Public Shaming Eternus Gone Viral

As Captain Vancouver I will continue this blog.  However, with almost 180,000 views I did not anticipate the level of anger, frustration and need to vent that people needed to voice in the comments to the public shaming.  I attempted to moderate the posts when there was only views in the hundreds, and into the first ten thousand.  I am with everyone who wishes to shame these individuals, however when I was moderating I was also editing posts that included personal information of family.  I had allowed unmoderated comments to allow venting to occur when I needed to have dinner earlier in the night.  In that time frame the views jumped from 12,000-100,000 views with several hundred comments I have yet to even read.   That said, I cannot allow continued personal information of family to be posted or remain.  As much as often it can be said that the apple’s don’t fall far from the tree, that is not always the case.

Also, for those wishing I post more photos I will do so.  If this was my day job, being a professional blogger or retired maybe I could pounce on them all.  I am Captain Vancouver.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


~ by captainvancouver on June 17, 2011.

45 Responses to “Public Shaming Eternus Gone Viral”

  1. Sorry if I contributed to your overwhelming traffic, but I thought that everyone who came by my Vancouver Riot Criminal List tumblr should also take notice of what your doing here!

    Good job, my friend!

    • No thank-you for your support and from all your own readers. I’ve only ever made one blog in my life with only a handful of posts. The most one post ever got was 200 views. I’m rolling with it in order to keep up. I just read thru all of the comments on the posting I did for Nathan. I just needed to catch up and will probably allow comments again to flow freely as I turn in for the night. Before I did though, I briefly checked out your page

      Great job yourself. I’ve got to get some sleep, but I’ll be sure to check it out tomorrow. Cheers!

      • I’ve never used Tumblr before, so we’re basically in the same boat. 260,000 page views in half a day was petty overwhelming… And the google analytics didn’t even count the first 12 hours the site was up.

        If you need any help, well, all ya have to do is ask. I’ve got my own day job of course, but we can’t always be at work.

  2. Maybe tosh.o will take all these clowns on his show.he loves the Internet celebrities, even the criminal ones.

  3. Honestly, you could just turn comments off. You already post photos and names, and if there’s a relevant update you can always just edit the post.

    Some blogs work better without comments, and I think this would be one of them.

  4. Great Work Man! Kudos to you for taking the initiative to publicly shame these assholes that need to be brought to some kind of justice!

  5. Just have to agree with the above, i’d recommend turning the comments off. The naming and shaming is good enough.

    The events that happened in Vancouver are just indefensible, i’m not a violent man but I genuinely want to punch each and every one who contributed to the mindless thuggery in the face multiple times. Watching those just gawping and filming it on their new iPhones just added salt to the wounds. Painful levels of stupidity, but I applaud those who actually tried to do something to stop people. Takes a brave person to stand up like that.

  6. Every single participant in the riot should be publicly shamed. All the photos and their personal information should be posted and passed around like a digital riot. I hope rioters lose friends, jobs, status, school placements, positions on teams and anything else they deem to be important. It’s likely that the justice system won’t be able to punish these f*ckers to the fullest extent of the law so hopefully publically shaming these losers will be second best. Rot in Hell anarchists, vandals, looters, arsonists and all the rest of you scumbags who participated in the mayhem. Karma is a b!tch and you’ll see what it will do for you! Keep naming names and posting pics..these scumbags need to pay for their crimes and what better way that to post visual evidence of their crimes. Have fun in jail you greasy goof!

  7. Nice job, keep it comin!

    But hey – be responsible about it. That mallory chick isn’t doing anything illegal and you don’t know for a fact she realized that guy was *serious*. For all you know, she was just posin for a picture with a crazy guy.

    Smashing innocent people is worse than store windows. Suggest you err on the side of caution.

    But keep the rest comin!

    • i agree…..maybe she just wanted to get a picture to prove she was there, you know, to other people and in the future she looks back on the events on her life….

  8. Wise decision. Be careful in rousing the anger of the mob. Quite often you get much more than you bargained for.

    I personally agree with the comment by Brian Rice found in this article:

    “I am not an apologist for the rioters. I want them to be found and face the consequences of their actions. However, I think we need to measure those consequences very carefully.

    I don’t care that this kid is a star athlete, I don’t think he should be treated any differently than anyone else. However, is it in the best interest of society to strip this kid of his future as an athlete because he did something incredible stupid? Should we be stripping anyone of their futures over this incident?

    Sure, there are going to be people involved in the riot who are known to Police, and that this riot demonstrates a continuance of a pattern of lawlessness. These people need to be dealt with in context of their past actions.

    Personally, I think this kid needs to be given a strong community service sentence, having to teach swimming to disadvantaged kids or something similar. The people involved in this riot should have to repay the community that they terrorised that night. But let’s not stick otherwise good people in jail to satisfy our need for revenge.

