Captain Vancouver Is For Consequences Not Violence

Recently there seems to be a backlash against those of us who view public shaming as an acceptable consequence.  They argue that public shaming is unfair because all these hundreds if not thousands of photos and videos should be given to the VPD and be put thru our court system.  I don’t disagree with the court system.  I just happen to hold the opinion that many will either not be charged, or they will just get a slap on the wrist.  I also hold the opinion that those who get leniency walk away from this incident to play over in their heads as an accomplishment and a time of excitement.

They also argue that the wrong people may get ID’d, or that photos may be photoshopped.  Bystanders may also be targeted instead of the “true criminals”.  I’m sorry to say that may be true in small isolated instances separate from the June 15th Vancouver riots, but not in this case.

There are errors as I’ve seen on the post a picture and ID the rioter sites.  I will give that.  However, anything I’ve posted on my blog is to the best of my ability in scouring what’s out there to make sure that those I label as “ready to be shamed” are indeed who they are.  What these civil liberties crusaders forget and from their white towers like to say is that normal everyday people don’t have the journalistic training or investigative skills to identify people correctly.  What they forget is that the majority of people outing these rioters are friends, family, co-workers who actually know these people.  These people aren’t ID’d as if it were a “Which one is Waldo” game.

I’ve also seen the argument put forth that I might shame someone who was “just hanging out with their friends” and was caught on video or a photo.  Sorry to say that I’m not just posting photos of people “in a crowd”.  If anyone knows a firefighter or paramedic, ask them what their procedure is when they are supposed to help a downed victim when there is the potential of harm that can be done to them.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s firefighter and paramedic lives before the public.  These people “in a crowd” limited the ability of first responders from doing their jobs.  Fires were allowed to burn as fire crews couldn’t get near.  I did not see in any footage these crowds parting like the Red Sea to allow firefighters to do their jobs.

There is also criticism that sites like this should be taken down as it’s not fair that their photos and names be released to the public so readily and easily.  When I hear this I question I have to ask if they’ve lived under a rock since social-media began.  My site is a very small fraction of the hundreds and thousands of photos out there.  Sites exist that are solely used for ID’ing and outing people.  I’ve taken the position myself, that I want to only post those photos that are confirmed as accurately as I can ascertain.  Social-media and it’s burgeoning rise has ended any privacy.  Public shaming is what brought Anthony Weiner down.  The photo of his hot dog went viral much in the same way so many people have posted photos of rioters now.

There also exists people who state that I’m unjust in only posting a few photos in comparison to what is out there and more worthy of the “criminal status”.  I am very aware of how many photos have been ID’d and at this point placing them on here also makes it redundant.  Does it mean they won’t go up? You can bet they will at some point.  I am Captain Vancouver, not Captains of Vancouver.  I can only wish this was my full-time job and I was being paid for it.  I didn’t set this blog up to shoot a hundred different photos up in one shot.  If all goes accordingly, I’ll be posting their photos even as their trials are going on.  This will be months if not years from now.  I’m a regular guy who’s carrying the same frustration that many others do.  Don’t worry Brock Anton, you’ll be up for showcasing at some point.

With all this said and how I feel about public shaming being a deterrent for future acts of rioting, I also condemn those illegal acts committed under the banner of shaming.  Shaming which causes an employer to fire someone for the reputation of their business is ok.  Shaming which has caused a future employer to question the character of their potential employee I believe is fine too.  Shaming someone on their Plenty Of Fish account when trying to find online love, that too is ok.  However, uttering threats and physical violence should not be condoned.  I’ve heard thru emails I’ve received that some people have received threats against them.  That’s not cool because I know on my site I’ve erased and deleted phone numbers that were placed for that very reason.

I understand everyone’s frustrations at these people.  Let’s keep it at that and just let them bear their shame.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


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  1. Captain Van, I have yet to see one instance where a picture or video you posted exaggerated the actions of the individual involved. In the case of Alex Pro, further evidence was found later that showed him to be even more culpable than you initially described.

    As long as you are fair, honest, and careful, all you are doing is attaching an individual’s name to their public (criminal) actions.

    Perhaps it is unfair that only some people are being IDed while others who are equally or even more guilty are getting away (Yellow shirt guy for example, please find him). However, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    This riot was disgusting. It was in no way a protest or a riot of political frustration, it was a celebration of wanton destruction of property. There was no reason behind it other than “this is a great chance to break shit.”

    Those involved, no matter how “nice” or “normal” they may seem deserve all the consequences they get. Because they are horrible people, causing harm to others just because everyone around them was doing it and it seemed cool at the time.

    In fact, you are doing a great service showing us the athletes and students responsible for what happened, because it’s important that the world knows that this wasn’t in fact the result of a “few anarchists and troublemakers” but was the result of thousands of perfectly normal people acting like selfish, narcissistic sociopaths.

    • did you miss the luke basso incident? he was named as a looter even though the photos showed none of it and this website corrected the post to say that he was just observing.

      • He seems to be standing inside a store. Is he “observing” inside the store?

      • he’s outside the store. It’s not clear if they’re on a dark street or in a dark mall. Either way, this website has already acknowledged its mistake, so there’s no point in arguing.

    • All for the cite. Keep up the accurate discussion.

      If the cite is about outing the anonymous, why is Captain Vancouver’s identity a secret. That’s hypocritical and cowardly I think.

      Who is Captain Vancouver?!

      • The “site”, you monkey, is not about anonymity. It is about identifying criminals from photographic evidence of the criminals rioting and looting. You can’t really be that fucking stupid can you?

      • Yeah, guy from Toronto, but anonymity leads people to act out in reactionary ways and call people names (like monkey and stupid).

        I’m all for the blog, but just think it should be done transparently. Why would anyone be embarrassed to take responsibility for their words when they want others to take responsibility for their actions.

    • Okay, all of you, wait just a second here. Who is shaming these rioters, looters, good Samaritan beaters, car torchers, police and firefighter attackers? THEY HAVE SHAMED THEMSELVES BY PARTICIPATING IN SUCH ACTIONS. Not to mention the fact that they ALL knew that they were being photographed and videotaped – they even posed with stupid grins on their faces, PROUD of the destruction they had accomplished.

      We are not shaming them, Captain Vancouver is not shaming them, THEY HAVE SHAMED THEMSELVES. Captain Vancouver is just giving them a forum. The other night, they thought they were anonymous. That is the only thing that has changed.

      They came to our beautiful city intent on burning and looting and destroying. Now, let them be named. We don’t need to hurt them physically, but they can be seen for what they have done. This is not vigilantism, it’s just a public forum, just slightly different from the one they chose to participate in the other night.

  2. Well said Captain. As a criminology major at SFU we’re taught that public shaming is one of the most effective types of specific and general deterrence. Specific because the loss of reputation experienced by the rioters will likely make them avoid future criminal activity, and general because the greater audience (us in society) will fear that we would be similarly outed if we also performed criminal acts.

    This blog, and other facebook groups like it, are the modern stockades. We are locking these rioters’ digital identity up in front of everyone to see so that we can shame and detest them. That is the whole point.

    The point is not to condone violence or harassment against these criminals or their families. We’re supposed to look at them as examples of what not to do. Like it or not, these people now serve as a cautionary tale to others. “Participate in crime and you could lose every good thing you have going for you”.

    This site needs to stay and keep up the good work. I applaud you Captain, as in the end this blog will likely prevent future crime and could ultimately be a major factor in assuring Vancouver never experiences another riot again.

    • Ross, you support the site as a young academic, because your studies tell you this is the modern stockade… how do you feel about the Luke Basso misnaming? The eternal shackles he will endure because Captain Vancouver made a mistake?

      • If he was misnamed that is certainly unfortunate. In the photos I admit I don’t see him participating in any looting but it appears as if his friends are. Thanks to his friends he’s probably just a victim of “wrong place, wrong time”.

        The law is imperfect, innocent people are punished due to circumstance. This site even less so. Hopefully we can post a correction about that as it turns my stomach he could potentially be harmed for it. But does that one instance discredit all the potential good that can be produced here?

        I don’t think so. But I’m of the philosophy to bring about the greatest good and there are many who will disagree with me.

        Editorial Insert: The issue in question was taken care a few days ago. If people are still commenting on this as if it is new information, then they haven’t looked at the original blog posting in days. CV

      • There you have it then, problem solved.

  3. Most of them will receive a “slap on the wrist” because we don’t ruin young peoples lives over property damage.

    • Did you just try to justify joining the riot, causing irreparable harm, and destroying the image of the city in front of the whole world, and as a simple act of causing property damage? Wow. Just wow.

  4. You are a vindictive man, a gossip, a backbiting slag, and I will pray for you.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    • NO we will all pray for you!! I can understand if you were protecting criminals from a death sentence because of strong morals, but we are only shaming criminals here, not signing death warrants. Please take a long look at who you are defending. People that do not have the human decency to even reflect upon their actions and see how their stupidity and violence destroyed the peace and good name of the city of Vancouver. All fans of the Canucks and the people of Vancouver will always have to hang their heads in shame for the actions of a few hundred (or thousand) assholes that do not care enough to even feel the shame they created FOR THEMSELVES!!

      • “but we are only shaming criminals here”

        This is what is truly frightening about you people.
        You do not accept the Rule of law. The Rule of Law says people are innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.
        I would take a weekly riot in Vancouver over the end of the Rule of Law and the presumption of innocence. It is better that guilty thousands go free than that one innocent little one be punished.

        And what I see here is nothing more than disrespect for the Rule of Law, the normal course of the law, and the idea that extrajudicial punishment is unlawful, not part of our Society. Some notable charitable organizations have as part of their policy that it is not allowable for them to discriminate against people who have had convictions for things not related to their work. A conviction for rioting is basically irrelevant to any work one might do in future. There is talk here of reducing young women to prostitution. This is disgusting. There have been comments about people potentially being sodomized in jail, as though that would be part of a just punishment. That is disgusting.

