Alex Pro Sponsored By Oakley Poses In Vancouver Riots

**The proceeding only shows Alex Pro posing in front of a burning car. To see the updated story follow this link that shows it wasn’t “just posing”**

Alex Prochazka aka Alex Pro was seen in this photo wearing a t-shirt bearing one of the sponsors he lists at his website.  Who is Alex Pro?  He’s a local professional mountain biker featured in videos and magazines.  He hails from Whistler BC, and obviously came down to catch the game.

There will be those who ask why post this when he isn’t rioting or looting in the shot. I’m posting it because he should know better especially since he already is a public figure amongst those who follow his sport.  Plus, I’m sure Oakley Canada already knows that he was wearing their logo and posing in front of a burning car.

Alex Pro

Maybe Alex Pro will only lose his Oakley sponsorship?

Alex Pro may not get any jail time for just posing in front of a burning car.  Before anyone comments that I should only be posting photos of people doing actual criminal acts.  Anyone, including Alex commits a sin of omission by not doing the right thing and walking away from the actions perpetuated by others that are not good.  Instead, by his actions in posing he encourages others to do so.  As a professional athlete he will always be judged on a different scale than others.  He should know this.  Especially since there are those that look up to him.  Why risk your career and reputation?

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  1. Hahaha nice Bio on his website. Direct quote: “Years riding: As long as i can remember but profenonaly about 6.”

  2. the grease makes him look like a sleaze. did he change his chains before having the picture taken or did he turn over the car? the VPD would like to know.

  3. lol when i saw this yesterday i was laughing about him being a greaseball – now we know why!

    no one knows why he’s a douchebag, though

  4. The VPD couldn’t care less and won’t even investigate this. The lighting in this picture indicates this was taken hours before thee riot act was read and posing in front of a burning car, though certainly moronic, isn’t illegal. If you want to help bring these folks to justice and not just seek out revenge for the “humiliation” you and so many Vancouverites bitch about, you should bone up on the criminal code. I support the people who are outraged for the indignity done to our city but, for theee fact that hoodlums think they can do this to us. This shouldn’t be about revenge or “sin” or you self-centered feeling of humiliation. This should be about justice, primarily for the many merchants in the core who may now lose their businesses trying to pay repair costs. Post some rral goons committing crimes, not some idiot you want to humiliate. Help thee police and stop wasting their time with crap like this.

    • Actually, criminal charges and public humiliation should go hand in hand. Seeing that our criminal justice system is dispensing penalties on the lower end of the scale, public humiliation needs to assist in coming close to justice. Will you be happy if the rioters get probation? I’m sorry but these people and their criminal actions need to face consequences. A slap on the wrist from the judge isn’t going to lessen the insurance premiums that retailers will have to pay because of rioters. Do you think rioters, vandals and arsonists are really going to learn from a stern reprimand in court? There should be massive fines, jail time and community service handed out for every rioter involved. That and the public humiliation just might make them realize that their actions have consequences.

    • They humiliated us. We humiliate them. See how that works? Karma, baby. This guy can kiss his sponsorships goodbye.

    • Last i checked this IS a public shaming site and not a VPD investigation site. Hope it was a fun night Alex!

    • He appears to be losing sponsors and that makes me happy.

    • I wonder if you would still feel the same if that was your car he was posing in front of douchebag. Stop wasting OUR time with your stupid posts. Those posing or watching are just as guilty as morons doing the actual damage. They should all be flogged.

    • When he loses his sponsorship, as a role model???, then justice will be done. No jail time warranted.

      Why by the way, because others see this idiot and do the same, some do worse. That’s what escalates riots, you’re either part of the group bringing it to a stop or continuing to see it escalate — which one do you think he helped with?

  5. Yes another unevolved, mindless retard criminal goof making himself infamous posing in front of a demolished vehicle. Proof positive that cousins should not marry and have kids. Alex is a douchebag and is now a complete douchebag loser even in the eyes of the people in his sport. His sponsors will hopefully kick his sorry loser ass to the curb once they see he is not worthy of sponsorship. He deserves nothing but shame, humiiation and degradation. Pass this photo around and make sure that he has some serious regret about his involvement in the riots. Scum like this do not deserve the right to be in our city.

  6. Hopefully this is the last of the “people posing in a riot” pictures. It’s a little too easy. Let’s find the shitheads… the people who took it too far and should face the consequences. You should make a “most wanted”. I’ve seen this same green haired guy in 5 or 6 videos and he’s smashing everything! It’s enraging.

  7. I will be writing every one of his sponsors, and informing them that not only will I not be buying any of their products as long as they sponsor this tard, I will be passing this along to every one I know.

    The rest is up to them.

    I urge others here to do the same.

    • Well said jb! Let’s make sure that Alex is living the consequences of his actions!

    • Write to this rioter’s sponsors……that is an excellent idea. I am planning on sending a formal letter of disappointment about the association of Oakley with a globally recognized participant in the Vancouver riots of 2011. This person was glorifying the riot, even though he did not take part in the crimes. He is an example of hundreds of others in the crowd who cheered on delinquent and destructive behavior which ultimately physically damaged our city and its citizens, and almost irreversibly tarnished the reputation of Vancouver and Canada. ALEX PRO….YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY AND TO THIS PROVINCE.

  8. I can see what he is trying to do. What is the point of drawing public attention to trash that is already trash, people that sooner or later will end up with a criminal record later. Additionally people aren’t interested in that kid who people already thinks is the scum of the Earth. Public humiliation on those are almost a waste of time and space.

    Rather why don’t we draw attention to the ones that should know better. The ones that we call neighbours, colleagues, classmates, etc. Some local heroes, and even people we aspire to be. The concept is vengeance on the ones that the law can only frown upon. Although I do agree, if there are more serious offenders in forms of looters and violent rioters (beating other people up), then they should definitely have more attention drawn to.

    This site is the reason why celebrities or wannabes are very very careful where they show their faces and what they do, as the day when they do make it big, it is something like this that will blacken their image forever. Yes, if you are getting sponsored, please do not promote public disorder. It is an embarrassment to the corporation, your fans and your sport. You want to show you are crazy and fun loving, not a drunk who enjoys fire. Personally I have no idea who this idiot is, and what he does for a living. But any fool who thinks encouragement to the riot should be publicly shamed.

