Bert Easterbrook Could Be Captain Vancouver

I realize that most of the photos and pictures spoken of  online are those people who have shamed themselves at the downtown riots.  The title of my blog doesn’t quite fit profiling heroes but I felt it would also do some service to the audience and readers.

Bert Easterbrook has been identified and featured in this Province article.  Most of the observers at the riots were passive bystanders.  Bert Easterbrook however, attempted to stop rioters from lighting a truck on fire.  Pictured in this dramatic photo, he and three other men were eventually overwhelmed with most of the mob focusing on Easterbrook.

He is Captain Vancouver

Video footage seen here shows what Easterbrook and the three men collectively stood up against before being overcome.

Bert Easterbrook is the grandson of a Vancouver Policeman, a photographer and care worker for severely disabled people.  In my books he is Captain Vancouver. Many heroes were created that day from all of those who helped clean-up the day after and every citizen that tried to do their part.

Share your stories or links in the comments below of other heroes.  Spending so much time focusing on the criminals needs to be balanced at times with remembering those who are good.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


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  1. Recognizing the people fighting off the rioters is great. 🙂

  2. this site is ridiculous. its clear no one here is actually interested in justice, this is just a virtual lynch mob. Look no further than the homophobic, racist and sexist comments just brimming with snide hate on half these frickin posts. You all hide behind anonymity and cast hate with no regard to our legal system. Hmmm reminds me a lot of wednesday night actually.


    • Fuck you asshole. The haters from that night deserve all the hate coming to them.

      • Guys, don’t reply to Shame on in his inflammatory way. His goal is to ruin the site. I suspect he’s one of the rioters and is scared as heck because he’s about to be outed. (or at least he’s deeply sympathetic to them).

        He states that half the post are filled with hate. I’ve read most of them and I hate to say it, but his math skills are pretty bad. In fact the massive majority of the posts seem to be very sincere and filled with people who are trying to make the city a better place.

        If he’s so incensed by the racists posts, why isn’t responding to the worst ones like he is here. I’ve tried. Where did you?

        The only way to make sure a riot like this doesn’t happen again is to let these idiots know there are consequences to their actions. This site is doing a great job of that.

        And there are rewards to those who stand for what is right. Bert Easterbrook, you’re a very good man and I look forward to buying you a lot of beers one day. Cheers and a million thanks to all the heroes.


        this is what initially upset me, I have some comments near the bottom. Look at any post with a woman, see all the horrible sexist things people say. Its not about justice, its just a lynch mob

    • there is a cure for this problem – post the IPs of all the people that made offensive comments. And no, let’s not get into a debate about what is “offensive”, the line’s pretty clear on that one.

      • Agreed, I think half the people on this site deserve to be shamed just as much as the creeps that rioted.

      • Shame on You said: “I think half the people on this site deserve to be shamed just as much as the creeps that rioted.”

        Well, that speaks more to your fucked up moral compass than anything else. “Shame on You” thinks that me calling Dustin Anderson an angry midget is morally equivalent to stamping on a beaten man’s chest and crushing his lung.

        whadda bozo.

    • I think that there is a difference between the site, i.e. captain vancouver who runs it, and the people who comment. I would not call the latter “the site”. Doing that is like calling people who comment on the Vancouver Sun articles editorial staff.

    • Some time a virtual lynch mob is what a city needs to weed out the bad people a warn others to stay in line.

    • You’re not giving your real name. So I guess anonymity is OK for you, but not for the rest of us?

      Why do the crackpots bother you so much? You’re not going to change their opinion. If anything, you’re encouraging them to become more vocal. In the end we have freedom of speech. You have a choice to visit this website. Since you’re determined to remain here, do what the majority of us do: ignore the imbeciles.

    • Well, here’s my real name, and I agree with what Cpt Vancouver is doing.

      What say you, guy who hides behind a pseudonym?

      • I don’t care if you agree with captain vancouver, i’m just denouncing the hate speech and mob mentality of many of the posters here timmy wong.