        “All fans of the Canucks and the people of Vancouver will always have to hang their heads in shame for the actions of a few hundred (or thousand) assholes that do not care enough to even feel the shame they created FOR THEMSELVES!!”

        Our Father, which art in heaven,
        hallowed be thy name;
        thy kingdom come;
        thy will be done,
        in earth as it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread.
        And forgive us our trespasses,
        as we forgive them that trespass against us.
        And lead us not into temptation;
        but deliver us from evil.”
        (Lord’s Prayer, Book of Common Prayer 1662)

        You will pray for me? Say the Lord’s Prayer. Say it and then continue to indulge in your recreant, vengeful fantasy. Is that not hypocrisy?

      • Regiservi is just a troll trying to incite hate speech. Read the signs: Don’t feed the trolls. My feeling is that he’s very worried about something.

      • Incite hate speech by posting the Lord’s Prayer?
        Your feeling is wonky, but great rhetoric, tho.

        But what you want to say is this: ‘everyone who isn’t into our shame-mob is clearly a participant in the riot/looting!’

      • Fuck off with your religious quackery and superstition, please.

    • Well RegisServi aren’t you just the brave holier-than-thou repressed little person! First of all, if you are going to need to have lessons in grammar AND sentence structure! Why don’t you go somewhere far away and join a fanatic, religious cult! Then they can indoctrinate you and your ‘pray for you” holier-than-thou, name calling bullshit! You sound like a repressed raving, religious, repulsive ass-hole.


  5. Love the public shaming, don’t love the violent nature of the commentary. At least one family of a rioter has also left their home because they have received threats. Post the photos, the video, the moronic status updates and the name if you’re sure it’s correct. But lay off the editorializing and turn off the comments. Let the evidence speak for itself, rather than the equally moronic posters calling for them to be raped in jail and their parents and family to suffer. You’re right, the backlash will come back to bite you and result in public sympathy for the rioters. Hardly the goal here.

    • I agree. Facebook is actually more civil on “the shaming”. Posters are more accountable, and the unthreaded comments roll off the front page.
      No good is done here with the comments.
      There is no new news being produced here.

    • I also agree with everyone who asks for the comments to be turned off. The public shaming of the pictures and names speaks for itself. The comments veer into violent overtones that just denigrates the point you are trying to make.

      • I disagree. There has been an awful lot of good information found out about other rioters in these forums. I have yet to see anyone outed who was not apart of it. The only way to stop the riots in the future is if people know there will be consequences to their actions. There is no possible way our prisons could take all the rioters who deserve to go to jail, so this is the best way to deter it from happening again. This will also help all cities in the future take on these thugs.

        As for the family, did the father not state that the pictures were “misleading”. He dragged his family into this by making a false statements. I cant’ have sympathy for him there.

      • Someone, there is no doubt there are trolls trying to inspire hate and bring this site down, but almost all of them have been shot down or ignored. Considering the anger most “normal”people have about what transpired, and comparing it to almost all other free forums, this one is exceptionally well mannered and thoughtful. There will always be idiots trying to destroy the discussion. Just ignore them

      • agreed. The comments section has just become a rallying point for deindividuated mob mentality. The forums on many sites are seeing contact information put up and we would be naive to think that the post doesn’t give a hundred idiots the idea to call. The comment sections is just fueling anger and anti-social, abusive behaviour.

        It’s true that the comments section has produced new information, but I would point out that it can be emailed to the blogger to check into and decide whether it will be post, and maybe also sent to the police. It doesn’t need to be posted for all to see.

        I think that there needs to be accountability with the comments that are here. Maybe the best way to do that is to ensure that people login with an established FB or Twitter account, and not as a guest.

    • If this is true, then I would have to absolutely agree that comments should be turned off. I love what Captain Vancouver is doing, but the posting of personal information is going to happen and he won’t be able to catch it in a timely fashion (he isn’t doing this full time and I have already seen at least two phone numbers posted). People receiving threats against their lives because of info shared should not happen and is just as bad as the actions of the rioters.

    • Well said. I agree with identifying them to live forever on the internet but as the riots have shown there are always individuals who will take thing to far. The people that would take the shaming beyond tagging photos to threatening and/or causing harm are no better than the rioters. And we know those people are out there. I think your doing a great job but turn off the comments and just tag the photos. The last thing I want is to feel sympathy for these people because another idiot lets hate and anger rule thier actions.

    • If, in the end, the goal is to ensure this never happens again, leaving this to the justice system will not facilitate that. Naming and shaming is fundamentally necessary. if there’s collateral damage and some of the onlookers/enablers get a taste of that then too bad. Without the thousands of onlookers/enablers down there the police would have had a much easier job. You chose to associate with a crowd of thieves and vandals after police made it clear it was an illegal gathering and now you are being associated with them after the fact. Is that right? Is that the rule of law? No. It’s just real life.

      Threats against admitted or proven vandals and looters that lead to bricks through their windows or their own car being flipped and burned? It’s wrong. But some would say Bert Easterbrook (hope I got your name right) knocking that guy out who tried to burn the truck is wrong too….but if I see him around I’ll shake his hand and buy him a drink if I get a chance. I won’t lose any sleep if proven vandals/looters suffer personal property damage as a result of their idiocy after Game 7. Not a wink.

  6. You are doing a great job keep it up. As to the people crying about the rights of the rioters or those that got caught in a picture there, what about the rights of:

    – the citizens of Vancouver, BC, Canada that have to endure worldwide shame
    – the rights of families and people to watch a hockey game without having to worry about fleeing a riot
    – the rights of workers put out of work because their places of business were destroyed ( never mind the right of business owners as I’m sure they don’t have any according to the bleeding hearts)
    – the rights of police and firefighters trying to do their jobs without getting punched in head or have stuff thrown at them

    Those caught in the pictures doing wrong or not gave up certain rights by committing a crime, being an accessory to a crime, allowing a crime to be committed, being at the scene of the crime, etc.

    The rights of a few don’t out weigh the rights of the many in this case. The many being the citizens of Vancouver, BC & Canada, and the fans of the Canucks.

    Letting the courts deal with it is not the answer, as the courts won’t do anything. If this happened two hundred years ago we would be having public hangings, rather than just public shamings. They should consider themselves lucky this is all they are ending up with.


    • Exactly. This wasn’t a house party that got out of hand, this was an abomination that can never be allowed to occur again.

      • Then rather than focus on shaming people, you’ll need to pick one of these options:

        (1) No more events of that size
        (2) An order of magnitude more police on the ground during such events.

        (1) will “show the world that the bad guys won,” nix.
        (2) will require a huge increase in taxation to fund.

        So, what’ll it be?

        Or will you pick (3), repeat the same nonsense over again and then get surprised when a riot occurs, that your atavistic tribal shaming ritual is not as effective as you believe?

    • Well said!

    • Where is anyone crying about the rights of the rioters?

    • also, i think people need to remember that insurance doesn’t cover everything. if any of those cars didn’t have fire or vandalism insurance, the damage won’t be covered, and they may have lost a possession that they worked hard to own. also, not every business has business interruption insurance. so while their stock may have been insured, the loss of profits from being unable to operate will not be covered.

      if that was you or your family who suffered a loss, wouldn’t you want the people responsible identified?

      sites like this are important, and it is disheartening to see that there are so many apologists out there.

      thank you, captain vancouver!

  7. Keep up the good work Capt Vancouver.

  8. You go Captain Vancouver! I totally agree with your blog. I think you have done a very good job of editing content and making sure of the identities of those in the photos posted.
    As to those that say there could be reasonable doubt on some of these photos, it might be true for crown prosecution. However for civil cases, you do not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. You just have to convince the judge or jury of your case against the object of your suit. From what I have seen, if I was the judge in civil proceedings against the people posted here, I would enter a judgment for the plaintiff.

  9. Thanks for all the comments from those that agree and also for those that disagree with what I’m doing. Off for the evening as it’s Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to you all.

    PS I do consider all suggestions made from all sides. Thanks again.

  10. Yeah whatever. Capt Vancouver keep up the good work and don’t let the propaganda of outing these people whether they were “posing” or not. The question of don’t penalize the posers is the cultural question all those haughty taughty are afraid to answer yet they are the ones who say it is cultural. Get your spoons out your yogurt.

    Vancouver has, i’m not afraid to say, an overabundance of posers. Let’s eradicate them from the region.

    keep up the good work captain vancouver.

  11. Perfectly put, Derpy Herp and Ross Findlay. Huzzah. And to you, Captain Vancouver, please keep up the good fight, we support you.

    As for Jones, Captain Vancouver has every right to editorialize (and what sharp, witty posts and captions they are)–it’s his blog. It’s his authorial perspective that makes this blog (and all blogs) either interesting or not. If you don’t like his perspective, you’re free to find your information (which will always be conveyed with some authorial bias) elsewhere. As for the comments, welcome to blogosphere. This is how things work here. If open commentary (intelligent, ridiculous, inane, troll-like) offends you, there’s always conventional media, although even conventional media has a tough time presenting information without some bias.

    As for a backlash on Captain Vancouver, I don’t see one forthcoming. Your work, Captain, is indeed serving as the public stockade to a generation that clearly needs to learn that actions have consequences; that failing to act can also have consequences (have we forgotten the lessons of say, the Holocaust–so soon?); and that whether your parents failed to ever tell you know or raise you right, society as a whole is not going to give you a free pass, no matter how drunk you were, how “misleading” the picture was, how “it was only your girlfriend” who stole the goods, how you were “in the wrong place at the wrong time” or you’re really, really sorry. Society has agreed that violence, theft, destruction and assault are wrong. If you at any moment commit those kind of acts, you’re going to have the book thrown at you, at least via Captain Vancouver.

