Alex Pro Turned “Poser” to “Rioter”

Reading various comments and other blogs now speaking against “shaming the rioters” as being vigilantism and “not giving people a fair trial”.  Captain Vancouver has been criticized for posting photos (which are on the public domain and have been outed by other people, not myself) that could easily be manipulated, erroneously ID’d, innocent bystanders wrongly accused etc.  What they forget is that if someone is hanging around a riot, there is potentially HUNDREDS of photos of each person that are floating around the internet.

My earlier Alex Pro blog posting had readers jumping and ranting that he was only posing and I should focus on the “real criminals”.  Somehow Alex is a good guy just doing something he shouldn’t have done.  Some comments stated that Alex usually wears greasy looking pants.  Who the hell are you people?

With credit to the photographer Lung S. Liu on his Flickr site I present this link for you to see for yourself.  Now, of course there will now be those who say “you can’t see his face” or “that’s not admissible in court”.  Perhaps it is.  However, every sane person with the ability to make their own mind up can see that Alex Pro is wearing the same hat, same t-shirt, and it now explains where he got the grease on his hands and arms.

So not only can Alex Pro eat this photo, so can all of those readers defending this “poser” turned “rioter”.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


~ by captainvancouver on June 19, 2011.

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  1. That is pretty damning evidence against Alex Pro in my mind. He posted an apology on Facebook, but was careful to say that he was not involved in the “arson of the car.”

    Alex Pro said, “Hello everybody. By now you’ve all seen the photo of me taken last night. I want to assure you that I had nothing to do with the arson of the car. Regardless I showed extremely poor judgement posing with it and involving myself that way. I feel very ashamed and want to appologize to my family, friends and supporters for this embarassment. This is not how i want to be remembered.”

    The problem with written apologies is that they can be carefully worded so that they appear sincere without actually admitting to the actual crime committed.

    • So your educated know-it-all mob had determined that he is guilty and should pay the ultimate price?

      • what is this “ultimate price” you speak of? should he accept responsibility for his actions? yes. if that is the ultimate price, then yes, he should

  2. I think any blog with open posts is sensitive to get spammed or to become a vehicle for venting violence with more violence (at least verbal) In the case of this blog… All I can say is this blog serves a very honest civic purpose, no one is breaking windows in here or firing cars, this is just a social response to the rioters, en expression of rejection to the acts that took place last Wed… And if this blog goes down for any reason, another 100 blogs will emerge. My suggestion is to keep this blog as an useful tool for the police and for people to ID criminals… or what? should we just shut up and say we didn’t see anything? is that what police would like us to do? just sit and not expose or ID these criminals? … I’ll keep following your blog and the many others who are serving as social tools. I understand why major media outlets such as Vancouver Sun or Globe and mail would like to be the “primary sources of information”, but let me tell you that a story told by a witness has more value than a story told by a journalist….

  3. Elementary my dear Watson!

    Nice work Cap’n

  4. Great Work Captain Vancouver! This puts the doubts to rest. Alex Pro did in fact help tip that truck as I suspected. Now hopefully those supporting Alex can in fact see he did more than just have a lapse of judgement in character and pose for a picture.

  5. Keep up the good work Captain Vancouver in ousting these criminals. They deserve everything coming to them.

  6. Colossians 2:13-17

    King James Version (KJV)

    13And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;
    14Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;
    15And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
    16Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
    17Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.

  7. Perhaps your initial motives were pure but you’ve gone too far. What you’ve created here demonstrates the exact same lack of respect for people, the law, and basic human decency as the rioters did.

    You’re only shaming yourself at this point, “Captain.”

    • I disagree. I believe “the Captain” is being quite careful in presenting available evidence, and leaving it to the reader to make their own conclusion about whether (in this case) Mr. Pro was being truthful in his “confession” and his statements to his endorsers. And I’ve made my conclusion on this particular one.

    • To hell with our court system. This is a new era, the mob has made their decleration. Henceforth, blogs, facebook, and the court of popular opinion are all that matter.

  8. filthy liar

  9. Well break out the crayolas and color me surprised!

  10. I don’t see anyone’s face clearly identified in that photo, and that is what would be said in court as well. All you’ve proven is that your detractors are correct.

    I’ve never taken the stance that what you do would deny them a fair trial. My assertion from the beginning is that their Defense attorney will claim it is denying them a fair trial and they will consequently be convicted of lower charges, if at all.

    I’d suggest you confirm this with an attorney. Your intent may have been well intentioned, but was getting rioters off the hook your goal?

    • Clearly Captain Vancouver is a covert anarchist trying to poison the well!

      • Captain Vancouver is giving people a “medium” for free speech, free posting, non censored, and as transparent as it gets. there is no filtering, and he’s not playing the cop (even the name “captain” may suggest that he is in a position of Authority.. he may not have the authority of a cop, but hey… he’s the webmaster of this site so…
        there are no corporate interests in here as it happens in the mainstream, This is a blog where people posts WHAT THEY THINK and WHAT THEY KNOW about what happened last wed an the pple involved in those crimes.

        We don’t like the clown, gangsta rioters we all saw, police neither, me or my family neither, the goverment neither. Shame rioters. I want to see them all apologizing in public and having the community make the social corrections.
        This blog can avoid future riots.

      • He actually does filter. He takes down hate-filled speech and personal information. Not fast enough, mind you, and that is a problem. But that you think otherwise means you haven’t read through enough and are making assumptions. Care to chime in Captain Vancouver?

        Edit insert June 21/11, I’ve now been working on combing thru 2/3 of the comments which amounts to over 2200 postings for the last 10 1/2 hours to make sure they do not violate my own terms and conditions along with that of WordPress. My thoughts on those who like to make sweeping generalizations and claims against my blog or what they perceived me to be doing is that I don’t often comment on them because I instantly recognize that they are trolls simply baiting me for my time. When it’s obvious that they’ve got their facts and figures wrong, it’s just walking into a never ending argument of which I should know better. I’ve been lured into some of them in my life.

    • Not that I would like to have to choose in every case, but I think public shaming is a better result than filling our prisons with these punks.

    • This is not a court of law, and legal repercussions are not going to be enacted against these people directly as a result of this blog. We will leave that for the courts, and if this site provides evidence allowable in a court of law, all the better. You keep spouting off that people on his site can’t judge based on the evidence presented; well here’s a newsflash: this is not a court of law, and anyone can post their opinion here. As we are not handing out legal judgements, how can you claim that legal standards need to be followed? It’s you that are committing the worse act by trying to suppress free speech.