      • I would never give my real name on any comment board. So I recommend you email Cpt Vancouver and ask him to remove yours. It would devastate me to learn that someone hurt you because of something you said here. I wasn’t trying to out you. I as making a point about the importance of anonymous comments for the protection of an individual. Always protect your identity and that’s the lesson some of the rioting dirt bags are learning the hard way. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they’re as stupid as they are, but your identity is precious.

    • Way to fucking ruin a perfectly good article about a great guy, you pathetic snivelling whiner. You dont like what a couple random people have said so now youre on a crusade to shit up every page thats posted here?

      Get the fuck out, you gigantic pussy.

  3. Well done, Bert. Brave fella!

  4. I bet Bert gets season tickets for every team in town.

    I see shame on you is still showing everyone his panties.

  5. Thank you Bert for stepping up and defending the property of a stranger. Your determination and altruistic attitude serves as a reminder to others that there is still good out there, and we must rise up to the challenge in the face of calamity and chaos. Thank you for being a true hero of Vancouver!

  6. Bert’s the man. Keeping your head when everyone else is losing theirs (and bashing yours!) – we need more stories like this.

  7. Bert was a hero on a day that heroes were sorely lacking. Anyone that condemns this site is either a rioter, someone who stood by and cheered/watched or a friend or relative of one of the aforementioned. It seems some people are more upset about this page than the actual riots. That’s sad.

    • The picture is awesome, btw. Cinematic.

    • actually I’m none of those, I just oppose mob mentality in any form, whether its on the street or online 🙂

      • I have to agree with you shame. After only a handful of posts he’s already made one retraction wrt Luke Basso.

        How long before someone is completely misidentified and has their reputation tarnished for no reason at all.

        It feels great to know that the truly guilty are facing this public shaming, but how many innocent people are you willing to sacrifice to shame the guilty parties?

        Edit Insert: Retractions are made all the time by journalists and news media when something needs to be corrected. I cannot speak for others in this current climate and what they have on their own sites. On my own, in maintaining my integrity I shall continue to do so regardless if my detractors want to create this phantom aura as if a retraction is somehow the magic proof that what is being done is wrong. Capt Vancouver. Perhaps they should look at the law where the news media is legally ALLOWED to put a statement forth without it necessarily being true, and then after proper vetting they can go back and retract. It’s done all the time against politicians, but that’s a different blog

      • The retraction was only that Luke Basso wasn’t seen to be actively looting. However, standing by and passively encouraging his girlfriend by non-action is almost as bad imo. That night – if one out of every 10 spoke out as to what was right, and helped their friends take the other path… there wouldn’t have been a riot…

        And Luke Basso’s father posted to defend his son… so his own father confirmed the footage and his identity.

        I love my city, and I love my Canucks. I have cheered them on for years as they have struggled and fought to be the best. Not only have these rioters destroyed a big chunk of downtown, they have totally sullied this amazing year and season of my team.

        Keep up the shaming, Capt Vancouver!!

  8. shame on you: You need to learn the difference between a mob and society. The jerks rioting were a mob. The people who were victims and that are outraged by this behavior is society. You’ll get along better in life when you learn to distinguish between the two.

    • by definition a society is bound by the rules of law old man 🙂 this site is acting independently of our societies legal system even though the infrastructure is in place to report these people and see them tried in a court of law

      • Discussing people’s misbehavior and criminal acts in public isn’t against the law. Neither is expressing one outrage at their conduct. They chose to behave that way in public and the public has every right to judge them accordingly.

      • your opinion is your opinion but seeing as many of the people on this site have not been convicted and posts have already been redacted for fingering the wrong people this site is operating outside of our societies legal system 🙂 Just because the rioters don’t respect our legal system doesn’t me we shouldnt!

      • The retraction was done for Luke Basso because I identified him as a looter when he was observing his girlfriend Sara McCusker doing the looting. I’ll leave it up to others to decide what or if there is culpability on his part with being with someone that appears to be removing clothing from a store.

      • Shame, who is disrespecting the legal system? This site is outing rioters so that the legal system gets a good crack at them. That is a civic duty, IMO. The fact a few posters might be going a little overboard is the least of these dirtbags’ problems. The participants of the riot opened the door up on themselves, so I have no problem with the angry citizens of this city ridiculing them. None. Zero. Crap goes around, crap comes around.