    Someone needs to finally tell these kids, whether privileged and spoiled or tattooed douches and spoiled, “No. Enough.” For this, I stand behind Captain V.

    BTW, you should do a line of Captain Vancouver t-shirts, no? I’d buy one to help support your work.

    • I would absolutely agree that violence, destruction and assault are wrong — which is why this website and others that are calling for *exactly that* on the heads of the rioters are way offside. I’m well aware how the blogosphere works and this is not sharp witty commentary, it is an incitement to further violence. ‘Get him, Get him!’ sure sounds a lot like ‘Burn it, burn it!’ If you were so keen to be part of a mob, 604Forever, why didn’t you just join in on Wednesday?

      • Captain Vancouver is definitely not calling for violence. Again: you are free to stop reading and commenting on this blog at any time if it offends you. By the way, your last sentence is a passive aggressive personal attack, one ased on some pretty inflated assumptions. If you’re truly upset that not all the comments on this blog are peaceful, or that this blog somehow is inciting further violence, I respectfully suggest that you not baselessly attack others. That is, if you want to be a person of integrity, which I am certain you do.

    • Ha. Nice attempt to obfuscate my point, which is that this online lynch mob you are so supportive of is rapidly sinking to the same level as Wednesday’s mob. While Captain Vancouver may not have called for violence himself, many of his readers have, repeatedly and graphically. It’s sweet that you’d like to buy a Captain Vancouver t-shirt, will you also contribute to his legal defense fund when it all goes bad and he ends up defending his blog in court? As for me being a person of integrity, I’m not losing sleep over it.

      • Evidently you’re not losing sleep about whether you are a person of integrity, dear Jones. As for the Captain’s imaginary legal defense fund, you can’t have it both ways,:condemning he and his commenters while condemning my willingess to support his work. As for your “point,” you seem much more like a one-person online lynch mob yourself, your anger is palpable. Best of luck to you.

      • Your argument isn’t really all that sound. The angry comments are prevalent but actual calls for violence are few and far between. There are always going to be a few outliers in every situation, online blogs not excluded. However, the purpose of this site is to not incite violence or vigilante justice. It’s simply exposing these people for what they really are.

        Plus the main difference between this “online lynch mob” as you call it and the rioters from Wednesday is that no one here is actually going to go out and do some real damage…. unlike the scum that showed up to riot.

      • My anger is palpable … that’s funny. I’m actually hoping to discourage further violence, rather than encourage it. That’s why I can sleep at night. The comment about you wanting to buy a t-shirt was sarcastic, so I don’t follow how I can’t have it both ways? That’s a non sequitur.

        Findler, I have said it repeatedly: simple exposure (photos, video & names) is great. Humiliation serves as an excellent deterrent. But it only takes one “outlier” as you call it, for someone to be hurt. And judging by the fact that many of the alleged rioters’ families, friends, workplaces, schools, sports organizations etc have already been threatened by phone and in person, I would suggest that there are people who will go out and do real damage. I just don’t see how the angry, vengeful commentary serves a purpose.

      • Hahahahaha Jones you fool! Keep hoping for the backlash on Capt.Van! This, I assure you, will not happen. If you had the intelligence to read his post, he clearly says he does NOT condone any violence! And if this “backlash” does happen (which I will assure you again) will NOT happen. And if does, he has my support along with the thousands of others!

      • Hey Johnny Canuck, where did I say I was “hoping” for a backlash?

  12. RegisServi….The rule of law has nothing to do with innocence or guilt. It just states that no one is above the law and such.

    • The Rule of Law means that maxims of Law must be respected. Here is one:

      Nemo inauditus nec summonitus condemnari debet (Jenk. 269, Sixth Century, Case LXXXIV)

      Anglice, Nobody unheard nor unsummoned is to be condemned.

      If you do not have power to summon, you cannot condemn, and none of this “shaming” is predicated of summons and opportunity for the people to defend themselves. So, you’re right, in a way: it’s not so much about guilt/innocence so much as having respect for the way in which the law assigns guilt and destroys the presumption of innocence.

      This is all about extrajudicial punishment, extralegal action, which is not very different from a riot in spirit.

      • Regiserve, do I wish the courts could handle this? Of course. But there is no way our jails could handle the sheer volume of people who should be charged. The numbers are just too huge. They are going to have to pick and choose who to send to jail. This site and the many others like it is the only way to help to help deter this from happening again.

      • Regiserve: your argument is a farce. Captain Vancouver is not able to convict anyone of any crime here, he is simply showing everyone what is already public information, and giving his 2 cents. Since he does not have the power to convict anyone of a crime, your argument of ‘innocent to proven guilty’ does not apply to this blog or any of his comments. We have something called ‘free speech’ here in Canada, and we are all (including you) are just in voicing our opinions.

      • “Since he does not have the power to convict anyone of a crime, your argument of ‘innocent to proven guilty’ does not apply to this blog or any of his comments.”

        I disagree. I think that because you lack any chance for the individual to respond, it is inappropriate, as there is no opportunity to give excuse, exception &c before a properly commissioned judge, and shame is part of punishment, and it is simply my view that it is not appropriate to punish outside of a proper method of proceeding, according to law.

        That is, because he does not have the power to convict, he shouldn’t tread in near the matter. Eat within one’s stomach, act within one’s commission, I just don’t see any useful commission here.

      • RegisServi would you please take off your rose-coloured glasses and see how things work in the real world? This is not an academic or biblical debate. This is about recognizing the severity of what has been done to out city, the inability of our justice system to punish the rioters and the massive support by the people of the city and country to send a message to these low-lifes to make sure this never happens again. Remember the 2010 Olympics opening day rioters (although tiny in comparison)? Not one rioter did any jail time! This is hard evidence of why we need to publicly shame these people. Maybe if we had done something in 2010, the 2011 riots may have been prevented?

      • “Remember the 2010 Olympics opening day rioters (although tiny in comparison)? Not one rioter did any jail time! This is hard evidence of why we need to publicly shame these people.”

        I think it is hard evidence that you have no respect for the judiciary and the ordinary course of the law. You think those judges are just over-educated pinkos, right? You _really_ know what’s going on, right? Guilty! Judge, Jury, Executioner all in one.

        The only way to ensure this never happens again is to have more VPD troops on the street—like 5000 instead of 500. Absent that, presuming the City continues having such large-scale events, Riots are a fact of life, and your moral indignation, while very satisfying to your primate brain, will not really help to preserve order in future. The only way to maintain order (rather than restore it once lost, as the VPD did) is to have enough troops present to perform quick arrests of anyone doing criminal acts.

        But oh, we cannot talk about the faults of the August Policemen, can we? Heavens, no! Let’s not have any useful talk of operational defaults, let us lade abuse upon the “low-lifes.”

        “RegisServi would you please take off your rose-coloured glasses and see how things work in the real world?”

        This is empty rhetoric typically used by people who cannot muster any argument against a thesis. It has no place in a judicial proceeding.

  13. That should read, “based.”

  14. I think all the backlash is very clear evidence as to how effective public shaming actually is.

    Keep up the good work, Captain.

  15. This Blog is just a very good Job Cap Vanc, Great and brilliant. You can totally decide to keep the comments ongoing or publish your own filtered content, I’ll follow the blog anyway. I’m all up for free speech and good judgement.
    Keep letting people see things as they were. People are usually ahead of the newspapers and the police in terms of information and knowing who is who in their community.
    you may find a lot of jokers in this blog as well later on cos of this same Open nature…
    My biggest shock or concern of the whole thing wasn’t just the “few rioters” but the passive and cheerful audience, yeah I know, there are many posers and people who seem like having fun who are not necessarily “rioters” those are the ones who won’t get any sentence or correction, so I’m totally inclined to teach these smiley posers some decency. \

  16. I like this website check it out hopefully you can help find these fuckheads.

    • Wow, morons indeed. There’s cameras *everywhere*. Do these low-lifes really think they wont get caught.

      It’s going to be interesting over the next few weeks when they start offering cash rewards for identifying these scum-bags. Then buddy will be turning in buddy in order to get the cash for their weekend pot.

    • on 4:28 there is a familiar face going through a trashcan. thank you Nathan!

  17. Great job capt ‘n if the Canucks can ever make another run I’ll bet there is a peaceful outcome in the streets. I was wondering if Alax Pro would like his car flipped and windows broken at his store. Loser.

  18. Keep it up Captain Vancouver. If they are truly guilty, shame em. No matter how much shame they receive, it’ll still be less than the suffering of the Blenz store owner.

  19. Here’s a website glorifying Alex Pro’s riot participation. I think they need to be shamed.

    • People be very careful of this site. The type of person who sets up something like this thrives on antisocial behavior and violence. Very much like the real domestic terrorists who you can see in the videos who are fully masked.

      • It’s a mountain bike website set up by a bunch of moronic riders. You’re giving them far too much credibility.

    • Anyone up to researching the jokers who set up the website at ?
      I would definitely say they are all friends of Alex and THEY too may have rioted
      or they may have sponsorships that could be researched.
      I’m certain Oakley and Shimano would want to know if their sponsorship
      dollars were being used and abused by criminals.

    • The tool that posted the pic and glorified Alex Pro is Cam Zink. The site is not posting any comments made against Alex Pro. Here’s his Facebook page Perhaps he should be notified that his support of Alex Pro is misguided.

  20. I think most of the detractors posting are actually rioters shitting themselves about getting caught or their family or friends.

    I applaud the work you are doing. Keep it up.

    As somebody who is politically active, I will push our political leaders to follow through on charges.

