Robert Snelgrove As Seen On Global News Looting

Robert Snelgrove aka CuteBoi86 has been identified as the man looting what appears to be beauty products.  As Captain Vancouver, I do not condone the blatant abuse of taking advantage of a situation that compels some to steal what is not theirs to take.  He claims to have turned himself in to the VPD already and returned all that he has taken.

Robert Snelgrove

Smile, you're on camera 🙂

I’ve edited the photo to not include his personal phone number and also the place where he works.  I’m sure his employer already knows.  Robert Snelgrove, you’ve been placed on this site to serve as an example for future wannabe looters and rioters.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


~ by captainvancouver on June 18, 2011.

85 Responses to “Robert Snelgrove As Seen On Global News Looting”

  1. hurr durrr

  2. Thanks for getting around to posting a photo of someone who actually committing a crime, you should shoot for more of those as these are the photos that may actually result in charges, and perhaps even justice in a court of law. Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh Robbie..those cosmetics are just soooo YOU!
    Maybe if you get the opportunity to share some cell time with
    some other criminals, I’m sure your make up tips would be
    really popular.
    Hopefully, his employer sees the pictures and realizes he has a thief working for him
    and fires his ass!

  4. Your website is obscene and is inciting vigilante mob violence. This is worse than the riot. It’s only a matter of time before someone you’ve identified here is killed by an angry mob that shows up at their workplace. Guilty until proven innocent?

    • Welcome to the Internet: world’s greatest kangaroo court!

      • I suspect the 2 of you were a part of the riots and are scared as hell. You should be. There’s an awful lot of video of an awful lot of people taking videos of the riots.

        The reason why this escalated is because people thought their would be no consequences to their actions. Now that people realize there will be, idiots might actually think before joining in. This is a great way to help stop this from happening again.

        Keep up the good work.

    • Awwww… we have to protect this poor little criminals now? So they had the guts to go riot and loot yet they can’t face the consequences? They should have known this was coming.

    • An angry mob? Really? Does anyone else see the irony here? Robert was the angry mob. I can’t believe that people are trying to protect their friends. I would never talk to my ‘friend’ again if they did something like this.

      • yeah well you’re not gonna be k00l in skewl then!! LooSER

        /sarc (did you notice i spelt ‘loser?’ ho ho ho)

      • “yeah well you’re not gonna be k00l in skewl then!! LooSER
        /sarc (did you notice i spelt ‘loser?’ ho ho ho)”

        signing in from australia to say this is possibly the stupidest thing i have read on the web since i started using the internet 10 years ago

      • Well then..if it offends you to read it..navigate to one of the other 860 billion webpages on the net and read til your eyes fall out.
        In the meantime, I’ll enjoy shaming lowlife dirtbags who thought their
        riot activities could go unnoticed and unpunished.
        Already, the naming and public shaming of scumbags have led to numerous arrests, numerous surrenders of the “alleged” scumbags and at least 1
        criminal losing his job. It seems his employer was uncomfortable with
        the employee’s pro-riot activities.
        Face it..when you grow to be a responsible adult, you accept the consequences for your actions. These rioters can’t accept responsibility, so we are helping them realize that there may have been thousands of them setting fires, marauding the streets of Vancouver, looting and thieving but there are hundreds of thousands of people who despise their lawlessness and are willing to step forward and make their criminal activities and their identities known.
        I’m sure the good citizens of Australia would do the same if mobs went wild and trashed your great cities. Thanks for reading!

    • Get over yourself, R.M.

      There is no vigilante justice going on. It’s commenting about public pics on a wordpress blog.

      Quit acting so outraged.

    • Those who defend losers such as Robert have blood on their hands.

    • I’m not sure what R.M. thinks is guilt but you can clearly see the guilt in the countless pictures and videos. He was innocent, now look at the footage, he’s guilty. What more do you want.

    • Agree… wait a second is he stealing something or helping some old lady with her purchases during the riots?

