense.

    Why destroy someone else’s things? Why ruin a family by looting their store? Why put human lives in danger just to fulfill your own cheap thrills? Why act like children and make Vancouver, B.C., and Canada look like a bunch of morons and fools to the rest of the world?

    There is no respect or accountability amongst many young people — not ALL young people, obviously, but I find this to be the case more now than 12 years ago, when I was just graduating high school.

    This has nothing to do with the war in Afghanistan (which, while I generally disagree with it, has nothing to do with oil, despite your uneducated opinion that it does). It has nothing to do with consumerism (which I also am not a fan of). It has to do with stupidity, hooliganism, and entitlement. People should NOT be allowed to do whatever they feel like, destroy whatever they want to, or act like psychopaths in the streets.

    • you might be totally correct. no one gives a shit anymore and it’s not because of the lack of capsules for their nespresso machines. it’s all in good fun though. keep shunning blood diamonds while we dump blood oil in our smart cars. yup nobody gives a fuck and those that do clawed it off the backs of others.

  25. Well done good sir, for your idea, your work, and doing something worthwhile. Taking justice into our own hands is a very bad idea. Letting the world know what violation of justice someone has done is just good journalism. That form of justice is just plain awesome!

  26. I hope this continues to uncover the people who did this.There was no reason for all that harm. It makes me sick that these people exist. Who raised you? People in Greece have a reason to be upset! What’s your excuse? There are so many wrongs in the world you could use that energy to fight against rather then fighting the police who showed up to protect people from the crap you caused and to protect you from yourselves. You didn’t achieve anything anyone else couldn’t, they just DON’T cause it would never even cross their minds to do something so aimless and disrespectful.

  27. xxxxx like this are the reason I moved from Vancouver. They think they are above everything, are just way tooo cool, shout, make too much noise and get violent and drunk at family places like Buntzen lake. Idiots like this is why I am HAPPY I moved from Vancouver, and I am even Happier NEVER EVER EVER to go back to that god forsaken city.

  28. Its hard to tell in the picture but I think that might be the BMW that belonged to a lady. Her and her friend/daughter were fighting people off of it. Can you imagine, these two girls fighting off a mob of people and they still succeeded in destroying the thing. Pure scum. This was one of the incidences that I really wanted brought to justice. I really felt for that girl. It was so sad.

    For those saying who cares about the car, this lady certainly did. She literally started punching anybody getting close to it and these cowards still ran up to kick and destroy the thing. Let me have your car so I can kick and burn the thing. After all, you wouldn’t care, right?

    This guy should get the maximum sentence for destroying another person’s property, unprovoked. Punk.

  29. I hope this dirty poopoo gets jail time!

    Edited to exclude a term that Captain Vancouver can’t stand for. Thanks 🙂

  30. a lot of whiners here. you whiners should save the moralizing; keep it to yourselves. I think that we can make up our own minds about these people in the pictures. It’s self-righteous, puffed up dweebs like you that helped run the death camps.

    Where are you morons every other day of the week? There’s a lot of looting and destruction going on all the time, and it’s not just doorknobs like those pictured

    keep posting the pictures though; these ppl should’ve stayed out of the kitchen if they don’t like the fire

  31. The only good thing is that we know all these pussy’s will crumble and rat out all their friends when the cops lean on them. If we were on the other side of the planet these douche bags would have their hands cut off before being thrown into jail for a few years of violent rape. I pray every minute for each one of them to be found and publicly outed. We must never stop until every guy/girl in the pictures, watching, laughing and participating is caught, shamed publicly and violently prosecuted

  32. Interesting. To amuncher, you invited people over to destroy your belongings because you were not materialistic…then why do you say they are mostly insured? Insuring the value of meaningless things? Hypocrite.

  33. Every single participant in the riot should be publicly shamed. All the photos and their personal information should be posted and passed around like a digital riot. I hope rioters lose friends, jobs, status, school placements, positions on teams and anything else they deem to be important. It’s likely that the justice system won’t be able to punish these f*ckers to the fullest extent of the law so hopefully publically shaming these losers will be second best. Rot in Hell anarchists, vandals, looters, arsonists and all the rest of you scumbags who participated in the mayhem. Karma is a bitch and you’ll see what it will do for you! CaptainVancouver rules! Rioters suck sh!t on a stick!

  34. Public recognition sites like this are great, and the shaming is effective enough without the hate-mongering. I’ve learned that when I feel that nice, warm, smug feeling of self-righteousness, that it’s nature’s way of telling me I’m being an asshole at the moment.

    If you really want to make a difference, volunteer with an outreach group. If you don’t have the cojones to do that, then why the big show of self-righteousness?

  35. Same guy:

    Twitter account: Brenden Banah – @B_Banah18

  36. His chum does have a stylish hat. Maybe “facinators” have spread from the royal watchers to the riot crowd.

  37. Pathetic, disgusting, rat-asses! I agree with public shaming, and support it 100%. I do not feel sorry for these low-life bastards, no matter what social status they may have. It was disgraceful behavior and that is the bottom line. Anyone associated with these criminals who defend or try to minimize their actions, are themselves perpetrators of crime. Kudos to those volunteers who helped clean up our city, kudos to the VPD, the doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the fire-fighters, the people who turned these scums into the police, the mayor, and our premiere. May these rioters live lives full of deep regret, utter remorse, and seek to rectify their crimes with good deeds.

  38. Another disgrace to Vancouver. He deserves everything he gets over this…

  39. Hey Pharaoh, your justice is coming you piece of ….

  40. This guy goes by the first name of Mike.

    He lives around Skeena projects by rupert and broadway. Easy to find

  41. ok, this is my 5Th post in here, Pharaoh.. you think this is Sparta right? wrong.. this is Vancouver and we’re kicking you out of here fool….

  42. This guy is my neighbor at Skeena projects on Cassiar street Vancouver

  43. Hey wo wo, no need to get racist in here, I’m an immigrant too, so you are, roll it up buddy don’t generalize, we’re not targeting immigrants or muslims in here, calm down,

  44. News flash: Up until a few generations ago… we were all immigrants to Canada. Unless you’ve got 100% Native blood running in you’re veins you’ve got little to base that bs statement on. Where’d your family immigrate from? Europe? Russia? Asia? South America? etc… or, didn’t they teach you that part in history

  45. Captain Vancouver can you please contact me? I have a clip from CHEK TV and I’ve identified the person and I have pictures from his Facebook, I don’t think anything is going to come of prosecuting him but I would like to see him shamed. My email is

    Thank you!

  46. I’m just aying the guy should have a little apreciation for living in Canada, rather than his home country of Egypt, and muslim isn’t a race!

  47. This man is a terrorist.

  48. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

  49. […] Pharaoh Saleh On June 19, 2011 · Leave a Comment var addthis_product = 'wpp-260'; var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":false};See this link by Captrain Vancouver: Pharaoh Saleh Throwing A Newspaper Box Into A Car […]

  50. This is his plenty of fish profile..
    There you go Pharaoh:

  51. Realize that many are from here, but IU especially love how people come to our country and attempt to destroy. Deport them now. Shame their families.

  52. loss…

    […]Pharaoh Saleh Throwing A Newspaper Box Into A Car « publicshamingeternus[…]…

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