  9. Just finished sending out email to every sponsor on his list.
    Vindictive and petty? Well… maybe.

    But the message needs to be loud and clear;
    Being a stupid thug is not cool and should not be rewarded.

    • that’s a tall order in this world – when we get finished with the rioters, let’s move on to the pols

    • You are being a good citizen. Don’t let the xxxxxxx get you down. Time to clean up the mess our society has created.

  10. Dear (name of sponsor here);
    I’m hoping you can take a moment to consider the negative
    publicity that is being generated by a local professional mountain biker
    who lists your products on his website (
    I beleive you are a sponsor who is linked to Alex Prochazka (aka Alex Pro)
    who was photographed in front of an overturned burning vehicle during
    the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots on June 15th 2011.
    Mr. Prochazka certainly doesn’t represent the people of Vancouver or his sport well
    with his obvious participation in the horrible action of a riot.
    I would certainly never purchase your products as a result of seeing this
    person representing your brand name or image.
    In my humble opinion, Mr. Prochazka is doing your company a disservice as it
    is now common knowledge that his involvement in the destruction of property.

    Yours Truly,

    • Man thanks for this! Let’s find more people and situations that I can use it for!!

      My reason: Stupidity should never be glorified.

      By remaining downtown after the police read the riot act for all to disperse implies that they either willfully defied the law, or were just too stupid to have been out in public in the first place.

      Take responsibility for yourselves douchebags! We all have choices. I was downtown. I sensed how the atmosphere changed. I left. You didn’t. Time to face the consequences.

  11. These punks wanted their 5 mins of fame by posing and cheering on the rioters. Now they are getting it on this site and others like this. I agree that they should be humiliated because they were there encouraging the criminal acts. Hope this guy loses his sponsors.

    Now let’s get Brock Anton on here…

  12. A message of apology from Alex will appear tomorrow at the following address of his brother’s blog:

    Thank you.

    • Too little too late Duuuude

    • you took the post down. getting too much heat?

    • Umm yeah…still waiting for that big scoop on a full interview and apology.
      It seems the apology on Facebook lacks a lot of true feeling.
      He apologized there because he got caught not becaause he was truly
      His actions are reprehensible and disgusting and he’s just trying to do
      some damage control, but ONLY because he was outted, not because
      he is ashamed.
      The court of public opinion is stronger than any provincial justice court.
      Want an example of that?
      Tiger Woods.

  13. re: Just Me: Awesome!
    re: Amy Hu: I understand your idea to highlight the people who did positive things in the rioting but this site (and many others) are set up to help gather the names and images of those perpetrators of arson, looting and vandalism, who thought their actions in a crowded and chaotic night would give them anonymity. We are gathering to publicly shame them and hope that the police will be able to share some time with the perpetrators in discussing their actions that night. This helps to remind them that they are supposedly responsible people who must face consequences for their actions/misdeeds/crimes.

  14. Public humiliation and criminal charges should go hand in hand eh? Yet another spinless Vancouverite of the same ilk as those who stood idly by while people were beaten. As I said before, this page and the comments made here. Will be used by these punk’s lawyers to assert their client’s can’t obtain a fair trial and they’ll be offered the opportunity to plead to lesser charges or have charges dismissed entirely, and all thanks to misguided crusaders such as yourself with no understanding of our legal process. I hope you’ll be comfortable with public humiliation because you and your shame crew may have screwed up any chance we citizens of Vancouver may have of obtaining appropriate sentences for these idiots. And then you’ll have the audacity to blame it on our legal system…

    • You may want to check the status of our criminal justice system. Not just in BC but all of Canada. If someone commits murder it’s what..30 years in prison? Two murders get maybe 75 years but chances are they get parole after 30 or 40 anyway. Steal a car..maybe a year if it’s a fourth or fifth offence. Rape? Likely less than 3 years for a first offence, 5 years if it’s multiple rapes or involves a child. Fraud? Credit card theft? Less than a year..maybe 2 years less a day if multiply charged. But keep in mind you could have 52 fraud or theft charges and your jail sentence is dispensed concurrently not consecutively so a habitual thief or fraud artist with 52 charges might actually serve 8 months out of a 24 month sentence.
      You’re under the mistaken impression that the courts will actually punish these idiots.

    • Accountability that’s why. Do you honestly think they will get proper punishment in our crowded court system? Do you honestly think they’ll learn their lesson with probation or wear it as a badge of honor? No, proper justice is public shaming that hurts them on a personal level like losing friends, jobs and opportunities. People will think twice next time knowing the consequences.
      I want to vomit every time someone complains about outing them, it’s nice to see the public doing something instead if sitting in their hands with a don’t get involved attitude.

  15. “Anyone, including Alex commits a sin of omission by not doing the right thing and walking away from the actions perpetuated by others that are not good. Instead, by his actions in posing he encourages others to do so.”

    No it doesn’t.

    • But they *do* commit a criminal act by not leaving an assembled area 30 minutes after the riot act is read. So for those of you worried about “innocents” getting caught up in this: unless they left the area (or attempted to leave the area), they’re not exactly “innocent”.

    • Wow. Someone named Tom defending this wastecase.
      A little reasearch on this Alex guy(thanks google), turns out his father’s name is Tom. Big suprise.

  16. write him a comment on his blog

  17. If this goof gets a criminal record I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for him to cross the border to compete. Hopefully..he’ll get busted and have to try and find a real job.

  18. Part of the biography From the Target website:
    Alex Prochazka Biography
    Personal Statistics
    Birth Date: May 14, 1991
    Hometown: Whistler, British Columbia
    Sport: Mountain biker

    Alex Prochazka, or Alex Pro to those who know him, is committed to taking Mountain Biking to the next level…blah blah blah…

    Born and raised in Whistler, B.C., Alex holds claim to the only Target sponsorship outside of the United States. (Not for long! LOL)

    And while he can charm the crowd and judges with his aptitude for big air..blah..blah..blah..
    Alex continues to push himself in competition with solid finishes across the board at events including the Red Bull Rampage. With a promising future ahead, (not for vey long…LOL!!!!)…

  19. Ok captain Vancouver, we have another nehardental specimen that can’t adapt to the civilized world, hey Robert Snelgrove, thank’s for being a clown but the cirque du soleil is out of town by now, hope you can get a job in the entertainment industry with your name engraved online for a good long time, let me tell you sommin, I’m drunk but having a good time cheering way, please kid, thanks for downgrading Vancouver from #1 city in the world, to number 348. Well done!!!, you are on the news!.