    I choose to think of Vancouver as the City that came out in droves to first support their hockey team peacefully, and then helped clean up the mess when it wrong. My Vancouver is a compassionate city, full of people who care deeply about their neighbours and friends. I think we need to demand that people pay the consequences of their actions, but I think we also need to be prepared to forgive and move on as well.”

    • If someone drove drunk and killed someone, their names would be public record, regardless of whether they were convicted or not. These people did something criminal and they did it with full knowledge that it was wrong. You can’t have a reformed human being if they feel they can get away with it. They need to feel genuine remorse – and that remorse comes from sympathy for the victims and/or humiliation and pain from the consequences. I don’t have enough faith in the former reason ever materializing so I fully support the latter. For their own good and for the good of our city. There has to be lessons taken away from this event and we need to do it. We citizens. We sufferers of tarnished images, inflated tax bills, demoralized psyches. The police can’t do it all and outting these bastards seems like a noble thing to do.

      • Mike,
        Right on. I totally agree. In the inimitable words of Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        In all the video footage that prevails, we see a lot of people..bystanders…doing nothing. Oh, there were some righteous people who defended property, there were some Good Samaritans who stood against the evil, but for the most part, most people stood by and watched it happen, not willing to stand up for our fellow man/woman against evil. If the vast majority had Stood Together in solidarity against these atrocities, against the perpetrators of Evil, the VPD would have had such an easy time to quell the few scum bags who planned and manipulated the assault on the city. Since that did not happen, it is now up to those of us like Capt. Vancouver, The Tumblr Guy, et al to help bring these wretched creeps to justice. This is not vigilantism but simply citizens uniting in solidarity to protect our cities. Kudos to the VPD for their performance. In other countries, their Police use real bullets to quell a riot, not batons and shields.
        Keep Up the Good Work
        posted by deedublyu

    • I think our role as “netizens” is to expose the identity of the alleged rioters in the pictures. Let the courts decide their innocence or guilt. Let their friends, colleagues, and managers then decide their social status.

      Our collective role is not judge or executioner, but as the messenger to giving said judge and executioner something to work with.

      • Tommy, beautifully said.

        We’re not broadcasting on CBC here. It’s just a simple internet page and if someone has been falsely accused, then it can be rectified. I’ve already confronted a friend about being in one of the pictures and he’s owned up to it. He’s sent an email to all his friends apologizing for egging people on and staying to watch. It’s been accepted and there’s been some great discussion back and forth about it between all of us. Lesson learned.

        By emailing an apology, he’s saved himself the total embarrassment of being called out, out of nowhere and losing a lot of friends. I suggest others do the same.

  9. Please keep the posts coming, Captain! No matter how much our Premier or legions of other politicians assure us that the scumbags “will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law”, every reasonable person knows that their punishment will range somewhere between “squat” and “bubkis”.

    There is something desperately wrong with the collective mentality of sooooo many in Metro Vancouver – not just the punks who carried out the deeds, but their parents, the lackadaisical judicial system, the “move-on-to-the-next-story media”, and the weak-kneed “progressive” politicians.

    Future Posting Idea: Should the summer fireworks be canceled? I love seeing them every year but given what just happened, why do we think more of the same isn’t about to transpire again & again & again?!

    • Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  10. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  11. Line all the Rioters up and tie them up in a row and place them on Granville St. and let the public throw eggs and tomatoes at them

  12. Hey, if you haven’t done this already, forward his info to If anyone sees a FB page with incriminating info, grab a screen shot and save it/post it here as well as forwarding.

    Name and shame!


    This guy doesn’t look too ashamed; the comment is still clearly visible on his profile. Not too obvious whether he was actually rioting or just present, though.

  14. hmm Captain Vancouver –maybe you should be Publicly Shaming these people AFTER they have been convicted in a Court of Law according to the democratic standards and due process that make Canada a Free and Civil Society? You are allowing a forum for people to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

    Even if these kids did do this, this site alone has likey ruined thier lives. They may deserve it, but they he also deserves to be judged fairly.

    Have you also thought of someone providing false information or mixing someones name with someone elses? This whole thing is wrought with ethical and legal issues.

    We all are frustarted and upset by what these kids and young adults did but we should also hold ourselves to a higher level than them by acting in accordance to the very laws that we are accusing them of breaking.

    I suggest you wait until people are found guilty so as to escape someone creating a legal action on you for defamation of character.

    All I see here is an online version of Mob Mentality

    • If proven to be innocent it is very easy to edit this website. If cleared of wrongdoing the accused will have their redemption.

    • with all due respect, the last thing we need is some bleeding heart wanna – be legal advisor telling us to be careful as “we really dont want to ruffle the feathers of these cute little kiddies”.

      the macabre display of torching, looting, and damaging in one thing…. but to sit there and take camera shots and vids of the whole thing, like its an event, is too fucked up for words. that was more shocking than the actual riot! anyways, I know you mean well and it can become a legal issue, but fuck em all. “You wanna play, you gots to pay”.. thats how it is in the real world, with no camera’s, and no mob mentality, and no mommy’s and daddy’s to bail your ass out when you fuck up.