      • watch out, they might call you a racist – but only when they run out of options for argument’s sake.

  11. Because of course, in a crowd of tens of thousands, chances of anyone else there wearing a black shirt and green hat are nil, right?

    The rules of evidence exist for this very reason.

    • Wearing black “Oakley shirt” wearing same “green hat”, and flipping “the same truck” … yeah.. chances are nil. Your argument is invalid, you lose.

    • Look at the crowd. Not many people wearing a camo hat and Oakley t-shirt with a mop-top hairdo. He is so busted. The pics establish his presence at a specific time and place engaged in criminal behaviour. Scott watches too much law drama on tv.

    • This is not a court of law, the same rules do not apply. GOing into this with an open mind, it is quite clear to me that they are the same people. Mr. Pro appears to be lying if he says that he was not invovled in the turning of the car. “I did not torch that car!”. Perhaps not. But a sin of ommission has been commissioned.

    • Scott,

      You are plumbing new depths of denial & stupidity.

      If bike boy is innocent, he has nothing to fear from police or prosecution.

      Oakley sponsoring a skanky riot participating hooligan, uh-huh.

      I am sure they will want their corporate identity tagged to this fine young man.

      • “If bike boy is innocent, he has nothing to fear from police or prosecution.”

        He _is innocent_ as he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and he has not been proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore he is innocent at this point at least as far as anyone but himself knows. And even there, he should, if he has a head, wonder about just what innocent/guilt, right/wrong mean. What was God’s first commandment?

        16And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
        17But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. (Gen. ii)

        You who have eaten of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil are dead, in animo if not in corpore.

    • That’s quite a unique hat–it’s camo with a ridge of stitching running laterally. It’s identical to the one Alex Pro is wearing. The shirt looks to be the same in terms of color and style as well. And you can see the same greasy hair. And it’s the same car in both pictures.

    • The “rules of evidence” (lets presume you mean the legal burden of proof) never relies on absolutely certainty. It’s always about the proof of reasonable doubt.

      In this case, you are arguing that two different people with the same clothing, hair style, hair colour, greasemarks on arms+hands, and body type just coincidentally happen to be standing in front of the exact same truck.

      Yes, one can doubt that scenario very easily, and that’s before you ask yourself how a “poser” came to be covered in grease without touching a car, or why his “apology” was carefully worded to deny involvement specially with arson rather than other forms of destruction.

  12. it might not come to criminal court, but ICBC will have an interest in this case. do you think ICBC would be happy to pay for the damages if they can put someone there?

  13. What a filthy liar. Notice how he finally apologizes *after* being caught.

    Alex should be held accountable for actions, if he’s really sorry, he
    should turn himself to the VPD.

  14. Oakley investigating :

  15. Kudos Captain Vancouver, this is the stuff that makes this blog worthwhile.

    And because he is a straight (one assumes), white male, the racist, misogynist & generally repulsive remarks found on some of the other threads (that have nothing to do with rioting and looting you ignorant commentators), will likely be avoided here. Gotta clean that crap up Captain.

    Alex Pro… FAIL!

  16. In regards to the new photo Mr.”Pro” He isn’t just wearing another black shirt and green hat. The Long hair is visible in the 2nd shot and wearing the exact same Camouflage hat as he’s flipping the truck. Someone send this new pic to Oakley along with the previous info.

  17. I found alex on facebook and messaged him saying what a disgrace he is to the city. He actually messaged me back and explained to me how embarrassed he feels and that he shouldnt have been just “posing”. He explained that he did not take part in any burning or flipping or window breaking in the riot. So i msgd him back saying how good it was that he wasnt a part of it, however he is a terrible model by posing in front of such actions. Now that I have seen this photo , Alex will be getting a very nasty msg on facebook unless he decided to delete his account by now. What a lying piece of crap. This guy is scum and deserves to have an internet footprint that shames him publicly. Captain Vancouver, I am thankful for the fact you have brought this photo to surface. You’re doing a great job and it’s amazing how quickly people are getting identified. Keep up the good work.

    • Can you give us a screenshot of this message?

    • You need to screen capture that message so that he becomes rioter/poser/liar.

      • On Oak Bay Bike facebook fanpage

        “Hey Oak Bay Bicycles, yes that was me in that photo and yes i am extremely embarassed and ashamed of this photo. But i want to asure everybody that i took no part in the arson and i just got in for the photo, i realize this was a very very stupid thing to do and like i said i am extremely ashamed but i am trying to deal with it best i can.”

        What a pussy! This guy needs a national media shaming given his lies. At least Nathan turned himself in and apologized publicly. This guy is demonstrating a complete lack of responsibility for his actions by lying about his involvement after the fact.

  18. I knew he was lying. Notice how he finally apologizes *after* being caught.

    Alex should be held accountable for actions, if he’s really sorry, he
    should turn himself to the VPD.

  19. Here is for all the doubters. Need any more proof it’s him?

    • How do you know those are the same individual? You must have a beautiful mind!

      • No, he’s just not blind as a bat like you obviously.

      • No. I just have the capacity to use common sense. You should look into that and quit supporting a rioter. The best thing Alex could do right now is turn himself in and be man who takes responsibility for his actions.

      • You’re right. They COULD be two different people

        Standing in front of the exact same truck.
        With the same clothes.
        And hat.
        And hair colour.
        And hair style.
        And telltale greasemarks on arms.

        I bet amongst all the riot photos you can’t even find two people with the same awful hair, let alone all that.

      • By being stained in the face and the pants you know he’s not just an innocent bystander. I’m not saying it’s evidence but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he’s not being peaceful.

      • .. oh yeah… … it’s the same Oakley guy in both pictures. Alex is just not a good role-model for youth in Canada (or worldwide)… he may be a good family member, he may be loved by friends, great party guy, biker, whatever, but he’s a shame for the civilized world…

      • If you are implying that this would constitute reasonable doubt, the only thing you’ve proven is that you completely lack reason. Beyond a doubt.

        These are two of the tens of thousands of videos and photos taken at the scene. If you want to, you can just wait for one that shows his face. It will show up eventually.