  20. It’s funny how everyone is “so sorry” only after they’re caught, never before.

  21. Yes it does.

    By him standing there posing like a lobotomized primate, he condoned the actions.

    If he was really sorry, he would have commented days ago on his own blog, and not on his brother’s blog.

    If you can’t see through his insincerity… Shame on you

  22. I think it boils down to this. By being a pro athlete, he has assumed a public persona. This was his choice, and I am sure there are plenty of rewards. But people in the public eye are held to a higher standard. Many things that would be “forgiven” or simply ignored for private individuals are held against public figures. The idea behind this is, I guess, is that these people are or at least can be role models and thus should be held to a higher standard. For people who are sponsored, there is also a strong commercial element. Companies want to be associated (for the most part) with squeaky clean characters, not ones of “dubious moral fibre”. I don’t know if this is fair or not, or right or wrong (morally), but that’s what it is, it’s the way our society functions right now.

    It was also his choice to participate in the riot by posing in front of burning car and showing how much he is enjoying himself. I don’t know if this was criminal, likely not, but it certainly didn’t help the riot, but probably just encouraged those who were flipping and torching cars. This choice will likely prove to have been incompatible with being a sponsored pro athlete. The consequences will be apparent shortly. However, the important thing to remember is that the consequences will not flow from his picture being posted on this blog, or even his picture being taken. The consequences will flow from him being there in the first place and doing what he is depicted of doing.

    • Look at all the professional athletes who have shamed themselves in recent years. Do the names Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods and Michael Vick ring a bell? If I recall correctly, all of them were publicly shamed and I know Woods and Vick lost product endorsement deals worth big money.
      Those guys were well established and their reputations have been tarnished forever.
      Hopefully, that is what happens to this rioting moron.
      I know if I were making the decision for any one of his sponsors I drop him faster than you could blink!
      I’ve done my part by contacting his sponsors to bring them up to speed on their little mountain bike celebrity…now it’s your turn! Go to his website and click the links to his sponsor’s websites and let them know what Alex has been up to.

  23. If Alex Pro really cared about his sport, his public persona, or his professional status, not to say the least the money and attention he receives from his sponsors, he would have left the area as soon as things began to turn. Instead, he, like all of the people who stayed, cheered, smiled and posed, are as much of a problem as the actual perpetrators of the violence. Outstanding stupidity on his part. Maybe he’ll end up losing fans, his sponsors, his credibility…maybe he’ll have trouble crossing the border in the future. Maybe something will get through his thick skull and the numb brains of other young punks.

    • Well said.

      In my opinion, everyone that stayed in the area after the riot act was read is just as guilty and is just as disgusting as those who did that actual damage. You had a chance to leave–why didn’t you?

  24. Please write to Alex’s sponsors with your concerns.

    Target –
    Commencal –
    Fox –
    Shimano – Shimano has no email contact!
    Oakley –
    SDG –
    MRP – webform
    Spank – webform
    Armada –
    Geax – webform
    Evoc – webform

    • Done. Every Single Sponsor. You’re done Mr. “Pro”. Onto the next asshole.

      • Good man.

        Looks like Alex’s page on Target’s website has disappeared. I wonder how Oakley or Commencal respond.

  25. $%^&’g retard. Bye bye sponsorship you moron.


    I was in the area at my gym watching this after being out on my bike in the mayhem I got the hell outta dodge fearing my expensive bike would get stolen

  27. Are we sure it’s the same guy? He defo looks like the one on the Alex Pro website but has there been any other identity confirmations. I am about to write to his sponsors and would feel better with two identity confirmations.

  28. Why are you all tearing him apart over posing for a picture like thousands of other people did that night. He did make a mistake and really shouldn’t have done it. He wasn’t damaging anything or setting stuff on fire like the real criminals. He always has the “dirty look” and wearing jeans with grease stains on them is the norm for him. Someone like alex who is always out riding, helping other riders learn new things and keeping people stoked on the sport would not have anything to do with criminal activity. He did make a mistake for posing in that photo and im sure he is very sorry for setting that kind of example. He has had enough negative publicity and should be left alone!

    • Are you fucking kidding me? OK, how about we say the grease on his pants was already there, let’s hypothetically give him that benefit of the doubt. Does your buddy Alex typically roll around at public events with his hands and face covered in soot? Did that soot just magically jump onto his body? Give me a break. He was in contact with that truck at some point.

      For anyone doubting if it is actually him in the photo, here is his Facebook status admitting it’s him:

    • This jackass is as guilty as anyone and you’re a door knob for defending him. He is an active and willing participant in a riot and is obviously quite proud of that fact and I am equally proud to able to facilitate sharing this image with every single one of his sponsors via email and via Facebook. I hope anyone who reads this will follow suit because as Alex has taught us – the more the merrier, right Mr. “Pro”?

    • I’m sure Mr. Pro was not courageous enough to come down and help clean up the mess. Mr. Pro is likely guilty of inciting others to riot so he should turn himself into the police and let them decide if his actions are worthy of charges. My guess is that if he hadn’t been caught on film, he wouldn’t making any apologies. He can suck ass all he wants on Facebook, but actions speak. Walk the walk Mr. Pro.

    • He walks around with greasy black palms too. Look at his hands, dude.

    • “He always has the ‘dirty look’ and wearing jeans with grease stains on them is the norm for him. ”

      Then he deserves to be scorned for being a cheeseball.

    • There is video footage showing him, as one of the rioters, flipping the truck.

  29. This ski bum should consider himself on notice.

    He had better pray an image doesn’t doesn’t show up of him escalating his behaviour from boorish to criminal.

  30. I spent my morning searching for the Facebook pages for all of this clown’s sponsors and then posting the link and / or the image of their representative Alex Pro. I do hope Alex updates his web site so it reads Bike, Ski, Hunt, Truck, Riot.

  31. it is the same truck that was defended by the hero who punched a guy out stonecold.
    the truck is from Executive Fire Safety Ltd. from Surrey.
    they can now put a name and face to someone that could’ve touched their truck.