      Time will heal everything, and these adorable little rascals will learn that choices have consequences.

      • I actually think it was great that all these cameras and vids were there. Look at all the evidence that’s been found. I know some people filmed for the wrong reasons, but there were definitely a lot of people who filmed for the right ones.

    • I know a guy the other night at a party who said essentially the same thing as you hust did. The next day we found his picture destroying a building.


    Or this guy, apparently.

    (Getting these guys from )

  16. Thanks for doing this! Now, how do we put the pressure on the courts to deal with them PROPERLY so that we have an example so people with think twice about this again?

  17. This is the famous one. Don’t even need to make a new post and 20,000 other people will identify that name.

    In fact, google it, and it’s the only thing that comes up.

  18. Captain Vancouver is our new Super Hero

    • Definitely NOT in my books! Speak for yourself. This type of crap is very stoneage. Especially when he is posting pictures of stuff that isn’t illegal, he kind of devalues himself and this blog because of it. I hope this guy rots in hell for his actions. He is just as bad as the rioters, if not worse. He does not help the positive view on Vancouver.

      • suck it up, buttercup!…had the cops 1/done their job and 2/the crowds had more rule of law and a strategy so not to engage in goonlike behaviours, then we wouldn’t have the public outrage and demand for justice we all do want now (vast majority of us, just do the research yourself). polls shows most people feel alot of these douchebags (esp the looters) will be let go (see cbc story yesterday i posted)….despite thinking we’d matured from ’94, instead we’ve received our 2nd blackeye, and are internationally disgraced too…so in short, we’re as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

  19. Captain Vancouver,

    I think this is a great blog for all of us to see! I think that the public shaming is a great method for a longer lasting punishment. Please don’t stop this blog till everyone gets caught! What a disgrace to Vancouver.

  20. Moderator: Please delete the original comment. The police have been informed, we’re going to let them take care of it.

    • The original link has become broken and now identifies the wrong person, so the original post is now inaccurate.

    • Here’s his twitter page. Wow, his last tweet is even more telling. Notice the time on his last tweet and the “non OP George” ‘s 2 posts.!/rain_coast

      In order for this twitter not to be Cortland, somebody would have had to set this up weeks before the riots.

  21. You’re doing a wonderful job! I have no criticism of the way you run this blog or the information it contains. I guess people like Democratic Process would object to posting video and identity of someone punching them in the face until the assailant was properly convicted and all possibilities of appeal were exhausted.

  22. Don’t give up Captain Vancouver. You are needed in Canada.

  23. I’m no anthropologist, but it seems to me that since we have been living in communal societies, public shaming and ostracization have been very powerful tools used by society at large to police the un-policable. The truth is, the majority of the people who participated in the riots – either as full and active vandals, or useless bystanders who cheered on the carnage – will not be punished by the law in a manner that befits the crime. Who am I to say that? A member of the society in which those people participate. Why has public shaming in our history been so effective? Because we need each other to survive. In a circumstance where so many have behaved in a manner that illustrates that they are either too spoiled, to dumb or too entitled to realise this, I am in full support of using public shaming to educate them. Our modern society has become so fractured that many of our young people have forgotten that we are, in fact a community. The anonymity of the internet has allowed people to say outrageous and offensive things and not have any consequences to deal with afterward. How many of us would say and do the things we do online to someone’s face? Is it any wonder that these (mostly?) young people have no awareness of the consequences of their actions? That in a mob, they truly believed that anonymity would protect them? Anyone who wants the benefits of living in society must be willing to follow society’s rules – both the legal kind, as well as the ethical and moral kind. These rioters rejected those rules the instant they decided to riot. We cannot take away from them the health care they receive, the roads they drive on, the water that comes through their taps, the police protection they can depend upon, the emergency services they can appeal to should they be in need. Nor can we take away the ability to walk into one of the stores they destroyed to purchase toilet paper, medicine, or feminine hygiene products. Sadly, we probably can’t explain to them why the prices in those stores have had to rise so that the companies can pay for the damages they incurred, or why their parent’s property taxes have gone up to pay for the public damages because I imagine it will fall on deaf ears. BUT we can publicly hold them accountable for their choices by naming them. I’m all for redemption. If any of them choose to come forward and begin to make public amends for the damage they’ve caused, then it will be up to the individuals who deal with them in the community to give them a second chance. Those are the consequences of their actions. It’s time to remind people that they are not living in a digital void. There are real people who are affected by their words and actions, and those people are worthy of some contrition.

    Captain Vancouver – I commend you.

  24. Good to hear it….

    this just in….
    dustin anderson turning himself in, it seems, due to ‘public pressure’ and not being able to leave his own home…and of course he feels ‘horrible’ for what he did in swatting at both a police officer and firefighter. (love it the humility that replaces that goon like, smug, cheshire cat like look in the end, don’t you!)
    see below.

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