      • there is a system in place to submit evidence to the VPD, this site doesn;t attempt to ID people, that would be different. It exists to punish people outside of the legal system before they are even convicted.

      • shame on you = cliff clavin

      • shame on you: It’s not just my opinion. It’s a fact that has held true through the beginning of civilization. Society will and has the right to judge a person by their actions and behavior. The existence of the legal system doesn’t preclude the public’s right to judge, have opinions or express outrage at sociopathic behavior.

      • Everyone who is drawing conclusions of law re: guilt without judicial proceeding and without being Judge of a Court of competent jurisdiction is disrespecting the legal system and every man and woman who has ever fought to preserve it against its opponents, who prefer Volkish mob “justice.”

        Judicial proceeding requires that people be given an opportunity to speak for themselves. Even God himself summoned Adam (gen. iii) and gave him an opportunity to allege defensive material. This manner of proceeding is agreeable to justice. Thus, condemning people without opportunity of defending themselves is disagreeable to justice.

        “It exists to punish people outside of the legal system before they are even convicted.”

        I would go further and say that it exists to promote punishments that would be reprehensible to the Canadian Judiciary, and there are many posters alleging that is a good thing because the Canadian Judiciary is only going to give “a slap on the wrist.”

      • how do we know these people are all guilty old man? Its impossible to know if a photo has been doctored or someone just looks similar to someone else by laypeople on the internet. Let the police do their work. Don’t ruin the lives of people who very may well be innocent. Don’t believe everything you read old man 🙂

      • Well if these photo’s have been “doctored” as you say, the person responsible is guilty of breaking the law and they can bare the brunt of public opinion and be held accountable for their actions by society, the legal system and the aggrieved party. But since there exist a great number of photo’s and videos taken and supplied by many different sources of these people committing these acts, that kind of lays waste to your argument of doctored photos. People like you and Regiservi would obviously like the public to accept that the existence of the legal system removes their right to use their own eye’s, intelligence, judgment and ability to form and discuss their opinions on others behavior. What I am left wondering is what both of your motives are?

      • “People like you and Regiservi would obviously like the public to accept that the existence of the legal system removes their right to use their own eye’s, intelligence, judgment and ability to form and discuss their opinions on others behavior”

        Actually, in a big way you’ve summed up what a legal system is. Now, this is all metaphorical because, here’s the big secret, legal systems are 100% MADE UP, typically to maintain peace, as there is ample evidence showing what happens when Volk “Justice” starts a-going. Judges are artificial persons, like Sears, Hudsons’ Bay Company &c &c. Anyway,

        So, take the right to judge and to punish as the Sword of Justice, metaphorically. By entering into Society, you give up your Sword of Justice, which naturally you have yourself. You give it over to the Judiciary, which will use it in line with principles like “precedent”, “reason”, all sorts of things that the average layperson never takes time to consider, especially when it is so “obvious” that someone has “broken the law.”

        Hamsoken, (breaking and entering, more or less) can be defended by this exception: “he…entered into the tenement without felony and not against the peace but as into his own demesne.” So you have video of someone entering into a shop and exiting with items. How do you know that he did not enter without felony and not against the peace but as into his own demesne? And if you don’t know what those words mean, you are clearly not fit to judge whether or not such is the case.

        And there are plenty of behaviors that are shameful and reprobate, tho not prohibited, such as Gossip. This whole website is basically a way for backbiting gossipers (the backbone of “Society”) to get their rocks off braying for blood. Is that illegal? I don’t know—but I do know that it is very saddening to see people so interested in punishing people who did, according to the best psychological evidence, did what happens when you have a large crowd and a breakdown of order.

        Anyone who really cares about “his city” should be focusing all attention on getting more men for the VPD or convincing City Council to never have that scale of event again. Absent more troops, the socialist militia will _not_ maintain order properly, and bringing in troops from the suburbs, etc. (or, God forbid, Royal Canadian Military Police) is unacceptable, as they do not know the Customs of the City and how things roll in Vancouver City.