    • Hello, pictures, video, proof – you wanna dance, you pay the music. No one pointed a gun to these people’s heads and made them do these atriocus things to MY, no OUR Vancouver. Laws are there to protect everyone, and I mean everyone, in society!!!! You break those laws, you pay the price, otherwise, why have laws. Why work for your money, when everyone can rob a bank. My goodness – how blind are you????

      If you cant do the time (in this case being outted), dont do the crime!!!! Last i check, its against the law to loot and incite or participate in a riot.

      Grow up, its bleeding hearts like you give our country a soft liberal image – hence this feeling that you can do anything and not face the music.

    • LOL what a fucking STUPID comment!!

      Identifying these pathetic piece of shits is the right thing to do. Karma exists and justice will be served, RIGHTFULLY SO!

    • guilty till proven innocent? Ummm the picture shows a pretty guilty person.

    • Come on, this is Canada. What is truly obscene is that NOTHING is going to happen to these people through the courts. NOTHING. There is no way that these people did not know that they were being photographed and videotaped, most of them were POSING with proud grins at the destruction they had accomplished. They destroyed innocent people’s cars, property, and police cars (who were there to PROTECT THEM). WE are going to be paying for this COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE DISASTER. I don’t want these people to be physically hurt for what they did, but if they lose some of their freedom because of it, then they deserve it. It doesn’t take a lot to know that it’s wrong to smash, overturn and burn someone else’s car. It doesn’t take a lot to know that you don’t smash a store window and then steal things, even if everyone around you is doing so. It doesn’t take much to know that you don’t trash a police car.

  5. Robert, you think you are being a bad ass right? yeah hell yeah!!! do you know that we don’t live in the nehardental age right? you know that everybody thinks you are a clown right? and your pictures are everywhere, I’m so sorry for you kid.

  6. robert needs more product for his hair

    he looks like pauly d’s fetus

  7. he lives downtown. i guess this dispels the ridiculous myth that no one from vancouver would trash their own city.

    • ai wei wei, will you please stop spreading disharmony in the middle kingdom??

      just kidding, incite the peasantry! free them from the world’s largest dictatorship with your irreverent 100 million ceramic sunflower seeds exhibit.

  8. Cute he is not!

    haha, I’m pretty sure this is an old plenty of fish profile too.

    here’s his twitter. not updated. kid has a freaking iphone4 and is looting the Bay!/cuteboi86

  9. It appears he will fit right in in jail – or fit right into! Hopefully he snagged some lube along with his hair products.

  10. I wonder how are RM would feel about if it was their property being damaged, or a loved one in hospital? The bad thing is that out of all these idiots i doubt any of them will do time. Which is too bad for cuteboi, his nickname is perfect for jail time.

    • People like RM are the reason justice is never served, and people like Robert Snelgrove are the byproduct.

  11. this is no vigilantism. Videos and Pictures taken by the public, shared by the public, scrutinized by the public…. . I love this idea. All those thugs that trashed vancouver deserve to pay the consequences. Anybody defending these people just doesn’t understand the situation. Did those people really think that they could get away with it ??? i don’t think so. Kudos to who ever is putting together this blog. Keep up the good work.

  12. If his employer hasn’t already been notified, I would LOVE to call them and tell them myself! There is no need to convict him in a court of law at the taxpayers expense…video DOES NOT lie. He should simply be locked up. Period!

  13. A fudgepacker. How lovely.

    • Not cool. There is a line between public shaming and gay bashing and you just crossed it. Grow up.

    • Matt, this is a public shaming blog. If there’s no shame in being gay, then Mr. Snelgrove has nothing to be concerned about. If he does, he opened up the doors himself by being an identifiable person on various internet sites. This isn’t a one-way street.

    • Who cares if he likes men? More importantly he’s an idiot.

  14. Hi everyone, let’s remember not to judge people on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. The issue at hand is the riot and its impact on Vancouver. It would cheapen our argument if we continue to make comments about civil rights stuff that have nothing to do with the violence and riots themselves.