  32. Just to double check – how is it that people are sure its really him – are there other photos, vids or evidence? The pic only shows part of him from a distance – unless there’s more photos of him that are closer and clearer, its not a definitive ID. And unless there is other evidence of him doing more than just posing after the fact (which is pretty tasteless) there is likely no legal offence here. If anyone has links to other evidence, post them.

    Public shaming is fine – this event and the whole social networking reaction to it are actually making history in terms of how technology and social values are combining to try to bring about justice, and I know law scholars will debate this for years, but at the same time, unless you can show more certainty than one photo shot from a distance at an angle, the same permanency of the internet this site promotes for shaming could come back and bite everyone here in the ass unless the allegations are backed up with more evidence. Hypothetically, if its not him, his lawyers could have a field day with this. Just sayin’ – be cautious and certain in posting allegation and jumping on the diss bandwagon.

  33. Here you go Alex J. Pro. Another little piece of you on the internet for all eternity. Thanks for playing loser, and yes, I’ll have fries with that.

    • Yeah like he didnt help roll that truck with Exhaust residue all over his face, hands and clothes. Anyone that believes all he did was take a picture is an idiot too!

  34. I just emailed oakley and fox and will do the others.I will be watching him from now on and everytime he gets a new sponsor I will write them too. If they dont cancel his contracts, i will post so much shit on the net about there company and their affliation with a scum bag that they will have no choice.

    Enjoy Alex, I hope you had the time of your life on Weds.

  35. this kid and his dad have been douchebags their whole lives.its just now that he can’t hide behind his athletic ability, that everyone gets to see it. a chip off the ol ‘pro’ piece of sh*t if ya ask me. go back over the pond eastern euro scum bag white trash alkys.


  37. What the defenders of the shitbags who pose in front of burning cars all excited like are that they chose to take a photo in front of thousands of other people who had cameras showing excitement for illegal activities. They were in a PUBLIC place. you put yourself out in the public and act like an asshole, then the public has every right to publicly shame you.

  38. I agree. He is publicly showing his support for the criminal behaviour of the rioters. He will need to work hard at re-building his good character, if indeed he had one to begin with.

  39. and what does the sports media and his sponsors do?
    they reward him for his actions!!!!!….
    june 17 story.

  40. What’s truly irritating about this Alex Prochazka guy is that the life he had — doing freaking bicycle gimmicks for money — is very much the result of living in a luxurious age. He was enjoying a way of life that had been unthinkable, let alone attainable, for 99.9% of human existence.

    He was, in other words, one fortunate m.f., blessed by time and circumstance.

    And yet here he is celebrating the wanton destruction of the very society that gave him a platform to live this life of ease. Here he is, celebrating the destruction of someone else’s property and — by extension — the time and exertion that other human being had put in to attain it.

    Other people built the world that allowed Alex Prochazka to devote his life to frivolity. And then he turns around and bellows with delight when that world gets turned upside down.

    His brain doesn’t make the connection. He’s accustomed to being handed what he wants. He is, in all senses of the word, spoiled. For Alex Prochazka, it’s always been someone else who does the REAL work. He thinks he has a high threshold for pain — for taking spills and hitting the ground and banging himself up — but he doesn’t know what actual hurt feels like.

    He deserves to lose everything he had — the sponsorships, the tour circuit, the gracious media coverage and, most of all, the respect.

  41. @tft…
    you nailed it. square-on-the-head.
    great writing.

  42. My take is I saw the poor guy who’s truck that is on the news. It was his livelihood> He is an electrician who works hard. All his tools of his trade are gone, tools he said took him decades to obtain. He can no longer support his family. And now some bike guy thinks the destruction of another mans life will make a great photo op. It isn’t. If you lose your sponsorships (aka your livelihood), I will not cry. And neither should you. I have no doubt you had nothing to do with burning that truck, but not really the point. You are celebrating another guy’s misery. A guy who never did anything to you, I’m guessing. A guy who’s life is ruined at the moment for no good reason. This is why you are on this site. My sympathy is with the electrician, not you.

  43. as mentioned above, target has removed his bio from their website in the last few hours. it is working. sponsors are dumping his a$$.keep sending your emails to his sponsors!

  44. Alex’s Facebook apology might as well say “Well damn..I got caught looking like a douchebag..and I’m sorry I got caught!”.
    He isn’t sorry.
    His actions helped incite violence and mayhem.
    His sponsors are gonna drop him like a rotten dog turd.

    • Amen. The only thing a shit-stain like this would ever be sorry for is getting caught. There’s no real remorse with douche-bags like this.

  45. You know what it looks like to take a photo in front of a killed deer?
    Someone who takes his picture with a deer he didn’t kill is a douche.
    If he did kill this car, he’s a criminal.
    I’d love to help the electrician out. Is there some kind of charity set up already? In case Alex Pro doesn’t do the right thing and coughs up his savings and sponsor-money.

  46. Here is how you can contact this scumbags sponsors.

    Target –
    Commencal – media@commencal .com
    Fox – info@foxracings
    Shimano – Shimano has no email contact!
    Oakley – infocanada@oakl
    SDG – marketing@sdgco sponsorship@sdg

    Armada – info@armadaskis .com

  47. pro didn’t do anything wrong he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and everyone does bad things sometimes, so you guys should all get a life and let this kid off the hook.

    • I guess all that oil and burns on his jeans are a fashion statement and not from flipping the truck over? Maybe “pro” should give some of that mountain bike money to that owner of the truck who has all his tools destroyed along with his livelihood. I am so happy his sponsors are dropping this violent animal

    • He also didn’t do anything right.
      Lets make an example of this shit-stain. Perhaps his failed life will serve as an example to others. In the future, when people flip him a quarter for squeegeeing their window, maybe they’ll reflect on what is acceptable behavior, and what is moronic, puerile, mind-numbingly disgusting behavior and adjust their lives accordingly.

    • You clearly fail to understand the reality of the situation. ‘Pro’ did several things wrong:

      1) He stayed in the area after the riot act was read. That in itself is a criminal act.

      2) He fomented the violence that did occur by showing his approval as evidenced by the posed picture. He is as guilty as if he cheered on a rape or goaded someone into an assault. He literally incited a riot. Had other like him chosen to move along and ignore the actions of the first transgressors, the riot would been robbed of its impetus.