    I would eventually like to see a wall of shame downtown with pictures shown on a wall for all to see. When Vancouver’s reputation recovers, we can take them down.

    • Vancouver is a Body Corporate. It has no reputation, except to, ah, “nice people.”
      Soulless things don’t have reputations.

      But please, don’t let anything approaching a coherent view of what a City is get in the way of your revenge-complex.

  21. Captain, I cannot thank you enough on making our city a better place.You are a hero. Would I like our court system to handle this? Of course. But there is no way our jails could hand the sheer volume of people who should be put behind bars for this. This is the only way we can take out city back. Great work, Captain.

  22. Keep up the great work Captain Vancouver! As we all know, not all the rioters will be brought to justice, so we must make an example of the cowards who are caught so others don’t follow in there foot steps. What Captain Vancouver is doing here is to let all the others that got away and think its ok (because they didn’t get caught) know that there behaviour was unacceptable. The rest of Vancouver and the “real” Canucks fans know what you are doing is right Captain Vancouver! Coming from a “real” fan who was not held up in the “mob” mentality.

  23. I know what the critics of this site are saying, although I can’t agree fully. Sometimes, this online mob mentality can seem harsh. But I was downtown today, and while most of the damage has been cleaned up fairly quickly, the collective damage and the intangible damage is very clear. Furthermore, we need to look at the full context of the actions. Can you equally compare what’s done during a riot to the same actions in an everyday context? I don’t think so.

    Is someone stealing something from a store being looted the same as someone stealing the same thing from the same store at any other time the same? I personally wouldn’t say so. Those same actions in the riot incited more bad behavior from people who would and wouldn’t do those things when given the opportunity. Collectively, there’s a snowball effect. Nathan Kotylak may not have successfully set the car on fire, but his failed actions may have encouraged someone else old enough to work past the lighter’s childproof lock to finish the job.

    Innocent until proven guilty. RegisServi seems well-versed in the Rule of Law and at least one religion. If someone went out and murdered someone and never gets caught, is he a criminal? Not according to RegisServi, who believes a god will judge that person.

    • And who is God to judge? Have you read the Bible? A whole lot of murder, rape, and genocide in the name of God. That’s why governments, in theory, are secular.

      • That’s an ignorant comment. Before the Bible was written, every society on earth thought the gods were active or incarnate (as in a god-king) in the social order. The Bible provides a model of a society in which individual persons are called to follow God’s commands, but their political order is to be in the hands of civil not religious authority; and God withdraws from direct involvement in any social or political order. This withdrawal to an absolute transcendence is necessary, in part, because the God of the Bible is not the God of just one nation – Israel – but of all mankind. Secular civil society in the West, with its emphasis on tolerance, is very much a product of the Bible, both Hebrew and Christian.

      • lol ok i’ll bite, which party are you from??

      • The party that knows that our secular civil society is much more a product of the seventeenth century with its interest in rediscovering the meaning of “the Hebrew Republic” than it is a product of the late 18th Century with its facile French narrative about enlightenment being opposed to religion, when the enlightenment was really just another way of talking about Judeo-Christian culture. THe secular is just another form of the sacred. “secular” or “religious” all humans orient themselves around something they hold together as sacred.

        To get back on topic, that’s important in starting to think about why kids riot; because they think, in the moment, it’s “cool”, i.e. touching on the sacred.

      • lol @ sacred touching

      • Hominins were here long before gods were created. You really have to read something other than pseudo-revisionist-history. The Bible provides a model society for Christians and that is why there is a separation of church and state. We are not all Christians. I’m not into cannibalism even if it’s figurative such as drinking and eating the body and blood of Christ. Very barbaric and not to mention a method of transmission for the pryon Kuru.

      • “Hominids were created”… But the relevant consideration for discussion of the human is what was involved in the origin of the specifically human, i.e. in the origin of language and the social order it creates as something quite distinct from animal pecking orders. Human language works by implying a sacred presence at the centre of the scene of language. In other words, the first linguistic sign was the first name of God, though it would not have been understood in those terms at the time.

        Anyway, to imply that the Christian eucharist is the equivalent of cannibalism is just silly; the ritual (along with the conventional understanding of the Passion and Resurrection) is intended to support an alternative to the need for human sacrifice which has been a common religious practise in human history and one against which the Bible wars from the story of Abraham on. Having said that, one shouldn’t judge cannibals too quickly, until one has thought about living in a world with scarce protein.

  24. Keep up the great work!
    I know this is about the Vancouver Riots, but I’m hoping you can bring to light and hopefully id, six Indo Canadian cowards who ganged up on two friends in April (6 on 2) killing 19 year old Devon Allaire Bell and badly hurting his friend.

    ANY help would be appreciated, please post this video

  25. Shameful actions deserve shaming.

    Lack of personal accountability is a major problem with this generation of youth (a generation I am a part of too).

    Keep up the good work, Captain.

  26. Shaming these thugs, bullies, arsonists and just general douchebags, IS called for. Has anything else worked thus far? No.
    I agree 100% with Rex Murphy, and 100′s of thousands of fed up law abiding citizens.

  27. Captain Vancouver – I don’t know if it has been done already but every last person who is identified on this list should be reported to the Firearms Centre ph # 1-800-731-4000

  28. Enough with the introspection! Let’s make with the outings!

  29. I have no doubt that one day, the hunter will become the hunted. While for now, people here may feel that they have the moral high ground, the internet, as many here have pointed out, doesn’t forget. It won’t forget this site. One day, it will come for all those who seek revenge on those that have been the targets of this site. It’s not a question of if. It is only a question of when.

  30. Hello Everyone.

    So, I have been reading the comments to Captain Vancouver’s blog, and by the most part, everyone is quite supportive of publicly denouncing those who appear to be doing wrong. There are a few, however, who seem to be making arguments such as “innocent to proven guilty”, “checks and balances” of the justice system, and basically that one person or group of people should not be passing judgment on these photos. Any of those arguments, however, have no basis, which I will explain.

    #1. All Public Information.
    Any and all of what Captain Vancouver is presenting as ‘evidence’ (the pictures, comments) are all PUBLIC domain. Captain Vancouver did not sneak into their personal houses, or tap their phone lines – he simply found what anyone here can find on the internet, and reposted in a clearer and organized fashion. So nothing here is illegal folks, he has only collected what is publicly available and in fact, for each image and comment, those people knew full well that anything they did was in full view of the public eye.

    #2. Innocent to proven guilty?
    The argument that his site is somehow circumventing the “RULE OF LAW” or the “checks and balances” of the justice system is a farce. Does Captain Vancouver have the power to put people in jail? No. Is he judge and jury with the ability to sentence and convict a criminal? No! Captain Vancouver is simply gathering PUBLIC INFORMATION, and telling us what he thinks! Ever hear of FREE SPEECH? Captain Vancouver is by no means convicting anyone here of any crime. The pictures gathered speak for themselves, and he has a full right to say whatever he thinks on them.

    #3. This site might get innocent people in trouble or fired from their job.
    Some argue that this website may lead innocent people to getting fired from their jobs because the poster is not a real judge or part of the justice system. I’m sorry, but that’s the dumbest argument I’ve heard. Do you not think a boss has a brain and can decide for his/her own? You don’t have to be a convicted criminal to lose your job. Losing your job has NOTHING to do with the “RULE OF LAW” or criminal justice system. Losing your job is about ethical and moral conduct, and if there is a clear picture of you smiling your buddy and posing with a burning car behind you – that is enough for an employer to FIRE YOUR ASS. Sorry, but ANYONE who thinks it is OK in any shape or form to even watch, cheer, smile and laugh at the destruction of property is fucked in the head and really needs to take a look at their life. Normal people know right away, no if ands or buts, that it is morally wrong!

    #4. Those who are defending those in the images.
    I have no doubt in my mind, that ya’ll who are being so defensive, are just trying to defend yourselves, and justify your actions. The fact is, there is no way to possibly justify it. To say “i got caught in the moment’ is a crock of shit.

    • Really good post.

      Has not investigative journalism also done exactly the same thing for decades? Journalists regularly go in with hidden cameras to catch some shady player on tape and ruin their businesses and reputations. It’s legal so long as it doesn’t present falsehoods.

      These journalists know they will incite anger in their viewers. The difference now is just that here we have a public and immediate forum for those reacting. This forum did not inspire in people the ‘let’s get ’em’ views of a small number of the posters here. It provides an outlet for those views.

      Fortunately, it provides a dialogue where more reasoned folks like Captain Vancouver can draw a line and call out those who promote unlawful responses to unlawful actions and, just like we have been doing, say that those responses are not appropriate.

      If anything, this forum doesn’t incite unlawful responses but instead it brings them into the light so that they can be shown to be misguided.

      • “It’s legal so long as it doesn’t present falsehoods.”

        That’s the key, UBC alum. Investigative journalists have years of training and experience, and have studied media law. They are aware what constitutes defamation and work to avoid it so they don’t get sued. I don’t think Captain Vancouver can say the same. He has already admitted in one case here that he was incorrect to name someone a looter, and in his very first post, he “judged” someone for their sense of humour. Plus, he is letting the comment threads run wild — and no, the misguided, violent and unlawful comments are not being pointed out as such, they are being cheered on. Huh . . . sounds exactly like a mob, doesn’t it?

      • letting the comments run wild?? heaven forbid we say what’s on our minds

  31. Amen, Capt. Vancouver. Never stop what you’re doing.

  32. I look forward to reading this site for months and years! Go get ’em Cap!

    • site is full of win

      pics are full of lulz

      every june 15th will now be ‘riot @ the rioter’s place’ day


  34. You just keep on Captain Van.

    This is the only justice we’ll ever see. Vigilantism is not the answer and the courts are beyond a joke.