        But if all you care about is petty vengeance, not addressing the systemic defaults that this whole episode brought to light, carry on, soldier. I know what I’ll be focusing on—ensuring the VPD have more men, because it seems that City Council and “the people” are intent on having these sorts of events in future. Breakdown of Order to such a degree is _unacceptable_, and that is the real tragedy here, not that people did what, unfortunately, some people do when order breaks down.

      • I’m all for the rioters being punished. I’m all for the rioters being put through the due process of our judicial system. What I’m completely against is an online virtual mob that hide behind anonymity while posting death threat, sexist comments etc against those selfsame rioters. People grow up, man up, and have a little more faith in the justice system, and if you don’t like it take it up with the local MP’s or go into law to change the system. Remember, taking extra-judicial actions because you don’t like the judicial system is what the KKK do too.

  9. shame: i thought i read that in a previous post you said you were leaving for good or something…

  10. This guy is a badass of the highest order.

    I salute you Bert Easterbrook and all the people who tried to do the right thing.

    Keep ’em coming Captain Vancouver! Great work!

  11. Love the picture. Love the name. If he’s not Captain Vancouver then he should be called Deputy Easterbrook.

    The Good = Bert Easterbrook
    The Bad = Nathan Kotylak
    The Ugly = Dustin Anderson

    I’d watch this remake.

  12. Bert, imagine if every single person there that night of June 15th held your morals. I can only say we’d be a much better city today. You are an inspiration.

  13. I’ll just leave this here. You have watch the end to see all the the heroes.

    • I’d like to thank Bert Eastbrook and the man in this video who tried to protect our city. They are my heroes.

      On the other hand, Car2go should be put on the public shaming list. Exploiting a person’s good deed to advertise their cars is so disgusting and should be condemned by the public.

  14. If its the same Bert that went to Port Moody, ummm rumor had it (at the time) that he was arrested for being an instagator in ’94. After watching the youtube vid, before this was posted, I remember thinking it looked like him. But for what its worth, if it’s the same guy, glad to see he’s turned himself around.
    If it turns out my memory is faulty, I pre appologise to Bert. However if I’m right, perhaps there’s something to be learned here.

  15. One of his attackers is named Jesse Rene Attig. Jesse bragged on Youtube that he “gave this guy a huge kick to the head” and he thinks he “really injured him”. He also spoke of smashing “poeple and cops”. This East Van degenerate became a father at 17. The mother of his bastard child is named Stacey Ann Mccallum. He is friends with Kurtis Rock, a drunk driver who killed two people with his SUV and then jumped into a river to escape from the police.


  16. If you see this guy buy him a beer!

  17. I’d like to personally shake his hand. Good job!

    Intrested in joining the Justice League? We have a spot open.

  18. Bert, if you are reading this, email me at – i am a Canucks season ticket holder and i got three tickets for a game next year waiting for you. Thank you.

  19. One of the people who jumped Bert right after this happened was this guy…

  20. Another hero from the riots. He suffered a crushed lung trying to protect the Budget Bldg. The guy that kicks him in the head well down and the one that stomps on his chest need to be found and identified.

    • shame on you is going to reprimand you for posting this, seeing how his/her preference is to protect the criminals.

      • lol, shame on you is slacking off.. where art thou, shame? You are not fulfilling your duties as head of IPD.. (Interwebs Police Department)

    • and yes.. seriously.. one of the worst things I’ve seen from all the footage.. is that fucker kicking Chris in the head and then running off. It fills with me rage that this fuckhole is going to be extremely difficult to identify, but we mustn’t give up.

  21. Bert you are in fact a Hero! Those pussy fucks jumped you for standing up for what is right! You deserve a standing slow clap for taking it upon yourself to try and stop these little pricks. The example you set is the exact example that should be followed in such a situation. It is so nice to see that you and other hero’s are being recognized for your efforts. Man there just isn’t enough good that can be said about what you did. Huge pat on the back man!!

  22. Fantastic Bert. That took some cajones to stand up to a mob. Hats off to you my friend, and may you never have to buy another beer in the City of Vancouver.

