Mathew Eakin From Terrace BC To Vancouver Riots

The outrage that people have against people like Mathew Eakin is palpable.  Friends and even family members are ID’ing people’s photos online and in Captain Vancouver’s case, they are emailed to me.

Who is this “good kid” named Mathew Eakin?  It all starts fairly benign.  A graduate of Caledonia Senior Secondary in Terrace BC, he was a star basketball player and all around jock.  My source had much, much more to say about Mathew Eakin and in this case I will say that I’m not surprised at what this tool is seen doing.

Mathew Eakin about to smash a window

Here’s his next shot posing in victory of what he’s done.  Go back to Terrace and live there.  Vancouver doesn’t want you.

Mathew Eakin so cool! Guy in yellow shirt, I'm going to get you one day. Internet scrubbing or not, someone will out you.

In contrast to quite a few of the photos I’ve posted recently, most have been University or College bound kids, or currently attending.  Mathew Eakin only works, partying and does not currently attending post-secondary.  What an idiot.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


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  1. Mathew Eakin only works, party’s and does not currently attending post-secondary. What an idiot.

    classy mr vancouver, you’re a joke

    • You’re a joke you grammar/spelling nazi.

    • Shame, why are you still here?

      • Shame’s fighting for Trudeau’s and Layton’s Canada. The one where personal accountability are dirty words. The one where white people cannot criticize any visible minority for anything because that is racism. Sexism is always lurking as well.

      • haha, ya its so hard being a white man in canada. cry me a river you chump

      • actually try being white in vancouver these days – it’s not 1964 anymore.

    • Shameless, I think you are missing something – this site merely identifies people who were photographed in PUBLIC places. It’s up to the reader to judge the pictures and comments of Captain Vancouver. There is nothing illegal or immoral here. These people were captured publicly in pictures doing offensive things – there’s nothing wrong with posting these pictures and their names. That’s the beauty of the digital media and online age – you do something in public, it can go up online forever for anyone to see and judge. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in any of these situations.

  2. Yes, the guy in the yellow shirt was a HUGE shit disturber that night. I’ve seen him in many videos on youtube. Get him Captain Vancouver!!

  3. shame is obviously one on the rioters, why else would he be so upset about terrorists and rioters being exposed. I think shame is scared, only mater of time til he is caught and put up on this blog

    • lol nice tactic, confront a dissenting opinion of this sites mob justice by accusing me of being a criminal with no evidence what so ever. You highlight exactly what is wrong with this site.

      • I commend you sir. You are the Bert Easterbrook of these comment threads.

      • So you don’t deny that you were one of the terrorists, maybe you should turn yourself in now, do the right thing for the first time in your life

      • lol, so childish. so stupid.

      • how did this riot not terrorize the city? please explain? i deliberately stayed home for 36 hours because i KNEW this would happen. not exactly pleasant. we’ll be moving soon, this was the last straw.

    • shame – let me ask you this. how would you feel if they destroyed YOUR car, YOUR business, YOUR livelihood. pretty easy of you to sit here and judge us. why don’t you go ask the people and businesses affected by this what they think of Captain Vancouver’s website.

      • I live on robson and hamilton, its was on my door step, my bike was parked outside and was actually vandalized. That doesn’t make a mindless drone out for revenge though. I prefer to let the legal system do its job. A virtual lynch mob is so uncouth.

      • I don’t mean any disrespect to people who obviously love their city, I just see a lot of the same things going on on this site as I did during the riot and it upsets me.

      • And how would you feel if you were misidentified on this site as a looter and lost your job as a result?

        It hasn’t happened yet, but the lack of critical thinking going on here is dangerous, and I commend shame for trying to bring it to light.

        There are checks and balances in the legal system to prevent innocent people from being falsely convicted, and those checks and balances are there to protect all of us.

        There are no checks and balances on the process that shames people on this site.

        Although it’s a perfectly legal thing to do, be aware that the burden of responsibility will be on the shoulders of the participants of this site should anything go wrong and a mistake is made.

        Just like the burden of responsibility lies on the shoulders of those who participated in the riot.