      • Oh, so now you’re going to work out your primate aggression on me because my eyes don’t work the same way as yours?
        Thanks, you’re a Prince!
        ❤ ❤ ❤

      • -9000 internets

  20. Just a note: ICBC does not cover damage due to war or riots. It’s very possible that the people who lost property during the riot will have to pay for it out of their own pockets. Unless the City covers them.

    • All the more reason to post the available evidence publicly. Those who were financially impacted might pursue compensation via the civil courts.

  21. All the apologists on these boards are sickening.

    One of the reasons Vancouver is full of narcissistic sociopaths like Alex is because it’s also full of bleeding heart apologists who take the side of every dirtbag and piece of lowlife scum they can find.

    Alex lived a charmed life, got free money to go around the world and play. And he showed his appreciation by destroying a vehicle used by a working man to make an honest salary. Just because it was there and there were people watching.

    He deserves all the misfortune he gets, and so do the people making apologies for him.

    I guess there’s a spoiled destructive brats union in BC.

  22. Note also that in the first photo Alex is carrying something, maybe a phone, in his left hand. Curiously, in the tipping photo, it appears only the right arm is up and pushing.

  23. you’re fucked, Alex Pro. Hope you like it exxxxxtreeeeme in jail, brah!

    • Nice to kick him when he is down heh? Too bad, if he can dance on the pedals there will always be a contract for him somewhere. And then you can be jealous all over again.

      • Jealous of what? An unattractive dirt bag in greasy jeans that – at best – has a career that ends in his early 30s(if he’s lucky). And after that he can sit around in his rented mobile home and tell stories of the “glory days” to the pathetic high school drop outs that look up to him.

        Whether or not he did any damage, he showed himself to be a disgusting human being by being so thrilled by the ongoing destruction. Would he pose for a picture in front of a child being molested? In front villagers in Africa being slaughtered?

        What is so wrong with him that he wanted a picture of himself of his city being destroyed? Was he dropped on his head as an infant?

        Any company that continues to sponsor this d-bag will hear from me and many, many other people.

  24. Let Target and the other corporate sponsors of Alex answer in a public forum.

    Oakley Canada has already responded publicly.

  25. There you go, the Alex profile’s …
    Sorry for you Alex cos you have been quite accomplished in the biking word…
    In the Georgia st posing photo, you’re looking like you won the gold medal in narcissistic and foolish vandalism. Now try to delete your bad rep from google…

  26. Yo, fuck that guy, Alex Pro.
    and all of the rioter devils advocates in the comments, save it for your day in court.
    this truck getting flipped, in my opinion, is the most egregious shit out there. yea sure, flip some rich douches $100,000 bmw. Smash the windows out of the BMO, whatever, they made 650 million net income in 2009, play your childish anarchy game.

    but this guys truck I see driving almost every morning on the #1 on my way to work. one of my buddies I kitesurf with was one of the dudes defending the truck.

    • Exactly how much does someone have to make to justify willful destruction of their property?

      Your attitude is as bad as the rioters you hypocrite.

    • Lol, wow. Your comments, so entertaining. Save the truck, trash the M5!

    • The anarchists could not be bothered showing up for the riot. They were at home watching it on TV. They probably considered it (the riot) beneath them. It was mostly a middle class riot of stressed out young people with the latest blackberry or i-phone and a Sedin jersey.

  27. Just one thing, because a photo is on the internet, it does not make it “public domain”. All of the photos you are posting belong to someone, either an amateur photographer with a cell phone or better camera, or a professional shooting for a wire service or a paper. In either case, the photos are the copyright of the photographer unless they give up their rights, like you sometimes see with Creative Commons (which isn’t exactly giving up rights, but rather is a looser version of copyright.) At any point a photographer could ask you to remove these photographs and you would have to comply. That being said, I understand the gist of what you are trying to do.

    • Anona Moose, just one thing.

      You don’t understand the internets very well do you? The pictures are linked to, not hosted by the Cap’n. At any point, the photographers can remove the publicly accessible links to the picture to prevent the public from loading them, and host them privately, much like Flickr does in privacy profiles.

      Welcome to the tubes.

    • Regarding your comments, let me tell you that those same photographers are giving those pictures out as “public domain” if they are in fliker, they’re public Domain, if they’re on facebook, they are public domain, (unless they host them on their own websites and watermark them) this imagery is public property once it reaches a social media website server… come on, this is not the cirque du soleil (they don’t let you take pictures in there), this is the city where we live and we wanna see the faces of the ones who raped it…

  28. Alex Pro in action! A youtube video without comments …

  29. The definitive pic of this guy is around. It’s out there just waiting to be discovered in the massive archives of riot pictures.

    It was stated that Alex Pro would face dire consequences if it turned out his behaviour went from boorish to criminal. He has to be sweating all of this out. Just waiting for the pic of his greasy, ugly mug to emerge and sink it all.

    He has climbed into the toilet bowl and his hand is on the flusher.

  30. You can’t see his face, but here he is in action. He steps in around the 0:12 mark at the front tire (right side). Look at all those cameras on him, only a matter of time before a high res version shows up from the front.

  31. Yeah, he’s screwed.
    Much of the his community will be fine with what he did, but the money won’t.

  32. Although Alex has shutdown public access to his website, anyone wishing to show him the consequences of rioting instead of beating him over the head (I’m not advising that!), email his sponsors with the link to the two photos and let them decide.

    A list of Alex Prochazka’s sponsors:
    Target – – send them notes of congratulations!

    Commencal –
    Fox –
    Shimano – Shimano has no email contact!
    Oakley –
    SDG –
    MRP – webform
    Spank – webform
    Armada –
    Geax – webform
    Evoc – webform

    Target has already dropped him, and Oakley is reviewing the evidence. Send them your opinion.

    Captain Vancouver – you’d better save a copy of the flickr picture to your site. Thanks! Great work.

  33. Show your disgust with Alex “Pro” on Commencal’s facebook page:

  34. He’s got fresh oil dripping down his hands which you don’t get from just casually flipping a truck. We was involved in making sure the oil would drip out so it would burn.

    • at first i thought it was bike chain grease?? seems a bit wacky but then again, showing up to a sports event with grease all over you is, too.

  35. “Much of his community will be fine with what he did, but the money won’t.”