    • Thanks for this. Mob mentality makes people say (and do) some stupid things. The irony in some of these comments is just ludicrous.

    • Agreed. Let’s hold them accountable for their actions. We do not need to attack gender, sexuality, or color. We are no better than they are if we do. Please channel your anger in e-mailing their schools and work and informing them of their actions.

  15. Love your work Captain Vancouver………..Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. this website is sick, you people make prison rape jokes because he is gay? disgusting. He deserves to be punished for looting, but the homophobic assholes posting snide little puns or outright hate speech on this site make me far more sick and deserve far worse. His name is public and that should be enough, delving into his sexual interests to judge him on his perfectly legal activities is voyeuristic and insulting to all gay people. Unless you’re the virgin mary fuck off.

    Editorial insert: I’ve since deleted the inflammatory language that is on my blog and am continually doing so. I am leaving Shame on you’s post as the irony of using the “Virgin Mary” as an example to support his case as it is actually quite offensive to those who would be Catholic or Orthodox Christian on this board, and his ignorance of what he deems appropriate or not.

  17. and before this mindless mob accuses me of being a rioter I will lay out that I was hiding in my work under lock down while it all went down and want to see anyone responsible for violence against our fellow citizens brought to justice. There is a difference between being a drunk idiot caught up in the moment and a violent thug. Thank god we have courts that will realize this and you people are kept far away for any real justice being served.

  18. I challenge anyone who decides to post hateful little puns or hate speech on this site to post their real names along with the comment. Lets see how many of you are really interested in justice and how many of you are hypocritical spiteful cowards

    • Do stop being such a girls’ blouse, shame on you (the shame is all yours’, I assure you).

      What we witnessed in Vancouver was the complete lack of personal and social responsibility. We are not dealing children could not know any better; we are dealing with people over the age of sixteen who not only committed shameful criminal acts but bragged about it and recorded it for all to see. Stop infantilising these mental midgets. Treat them like adults. If they wish to commit crimes and brag about it, they can pay for all the damage through the nose. They can explain why they are a disgrace to themselves, their families and society in general. That’s what adults do. Don’t waste any pity or remorse for them. They don’t deserve it.

      I think this site is a good idea.

      • I think all the people featured on this site should be punished to the full extent of the law. Using their idiocy as an excuse to post hateful little comments that debase gays women or minorities is not okay.

      • Shame, “I think all the people featured on this site should be punished to the full extent of the law”…for what? What law is being broken?

      • the ones that are found guilty by a legitimate court of law rather, My mistake, poor wording

    • Post your name asshole.

  19. you’re as stupid as the losers rioting that night Moss

  20. You guys are disgusting. It’s one thing to shame someone for doing something wrong, but gay bashing is distasteful and ignorant. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re no better then the assholes that did the rioting. It’s people like you that make this world a horrible place, and if I ever knew who you were, you’d make me want to spit in your face. This website is nothing more then a lynching post. Let the authorities do their job, quit hiding behind some computer monitor.

  21. Shame On You, do enlighten me. Since when was expressing disgust at a crime illegal? Check a map some time. This isn’t North Korea. It’s okay to speak one’s mind. Even you are allowed to spout off total garbage.

    For anyone who thinks that any culture or subculture these destructive morons belong to absolves them from any wrong-doing, grow up yourselves (comparing shaming these thugs to the actual rioting? Facile and bovine reasoning at best). As I said before, these idiots aren’t children. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing and didn’t care. They can paint themselves whatever stripe they like, they still have to answer for what they did. They don’t deserve kind words. They deserve scorn.

  22. These people made very poor choices and need to be held accountable. It bothers me more that you seem to be inciting a bloodthirst and encouraging a mob mentality of a similar sort but in the calm of the moment. That’s worse.