      • you know that as soon as these people get charged they are known to the public, it’s public record automatically – by the time their ID’s are reported to the captain, i am fairly certain they were first sent to the VPD, correct?? i might be wrong?

        if not.. where is the problem? these people have all been contacted by the VPD as suspects have they not? and if they have been charged then we get to use the caveat of ‘alleged’ etc. etc. we need a legal expert to weigh in, not just you over and over.

  4. is he wearing a Justin Bieber shirt? I’m not sure which is more shameful.

    • I thought it might be a Britney Spears shirt (which would be equally shameful)
      Mathew Eakin pay for that window and hang your head. I hope you will grow to be appropriately embarrassed by these pictures.

    • :)))))))))))))))

  5. Here is guy in yellow shirt: see his full face at 4:14 mark

  6. sorry forgot the link!

    • The guy at 8:08 in the video has been identified as Brydon Harker. He has a you tube video that might make him even more loved.

      For those of you who spout racist trash….you might not like to see how you look to the rest of us.

    • CTV shows what happened to one of the people protecting the Budget building:

      Guy suffered a crushed lung, but is okay. We need to ID the guy that hit him, and the guy that kicked him in the head while down.

      • Thanks crakkers. What an incredible video to watch.

        See that’s the point to all of this. Because so many normal citizens joined the riot, the criminals that attacked the man may never be identified. By outing people who were rioting just for fun, it will make them think twice about doing it again. Actually 3 or 4 times if it’s really done well. That way the police can actually go after the real problem: the scum in the masks who came here to destroy our city. Because of all the extra people, the police have to spend time on ignorant youth instead of professional scum. That’s just so wrong.

      • Seriously, someone PLEASE find some more footage of this fight.. I really need to see the guy who kicked Chris in the head FUCKING PUNISHED.

  7. I believe yellow shirt guy has been IDed.

    • I really really want to see proof that this a-hole has been ID’d!!

    • Where has he been ID’d?

    • I hope so , what an annoying douche bag…it’s a window made out of glass really not an accomplishment for anyone to break or damage. He must have been really wanting to prove to his homeboys that he’s a real tough guy.

  8. Yellow shirt in the vid kicks window at 4:55 mark

  9. Here’s another one for ya!

    Timmy Kwong – the little prick that lit one of the cars on fire.

  10. Yes – I was just going to comment on the yellow shirt guy too. What a knob. Some people on this site are getting a bit too “verbally violent” for me but I think that outing these lowlifes is hilarious. I, for one, am happy to see them shamed. I just hope that the relatives of these people are ashamed of their loved ones. I’m certain most of them are.
    Yay for Mr. Easterbrook – I know he wasn’t the only standup guy/gal during this joke of a night, but I’m happy he got a shot in 😉

    • I’d rather someone be verbally violent than actually violent like the douchebags this site has been unmasking.

  11. Mathew Eakin . Rioter. Welcome to publicshamingeternus. Time for your didital bitchslap!

  12. Back to Surrey fuck head.

  13. I’d love to ID the guy at 7:19. I hope that tackle hurt.

  14. Captain Vancouver, you are a hero to all of us true and proud Vancouverites. Forget what all the dissenting idiots say. Anyone that criticizes what you are doing is either harboring one of these tools (i.e. the parents) or one of the tools themselves.

    In all society man craves external love (status) more than anything. A simple slap on the wrist in closed court does nothing. Loss of status or public shaming is a MUCH more powerful weapon against moronic injustice. Maybe these idiot will finally grow up as well.

    • do you not see how illogical and dangerous it is to accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a criminal? Hell you aren’t even accusing you’re saying you ARE a criminal if you disagree. I hate to beat a dead horse but the war on terror was fought using the exact same tactics…

      • you’re not a criminal. you’re just illogical.

      • how so frank? it seems to me you’re overcome with emotion and not looking at this site critically.

      • you have your opinion. i have my opinion. other have their opinion. if you don’t like what captain vancouver is doing, then go start your own website and shame captain vancouver and the rest of us.