    Having their names on permanent record on the web will serve future employers, boyfriends, girlfriends and police very well.

    I just hope they are all enjoying their 15 minutes. (Of fame, not their limp-wristed sentence)

  35. As I said earlier on another of your posts. Stay on track…. confirm your info. I totally agree with RJD above me. This is the only justice most will get. Do it and keep doing it.
    I think you should add a page to this site where you gather signatures to send to Ms. Clark.. or the city of Vancouver. ALL ppl caught owe $50,000. Then take off $2,000 for everyone they turn in (that can be visually verified) down to $30,000. Then we treat them as dead beat dads and have revenue canada garnish thier future wages until it (the $30K) is paid off. They must pay though.

  36. great Job Captain Vancouver! This article by a nurse really puts it all into perspective:

    “A E.R. Nurse’s Thoughts on an Instigator’s “Apology”

  37. Has anyone identified the man in the yellow shirt yet?

    • jagminder singh shergill

      • Now we need the video of JAGMINDER SINGH SHERGILL and company breaking that Budget window back online. Why did the user take it down?

  38. I challenge those shamed by Captain Vancouver – if you are innocent, come on here and say so. Prove that it’s actually you and CV will retract the statements about you and I will apologize to you. Otherwise, you deserve to be shamed for what you did.

  39. To be honest, this is great. This teaches a lesson to anyone thinking of rioting and ruining a city again. It’s not fair for us who live in Vancouver to be shamed internationally by the actions of a few morons.

    Thanks public shaming. Keep it up!

    • I’ll make a pledge for Consequences Not Violence, also Capt. But please keep doing this!

      I have no confidence that the VPD is interested in charging anyone or that the Van City Counsel wants to do anything other than sweep this all under the rug. Like yourself I have almost no confidence in the BC justice system whatsoever. It’s failed myself and others here time and time and time again.

      Whatelse can we do but this?

      Mark my words: despite the tough talk, the powers that be are happy about having this stuff stay off the front page and they are not going to do much if anything to bring people to justice for what they’ve done, or to make them take accountablility for how they’ve embarrased Canada in front ot the entire world.

      The justice system is impotent and incapible, and the VPD and others who could take steps are too afraid of everyone examining the mistakes they made to play these dramas out in a court of law. It was obvious from the instant they looked the camera in the eye and asked us to believe that it was all the work of criminals and anarchists in disguise. Nothing is going to happen if we don’t make it happen. So whatelse can we do but this?

  40. Holding a few accountable for the acts of many is a temptation…as a warning to others, as a vindication for terrible acts. However it causes it’s own destruction.

    • Karen please don’t link Deadspin or even quote it. Many of the posters on there would be the type of scum that would start a riot. Pure trash.

  41. Most of these idiots put their own photos out in the public domain via social media to begin with. The remainder committed acts of violence and destruction in a public space, surrounded by videos and cameras whose presence they were clearly aware of, as most of them stopped to pose or brag. As for the “bystanders”, they gave up any legitimate defence of being present the moment the riot act was read. It seems as many of them were cheering and egging the others on. If they weren’t doing anything wrong the police won’t be able to charge them with anything.

    The BC justice system is the way it is because of all the criminal apologists that exist here. Keep doing what you’re doing Captain Vancouver.

    • Not all bystanders were cheering. And most who were cheering probably were guilty some kind of destruction themselves over the course of the evening and can hardly be called bystanders.

      Without innocent bystanders there would have been no witnesses and many of the the videos and photographs we’ve been using to identify people would not have been produced. Some probably stayed specifically to document what was happening, not because they condoned the activities.

  42. I support your actions 100% Captain Vancouver… and I salute you and the good people of Canada who have have enough of this behaviour.

    Thank you.

  43. Not only did The Sensus support Alex Pro in his rioting activities they also posted:

    Way to go Vancouver, Way to go Canucks…
    Posted on June 16th, 2011 at 9:55 am by HZINK
    After a ridiculous collapse in the cup finals, and the Bruins beating the Canucks at their own game, what is the logical thing to do?

    Lets start a riot. OH YA!

    Start checking their sponsors!

    Here is their website for June:

  44. Peter Chao thinks rioters are assholes!

  45. Keep up the good work.

  46. At ffist I was all for it. They wanted to allow themselves to be filmed lighting things on fire, they wanted to post about their misdeeds on FB, they wanted to be tough and cool when they thought no one was looking – ok, well, it’s going viral and the consequence is the revulsion of 40 million Canadians and shame so profound they have to turn themselves into police.

    But the problem with these sites is that they’re starting to fuel mob justice. People feel that it is within their right to decide people’s sentence. Families are being contacted and threatened, the information is being sent to employers, UBC donors are demanding the expulsion, without due process, for a girl who was seen with one piece of clothing. A sentence like that does not fit the crime, especially since the crime has yet to be established firmly. It could have been her own sweater for all anyone knows.

    This website should be informative, but it should not become a courtroom. We do not get to take the law into our own hands. We can support law enforcement, but not replace law enforcement.

    The other problem is that you guys are claiming that the IDs are good, but mistakes have already been. Luke Basso, for example. He was named, his FB, his Dad’s FB, they were all published HERE on this site. I’m sure UBC received countless emails about how he should be expelled. But oops, that was retracted a few days later, after he probably received a hundred death threats. There was also a man whose face was posted on another site at the outset of all this for being a looter when in fact he was an employee of the Bay. Oops, it came out only after the entire country had seen it, and probably his entire family and all his friends too. I’m sure he appreciated having his name and face dragged through the mud , especially since he was trying to protect the store. Let’s not pretend you’re able to do this without error in at least a few cases. Any error is too many! And let’s not pretend that people here are not advocating punishments that far exceed the crime and the context.

    I’m sorry, a student who was seen running out of a looted store who has never previously had any brush with the law does not deserve to be expelled, and in no way should a UBC donor be in a position to strong-arm the university to act without due process.

    And let’s not forget that there is liability for you as a blogger if you falsely identify someone or if someone is hurt or harassed as a consequence of what is being posted on this site. I think you have forgotten that too. I think all posters should be aware of this as well. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WE WRITE, AND WHAT WE SAY AND THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR IRRESPONSIBLE COMMENTS. YOU CAN NOT HIDE BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER. If you would not atttach your name to what is being written, do not write it, because we are entering very new legal territory and everyone’s thinking is clouded by anger. We’re not thinking before we post. In a few months we might just be seeing you crying like a bitch in front of cameras after your ass is sued by one these people, because you decided to post an address and a telephone # or employment information and someone has to move, leave their job or has a psychological break-down because of threats they’re getting. Ask yourself if you’re prepared to defend your comment at any cost.

    I’m sure that will happen in Kotylak’s case, by the way. Blog owners are responsible for moderating the comments and it wasn’t done in many cases, against TOS, and as a result of that he’s had to flee his home and father’s business jeopardized. Don’t think he doesn’t know his way around a lawyer.

    I found myself getting swept up on this backlash as well and i think this whole thing has been very interesting. the mob mentality on both sides is fueling a lot of behaviour that we otherwise wouldn’t condone and we barely realize it. This is going to be great for sociologists and psychologists to study.

    • This does not look like a sincere post. You start off saying how you were all for it, then you end up writing a veiled threat to people by saying “Don’t think he doesn’t know his way around a lawyer”in the end. This is typical troll/destruction mentality, sorry.

      You write in Capitals “WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WE WRITE, AND WHAT WE SAY AND THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR IRRESPONSIBLE COMMENTS. YOU CAN NOT HIDE BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER”. This is yet sign of a troll. Writing something like this in capital letters is a sign of a person who’s being sincere?

      I agree that people must be responsible for their posts, but then you say “UBC donors are demanding the expulsion, without due process, for a girl who was seen with one piece of clothing”. Sorry but she committed criminal act in a riot that destroyed the city. And you think that’s just shoplifting?

      It seems that your purpose here is to not stop the irresponsible comments, but to stop the movement of social action. You are trying to put people down. I think if you read all the sincere comments, you realize that people are trying to do the right thing and are being responsible. I think you are not.

      • Well said! I couldn’t agree more with everything that you mentioned Matthew G.

    • Thank you Anna. I just can’t accept it when someone pretends to have good intentions, only to try to deceive people to think that he’s on their side. If you’re upset with this blog say it. But say it sincerely and respectfully. Don’t try to hide behind the guise that you’ve changed your mind.

      • The idea that i’m a troll is pretty absurd. If you look through the site, I’ve been posting here for days and never against this site. My posts confirm that it was all for it. And my post now confirms that I am getting worried. Everything is consistent. it’s pretty easy to dismiss someone you disagree with as an insincere troll, rather than to actually dissect the argument and think about it.

        it’s a little bit of “Burn the witch”.

        The concern I have and the reason i am being so vocal is because some of the posts here are from some serious nutjobs. Seriously, who thinks to post someone’s parents phone# on these sites? I am also challenging the notion that false IDs are impossible – it’s already happened It’s a libel suit waiting to happen, and that’s not a threat, it’s a reminder to be cautious and consider the fact that the internet is not as anonymous as we feel it is.

        It’s my way of reminding people that much like the riot, the internet is not anonymous. you are being logged even when you don’t realize it and if something happens as a result of irresponsible posts (like phone#s and addresses), then it can be on the poster and the blogger.

        You also need to learn how to read. I didn’t say that the shoplifting girl shouldn’t be charged or even shamed. What I am saying is that people are demanding extreme punishments without *due process*. In that picture it wasn’t clear if she was trespassing or shoplifting — she had something in her hand, but was her own sweater? Should she be expelled from university because she was drunk and trespassed? Students get charged with minor offences like that all the time, they don’t get expelled for it. why should she? When the courts get through with her, it’ll be on her record and if she ever wants to handle money in a job, she will have to explain to employers why she has theft on her police report.