  23. If only these scumbags would have the guts to take him on one at a time.

    He looks like he could make mincemeat out of them

  24. What a hero! I would give him a big kiss if he saved me! God bless him!

  25. Bert Easterbrook is a bad-ass! That dude has major balls.

  26. Hero!

  27. One of the guys that swarmed and assaulted Bert can be seen on the cbc news footage arguing with police for a long time wearing the blue and white soccer jersey. He is seen attacking Bert in the video. The blue/white jersey guy is also seen in a few other photos and vids ie: in front of the Bay and around a car getting smashed. Let’s identify and get this guy charged!

    • i would like to defend the fellow in blue and white. sure he may have been a drunken problem for most of the riot but i can tell you without hesitation that he actually PROTECTED ME! when i had pulled the burning paper out of the truck he came up to me to try and convince me to not risk burning myself because the truck was already a write off and it was pointless to save. i told him that it wasnt about the truck, it was about stopping the fire so that the riot wouldn’t spread like it did in ’94, then the kid threw the paper back in and shoved me. when you watch the footage in the jimmy kimmel clip, you can see that as the crowd rushes in to attack me, he actually punches out a guy that was coming towards my left side.

      i cant vouch for his actions elsewhere but this guy covered my back and did his best to protect me. for that i am eternally thankful.

      • Hi Bert, thanks so much for comIng here and sharing some more detail to your story. I’d like to thank you personally for standing up courageously in the moment in time. I hope you’ve seen the offer in the comments from the gentleman who wishes to give you 3 tickets out of his season passes for the Canucks this coming year. Cheers! Capt V

  28. Mr. Easterbrook proves that not everyone is a thug. I have nothing but admiration for people that try and protect our way of life. I have only contempt for the scum exposed here.
    I hope everyone of the miscreants gets hard time – and all students are expelled from their schools on the spot, if proven culpable.
    The World is becoming a sewer, if we don’t have a guy like Easterbrook stand up, who will? I admire him, but boy, he looks like a tough hombre.
    You are welcome at my house anytime – and i would like to shake your hand.

  29. […] Bert Easterbrook Could Be Captain Vancouver […]

  30. Here we go again Captain Vancouver. You are responsible for vigilantism. Way to go.

    • As opposed to the two seconds it takes to Google this information?

    • if you watch the video, you will find that i had been using my non-violent crisis intervention training to stay calm and casually wave off most of the people who were trying to roll and burn the vehicle. most people moved away with just a little wave of the hand since they only wanted their chance to ” have some fun and have a story to tell” by getting in on the vandalism.

      damaging an inanimate object is one thing in front of an easilly swayed crowd, but when he shoved me, that crossed a very dangerous line that would get the crowd to think its okay to attack people without warrant. so i had to put him down fast. the only reason they surged is because i had already been getting cop and pig insults thrown at me for intervening, and they only surged when i heard one of them say ” he’s a fuckin cop! get him he’s a pig!”

      people may say that i support vigilante action but that was self defense. one of the two most respected men in my life was my grandfather, and he was a VPD Inspector. because of that i have HUGE RESPECT for law enforcement and chose to step in and help maintain the perimiter in the first place. tons of people have been giving me kudos for such a ” great hit” but i hated having to do that in the first place and it sickens me to think that people have already grabbed onto the thing i feared the most, that people would think that i advocate vigilantism. I DO NOT! I have already commented elsewhere that now is the time for witnesses to come foreward and for LAW ENFORCEMENT to take over the duties of sorting this out.

      self restraint is a lesson that thousands of the riot participants could learn and unfortunately i was forced to show a side of me that i do not like to show because it can end with another person permanently confined to a wheelchair ( i work with some individuals with brain injuries from accidents etc. ) and that is a VERY SERIOUS CONSEQUENCE THAT MOST PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE BRAINS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE THOWING ANY KIND OF HIT!

      i did what i did for the right reasons and would do it again without hesitating. heres hoping that next time an event like this happens, more people will stand beside me so we can link arms.

      • Thanks again Bert. I agree completely that people should not be taking vigilante actions via threats and harassments. There has been a line that has been crossed in some of the excesses of being publicly outed in the world of social media as I’ve discussed elsewhere in my blog already. I too have family in law enforcement, friend’s in both fire and ambulance. I can certainly understand the difficult positions they were in. Too often most stand back and do nothing to help others and like you I hope the next time something like this occurs, many of our citizens link arms with another to give a collective shout of “NO not this time!”