      3) Most pertinent to someone who describes himself as ‘Pro’, he portrayed his sponsors in a negative light through their association with him. Something for which they will not be too pleased, I’m sure.

      If you can not grasp how this is the case, you have a lot of growing up to do.

    • Interesting name choice Alex H.

      No. Not everyone does bad things sometimes. People make mistakes, but mistakes are mistakes not criminal activity. Doing something bad demonstrates an intent to cause harm. Alex was an active participant in a riot. He had choices: stay, go, or stop people from destroying property. He chose to stay and pose for pics and that is a crime after you are told to go home by the police (read the riot act). Is what he did worth prosecution when compared to the actions of others if all he did was pose in front of the car? Probably not. Is it worth ridicule and loss of sponsorship? Definitely. He should stay on the hook until he pays his debt to society. Sucks to have consequences for doing bad things … Alex.

    • Hi Alex.

  48. I’m sorry but you people are pathetic! Sending letters to his sponsors? REALLY? In my opinion you people are nothing but trolls fixated on ruining peoples lives. Everybody has made a stupid mistake in their life. How would you feel if that moment was publicized? He Fu*# up, we get it, lets move on! Your nasty comments are nothing more than cyber bullying! Maybe you should all find a new hobby or at least post your places of work so that people can send letters to your boss about hate full comments you anonymously post online because you have nothing better to do.

  49. I am so sick of these precious few that think they can get away with shit. But a sponsored guy that lives the life in whistler….thats so fucked up! i live in whistler and i am so sick of the douche bag mentality ….and this is the perfect example of one. A disrespectful shit that thinks the rest of the village should bow down to his last epic ride. ALEX… you are an embarrassment to Whistler.
    s a message to you AlLEX…

  50. Actually the fact is that anyone that was down there a half hour after the police read the riot act (which they did) is guilty of being a part of an unlawful assembly at the very least. Posing for a picture like this could also been seen as “taking part in a riot” if they want to stretch things. Now is it likely that they’ll prosecute every person that was down there that they can see in the photo’s but not doing anything else beyond observing? No, it’s not likey, however idiots like this should have to pay some restitution for being stupid.

  51. What happened to the apology he was going to make on his brother’s website? The teaser post has been removed.

  52. Gravity Logic – integral to Alex’s development and training in Whistler.

    Dave Kelly
    Tom Pro
    Rob Cocquyt

    edited to removed phone numbers CV

  53. Contact Red Bull Canada to ask them about how they feel about sponsoring Alex?

  54. Here is Alex’s facebook so you can all let him know directly how his actions have effected others

  55. Oakley has taken note of Alex’s riot participation.

    • I bet they would like to distance themselves from a guy who likes to celebrate when people destroy public and private property!

  56. the problem on his facebook page are his friends and family saying that “it’s ok, everyone makes mistakes”. This does not help him to understand the gravity of the situation, or why he felt the need to be there in the first place. This attitutde does not help him soul search to dig deeper and change his thought process in the future. You are coddling him like a baby, not the adult that he is. I doubt any of his sponsors will drop him either. People are too soft.

  57. From what I have read about Alex Pro, he is probably not actually a bad person. It sounds like he was caught up in the moment and posed for a photo during the riots. However, that action alone is reprehensible. It was a very unfortunate mistake for Alex Pro to pose for this photo.

    What disturbed me the most watching the riots unfold was the number of people who were laughing and posing for photos in front of burning cars, fights and looted stores. Why do so many people think it’s a good idea to pose for photos during a riot? What is wrong with people today? I understand that there are people out there who for whatever reason will always be acting against society, but why do otherwise normal and moral people allow themselves to set their morals aside and drop to the same level?

    Unfortunately for Alex Pro, I think an example needs to be made of him. He is a higher profile person that most people who participated in the riots so more people will see the very real negative consequences he has to deal with for posing for an innocent little photo during the riots. He may not have done any actual rioting, but his actions most likely helped to encourage the rioting crowd. He needs to suffer the consequences. He needs to lose sponsorships.

    • well, he is hurting now.
      he took down his webpage, oakley put him under review, supposedly he lost other sponsors as well.
      my personal opinion of people who pose for pictures like this, is the same of people who pose with dead deer not killed by themselves. quite douchy.

      I hope Alex can redeem himself. he is not a criminal like the looters or people who light copcars. with his status, he could become a posterchild for someone who learned from his mistakes and help the victims. he could still be a rolemodel.

      help yourself Alex, this is your chance to wash the stains away and shine!


      • I’m not saying Alex didn’t help to overturn the truck, but the photo doesn’t prove that. I’m not making any assumptions about what Alex actually did or didn’t do.

        What I’m saying is that the simple act of posing for a photo during a riot is wrong. If a riot breaks out and people don’t want to be part of the riot or help to break it up, they should just leave. Anyone who stays in the riot to cheer or pose for photos is no better than the people doing the actual rioting.

      • ok, I retract my statement. he is not a poser, or a douche. it seems now he willfully participated in the destruction of one man’s property. that would be criminal.

  58. Stay tuned for my next blog entry that show’s someone that in my opinion is Alex Pro helping flip the truck over.

    • Go get ’em Captain!

      A lot of good people are behind you 100%. Take back your city good people of Vancouver!!

  59. […] My earlier Alex Pro blog posting had readers jumping and ranting that he was only posing and I should focus on the “real criminals”.  Somehow Alex is a good guy just doing something he shouldn’t have done.  Some comments stated that Alex usually wears greasy looking pants.  Who the hell are you people? […]

  60. This is the statement from Oakley Canada:

    “We are currently reviewing our relationship with Alex Pro & will be taking actions to see that Alex becomes aware that we do not accept behavior like this from any of our athletes or spokesperson(s).”