        Expulsion is very serious offence for a fairly small crime, nevermind the fact that she should be given a disciplinary hearing before any decisions are made. A random UBC donor on the internet should not be trying to strong-arm a university to take these decisions without giving her a right to defend herself.

        My problem is not that she is being shamed, but that things have become very extreme in these posts and that could lead to legal problems.

        I can go through each and everyone of my posts, show them to my boss and not be at all embarrassed or concerned . I didn’t say anything racist, vicious, inflammatory, homophobic or violent even when I endorsed the site– can everyone here the same thing? No they can’t. And that is a problem.

      • I don’t mean to bud in here but I feel I should say something instead of just sittin

        ABC, I’ve enjoyed many of your intelligent scribes and feel you’ve tried to be straight forward and logical. While I agree with a lot of your OP, especially the part about going to far with shaming, I agree with Matthew G too. Don’t bite my head off, but It did seem very similar to what some inflaming posters do to get people to attack each other. I know you didn’t meant to do that, especially with that last great line. and I think Matthew G should know that.

        I’ve read a lot of Mathew G’s posts and he seems like a very fairminded, well thought out guy. I enjoy reading both of your thoughts. I think he just didn’t know the journey you took to get to this place and made an assuption. I saw it. But he didn’t.

        One little part: please don’t use: You need to learn how to read….or otherwise you’ll look like someone who’s trying to inflame. I know you were angry, but doesn’t help the site very much (Sorry, I had to say that).

        But keep up the good posts.

      • Sorry, similar in structure that is.

      • ABC, after reading Rosses post, I went back to look at yours again. I can see where you are coming from now and I apologize for offending you by what I said. I gave you my honest initial feelings about the post because it sounded like many of the trolls who are trying to destroy this website. I tried not to call you a troll, but my language was still quite harsh.

        I feel a lot of the slander and hate is not coming from people who genuinely want to just name names and make Vancouver a better place. I think It’s emanating from people who’s sole purposes is to save their skin or make sure there are an abundance of human shields for them to hide behind next time. True trolls. They pretend to be sincere and thoughtful and then……boom they turn.

        I concur with your point that this cannot turn into a witch hunt. I’m starting to come around to the argument of a free flow of ideas needs to be monitored better, tweeked, or totally changed. The weirdest thing about it is that it’s still a lot less offensive than most topics on yahoo or youtube. Maybe I’m just desensitized to it.

        PS. You sounded like a known troll on the this website in your last post. That’s all I’ll say but I would do my best to avoid that.

        I consider myself a level headed decent person who wants to do best for Vancouver. Letting these losers know that there will be consequences to their actions is the best way to do that. But it must be led in a rational, sober way. That I think we have in common.

      • Unfortunately, Rosses, he chose to describe me as a troll based on a vague feeling. Aside from a few phrases that may commonly be used by trolls (and a million other people), there was nothing in my post that suggested such. The point that i made, which is that people should be careful about what they write on the internet and not expect extreme punishments for minor crimes, is not one that a troll would make. That should have been a clue.

        It may be inflammatory but someone who distorts and misrepresents a lengthy post either has poor literacy or is dishonest. It’s one of the two. He can pick which one he is.

      • MatthewG – Thank you for your post. I apologize for the one I just posted, as I didn’t see your response until now. I am really, really, really hoping that everyone, whether they agree with each other or not, can move in a more positive direction.

        I will say this – I have not seen trolls on this site. I have seen people who have valid concerns about the site and what it represents and who are vocal and passionate about it. You may not like or agree with them, but it’s important to at least consider what they’re saying, if only so that you can better defend your own position. If you feel this is right, you should be able to generate a well-structured argument as to the flaws in their argument. It is not worthwhile to dismiss them.

        We have to be very careful about dismissing people without good reason. Conflicting opinions and ideas are the lifeblood of our democracy, no matter how they’re presented. They ensure that we constantly have a mirror for our behaviour and this is what keeps us from getting too wrapped up in group think and behaving unethically. This is exactly what concerns me about the comments section of these sites: it’s become a witchhunt with little tolerance for alternate perspectives, which is extraordinarily dangerous.

      • Interesting discussion.

        abc, I like what you say here, but there are obvious trolls about in this site. Look at the person right below here: A guy called Jones. Read his posts throughout this site and even the one below. His purpose seems to put people down using vitriol, destroy discussions, and disgust viewers so they leave. If it were just this post, I agree with you, you have to be careful, But when it’s this obvious throughout the site, it needs to be called out.

    • Matthew G. and Anna,

      Calm down, for Pete’s sake. You make yourself seem illiterate as well as rabid. Try taking a deep breath and re-reading the post.

      Interesting how every time someone presents a rational argument as to why these comments are getting out of hand, you all deem the person to be a troll, or even more ridiculous, a rioter. Probably worth looking up the definition of a troll — it’s NOT someone who engages in a debate with the obvious intention of discouraging violence.

      On the other hand, you are only proving the point that the thinking here is getting dangerous. And abc is right, there are consequences for irresponsible comments — it’s called legal action, and those who are suggesting these sites are going too far are hoping to help ‘Captain Vancouver’ avoid it. Hope you’re all willing to pitch in to pay his legal fund when one of the incorrectly ID’d subjects sues him for defamation of character. But I doubt it. You’ll just take your anonymous mud-slinging elsewhere.

      • You need an example of being a troll and a trollish post. You and this post.

      • Read the signs: Don’t feed the troll.

      • Wow, David. Great argument. With such thoughtful, considered commentary you’re really making me reconsider my position that the comment threads are a waste of space.

      • thank you for defending my post. It is sad to me that you are the only one. Perhaps my delivery could have been better, but I’m really shocked that no one feels this is whole thing has become very alarming.

        I think I’ll be staying away from this site from now on.

    • When you call someone illiterate on the fist line to the post, how do you expect anyone to take anything to say seriously. You can’t. Sorry.

      • If you are unable to comprehend what someone has written, you are illiterate. Reading comprehension = literacy. Seriously.

      • Wow, you’re beyond a troll. I think we have a new definition: A jones. Ex. Don’t be a jones. Thank you for adding to the lexicon of the site.

      • Sigh. Never mind. It’s more fun to have an intelligent discussion about this with smart people.

      • who says ‘sigh’??

        what a douche

      • Oh man, I have to explain this too?
        Def: SIGH, to let out one’s breath audibly, as from frustration, weariness, or relief. In this case, frustration at utter stupidity.

  47. Captain

    Can you please find this little muffin top sweatheart? She looks just like the evil anarchist that the politicians are trying to blame for the riot?

  48. And did anyone ever ID this toolbag who seemed to be the poster boy for stupidity before Dustin, Nathan and Brock stole the crown? He actually looked like a professional dirtbag.

  49. Captain Vancouver, don’t let all the anti-shaming content bring you down. You are doing a great service to the city and to all of us TRUE Vancouverites who are ashamed and angered by what transpired in the city, Thank you! And you are right, public shaming is the most ancient and effective way of crime deterrence (and yes it was popular even in biblical times! CHECK YOURSELF RegisServi!)

    To all those people thinking it was “a simple property crime”, consider this: I was walking on Granville street for lunch on Friday and saw almost all businesses closed, scrubbing off graffitti and sweeping up glass, most had almost nothing left in them. On numerous occassions I saw the owners and managers crying at the distruction done to their stores and livelihoods gone, there was literally NOTHING left. It was heartbreaking and really hard to watch someone burst out in tears so upset, how can you justify that?

    And I don’t know about you, but I myself cannot afford to have my car being smashed and burned because some moron decided it would be fun to do so. Plus, WE the good people will end up paying for all the damage. Sure, why spend that money on our schools or healthcare system when we could just reconstruct everything that a bunch of dumbasses decided to destroy since they had nothing better to do! Sounds perfectly logical, right?

    Why enjoy the fact that our goverment was nice enough to spend millions of dollars giving us large screen TVs to come together and watch, and hosting a huge party for us? It’s pathetic! Other countries are rioting because of civil injustice and severe human rights issues, and here we are looking like a bunch of spoiled idiots.

    Furthermore, how does it become “a simple poperty crime” when those brave enough to stand up for our city, trying to calm the madness ended up being beaten down by a gang of animals. Last time I checked, I think violent assault was far past “a simple property crime”…

    These thoughtless actions casued millions of dollars in damages that are easily accounted for, further millions in damage from future lost tourism (as all of us have seen how our name has been smeared EVERYWHERE in the world), irreparable harm to some businesses especially small ones, injured nunmerous people (who were not deserving to be injured), and negatively impacted many others (please read the letter from a St.Pauls nurse with the initials J.J. to a rioter – it’s perfect).

    This was NOT “a simple property crime”. A simple property crime is trespassing, NOT a gang beatdown, stealing, and full blown riot.

    Everyone here got what they deserved! And while there are so many more that should get their just desserts, that doesn’t mean we should stop outing everyone else who deserves it. This is not all or nothing, just covering as much as you can.

    SO keep up the good work Captian Vancouver! Without sites like these, how do you expect to show those idiots that it is NOT OK and people of Vancouver will NOT stand for these actions. I really wish there was more to be done in our courts but the truth of the matter is that there isn’t. People need to learn that there are consequences to your actions and if the court system cannot make that happen for you, then society needs to.

    I’m so proud of my city for coming together, whether to help clean up downtown or by outing these morons. THIS is the real Vancouver, THIS is my home. We care about where we live and we care about those around us. We are not low-life thoughtless morons who on a mission to “destroy shit”.