    Exactly, and that’s what the comments in this blog should be focusing on. Venting outrage should be mostly put behind us now; what we collectively need to implement is a cold, calculated, systematic and well-articulated letter writing campaign to the businesses that sponsor or employ these individuals, as well as any associations they belong to. Alex Pro is particularly easy to target (pardon the pun) because of his dwindling list of sponsors. One of the outed looters (on another website) works for the Steve Nash gym chain and attends SFU. When he appears here, as he surely will, we need to bombard both businesses with polite but insistent letters demanding they sever ties with said looter. It doesn’t matter if they worked at Tim Hortons or paraded in Air Cadets, how we can be most effective is to write a polite letter that demands action.

    Along those lines, Alex Pro presumably intends to participate in the Kokanee Crankworks at Whistler in July. Media sponsors include Global TV and The Province newspaper, who have both stated publicly that they will do what they can to hold those responsible accountable. I am going to write both media outlets and suggest they use their clout to demand Alex Pro’s exclusion from this event. I’ll be writing Kokanee as well, and speaking to their brewery rep when I see him next week. And if Kokanee doesn’t use their clout as the biggest sponsor of this event to demand Alex Pro’s exclusion, then my bar is going to cancel their contract with Kokanee, and I’ll let all our customers know why.

    Every time each one of you spends a dollar, you’re voting with your wallet. It’s now our responsibility to let the businesses that employ the rioters know that there’s an election on.

  36. Here’s a website glorifying Alex Pro’s riot participation. I think they need to be shamed.

    • That kind of website is begging to be shamed dufus. Knock yourself out.

      • Are you 12 and living in 1980? Who says dufus? Why are you even on this site? Everyone that posts seems to get your panties in a knot. You sure spout a lot of waaaaaa. Maybe you need a soother.

  37. How old is Alex?

  38. Another rioter just got pwned.

    What a scumbag for not admitting guilt about flipping the car. It takes a special kind of dumb to assume more photos were not going to turn up.

    Tens of thousands of photos were taken. Once somebody puts them into one database and runs them through a program, dozens more will get pwned.

  39. Where are you gonna go to buy your tubes? Who is going to clean your chain?

  40. Dont get your panties in a knot. Call them tomorrow. Whatever. He will be wrenching somewhere better next week. Then you can start your process all over again.

  41. Seeing as how Oak Bay Bikes is in Victoria and Alex Pro lives in Whistler…

  42. I have already emailed Oakley demanding they remove their sponsorship. I would suggest all others reading this blog do the same.

    Who else sponsors him? I’ll be happy to email them as well.

  43. Kokanee Crankworx Sponsors:

    Write all these sponsors with your thoughts on having Alex be a part of an event with their brand and dollars.

    Kokanee Crankworx:

    99.3 The Fox : Main Switchboard: 604-684-7221
    Alaina Galati Promotions Director
    Shaun Tomko Promotions Coordinator

    The Province: Marketing and Promotions:
    Jamie Pitblado

    Global BC:

    Hilton Whistler:

    Delta Whistler:
    General Manager Peter Catarino

    Crystal Lodge: General Manager: Ian Lowe

    Listel Hotel Whister:
    Lise Magee – Regional Director of Marketing & Communications

    Telus: Shawn Hall (604) 697-8176

    Red Bull:

    Clif Bar: 1-800-CLIFBAR (that’s 1-800-254-3227)

    Pink Bike: Karl Burkat

  44. Vanriots, no shortage of people able to wrench a bike. I’ll take the guy with some ethics over Alex.

    If one of my employees were found to be in the riot, they are gone. I won’t hire any of the scumbags either.

  45. Dear Kokanee Crankworx Sponsor,

    I’m hoping you can take a moment to consider the negative publicity that is being generated by a mountain bike competitor who’s scheduled to compete at this event in Whistler on July 15, 2011.

    You’re sponsoring this event with competitor Alex Prochazka (a.k.a. “Alex Pro”) who was photographed flipping and posing in front of an overturned burning truck during the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots on June 15th 2011.

    Proof positive that he flipped the vehicle (grease and oil):

    Alex Prochazka certainly doesn’t represent the people of Vancouver, his sport, or your brand with his obvious participation in the a riot.

    I will be avoiding your product(s) as a result of seeing Alex Prochazka representing your brand, or while you sponsor an event with him as a participant.


  46. Oak Bay Bikes is indeed on the RIGHT side of this debate. Their response to my email about their Facebook comments:



  48. Everyone should go to Oakley Canada’s facebook page and show our outrage that this piece of crap is still employed by Oakley.

    Maybe a lot of posts showing our resolve never to buy anything from Oakley until he is fired would change their minds.

    Or better yet, send this information to the press. I’m sure Oakley Canada would LOVE to see their name associated with the riots all over the newspapers, TV, and internet.

  49. Anyone saying that someone who has coporate sponsors is okay to pose at a riot in front of a damaged vehicle has no marketing concept at all. People who get a corporate sponsor usually enter a personal conduct agreement. The company I work for (which currently has banner ads at GM Place, now Rodgers Arena) would drop this guy in a second. I will drop Oakley, Foxx etc…. until this loser is gone. Anyone posing at a riot… encouraged a riot. For those that support him. KISS … Keep it simple stupid (people).

  50. This guy is an idiot and I’m sure karma is about to smack him around.
    On the other hand, the “everyone should now do this” mentality got a lot of these sheep into this mess.

  51. The cops just need to match this ugly skids elbow fungus. This country would be crap with all these dirty punk rioters running it.

  52. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st.

  53. This dirty liar/rioter had a chance to man up and turn himself in – and what did he do? He issued a carefully worded lameass apology that tried to deflect attention away from what he really did. You just buried yourself 10 feet deeper loser.

    Do the right thing Alex, turn yourself into the police tomorrow, confess and man up with a true apology to Vancouver, Canada and the truck owner. Hey, why don’t you donate your truck(s) to him or pay for the damage YOU caused? That would be the manly thing to do. Might even slightly salvage your reputation.

    At least Nathan turned himself in and apologized publicly on TV. You’re gonna be next in line for a national media shaming – because you’ve also lied about your involvement publicly now (Oak Bay Bikes Facebook page and emails to your fans).

    Welcome to social media bitch.