    We offer rehabilitation to violent criminals and sex offenders and yet you cheer for life long consequences and a scarlet letter. One of these people will quite likely end their life because of what you are doing. Think about that as you cast your stones.

  23. Eat a dick Bill.

    People make choices. People who make choices get to deal with the consequences. This is one of them.

    How people react to their actions is also very telling. A lot of people are shutting down their facebook pages to hide. If anything, these dummies should be posting apologies and walking down to the police station.

    We will get you. We will find you. And you will pay.

  24. I messaged Robbie Snelgrove yesterday. This is the response I got a couple of hours ago:

    “I turned myself into the police and returned the products on Thursday. I was in a drunken state and I fucked up really bad. Was totallly out of line. I’m really sorry”

  25. First I’d like to say, as I have said already, like everyone I was ashamed to be a Vancouverite watching the news that fateful Wednesday night. The individuals responsible for the carnage and looting that evening all need to be punished.

    When I first found this blog I loved it. Then I read the comments and was equally shocked and offended as I was watching the riots on tv. The misogynist, racist, homophobic and generally repugnant statements some individuals have been making on this blog are shameful.

    Captain Vancouver has made a few edits, but not enough and not fast enough. I’m sure he’s busy and has a life outside of this blog but seeing as it’s his creatiion he is still ultimately responsible for it’s content.

    You heard it here first folks, speaking from experience I do not think this blog will last nearly as long as he and most of you hope.

    For those of you who are really offended by this website and it’s content, if you haven’t already I suggest you draw it to the attention of the company that hosts it. Click the link at the bottom of the forum, and share with them some of the hateful comments posted here. As diligent as the Captain is he can’t (or won’t), edit it all and I’m sure wordpress has a few policies or rules that need to be followed like not allowing inappropriate content, promoting hate, racism etc.

    If people were able to control themselves or if Captain Vancouver was able to moderate more effectively then this would not be an issue, but they and he obviously can’t.

    I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, but not when it promotes hate, slander and character assassination like what is happening here.

    This blog is a misguided attempt at justice, because without an even hand at the wheel the lynch mob zealots are taking it over.

    • Reading your post, your objective seems only to stop this site, not do what’s best for the people of Vancouver. Are you scared that something might come out? Is there a video you don’t like?

      Just like Egypt, this is people power. Look at the videos of the riots. Not many cared about how they looked destroying the city and looked at it as a night of fun. Why? Because they thought there were no repercussions. And if there were, it would only be a slap on the wrist because of the sheer load of them. It was a risk they were willing to take – easily. Just look at them.

      The only way to make sure this never happens again, is if people realize that there will be strong consequences to their actions. If they understand they will be called out, then they will have to think long and hard about doing it again. This site provides such a good service help stop the impulse:

      Will there be mistakes? Sure. And they will be corrected. This is also the age of twitter and facebook so people can defend themselves.

      Overall, I think the tone has been extremely civil compared to almost every other open website I’ve read. I think your point is baseless there. I think most people who wrote ignorant posts have been called out. I can understand the worry about being even handed as I certainly try to be. But the ramifications of not doing anything are just too great. If nothing is done, Do you not know about the riots of 1994? I for one, will not let that happen again.

      And, think about those who tried to stop the violence in the videos, how were they treated? Very sad indeed. If anything, these sites should continue for all the good Samaritans who tried to save the city.

      Like Egypt, this site was organic and came directly from the energy of the people who couldn’t accept what was going on anymore. Like Egypt, there were mistakes made and corrected. And like Egypt, the power of the people will win out.

  26. I think Robbie did the absolute right thing by turning himself
    in! I’m a friend of his and was disappointed when I heard what he had done…but i have NEVER been so PROUD of anyone as Robbie for coming forward and admitting what he had done….STOP JUDGING HIM! Kettle meet Black… live in a glass house too and should”t throw stones…. especially when someone took the chance to say he was wrong! Robbie, I love you and support you! Shawn Nova

    • I would never admit to being friends with such a douche bag. By looting in front of cameras, he pretty much putting himself out there to be judged. He only stepped forward because HE WAS BUSTED. I’m not claiming I’ve never done anything wrong in life but I’ve never (and will never) do the criminal acts these assholes were committing that night.