  61. Hey Oakly, Captain Vancouver could use a nice new pair of shades

  62. go onto oakley canada;s facebook page and give it to them. they apparently are not doing anything to alex and keeping his sponsorship. Fuck that!…il

  63. Here are his sponsors if anyone wants to write to them expressing concern towards why this clown is sponsored. He may be a sick rider, but he is in no way making a good representation of these companies or as a role model.
    Target –
    Commencal –
    Fox –
    Shimano – Shimano has no email contact!
    Oakley –
    SDG –
    MRP – webform
    Spank – webform
    Armada –
    Geax – webform
    Evoc – webform

  64. there is now a pic out of alex flipping the car after he said he didnt..fuck u alex..u r scum… oakley and fox

  65. There is another shot that shows him clearly participating in flipping a car.

  66. is anyone sending these to the police? By the statement Oakley made, it looks like he is only going to be getting a slap on the wrist. It is doubtful they actually pay him either, as its usually only top tier athletes, but Commencal, his bicycle sponsor might. I wonder if his family and friends who have been so supportive on facebook of him have seen this latest picture? I haven’t seen it on there yet. Again, he has other sponsors, such as Commencal.


    We are currently reviewing our relationship with Alex Pro & will be taking actions to see that Alex becomes aware that we do not accept behavior like this from any of our athletes or spokesperson(s).

    Mr. Pro wants some sympathy? OK, tell ya what douche bag – let me take a picture mugging in front of YOUR truck after YOU set it on fire. Fat chance huh Alex? You’re a fucking coward. Blow me.

  68. Let’s hope that Oakley doesn’t give their hero a slap on the wrist, but it sounds like thats what they have in mind. So, Oakley sponsors rioters. Last purchase I ever make of an Oakley product.

  69. yup Oakley is going to pussy out. Me, my kids and my family will never support an event they sponsor, or a product they make. Oakley, surprise me and announce you are doing the right thing. I bet there’s a ton of awesome people in the mountain bike industry that are hardworking, industrious , talented and honest.

  70. looks like he lost his target sponsorship already….

    Here today (June 13, 2011) –

    Gone tomorrow (June 18, 2011) –

  71. heres the proof he helped push the truck.
    photo below:
    post#36. douchebag with navy shirt and camo hat on left.
    its him.

  72. There are shots of him flipping the car. No video yet but I am sure that is to come. This guy is a LOSER an his sponsor will drop him.

  73. oh yes there is look closely at about 12 seconds after the first push. He comes in from the right and pushes the tire. Just posing hey Alex you liar and coward. Lie to your parents your friends your sponsors you POS.

  74. Maybe THIS will help Oakley get the picture…

  75. Or this…

    Maybe every one of Alex’s sponsors will be offering a special new Signature line for him.

  76. It would seem that Mr. Pro has somehow come to grips with his ego (and perhaps on the advice of his lawyer) and shut down public access to his web site. My guess is that there will be no public apology forthcoming and that AJ Pro will try to fight or plead down and possible charges. Nice work Mr. Accountable.

  77. Oak Bay Bikes is indeed on the RIGHT side of this debate.

  78. Oak Bay Bicycles is definitely NOT okay with it. We don’t support, condone, or have anything to do with Alex Pro, and the rioters are totally indefensible. We poked some fun at Alex for entertainment on our facebook, which was a mistake and we apologize for that; but, because of this comment people have gotten the idea that we somehow sponsor Alex. That’s ridiculous.

    In fact, we’re the only shop that I know of which came out against him at all, and the only shop to have published his photo.

    As to our response to his apology, I can see how that could be misconstrued as accepting it. We still believe that an apology and acceptance of his actions is a step in the right direction, but as a non-Vancouver shop, we don’t even have the right to accept his apology in the first place. Furthermore, this was all before the secondary photos of him directly participating in the vandalism came out; in that context, his apology now looks like cheap damage control and it makes us look bad for sure.

    Again, we think his actions were stupid and shameful for our whole industry; and, for those who thought we support him in any way, that’s definitely not the case.

    Brian @ Oak Bay Bicycles

    • Great. Target, Oak Bay Bicycles…a few more to go.

    • Oak Bay Bicycles needs better management and representation. The continuing responses and weak explanations are actually making their actions seem worse.

      Get someone else for spin control. This Brian guy is clearly not the right person.

  79. We don’t associate with, support, condone, or sponsor Alex Pro. We’re ashamed of him as an industry and as a shop.


    I received a few emails from Brian at Oak Bay Cycles. Oak Bay has never sponsored or endorsed our hero. They made a trite response on Facebook BEFORE the images and video of Ass Pro were made widely available.

    While I am all for giving it to this clown’s sponsors, there is no need to cause any further problems for any business that got drawn into this unwittingly. There is no sense in having AlexPro’s actions cause even more damage.

    Brain’s email:

    Hey Ronn, thanks for the email. Just to be extra clear, you say his “other” sponsors and we’re DEFINITELY not his sponsor and never have been.

    I’m also pretty sure that most of his actual sponsors will be dropping him pretty quickly. Most of those companies aren’t in Vancouver and don’t respond to things as fast as the internet, but it’ll happen. And yeah, my sympathies obviously lie with the poor guy whose truck got destroyed. Such a crap thing to happen.

    I found that public shaming site where someone is calling us out as his supporters, I guess that explains all the extra negative traffic with people already assuming we’re somehow supportive of him. If you can find the time I’d be super grateful if you could drop a note there or on FB about OBB’s actual position, we’re getting absolutely hammered out there and don’t deserve it I think.

    All the best,
    Brian @ OBB

  81. Sorry you feel that way. I agree using him as infotainment was in poor taste and we’ve apologized both there and here several times. As for criticism of Alex, here are some quotes from our Facebook page:

    “he brought it on himself and I think it’s important to call out our own when they do really stupid things.”

    “The actions of the rioters are a blight on the city/province/country, and we take it seriously when members of our own industry take part in such stupidity.”

    “We have nothing to do with, in no way support, and definitely do not condone the behaviour of Alex Pro or any of the rioters.”

    I hope that clarifies our position somewhat for you. Feel free to drop me a line at brian@oakbaybicycles if you want to discuss it further.

  82. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  83. Wow, this is clear and simple: Alex Pro, if it is indeed him, is clearly enjoying what is going on around him. He is joyous and encouraging of the destruction of personal property. Even if he did not touch a thing, he is messed in the head. Any normal person should and would know instantly that what was happening was wrong. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! I’m not saying he should be convicted of a crime or anything. What I am saying is there is no way to defend this behaviour as a ‘mistake’, ‘accident’, or ‘oops, i was caught in the moment’. The fact he is unable to make the distinction at the moment this picture was taken shows there is something very wrong with his brain. He is messed up no if’s and or but’s.