  54. Hey guys, Alex Pro has been one of my good friends since we were little kids. Anybody who knows him as well as I do would also know he would never do anything to hurt anybody. Alex is actually one of the kindest and people I know, he will always go out of his way to help out others and never asks for anything in return. Sure he has a wild side and clearly made a bad decision on the night of the rioting, but to change the way you look at such a good person over one mistake is not the least bit fair. We all make mistakes, and clearly Alex got the short end of the stick on this one. I know he regrets everything that happened and I hope you guys reconsider your thoughts. Also, to anybody on here who doesn’t know Alex, think of the irresponsible things you’ve done in your life before opening your mouth about someone else.

    • So tell him to turn himself into the police, apologize FOR REAL publicly about EVERYTHING he actually did and pay the owner of the truck for the damage or donate one of his fancy trucks. If he demonstrates remorse and responsibility for his actions he might be able to salvage his reputation slightly. Right now he’s lying and digging himself deeper.

      And destroying someone’s livelihood isn’t just a wildside – its criminal psychotic behaviour.

    • Con – did his “kindness” and “caring” extend to the owner of that truck?? it was a WORK truck… a vehicle filled with tools used to sustain a livelihood and probably feed & shelter a family… if, as someone else has posted – ICBC does not provide coverage…

      your good friend has dealt more than a “hurtful” blow to a stranger… its probably an agonizing blow… akin to someone breaking Alex’s leg (since he needs to ride to earn HIS income).

      how about Alex own up to what he REALLY did (ie: i participated in flipping the truck), and if he really likes to “help out others”… how about offering to replace some of those tools.

      Take your blinders off… your great friend has a careless disregard for personal property, and no ability to see the likely consequences of his actions. Either be a real friend, and encourage him to own up…. or be like him and keep minimizing the harm he’s done.

      At the end of the day – nothing you say will change our opinions of him… he had one shot to make an impression… and it was a terrible one.

    • “clearly Alex got the short end the stick”

      Not so much.

      I would say that the the electrician who has lost the means to earn a living and take care of his family and responsibilities is the one who got the short end of the stick.

      Alex is getting exactly what he deserves. Namely, a similar loss of his livelihood. The main difference being that, unlike the electrician, Alex has no one but himself to blame.

      Hope it was fun while it lasted.

    • heres alex dad’s company website…..

      let him know what ya think of his son’s actions.
      maybe mention that employing his criminal son in his company may be bad for biz.

      Edited: Although I know that his father’s information is public. Please do not post it here as I’m sure it can be found readily elsewhere. Thanks!

  55. He does NOT “rides for Oak Bay Bicycles of Victoria”. Here’s their response:

  56. Look at what some loser/apologist is saying on Oakley Canada’s FB site…

    “Hey guys, Alex Pro has been one of my good friends since we were little kids. Anybody who knows him as well as I do would also know he would never do anything to hurt anybody. Alex is actually one of the kindest and people I know, he will always go out of his way to help out others and never asks for anything in return. Sure he has a wild side and clearly made a bad decision on the night of the rioting, but to change the way you look at such a good person over one mistake is not the least bit fair. We all make mistakes, and clearly Alex got the short end of the stick on this one. I know he regrets everything that happened and I know he’s learned his lesson by now. I hope you guys reconsider your decision and I’m sure he’ll be a good example and roll model from now on. Also, to anybody on here who doesn’t know Alex, think of the irresponsible things you’ve done in your life before opening your mouth about someone else.


    Hmmm…. I would have thought the car owners and store owners “got the short end of the stick”.

    Keep sending you opinions to

    • the other 15 people flipping the car got away with it in flying colours, just because the kid is good at a sport he gets held responsible

      • People love to see someone successful brought down. Jealousy is a key element here.

      • People love to see rioters/vandals brought down. Anger is a key element here.

      • im sure if he stopped and thought “this could be someones work truck and i could be ruining their lives” he would have stopped, but there was clearly no thinking involved in this action, remember when your parents told you that “when you drink you dont think” prime example right here, i do agree that he should help out the owner of the truck, as should everyone else in the photo… jail on the other hand, a bit excessive

      • How many of the other 15 were under contract to publicly represent their sponsors in a favourable manner?

      • They’ll be ID’d in good time. Alex will have a lot of people to share his punishment with.

      • So if it wasn’t a work truck, then it was OK?
        And now drinking absolves him of jail time? A bunch of guys sho “drink and drive” will be thrilled to know about this. They can drink, drive and crash all they want, but no jailtime. I can hear their attorney’s argument now…
        “But your honor, I know my client was drinking and driving and crashed into a truck, but when you drink you don’t think.”

  57. He doesn’t ride for Oak Bay. I have emailed them along with the sponsors he listed on his website which is now locked. Oak Bay has been the only one so far to respond to my emails and fully admit they have made mistakes in dealing with the Alex Pro situation. They tell me they never sponsored him. He is a part of the mountain bike community and posted an apology on their FB page. They did post the pic of him in front of the truck in a joking manner, but they quickly realized their mistake and have went out of their way to distance themselves from Alex. Alex is the guilty party in all this and his sponsors are very aware of his actions. Oak Bay got caught in the crossfire. The real problem lies with websites like that glorify Alex’s actions. Let them know what their doing is wrong.

  58. Alex talks to Vancouver Sun’s Matthew Robinson.!/mt_robinson


    At 1:11 of this video on Global News tonight, you can see Alex, face and all, smashing the truck before it gets flipped over.

    Now that is damning. Good luck with that career, homie.

  60. 1 1=2, it’s quite clearly that pinhead “posing” infront of the car. What a dick head. And to those that defend him, and the other rats like him, open you eyes. Mountain bikers certainly aren’t angels but Alexs shamefully lowers the bar!!
    Get them Captain Vancouver!

  61. Tell Oakley (main HQ) what you think about this a$$hole…
    this is their main fb site, not the Oakley Canada site

  62. Let’s try and get Bert Easterbrook some free Oakleys for his heroism. I believe his sunglasses were lost when he was mobbed.

  63. You are so busted buddy!! Losing your sponsorships … which WILL happen… is only one of your worries. I live in Whistler and you know what a small town this really is. Everyone will know who you are, and not for your talents but being a sadistic scumbag. You are an embarrassment to this community. If I see you in the Village I will call you out in front of a crowd. If you are still able to ride in Crankworks this year and are not banned, I will be front row at the GLC trashing you and encouraging everyone else to do the same. I’ve sent pictures, videos and a link to this site to the Pique and the Question. You may as well turn yourself in and try to redeem yourself in some way. Public apologies, an apology to the owner of the truck and either replace the truck and his tools or start a fund to collect money for this poor guy. Maybe then you can walk around your hometown without hiding behind that douchebag haircut and whatever hat you have that is from a former sponsor.