      I understand you just want to defend your friend (although I would’ve respected you more if you said you were never going to talk to him again)….but this is the wrong place to come for sympathy.

      FUCK YOU ROBBIE SNELGROVE. The only thing uglier than your face is the image you’ve given the entire… gonna have to loot a lot more beauty product that than if you’re ever hoping to become a real “cuteboi”

    • Robbie turned himself in only because he found out they were coming to arrest him.

    • Somebody like brave Robbie only turned himself in as millions on the internet saw his shit eating grin after he stole some precious moisturizer. Returning the stuff after being “outed” so to speak doesn’t cut it or get him out of a criminal record. Fartcatcher!

    • “Proud” of him? Good grief! He’s a criminal, a thug, a hoodlum, a terrorist and a coward.

      As has been said by others, the only reason this little twirp came forward was because he knew he had been identified and would be arrested. His motives for doing so were totally self-serving and not deserving of praise. There was absolutely nothing honourable in his “giving himself up”. None whatsoever. He’s no hero and giving himself up does in no way lessen the seriousness of his crime.

      You, Shawnnava, need to find new friends, as well as review your own values.

  27. what a tool!

  28. he looks like he tweezed his eyebrows

  29. What goes around comes around, you dumb asshole. Good luck with the legal system. Not.

  30. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  31. lol @ being proud of him. So I guess this is the new way to make people “proud”:

    1) Steal something with someone filming you.
    2) Post the video online and to the police.
    3) Wait a day, then go return all the stolen merchandise.
    4) Go turn myself in to the police.
    5) Apologize.

  32. I too know Robbie, though in a very casual and off-hand kind of way… I think everyone, including his friends, understand that he should be punished accordingly for his actions. The riots in Vancouver brought great shame upon this nation and it’s citizens, did massive damage to Vancouver and will take quite some time to get over. But I see no point in taking joy in destroying the lives of other human beings – he will pay dearly for this, he will probably lose his job, suffer criminal chargers, lose friends, lose the respect of the general public, etc.

    Making disgusting comments about his sexuality, appearance, lifestyle make you infinitely worse than him. I’d rather spend time with a thief than a callous and small-minded bigot.

    Also, can we stop acting like him stealing some skin creams is a capital offense or an act of terrorism. Seriously, people – keep the hyperbole to a minimum.

    If you’re on here preening about wrecking the life of another human being than I wish you a sad and lonely life. He will pay for this, but in a COURT OF LAW. This site is beginning to do more harm than good, I hope this is rectified sooner rather than later.

    This mob is no better than the rioters.
    This entire situation is just stupid and meaningless.
    It makes on hurt.

    P.S. Interesting bit, his parents have contacted a rather expensive law-firm. This site could be served for something rather soon, keep your ducks in a row! xD

    • Actually Dyllan, there is only 2 ducks to line up.

      1 – Everything was available in the public domain
      2 – Freedom of speech

      Tell his parents to save their money and donate it to victims of the riot.

  33. More swift justice done by the man himself, Captain Vancouver!

  34. @Dyllan: I think the expensive law firm needs to focus on what he has done wrong and not those people commenting on what an asshole he is. I don’t care whether he stole some (desperately needed) beauty products, lit a car on fire, punched a firefighter in the face, whatever….everyone there contributed equally to a horrible situation and I don’t think saying what he did “wasn’t that bad” makes him any less guilty.

    Nobody here is wrecking his life. ROBERT WRECKED HIS LIFE.

    Making comments about somebody online is infinitely worse than looting??? You have a strange set of morals buddy….if you even have any at all.

    Make sure you keep your eye on your wallet next time your hanging out with your buddy.