  31. Please don’t give anyone’s personal information out. It doesn’t matter if you can Google it or not. It’s not about harassing someone at home or at their place of work. It’s about making their actions known. The fact that people have lost their jobs and potentially their scholarships is enough retribution. It’s not our place to bother someone in the privacy of their own home, but to ensure their actions during the riot are known to the police and other institutions. Losing a job, charged with a crime, or hindering someone’s future education is enough retribution for me.

  32. The guy in the pic who got leveled by Bert Easterbrook should really be feeling ashamed and embarassed most of all. If there is one iconic photograph that will emerge from this carnage, this will be the one…

    … and that guy will ALWAYS be remembered as the guy who got knock the fuck out by a hero.

  33. Vigilantism at its finest. Vancouver, you grow more classy everyday. Let’s ignore the justice system, and harass the families of the rioters! Let’s ruin their lives forever because it’s emotional gratifying, irregardless of any remorse they’ve shown! Lead by the great and mighty “Captain Vancouver”, let’s show the world that mob justice isn’t dead! Onwards to infamy!

    • i hope mob justice is dead actually. next time you feel like commenting on a subject like this, try doing a little more background before trying to ruin someones reputation.

  34. I love this shot. Bert, you have all the qualities of a comic book hero in this pic. Whoever snapped it caught what I would consider the one and only picture second to the kissing scene.

  35. how is this guy a hero? the longer version of the video clearly shows him jumping on the hood of the very same truck! what do you call that kind of action? he then switches his stance later.. and then gets violent when someone tries to burn it.. BUT he clearly participated in the trashing of his own truck.

    season’s tickets holders who want to give away their hard earned cash- i highly advise you to watch the longer version of the video.

    feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

    • he was also in the riots of 94. hes a crimnal. i no. i went to school with him.

      • I went to school with him also and remember the Crimestoppers video showing him in the 1994 riots. He was never caught, as far as I know, though I wish I’d turned him in.

    • happily correcting you! even the province reporter laughed when he called me today to do a follow up since one of you guys had sent him emails stating that i was actually damaging the truck. hmmm, maybe you guys should take a film course so that way you can learn how to properly analyze film footage.

      i have no idea what i ever did to any of you to warrant any of this but obviously im not missing out on anly quality people in my life. i hope life brings you more satisfaction than you will be getting from trying to unsuccessfully defame my character ( as cartoonish as its turning out to be).

      i dont claim to be perfect, but i do know where to draw the line.

      • One considering factor in all of this is that ever since I removed the option of anonymously posting without connection to even a real email, most if not every single allegation and inflammatory comments have disappeared overnight. Consider that this site was at 3800 comments in 4 days. In the six hours after I enacted the register before you can post, only 6 posts came thru. I can only guess that they are now posting elsewhere.

  36. Captain Vancouver eh. Why don’t u ask bert where he was during the riot of 94. He was on the other end burning vehicles and looting. You all don’t realize this but this bert is truly the opposite of what u think. Ask him also about being on crimestoppers for it too. He is a complete fool. Wait till the pics come out. U’ll C

  37. Bert’s the man

  38. Bert’s a satanist. lol REALLY

    • uh huh… and let me guess, i like to smother kittens too right? obviously another student from port moody jr. looking to talk shit and spread weak ass old rumours. if you want your 15 mins of fame, go ahead and take mine. i never wanted it in the first place. its ridiculous that its being blown up so much.

      • actually, now that i think about it. why would a persons religion base matter? if i saw a satanist punch out someone for rioting and trying to damage private property, i would be happy to see it and i would not judge their choice in belief system. obviously they understand that it is wrong to purposefully harm someone or something without warrant, so why would their religion matter other than to condemn what would be an obviously misunderstood belief system?

        either way, i think you are just looking for someone to point fingers at so that you feel important. but if you are genuinely interested in doing whats best for society but saying the things you say, then you might want to do a little more research when making a direct accusation off of weak rumours and misinformation. your actions and words affect others, be respectful of that.