  64. Fuck Alex Pro and fuck his douche bag defending friends. Let them share his fate. Done like dinner. Time to find a new career. Maybe gas jockey? A career of not going to school or studying ought to have prepared Alex for a life of gasoline sales.

  65. Not only did The Sensus support Alex Pro in his rioting activities they also posted:

    Way to go Vancouver, Way to go Canucks…
    Posted on June 16th, 2011 at 9:55 am by HZINK
    After a ridiculous collapse in the cup finals, and the Bruins beating the Canucks at their own game, what is the logical thing to do?

    Lets start a riot. OH YA!

    Start checking their sponsors!

    Here is their website for June:

  66. […] it continues with a website dedicated to public shaming of people clearly caught involved in the riots. By midnight Sunday, June 19th, 2011 the article already had 126 responses. As the public outcry […]

  67. I really don’t give a rat’s ass if people who were “only posing” and get their pic’s on here are upset about it or not. I watched all this live and was sickened by all the shit-for-brains types that thought this was funny and just had to get their picture taken in front of a burning car etc.

    They are in need of public shaming as much as the ones doing the damage IMO. If I were screening potential employees I would want to know if they were the type of person that would gleefully pose in front of wanton destruction and better yet, find it “funny”. Such lack of character and moral’s needs to be exposed.

    Shame away Cap’n!

    • I actually think the ‘posers’ are sad sorry losers trying to take credit for what someone else did.
      Alex doesn’t seem like just a poser, rather an accomplice. still all circumstantial now.

      I am not saying I am above doing stupid things. but I also do not represent anyone else but myself. he has proven he is just an average kid (at best) and should be treated as such. you are not a role-model kid!

      • There is nothing “circumstantial” about it. As the video Timoteo posted, it shows Alex in the process of smashing the truck, and it clearly shows his face. Unless of course he has an identical twin brother…

    • just to clarify my own comment: I am not saying that noone should get the advantages these kids got. just that imo these kids (if indeed it was them) are not deserving.

  68. Lol, I think perhaps Alex’s sponsors may be wise enough to see through the shoddy evidence you’ve presented in your online Kangaroo court.

    First off, you need to obtain a clear understanding of the difference between “exact same” and “similar too”. To that end, I’d like to see enlarged photos which show clearly identifiable markings to validate your claim that both the T-shirt and hat worn by the individual in both photos are exacly the same, beyond just being the same Colour.

    Then I’d like you to provide us some evidence that no other person in Vancouver has ever worn a black Oakley shirt, that in a crowd of teeens of thousands of people, it’s unreasobable to assume anyone eelse. Could beeeeee wearing such a shirt….or a green hat. Wait! Both a shirt and a hat, methinks that’s completely impossible in a city the size of Vancouver, because we’re all so unique.

    A final photo I’d like to see?

    A photo of YOU captain Vancouver.

    How do we know you’re not standing beside the guy you claim is Alex?

    How do we know you’re not a rioter trying to come to grips with your guilt?

    I’m not even asking you to publish your name, just a photo.

    Does Captain Vancouver have the courage to publish a photo of himself to prove he wasn’t a participant in the riot?

    If not, we’ll all just have to assume you were a rioter.

    • Perhaps you should have a look at the video above that shows Alex’s FACE, as well as him putting his camo hat on his head, and wearing his Sponsors T-shirt.

    • Wow this guy is full of stupid. Heres a new one for you to try to disprove, you know, since there is video already of Alex’s face is already out there. Ok you ready? Disprove water is wet, GO!

    • Scott…now that you’ve proven your head is filled with clam chowder, log off your mom’s laptop and go back to your nursery.

  69. The evidence of him posing in front of a burning car like a low IQ neanderthal is evidence enough for his sponsors, believe me. Enough people tie his name to this riot and let the sponsors know about it and it’s more than enough.

    Sorry scotty, go cry in some of your tissue over his fate..

  70. If calling me Scotty makes you feel a little less impotent and effeminate, that’s something I’m happy to help with, but you know you can also have penile enhancement surgery J.B., don’t you?

    I don’t know alex and could care less if he did or didn’t participate, that’s up to the courts, not you.

    I’ve heard that Captain Vancouver participated in the riots, I’d like a photo of him to check against those posted online.

    Failure to post a photo of himself is a clear admission of guilt.

    Won’t you all be proud to know you’ve been supporting a rioter?

    • The way this site works is that people identify the rioters in the pics.
      If Capt. Vancouver is one of these rioters, hopefully, someone IDs him, and then he is thrown in jail.
      And then, when no one continues his blog, you’ll know he was in the riot.

      If you have a problem with this site, go find a “I’m a bleeding heart, so I support the rioters (and their actions) because they made a little mistake” site.

  71. So theres 3 things so far:

    1. A video which shows him smashing the truck while its still on its tires. The video shows Alex’s face.

    2. A video and photo showing Alex helping to push the vehicle over.

    3. A photo of him posing in front of the burning truck

    Yea Alex, I’m totally glad you weren’t involved in the arson though!

    • Pins: there are few people who say there should be any consequences, but we could leave that to the court to figure out the legal consequences. if the sponsors are still happy with this guy, it is up to them.
      it is up to Alex to show that, after trying to put out the fire by peeing on it, he is a real man worthy of some, any, respect. man up Alex, show the community that you are sorry by working on solutions now, no sobbing apologies please.

  72. The tool that posted the pic and glorified Alex Pro riot activities at is Cam Zink. The site is not posting any comments made against Alex Pro. Here’s his Facebook page Perhaps he should be notified that his support of Alex Pro is misguided.

    • Here’s what Cam Zink said: “The best photo from the whole riot and the one that best sums up the gnar that happened a few nights ago… Mtn Bikings very own, Alex Pro. This photo made national news in Canada so there isn’t really any harm in posting it now. Alex made a formal apology and assure everyone that he didnt start the fire or flip over the car. Alex, you are a wildman.” The above caption accompanied the picture of Alex in front of the burnt out truck.