    Your right this entire situation is just stupid and meaningless. However WE did not start it. Cunts like your friend did. And now they will pay the price

    PS. I have lived in Vancouver my entire life, so I know he will not pay in court for this (unless he has prior convictions? wouldn’t be surprised). So public shaming is the most appropriate. If he doesn’t think that’s fair, maybe next time he’ll think twice before breaking into a store and stealing stuff.

    We all wish you, Robert and your other criminal minded friends a sad and lonely life. Go fuck yourselves

  35. […] to the web site Publicshamingeternus, Snelgrove’s haul was mostly beauty products. Not surprising, seeing that his Facebook name […]

    looks like the medicine worked at this guy. his shame seems sincere.
    “My behaviour was totally out of line and totally disgraceful.”

    let’s hope everyone who resorted to homophobic remarks is also sorry. I felt sick to the stomach reading some of the comments here. his story goes to prove that all layers of society were represented during the riot, but being or seeming gay is no crime, stealing is. (same goes for being a woman, from out-of-town, talented at sports, or any kind of heritage)

  37. The ONLY reason he turned himself in is because he was caught on camera, which was brodcasted on news channels. Do you really think he would have fessed up if there was no proof? No way in hell. I’ve met Robbie a couple times, and there’s no doubt it my mind that he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he stole those products. I’m really hoping he is charged in court, or at least sentenced to community service – but I highly doubt it’ll happen.

    And seriousaly, bashing him foe being gay? You people need to grow the fuck up. We live in Canada, being gay is completely acceptable. Get over it.

    • At the end if the interview, I was hoping the same thing as the interviewer. Why is it that whenever I talk to people who defend those who rioted and looted they don’t ever say that it is first and foremost an individual’s choice and act of free will that determines if they do right or wrong. Every apologist for the rioters and looters always blame the police, the city council, the alcohol, mob mentality, etc.

      What is sad about the human condition at this point in history is truly the loss of self accountability amongst a segment of our society. So even though Robert Snelgrove may be as sincere and heartfelt in his words, he is also a by product of the same society that for decades now always has an excuse for why people do bad things. That is why an apology laced with blaming external forces is acceptable to some, while to others it only points out why the riots may have occurred because of how the individuals handled themselves before and after the fact.

      Robert, if you read this, when you go and apologize to the Sears employees don’t start your apology by explaining why you did it. Trust me, it will only make things worse. Start simply with “I did it and have no excuse other than I chose to do wrong instead of what is right. The riots happened because too many of us didn’t do the right thing.”

      • she forgot to ask the question: “if you are placed in the same situation, would you do the same?”
        especially considering that he says that: “this was not myself” etc
        so who the F was that guy looting the store, Robbie?
        I have a mr. Hyde as well if I am deeply drunk, and can get mean (not violent), never remembering a thing, but damnit, I try not to get that drunk. oh and I never have tried to loot stores.


    As far as the reason behind the death threat, i believe this is a result of rumors surfacing that I reported Robert to the RCMP and identified him in the Vancouver riots looting.
    Robbie has been a long-time friend and i am basing his accusations of my “alleged” drug use on rumors that may or may not have been surfacing.
    Shortly after the LAST text message was sent i got in contact with some of his friends that were with him at the time. They claim that he was heavily intoxicated at the times of sending these messages to me.
    Is being in a state of heavy intoxication a justification to a death threat?
    Or even stealing merchandise from a store?

    Please watch this video, it contains PICTURES of ALL the text messages sent back and forth.

  39. Santa-Fe-Attorney…

    […]Robert Snelgrove As Seen On Global News Looting « publicshamingeternus[…]…

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    […]Robert Snelgrove As Seen On Global News Looting « publicshamingeternus[…]…

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    […]Robert Snelgrove As Seen On Global News Looting « publicshamingeternus[…]…

  42. […] video aired the next morning on Global News, and soon his idenity was revealed on social media. He turned himself into police, returned the stolen goods to Sears and offered an […]

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