    Why do they deserve ANY breaks? Did any one of them stop to think about how they impacted others? DONT DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANT DO THE TIME! PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop what you’re doing. They need to pay for their actions!

    • Great post and I whole heartedly agree. Captain do not stop because those afraid to be outed and trolls with bad intentions try to put this site down. You are doing a great service and your sincerity and work is much appreciated by us. Thank you for all the great work you’re doing and may good Karma come back to you many fold.

    • Round of applause for Ruby!!! I couldn’t have said it any better myself! And also, remember not to be a tro oh I mean a Jones!

  50. Captain Vancouver, DO NOT let this site go down. I just read a news story where they claim that most of these people will get off as people cannot be convicted based on “video” evidence. “If they are caught with the stolen item than maybe”. Come one give me a break obviously these people are going to get rid of their evidence. The video and photos are enough. The lax justice system in Canada is not going to deliver any penalties that fit the crimes. There will be no deterrent for this kind of behaviour in the future.
    It is true that Big Brother is here. It’s just the people themselves not the government who have instituted it. It may scare some people to think that, but if you are a law abiding citizen and you see your personal safety and protection of your property as important than maybe this form of “social media” justice is just the thing to scare people from doing this or other criminal activities in the future.
    I do not condone violence to any of the individuals. But public shaming – thumbs up 100%!

  51. Captain Vancouver, I believe you are committing a crime. I call this site slanderous. Like the ones you claim are criminals, but they haven’t yet been charged with anything, I’m making a judgement. I request your real name. I request only your real name. Do not hide behind anonymity. Please respond.

    • Captain Vancouver, I think we have our first rioter blogging on your site! Jordy, why would you ask such an incompetent question? Maybe its because you are incompetent and maybe a rioter trying to back lash at Capt. Van? The only back lash you will find on Captain Vancouver’s site is on ppl like you and the ppl who truly deserve it. Looking forward to see the replies after your dumbass posted this! Captain Van comes forward I will too along with thousands of others. Is that what you really want?

      • First off, I live in Ontario. I grew up in Vancouver. Secondly, the only cowardly thing I see on this site is a person going out of their way to publicly shame individuals without having the fucking balls to give their real name. “Captain Van” is a Copulating Cat. Hero worshipping this coward makes you even more pathetic.

        Edited for profanity and inserted like-minded words

      • Worshipping? You and Jones would make the perfect little couple! You Torontroll! Nathan K. Is not even going to get charged with Arson! Dustin A. Says the firefighter got in his face and that’s why he punched him. We, Vancouverites, not a Torontroll, are feeling like there is some justice being done by what Capt. Vancouver is doing. You should understand this considering what happened with the G20 riot. But since you are a Torontroll, you don’t see the true meaning of what Captain Vancouver is accomplishing here. Therefore, stay in the “centre of the universere” because you obviously didn’t make it here in Vancouver. Have fun with mr. Biblical douche bag Jones.

    • Grow up. A provision for a forum is not a crime.

    • Jordy, slander is verbal defamation. Libel is written defamation. If you are going to make legal assertions, at least get your terms straight.

      It is not a crime to make factual statements and to present publicly available information. Under the law, this is called fair comment. This is well established in our court system.

      It’s fine if the Captain wants to remain anonymous.

      • I didn’t say slander was the crime. Anyway, people should have the right to face their accusers. Since “Captain Van” is acting like a coward, I’m calling him a coward.

      • You’re right, Fleece, posting public information is fine (ie. the photos and video). But the commentary does have to be factual, and Capt’n Van has already admitted at least one “shaming” where he had it wrong. All it takes is one of these kids to get the snot beaten out of them or to commit suicide, and I predict a big, fat lawsuit in his future.

      • It does not have to be factual. You can be wrong and still have a fair comment defense. It’s more about intention. The example of Basso is a good example of fair comment. It turned out that he is innocent but the information suggested he might not be. It was still a fair comment.

      • Jordy, I am calling the Captain a good citizen serving a valuable and needed role.

        What are you doing to make this a better community?

      • A couple of legal experts we have here.

  52. Fuckin’ A man, keep up the good work!

  53. Barbarian justice for barbarian crimes. Typical of the Vancouver mentality.

  54. You can report this site to WordPress here:

  55. keep it up, Capt Vancouver…as you’ll read in today’s Globe n’ Mail, most of reasonable citizens side up with you and how you’re using shaming to nab people, but trying to do such without allowing homophobic, racial or other slings to be included:

    bottom line: most if not all of these dufus’ would not have come forward had they not been singled out..instead they’d still be gloating among their friend with that smug cheshire cat look…or maybe feeling bad but STILL NOT coming forward, hoping to ‘learn the lesson, but dodge the consequences’.

  56. I wonder how many of the people commenting to shut this and other sites down are doing it to protect themselves, friends or family?

  57. Excellent post, Cap’n Van. Keep up the great work!

    For all those bleeding hearts out there worried about the “rights” of those “innocent” bystanders just watching the riot (and taking pictures) here’s what Sections 67 and 68 (aka “The Riot Act”) of the Criminal Code of Canada say:

    “Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”

    People who do not “peaceably disperse” within 30 minutes are “guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life.”

    If I’m not mistaken, Wednesday’s mob was ordered by the police to disperse. The order would apply to everyone, including the supposed looky-loos, who would at a minimum be interferring with police efforts to control the situation.

    Fat chance anyone would get “life” but that’s the law.

  58. What I believe to be a terrific analysis by Rex Murphy of the CBC:

    Anyone who forgets why this site is here, please take a moment to view this video.

  59. Keep up the great work, Capt.!
    All of these whiners/riot-apologists who want to bring down the site are just worried that they/their friends/their families who were involved will get caught.

    Let’s keep IDing all these losers who trashed the city. Let them know there are consequences to actions!

  60. alot of people are on your side and disgusted at allowing our great city to be tarnished not just ONCE but TWICE (and even worse the 2nd time around)…and for the whole nation, let alone the world, to dismiss us as a bunch of goon-like losers over some hockey game (which we know is not the case)…and given how long these cases will take to reach the courts, only escalating our anger and frusration,is it any more clear why this ‘name and shame’ machine is so full of steam?

  61. I for one have commented here, and agreed with Captain Vancouver. Having said that, I have had a change of heart.

    Yes, there people participated in a riot and some deserve what they have coming. Especially the people that were violent and threatened the safety of others.

    Other made a mistake. I am a successful professional in my late 20’s. If someone had videotaped my worst moment as a teenager and posted it for the world to see so they could threaten, shame, and ruin my career aspirations I would not be where I am today. People who are saying they got what they deserve, think back to your early 20’s and late teens and consider if you have ever done something immoral or illegal. Underage drinking, smoking pot, any sort of vandalism, a fist fight….. if you say you haven’t got in trouble before then good for you. If you have, think about where you would be if someone ruined everything because of a mistake. Think about if someone took that moment or moments and sent it to your school, parents, friends, employer.

    I paid for my mistake, but I paid it for outside of the public eye and I managed to get an education and become a professional.

    If you have evidence of people committing illegal activities, send them to the police and let them do their job. You are playing with people’s futures. You might be stopping people from getting an education. Growing up you make mistakes and you learn from them. Let these people learn and move on.

    I really hope for your sake nothing bad happens to these kids and their families. From a legal perspective you are fine. Yes businesses were hurt in the downtown core, but they have insurance and will recover their losses.

    Can you live with yourself if someone commits suicide? A family business goes under? I know I can’t so I will not participate.

    • Clearly you did not spend any time reading the lengthy debate going on. You are simply re-stating what other apologists have already state. Please go back to Captain Vancouvers first rioter identification thread and start from there. When you finally reach your comment that you just wrote you will see that we have already made your post obsolete.

      • I have read a lot of the posts, but in the end its not always black and white. I think my post is relevant as it states my view point regardless if it is agreement others or not.

        Are you saying you have never done something that if shown to your employer or school (when you were that age) that would get you fired or expelled? Have you never done something illegal?

        All I am saying is I definitely have in my teens and I consider myself to be an upstanding citizen. I am sure happy social media and internet mobs weren’t around when I was in school.

        For the most part these individuals are kids and being attached by 1000’s of people can not be good for them or their future.

    • “If someone had videotaped my worst moment as a teenager and posted it for the world to see so they could threaten, shame, and ruin my career aspirations I would not be where I am today. ”

      That’s true. Why is a 19 year old an ideal combat soldier? Because they’re easily convinced that killing people is a good idea.
      Society will benefit from setting most of these young vandals on the right course, not by revenge. Virtual impalement is no more appropriate than a “slap on the wrist”.

      I would rather see a large number of participants charged under the riot act than the selected over-shaming of a few. I would hate to see the non-violent kids thrown out of school.

  62. Not at all WintersWolves. What is becoming obsolete is the idea that a mob of anonymous, cowardly commenters can “defend the honour of their city” by making unproven accusations and threats of violence against people. I have never seen the word “apologist” misused so many times in one place. Not one person here has apologized on behalf of the rioters; to suggest so is ridiculous. Everyone wants to see charged & convicted criminals pay for their crimes appropriately. Well done, Putyourself — it’s refreshing to finally see some rational thinking here. And don’t let their guaranteed calls of “troll” and “rioter” bother you either. They’re only proving the point.

  63. Captain, we want more pictures, more research, opinions and comments are great don’t get me wrong, we just need more imagery

  64. here is the latest CBC report (at bottom) on some of the difficulties being considered that will ensue with the probability (or lack thereof) of nailing these dudes for their crimes (see tonight on CBC’s ‘The National’)…is there little wonder why ‘name and shame’ has such momentum, given we’ve lost TRUST in our judicial system i.e., that many of these boneheads (whether true thug-like or not) will ‘get off’ with a technicality,,,,or by a ‘lack of evidence” (esp with stolen goods ie, not having them in their homes, despite a search warrant) or some other lame ‘slap on the wrist’ from the young offenders’ act?