  73. Cam Zink from thinks what Alex Pro did during the riot was gnar: “The best photo from the whole riot and the one that best sums up the gnar that happened a few nights ago… Mtn Bikings very own, Alex Pro. This photo made national news in Canada so there isn’t really any harm in posting it now. Alex made a formal apology and assure everyone that he didnt start the fire or flip over the car. Alex, you are a wildman.” It’s the pic of Alex in front of the burnt out truck. Maybe Cam should be told that his glorification of Alex is misguided

  74. Sorry for the duplicate postings. My browser crashed and didn’t show my posting.

  75. And you can clearly see him tipping and jumping up and down in this video on the left.
    This is news footage!

    • Another Video showing Alex – This time jumping up and down like a giddy bonehead – seemingly very happy about the flipped vehicle. Nice Find!

      Now that Alex has been proven a LIAR – Has there been any statements or updates from his friends or family. I would think by now this other evidence has been seen by them.


  76. 3 videos Alex and 1 picture. Who still wants to argue this Jackasses Innocence??

  77. I’m not a bleeding heart at all, I just believe justice should be left to the justice system. That’s why we have a justice system which replaced public shaming and vigilante justice hundreds of years ago. If you choose to regress fine, just know you’re not doing anything that furthers prosecution when you don’t simply send your photos and videos to the VPD as they requested the public to do. Justify your behavior however you want, it still doesn’t make it right.

    • If the “justice” system actually provided Justice, there would be no need for this site and others like it. But, it doesn’t and this does. And at no cost to the taxpayer!

      Go Cap’n Vancouver!

  78. A response from EVOC, one of Alex’s former sponsors

    Dear valued friends and customers,

    It was with extreme disappoint to see how many individuals brought great shame upon the city of Vancouver and the country of Canada during the riot on June 8th 2011 in downtown Vancouver. No excuses can be made for these actions and it is rewarding to see that the individuals involved in this embarrassing event are being identified.

    At EVOC our hearts and souls were crushed when learned that one of our sponsored riders, Alex Prochazka whom in which we trusted to represent our name had taken part in the riot activities.

    We would like to inform you that Alex Prochazka has been removed from all associations with our brand upon us learning of his actions and will not be endorsed by us again.

    Without the power of social media and your persistence to seek justice we may not have learned of these activities that have brought great shame to our company. We thank you for informing us.

    If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


    Bernd Stucke
    Founder of EVOC

    • This is EVOC’s fb website…

      post on their page, and tell them how grateful you are of their decision,
      and make sure you also show them your thanks with your wallet.

      They make great stuff!

      Now let’s see Alex Poser’s other sponsor’s do…

  79. This is the lameass article that just came out a few minutes ago in the Pique Magazine, Whistlers news magazine : Are you kidding me?? I’m guessing with Pro being born and raised in Whistler he must be buddies with the writer. It only says he apologized about posing for the photo which ( which was 3 days ago and ended up being a lie) , but no mention that he was involved or any of the footage that has surfaced in the past few days proving vandalized the car. It was more of a advertisement for all his accomplishments. Shame on you Pique magazine, you are a pathetic news source!! I’m writing the magazine and sending the photos and video as well and I encourage others to do so. If he’s going to be shamed then he must be shamed in his own hometown, this is a small community and that will go a long way.

    • I called the editor of Pique magazine and expressed similar sentiments.

      If you are unhappy with the piece I suggest you contact the editor who was pleasant to deal with.

      She told me that the magazine has asked for a statement or interview with Pro, who initially denied any involvement with the overturning of the vehicle, only to be outed in subsequent images and video.

      I think it would be much more appropriate for Pique to interview the owner of the vehicle, a tradesman who lost his truck and all his tools. Why give Pro one more opportunity to try to snivel his way out of it?

      • Good job, I’ll give her a call too. It’s crazy that more Whistlerites are not aware of his involvement other than the initial picture and apology that ended up being a lie. The Pique is where most locals go to for the community news, and this is big news outside of the Whistler bubble and everyone should be aware of how disgusted people are with our local boy . He is an embarrassment to this community and the fact that he tried to cover it up and is not turning himself in or giving a proper apology shows his lack of character. If he would just do the right thing he may be able to redeem himself and possibly get out of this without loosing every sponsor he has. And if the Pique had written a proper article stating his actual crime and not just ” whistler youth pictured in riot crowd” downplaying his involvement , then maybe his friends and neighbours may encourage him to step up. Hopefully they will re-write the article before the magazine goes to print on Thursday. If anyone else would like to contact the paper, here is the link :


    “At EVOC our hearts and souls were crushed when learned that one of our sponsored riders, Alex Prochazka whom in which we trusted to represent our name had taken part in the riot activities.
    We would like to inform you that Alex Prochazka has been removed from all associations with our brand upon us learning of his actions and will not be endorsed by us again.
    Without the power of social media and your persistence to seek justice we may not have learned of these activities that have brought great shame to our company. We thank you for informing us.”

  81. Um.. for everyone saying that there is no way to identify Alex rolling the vehicle as you cannot see his face, all you have to do is flip forward in the same Flicker set to this pic where you can clearly see his face.

  82. No, the kid has never been in the shop, and we in no way support or sponsor him. His actions are a disgrace to our industry.

    • As Captain of this Blog I would ask that the explanation given by Brian from Oak Bay Bicycles be accepted by the readers of this blog. Please read thru the entire comments if you have any questions regarding this as others have also clarified this issue. Thank you. Capt. Vancouver

    • Hi Brian!
      Thanks for your clarification on this. I agree with you that Alex’s embarrassing and criminal actions cast a very poor light on the professional mountain biking circuit riders and industry. It’s sad to see his friends at The Sensus don’t agree and continue to support Alex’s “gnar” actions.

      • Cam Zink (author of the article) and his friends are very unapologetic about their support of Alex’s actions during the riot. Perhaps his sponsor would be interested in knowing that he believes riots are gnar.

        ‘King of the Riot’
        The best photo from the whole riot and the one that best sums up the gnar that happened a few nights ago… Mtn Bikings very own, Alex Pro. This photo made national news in Canada so there isn’t really any harm in posting it now. Alex made a formal apology and assure everyone that he didnt start the fire or flip over the car. Alex, you are a wildman (Cam Zink).