  84. Alex Pro scammed us about his involvement in this incident on Oak Bay Bike’s Facebook page in a carefully worded apology about not participating in the arson – by not mentioning he flipped the truck. He’s been claiming to people he only “posed” What a dirty liar.

    “Hey Oak Bay Bicycles, yes that was me in that photo and yes i am extremely embarassed and ashamed of this photo. But i want to asure everybody that i took no part in the arson and i just got in for the photo, i realize this was a very very stupid thing to do and like i said i am extremely ashamed but i am trying to deal with it best i can.”

    Alex Pro on

    This guy needs to man up and turn himself into the police, confess to what he’s really done, and make restitution to the truck owner for destroying his truck. Maybe he should have to give this poor business man his trucks.

    At least Nathan apologized publicly and acknowledged what he did. Alex Pro needs to get the same national media coverage Nathan has – his involvement and lack of remorse and responsibility is worse in many ways.

  85. Fair enough, he lied to you guys as well – I don’t think you’re supporting him but your comments like “Alex’s response has been super mature and we’ve deleted some comments on here that were abusive towards him” come across in a bad light.

    Clear the air and call him out publicly for lying on your facebook page and call for him to turn himself in and make restitution. I think your apology is sincere, but you do have a responsibility to clarify your position and fix the situation.

  86. This site is doing a great service and it shows the effectiveness of shaming these losers, their sponsors and teams.
    I take exception when this guy and the other loser athlete claim they were “caught in the moment” of the riot. The people I want representing my favourite products, or my country, when “caught in the moment”, would react against the rioters, not join them. It’s not about remorse only when you stand to lose money after the fact, it’s about character when you stand on principles “ïn the moment”. These people have no character and can’t manufacture it in a PR statement. Better that their country, sponsors and teammates know now and that these losers pay the price and stand as example for others.
    Alex Pro says he loves his trucks…how about giving one to the guy whose destroyed truck he just posed on? That guy needs it to earn a living.

  87. Alex talks to Vancouver Sun’s Matthew Robinson. ‘said he was “not seeking forgiveness”, but was “looking for ways to help”.’

  88. WOW. It is absolutely mind-boggling how many people are so so quick to judge others. In the same way he got caught up in the mob mentality, so have all of you ganging up behind your computers to slander someone else. Maybe it makes you feel good to put down others, but come on. The excessive judgement is just outrageous. if Alex is a criminal, the law will deal with that. this shot certainly does not make him a criminal. Karma is a bitch and all those who so eagerly judge and hate on others, well, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Ever heard of a little thing called grace? doesn’t seem like it.

    • Have you seen the video and tipping? No judgements here, just documented/recorded facts.

      • Well there it is… video footage of Alex “Pro” actually taking part in the mayhem with his face clearly identifiable.

        Welcome to your new life, Alex.

    • Why would you defend this loser? He’s lying about his involvement, hasn’t turned himself in, and hasn’t replaced the truck he destroyed. You’re picking the wrong guy to support. He’s let you and everyone else he is responsible to down. Maybe if he wasn’t such a pussy we wouldn’t have to publicly shame himself into doing the right thing. Ever heard of karma? Well your karma is convincing your friend to turn himself into the police for the crimes he has committed.

    • I think it’s just that a lot of people are sick and tired of this shit and the people who perpetrate and perpetuate it.

      It’s your right to feel otherwise, but why you can’t understand other people’s rights to feel otherwise doesn’t show much grace on your part.

      They trashed the city. That wheel of karma can sometimes keep rolling and hit you in the ass. I hope Alex “Pro” gets steamrolled by it.

      Thanks again, Captain Vancouver.

    • WOW. It is absolutely mind-boggling how many people are so so quick to DEFEND DOUCHEBAG RIOTERS. In the same way he got caught up in the mob mentality, so have all of you ganging up behind your RIOT to DESTROY PEOPLE’S LIVELYHOODS. Maybe it makes you feel good to DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY, but come on. The excessive DOUCHEBAGGERY is just outrageous. Alex is a criminal, the law will deal with that. this shot certainly does make him a criminal. Karma is a bitch and all those who so eagerly judge and hate on others, well, it WONT come back to bite you in the ass. Ever heard of a little thing called NOT RIOTING? doesn’t seem like it.

      • nice circular logic. although you probably won’t understand what that means by the intellect of your post.

    • “Karma is a bitch…”

      … then this site is Alex’s Karma!

    • No, it’s mind boggling that you can’t decipher the difference between lynch mob comments and people like me who are fed up with wanton destruction by morons who are so weak minded that they get their jollies by participating in this kind of shit – so before you leave another self righteous bleeding heart rant, get it straight doofus : this is not about forgivness or grace idiot, it is about justice [ and by the way Grace is something you earn and next time you side with a rioter wait untill he or she burns your car or kicks the shyte out of you and then tell us all about your misplaced compassion…

  89. […] Should we feel bad that Alex Pro will now have to rebuild his reputation? No. When you get picked up by a sponsor, you’re their representative and a role model for the younger generation. And if you’re rioting, then you’re setting a bad example. My suggestion is for him turn around and make things right so that he can regain the respect he lost from his peers. “I didn’t go there for the riot, I went for the hockey game and got caught up in the hysteria of it afterwards.” – Alex Pro Vancouver Sun Article publicshamingeternus […]

  90. Alex needs to turn himself in to the VPD (as they are going to come after him anyway), and needs to look into counselling to discover why he acted the way he did in the first place. That would be helping his community, and himself.

  91. Maybe some sort of accountability-logic-honesty brain connection came loose in “Pro’s” many mountain bike escapades. To his supporters, take another close look at these photographs.
    Is this a fine upstanding young athlete? A role model? No. These are photographs of someone who has CHOSEN to squander all of their opportunities. He made a choice that night. If Alex Pro really cared about his public, his “profession”, and the money and attention he receives from his sponsors, he would have left the area as soon as things began to turn. Instead he stayed, participated, posed and helped to incite stupidity. If he loses sponsorship, so be it. By his actions he certainly doesn’t appear to care about his sponsors…did he stop to think about how this would reflect on them or the unwanted media and public attention that would be hurled their way?
    If people are writing charged comments in this thread it is because wanton destruction and stupidity are so often unaccounted for. Here, we have irrefutable images and faces and we are all stunned and appalled. And it is particularly galling when someone with ability, position and privilege WILLINGLY CHOOSES to participate. Whatever “Pro” loses will be due to his own actions. So don’t blame the posters here. It’s his own fault. And, I’m sure people would think a LITTLE more highly of him if he were honest enough to admit to his actions in the second photograph. It’s terrible that a man lost his truck, tools and livelihood. It’s a drag that sponsors have to spend time to answer irate emails and phone calls and it’s an even bigger disappointment to see there are still people who don’t quite understand why others are upset enough to make these posts.