    • Why have you lost trust in the judicial system? Because violent crime is at a many year low and the percent prison population is 1/7 that of the U.S.?

      • that has NO relevance to what is specifically happening in our city, given this situation.

      • Violent crime in Canada is UP more than 300% from 1962.
        In 1962 the rate per 100,000 was 221. From there it rose steadily to a peak in 1993 at 1084 per 100k and has since dropped back (slightly) to 932 per 100k in 2008. So much for the “many year low”. It only looks that way if you only consider the recent decade or so and even then the decline is tiny. (BTW, this is all from Statistics Canada data.)
        The Canadian judicial system is notoriously soft on all forms of crime including violent crime.

    • So let me get this straight you want to tie up our courts with a UBC or high school student that stole a pair of pants and attempted to light a car on fire (he didn’t actually get it going per video evidence), rather then use our courts for the drug dealers, murders and gangsters out there?

      There is only so much money and resources that can be put into our judicial system. I don’t want to waste my tax dollars for a few good citizens that made a mistake.. Give them community service and be done with it.

      I don’t condone what these kids have done, but you people are taking it way to far.

      • there would not be any community service had it not been for sites like this in the first place….we all know many will get off with a slap on the hands, and nothing more…this site is acting to some extent as a surrogoate for those ‘lacking tax dollars’ for ‘more serious crimes’…and a ‘few good citizens’ who made a mistake? yeah…sure…..we all make mistakes, but we’re not talking about keying a car, or kicking over a flowerpot in front of someone’s store…we’re talking about varied incidents of vandalism, looting, aggressive injury causing behaviours, all in front of the world’s stage, causing us alot of lost revenues and a soured reputation. Thank goodness we had a very successfully staged Olympics as our ‘trump’ card, otherwise without it we’d be written off a huge LOSER of a city.

      • errrr…….I think just about everyone would like to see kids who try to burn police cars end up in court. But not you? I’m pretty sure gangsters and murders start out as teenage police car burners. just a theory.

        But I don’t think being a 17 year old idiot deserves a lifetime of shame.

      • lastly, no system is perfect: as we all well know, the ‘public’ courts are slow and ponderous, like molasses on a cold day with many people getting off who shouldn’t (repeatedly so, too…just look at hit n run/drunk drivers causing death later on)….and this site and the ‘name and shame’ mechanisms is not perfect either….this outlet is a result, I’ll bet, of people largeley disenchanted with our court systems and procedures and laws (or lack thereof).

        and I agree with Don (below), too: a 17 yr old shouldn’t have a lifetime of shame: but at the same time there would not be any of this heavy handed shame without sites like this bringing home a serious message not to f*ck with public patience any longer and cause us national and international embarrassment at your juvenile, impulsive and goonlike destructive behaviours…if that alone can cause a BIG deterrent, well then, so be it.

        again there is no perfect system.

      • Did he light car on fire? Actually a video shows he never did.

        All I am saying is you are highlighting these young people dark moments without thinking of the repercussions it will have on their future.

      • unggghhhh how was your riot?

  65. excerpt from CBC link above (sorry meant to include):
    “Authorities have been looking at thousands of images of people destroying property or looting. Despite the wealth of evidence, however, Crown prosecutors aren’t assured convictions, Burnaby lawyer Lee Rankin told CBC News, even with a picture or video of someone looting a store.”

    “They may have enough grounds to get the search warrants to go to that person’s home and recover the item, ’cause it will be hard to charge them unless they link a specific item to that particular store,” he said.

    “Even if they see them taking it out, when you get to court, you have to probably have the stolen item.”

  66. Why did you stop posting stories Captain Vancouver? Please keep up the good work. Don’t let these people get away with their crimes.

  67. I wonder how many parents have been scanning these sites for pics of their young adult children? Between participants and families there are likely thousands of people losing sleep over what might come out over the next couple of weeks. Despite the downside of cameras and social media there is real benefit in raising the risk of exposure to those participating in this awful event.

  68. For all you people against this site, make sure you check out the new delinquints posted up. Captain Vancouver seeks what all us true Vancouverites seek… SHAME!!!

    • Dude, speak for yourself. I think very few Vancouverites “seek shame.” Pretty bizarre to want it for yourself, but whatever floats your boat. No doubt you could forward a cute pic of yourself to Cap’n Vancouver and he would post it asap, given that you’ve been such a loyal fan.

      • unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

        i and all the vancouverites i know are seeking shame for these fucks
        we are disgusted
        we are angry

        we will not let the provincial bumpkins of this province and the scum who feel entitled because of perceived disenfranchisement destroy our good civic order.

        we are watching you.

      • It all makes sense now Jones! You are what we Vancouverites would call a troll but considering you are from Toronto, I’m going to call you a Torontroll. First of all, what the hell are you doing posting on our great cities blog? Second of all, you post all this brain washed biblical bullshit and expect people to read or yet follow what you are saying(not me!). I can see why you don’t agree with what Capt. Vancouver is doing because of what reseulted in the G20 riot. Considering how many rioters were actually charged there. Out of all the people on this site you should be the one to understand. It all makes sense now. Vancouver and the rest of Canada (besides) Toronto, is all in favor of public shaming (not vigilantism). Nathan is not evening getting charged with arson, just to let you know. This site will continue and Captain Vancouver will continue to get my support along with thousands of others. Please do the rest of Canada a favor and stay in the “centre of the universe” and keep supporting your Maple Laughs

      • Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You have figured out as much about me as you seem to know about how the Internet works, ie. nothing. I am not regiServe, I am not Guy from Toronto. In fact, if you take the time to read our various posts (and I do realize that would be an awful lot of time, in your case, since you have to sound out all the syllables) you would see that our opinions are nothing alike. Of course, since I am an open-minded and reasonable person I can absorb other points of view and respond accordingly without screaming “TROLL!” every other post. (I suppose if you lack the smarts to formulate an intelligent argument that is an easy out though.) But that’s not a Vancouver thing, that’s just a dumb thing. You know, I was going to ignore your comment, just as I have ignored the others you’ve made, but it’s kind of cute how you keep following me around and naming stuff after me, so I will tell you this about me: I’m a Vancouverite, born and bred. Have only been in the airport in Toronto, but I hear it’s a lovely town.

      • As you can tell Jones, I’m not a blogger and I’m not a person who updates there facebook status every two minutes about stuff that people don’t care about. Yes I indeed got you mixed up with the other concerned Vancouverites that want some justice done for our beautiful city, but I am so confused because all of you are all the same. You might as well be a Torontroll becuase you have the views and beleifs of an educated moron.

  69. Exactly. The shaming of these students who previously could likely be perceived as role models is absurd.

    These kids may go into depression, not get an education and then what?

    There is a REASON we have the young offenders act to protect children from abuse as they are still developing.

  70. crazy or funny?

    hard to tell

  71. Captain Vancouver should read about ‘Moral Panic’ before he starts burning witches at the stake. If you want to wake up one morning with your neighbours tying a noose around a tree wondering what you did then by all means support him. I think he’s more dangerous than the criminals are.

    • Well, he does have photos of the witches performing witchcraft. Unless people are I.D.ed wrong there is some pretty good evidence of wrong doing. And those wrongly accused do have recourse in libel law.
      But yeah, some of this does go too far.
      I can pretty much guarantee Captain V. has never had teenage children. And more interestingly, was apparently never a teenager 🙂 A superhero thing I guess…….

      • do you know what went too far??

        burning the cars in the streets
        destroying the businesses
        looting the merchandise
        assaulting innocent good Samaritans trying to protect private property and injured people/victims of prior assaults

        there’s a lot more – how much moisturizer did you grab??

    • “Burning witches at the stake” suggests unsupported frivolous accusations. It does not apply when there is clear evidence in the form of photos and videos.

      “I think he’s more dangerous than the criminals are.” -so you really think burning vehicles, looting stores, and assaulting people is more dangerous than posting pictures of the offenders Really? REALLY?

  72. unghghhh thanks police chief wiggum

  73. Ezra Levant did a great piece on SNN today about Nathan Kotylak and others who’ve outed by Cap’n Van. Enjoy:

  74. Are you done exposing the hooligans? There are many more criminals who need to be brought to justice!

  75. Considering the Basso thread, it seems Capt V. will remove damaging evidence if daddy has a good lawyer.

    Editorial Insert: Wrong. Retractions when stated are correction that are done to preserve the integrity of the writer. Bloggers are not known for writing retractions if they get their story or facts wrong. Google up Sarah Palin and what she really said about being able to “see Russia” from our window, or Al Gore saying he invented the internet. You’ll see that the “evidence” is not always corrected out of journalistic integrity. Mr. Basso and I already corresponded back and forth about this issue and it was done as a request rather than a threat to remove. Read the news sometime and see how they handle their retractions.

  76. Captain Vancouver – well said. I feel that your posts are accurate representations of the participation of the individuals that are named. I do feel that a “public shaming” is a just punishment for the crimes they have committed in addition to whatever legal actions will be taken by the police and hopefully in civil court.

    I cam across this debate online that gives people an opportunity to share their thoughts about whether the online vigilantism is appropriate or not. I for one do not feel sorry for the rioters that have been outed, however those of you that are uttering threats and racial slurs – I understand you are angry – so am I, however your actions are bringing your down to their level.

    Check out this site – its a great place to vote your opinion on whether the online outings are appropriate and whether the punishment fits the crime!

  77. […] was revealed. Captain Vancouver was quick to remove this information, and not long after posted a response clarifying the purpose of his blog. He believes the purpose of public shaming is to make the people […]

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