      • These are the companies listed on Cam’s FB page so they might not all be his sponsors, but I’m sure they would like to know what he thinks of riots.

        NOW Energy Bars, Trivium, Masters of Dirt, As I Lay Dying Official, Kokanee Crankworx, FMB World Tour, Andreu Lacondeguy, Seshn, DEFT FAMILY, CONTOUR, Oakley, The Sensus, Evil Bikes, Mavic, Troy Lee Designs, Osiris Shoes, Vital MTB, SRAM, deity components, Monster Energy

      • The Sensus is now blocking people from commenting on the Alex Pro story.

  83. heres alex dad’s company website…..

    let him know what ya think of his son’s actions.
    maybe mention that employing his criminal son in his company may be bad for biz

    Edited: Although I know that his father’s information is public. Please do not post it here as I’m sure it can be found readily elsewhere. Thanks!

  84. […] Alex Pro Turned “Poser” to “Rioter” Reading various comments and other blogs now speaking against “shaming the rioters” as being vigilantism and “not […] […]

  85. Here’s the response I received from Target about Alex Pro’s sponsorship:
    “Dear Target Guest,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings with our office.

    Alex Prochazka is no longer a Target-sponsored athlete. Our association with him ended on May 1, 2011.”

  86. Sounds like Alex Amateur’s(updated name) sponsors as well as the companies that he lied about being sponsors are all doing the right thing. Hats off to them for swift action and not standing behind this guy just because he is a good rider. I hope no connection will exist in the minds of people between these companies and Alex Amateur in the future except that they did the right thing.

  87. this is the guy?

  88. Sorry ,the “shaming” excuse doesn’t cut it. Do you know that in Asia they use that -as a LEGAL- punishment? The use of social media after a disaster really reminds me of how Americans responded to 9/11- the legal system,rule of law, AND RIGHT TO PRIVACY GO OUT THE WINDOW.
    As an American,I’m appalled at the excuses for this reaction amongst “lawful” Canadian netizens. I don’t care if the guys doing the rioting are jerks- YOU CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA IN THIS MANNER!

  89. Looks like Alex Pro just made the NBC Sports news…

  90. Looks like Alex didn’t have Target to lose to begin with.

  91. below is taken from the sensus website….

    Posted on June 20th, 2011 at 8:47 pm by camzink
    If anyone in there right mind thinks that posting the picture of the riot is condoning it then you have some serious, serious issues. Using us as one of the scapegoats is beyond me. Is the National Post to blame for running this photo all across Canada? You all seemed to know far more about it than us before this was posted.
    Alex is a good person and an incredible rider who made a giant mistake. Calling him a “wildman” in the picture pretty much sums it up to me but in this case “wildman” isn’t a compliment. Just because we use “gnar” on a daily basis riding bicycles and “wildman” being Todd Lyons’ nickname, doesnt mean their meanings change to “bitchin” and “we really dig this shit!” Take the context as you will, but in no way does that condone anyones actions. THIS WAS GNARLY! Think of how many stand up citizens lost their minds, did things they were far from proud of and ended up hindering the rest of their lives. I guarantee you know a few of them. Keep hating and don’t read thesensus if you think “Stupid Americans” are ruining the world by posting real events that the world has already seen.
    I stand by friends through thick and thin

    i lov

    • i love how nowadays if ya call someone on their utter delusional bullshit, they hit ya back with the ‘hater’ or ‘hating’ tag.

      so wack.

  92. nbc
    no biking career

  93. But there’s a shot of the side of the face of some guy that looks just like him, what to you mean that’s not definitive???!!

  94. “Oakley Canada
    Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.”

    As per Oakley Canada’s Facebook page.

  95. Oakley Canada:
    Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.

  96. Congrats to Oakley Canada on their decision…

    “Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.”

    shoot them a message about how pleased you are with thier decision.

    Also, remember to tell them with your wallet and continue to buy their wonderful products.

    See… this site DOES make a difference!

  97. I understand people are very angry about the riots that happened in Vancouver last week. I live in Vancouver too and share the name anger, embarrassment, and disappointment as everyone else. However, it’s pathetic to see the same names pop up in in various facebook groups (ie oakley) to spread hate. You guys are going out of your way to ruin Alex. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    The companies he represents will make the right decision and I’m confident Alex will learn from the huge mistake he made.

    Most companies have dropped him so you got what you want, now stop spamming Oakley’s wall, other facebook groups, etc. and leave this topic alone. The constant bashing is completely unacceptable, vigilante justice isn’t much better than the riot itself.

    Editorial Insert: I agree that if Alex’s pros sponsors have already dropped him and have formally announced this, people should out of the respect for those companies and their time cease to contacting them further. The result has occurred, and thus it’s time to move from there. CV

  98. Here’s another great picture of Alex

  99. I’ve heard Oakley and EVOC have dropped their sponsorship of him. So I hope everyone leaves their fb pages alone, but I hadn’t heard from other companies.

    Has Vans?

    Or Red Bull?

  100. Alex apologizes again;

    “I am extremely sorry about the negative light that has been cast on my community, my family and my many supporters in Whistler and everywhere else due to my highly publicized actions during the Vancouver riot. I sincerely apologize for what I did. More importantly, my thoughts are with the direct and indirect victims of that riot.

    I promise all of you that I will do everything I can to make amends and be the best person I can be.”

    It certainly seems to be a bit brief. Thoughts?

    As for the current status of his sponsors;
    Target – dropped him pre-riot in May 2011
    Geax – dropped him 2010
    Oakley- dropped him a few days ago
    EVOC- dropped him a few days ago

    No response from the following sponsors:
    Mountain Racing Products
    Commencal Bikes
    Fox Racing
    Armada Skis

    Spank Industries – seem to be pressuring their partners to end relationship
    SDG Components- have no relationship with him anymore after he resigned from Young Guns bike team

    More information, links, complete statements can be found on my latest article here;

    • I think that whatever Alex does it should be reported and posted alongside the page he is featured on in this blog. Rebuilding public trust, reputation and redemption does not one apology make. However, it is a starting point I believe, and in the court of public opinion there should be more to show in the consequences that follow. For apologies are words that may open the ears, and it is the actions that follow that open the eyes and hearts to accept those apologies.

    • he’s actually the first I see that does not just apologise, but also promises to make amends. actions buddy, speak louder than words.

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