  92. The look on their faces say “Wow! This is great!” Shame on you all. What if I came to your house and burned your car?! Would you still be smiling?!

  93. […] bike sponsorships in Jeopardy after being caught flipping car during riot [] Alex Pro sponsored by Oakley photographed in Vancouver riots [Publicshamingeternus] Skip to Comments Tweet Email Older » Miss California […]

  94. He is still featured on redbull websites, here is the link to his media which you can comment on. I have advised redbull to cut all ties with this douche.

  95. Oakley has no balls..they are still standing by him..Im calling eye glass shops and telling them all about alex and oakleys support for rioting!!

  96. oakley is standing behind this phoneing all the eyeglass shops that carry oakley and tell them how oakley supports rioting

  97. oh wow… this footage from ctv shows video footage of him flipping the car. this is just getting worse and worse for this loser. at the 2:40 mark watch… hes on the right hand side of the car towards the hood at 2:45 he is seen flipping the truck. please send this to his sponsors and the police.

  98. *****************************************************************

    This is the guy’s Facebook profile

  99. […] Oakley Said: […]


    click on the above link ..its an msn internet sports page that will give his sponsors a clear message

  101. as a non-pro but avid downhill biker i am saddened by how someone allows himself to ‘ get caught up in the moment ‘ [ similar to the Olympic hopeful polo player ] of something as retarded as a riot…but, unfortunately the bike scene [ especially @ Whistler ] is wrought with testosterone boneheads like Alex, and unlike some sports that are taken seriously the bike scene, in spite of some awesome talent, will never be taken seriously until the ‘party till you puke’ mentality goes the way of the Dodo bird and evolves…

  102. *** Received this email reply today. This goes to show that a well-meaning group of fed up citizens can affect change. I do not condone physical threats to the rioters, their families or associates. These perpetrators will suffer a greater punishment through social media than through the court system alone when intelligent, sincere, thoughtful pressure is placed on the normalcy of their reputations and lives… akin to the way their actions disrupted our reputation as a community/city/country and our lives. It is also heartening to see that corporate responsibility exists. I am an EVOC fan because of the passion and swiftness of their response to the riot. ***

    Dear valued friends and customers,

    It was with extreme disappointment to see how many individuals brought great shame upon the city of Vancouver and the country of Canada during the riot on June 15th 2011 in downtown Vancouver. No excuses can be made for these actions and it is rewarding to see that the individuals involved in this embarrassing event are being identified.

    At EVOC our hearts and souls were crushed when learned that one of our sponsored riders, Alex Prochazka whom in which we trusted to represent our name had taken part in the riot activities.

    We would like to inform you that Alex Prochazka has been removed from all associations with our brand upon us learning of his actions and will not be endorsed by us again.

    Without the power of social media and your persistence to seek justice we may not have learned of these activities that have brought great shame to our company. We thank you for informing us.

    If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


    Bernd Stucke
    Founder of EVOC

  103. For all those who seem to feel that just being there to pose is not a crime.

    “Unlawful Assemblies and Riots
    Pretty much any protest is illegal if it’s “tumultuous.” Check out section 67 for the Riot Act.

    Unlawful assembly
    63. (1) An unlawful assembly is an assembly of three or more persons who, with intent to carry out any common purpose, assemble in such a manner or so conduct themselves when they are assembled as to cause persons in the neighbourhood of the assembly to fear, on reasonable grounds, that they
    (a) will disturb the peace tumultuously; or
    (b) will by that assembly needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.

    Lawful assembly becoming unlawful
    (2) Persons who are lawfully assembled may become an unlawful assembly if they conduct themselves with a common purpose in a manner that would have made the assembly unlawful if they had assembled in that manner for that purpose.

    (3) Persons are not unlawfully assembled by reason only that they are assembled to protect the dwelling-house of any one of them against persons who are threatening to break and enter it for the purpose of committing an indictable offence therein.
    R.S., c. C-34, s. 64.

    64. A riot is an unlawful assembly that has begun to disturb the peace tumultuously.
    R.S., c. C-34, s. 65.

    Punishment of rioter
    65. Every one who takes part in a riot is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.
    R.S., c. C-34, s. 66.

    Punishment for unlawful assembly
    66. Every one who is a member of an unlawful assembly is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.”

    The above quote comes from

    I’m pretty sure all those posing and staying at the riot could be found guilty of one of the above offences.

  104. everyone on here is focusing on Oakley. Granted he was wearing their t-shirt. It is doubtful they are paying him money, as he is not one of their top tier athletes. He is probably paid in product (which he is to wear, not sell to make money). The big sponsor here that everyone is overlooking is Commencal, his bike sponsor. They will be paying him, they supply him with the vehicle in which to do his job, and they have not, as of yet, even addressed this issue.

  105. With your latest photo showing the subject (believed to be Alex Pro) overturning a vehicle, you have provided enough evidence to the police to bring him in and question him. Social Media is a great thing when use to identify and expose thugs! Captain Vancouver…great work!

  106. its so sad the chaos that happened
    i hope they all go to jail for a long time

  107. […]… […]

  108. I hope those so keen to slander are aware of BC Laws. Defamation and harassment are criminal offences whether written or spoken. It is illegal to say anything that may hurt someone else’s reputation. Good job on the witch hunt of ‘burn at the stake and then find out if they are guilty’. The citizens have forgotten their role of building community, now they are acting as surveillance for the state and crushing any sense of community that has existed. you feel proud of your slander? probably makes you feel better about your boring lives if you can help ruin the lives of others.

  109. […] bike sponsorships in Jeopardy after being caught flipping car during riot[] Alex Pro sponsored by Oakley photographed in Vancouver riots [Publicshamingeternus] – Hide quoted text […]

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