  39. I thought it was important for a page also to be started of the heros of the 2011 riot. Please spread the word around.!/pages/Heros-of-2011-vancouver-Riot/153361198070493?sk=wall

  40. To the owner of this site – keep up the great work!

  41. Whether you like / agree with it or not, some form of vigilantism forming was / is inevitable, given the revolving door our courts have become and how criminals are turned back loose to re offend at will.

    Let’s face it, without pages like this, a large majority of the rioters and posers (enablers) would have gotten away 100% SCOTT FREE – now they won’t.

    And THAT is a good thing..

  42. Let the morons torch the truck and blow themselves up. Darwinism at its best.

  43. Absolutely true that Bert was an instigator in the 1994 riots. I also went to school with him. If someone has a link to the longer video, I’d love to see it, as I think he was involved in these riots too.

    • i will happily settle this rumour. 🙂

      yes i was in the ’94 riots! yes i was on crime stoppers!

      no i didnt instigate, i PURPOSELY WALKED PAST THE VIDEO CREW SHAKING MY HEAD SO THAT MY MOTHER WOULD SEE THAT I WASNT DOING ANYTHING STUPID. crimestoppers had chosen to use any clear face shots of people at the riot in order to get tips and they used that footage. HUGE FAIL for crimestoppers, but i get the sentiment. the same thing is happening on social media and lots of people will suffer life long B.S. like i have just because “you were there”. in ’94 i turned myself in, explained myself and GOT NO PUNISHMENT! why? BECAUSE I DIDNT DESTROY ANYTHING OR INSTIGATE!

      it was the scariest experience of my life and it showed me the real side of mob mentality and unchecked police brutality ( HUGE SUPPORT TO LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR PERFORMING WAY BETTER THAN THEY DID IN ’94. A JOB WELL DONE THIS YEAR!). me and my best friend had gone downtown to have a few beers and pick up chicks and all hell broke loose. but we didnt get stupid. anyone who actually knows me will know that usually the only reason why i am around something where stupidity is happening, is to try and keep it to a minimum.

      so, still wanna talk trash? cause thats all you got in that bag of yours.

      (p.s.) try watching that video a little harder, like i am going to drop my backpack with thousands of dollars worth in camera equipment in the middle of a riot to jump on a truck, then quickly get off, put the pack back on and pick up my camera to defend said truck… still feelin cool? probably one of the 320 some odd schoolmates who thought they would make $2,000 by turning me in to crimestoppers even though i didnt wreck stuff.

      GET A LIFE!

      • oh yeah, louloulemming… i also find it rather appropriate that the word lemming is part of your mask to hide behind.

        try being a leader for once in life instead of a follower. there is still plenty of time to grow…

  44. Y’know what? Vancouver has always been on my must-see list. I teach in the Middle East where tribal violence flares from time to time and I’m not in the least put off coming by a few no-hopers with testosterone to burn. It’s so encouraging to see ordinary people collectively seeking to put the place back to rights. Fair play to you all…

    • thank you! vancouver is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. sure it has its challenges but the good people here are working very hard to turn things around. i reccomend that you check out both sides of life here. we have great activities and amenities to keep one entertained, but i also suggest that you have a quick visit to the DTES ( Downtown East Side) where there are prominent homeless and drug addiction problems. when you go, just remember that our city has been smart enough to implement harm reduction centres ( which myself and a lot of my friends have been a part of said efforts) which have started the trend elsewhere in the world to reduce overdoses and infectious disease transmission.

      even in the darkest parts of our city there is amazing people working hard to improve the lives of others.

      once the people running the country wake up and start properly funding these programs, you will see a drastic reduction in substance abuse and shattered lives. portugal is a model worth mimicing with how they dealt with their problems!

      • I concur with Bert about the Downtown East Side. Despite the residence being labeled and marginalized as the poorest of the poor in all of Canada, a community of people exists there. You will see DTES residents in the early mornings and before most people are commuting into the city, sweeping thru the alleyways and sidewalks picking up trash and sweeping the area clean. One would never know this unless you see it with your own eyes. For all this talk about civic pride, even the residents of our DTES have tremendous pride in Vancouver.

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