      • The war on terror used the same tactics??? Terrorists took down buildings and murdered thousands of innocent people. Sorry if we feel that terrorism is not a good thing.

      • Anyone in the downtown core after the riot act was read out by the police was in violation of the law. Everyone who stood around and cheered and posed in front of burning cars and smashed up storefronts after the riot act was read was in violation of the law. Everyone who hung around enjoying the show made it easier for the low-life losers, vandals, and looters to commit crime.

        Shame – you are a jackass for defending anyone caught on photos or video at the riot on that Wednesday evening. I was there too and I left when the first car was set on fire. If the rest of my fuckheaded fellow citizenry had cleared the streets in a hurry, a lot of the ensuing mayhem may not have happened. So shut the hell up and put a bandaid on that bleeding heart of yours.

        The law in this country is too soft. Parents and schools have raised a generation of entitled brats who do not have the slightest respect for authority or any notion of responsibility or accountability. If a UBC female student can blithely walk into a vandalised store and indulge in looting, what can one expect from your average suburban or Vancouverite neanderthal be they white or brown or yellow?

        The only recourse we have left is public shaming. Bring it on Captain Vancouver, bring it on! Let these people realise that there indeed are consequences to ones actions.

        Oh, and a request to my fellow posters. Don’t cheapen this blog by threatening violence or harm to property. A lot of damage can be done by turning these riot scum into social outcasts and pariahs. Don’t hire them for work, don’t serve them at a store or a restaurant, don’t let them get scholarships or access to any kind of public funding, don’t date them or marry them, and for heaven’s sake don’t have their baby. That will be retribution enough.

  15. Captain Vancouver – please also go after the short fat east indian in the Canucks jersey with the white sunglasses. As the guy in the yellow shirt was saying…ONE BY ONE…oh yes, one by one you dirtbags will get identified by Captain Vancouver.

    • I have photos of him, his facebook page, and his name. I have yet to post it up because so far all he’s doing in the footage I’ve seen is taunting the police. Of course he’s a real winner, but I’m trying to find those photos that show a bit more crime involved. Does it mean I won’t shame them in the future? No it doesn’t. I’m just picking which ones I do put up and also based on what is already on other sites. Brock Anton will get his day on here but I don’t feel the need to put him up just yet as he’s already well known on the net. I’d really like to get a good confirmation on the yellow shirt guy for example. I’ve seen two different versions of his name. He’s been scrubbing his paper trail as best as he can.

      Little guy will get his day on here. I’ve said it before that it is my opinion that anyone who taunts the police, participates as a willing or passive rioter, has serious judgement issues. There is nothing illegal or wrong in my opinion that someone can make a judgement on the character and the choices that another makes.

      There seems to be this sense of entitlement in many of the rioters age bracket that makes them forget that this is how the world operates. Disagree? When you step into a job interview, the moment you walk in you are already being judged. So if I affect the job potential of Little guy wearing the Canucks jersey because he taunts the police, I challenge you defenders to hire them to work for you themselves.

  16. Hmmmm…. here is an interesting example of extreme public shaming. It seems that the Texas state practices public shaming to the nth degree! Link onto this site for more information. Apparently, this was the sentence for probation imposed by the Harris County Jail. I guess their jurisdiction allows criminals to be fed to the ‘mobs’. Seems to be working for them……

  17. Michael Buble wants these rioters identified too!

    • IDing someone and turning that info to the police is a very different thing from what this site is out to accomplish.

      • Make a public ass of yourself and you should expect the public to point out that youre an ass. The police have specific guidelines to follow in dealing with these people. The public only has to make sure it doesnt break any laws, and can comment however we’d like. It’s called freedom of speech. They chose to be assholes in PUBLIC so let them deal with the consequences.

      • So what if they’re turned into the police? Not all, hell not even half of them are going to be prosecuted. So essentially they go to the police station get a slap on the wrist and leave. Yet they did so much damage to our beautiful city, someone has to pay. I think the best justice is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They ruined certain people’s lives, then they should have their lives ruined too.

      • thank goodness we don’t live under your barbaric thumb melvin bob, society has evolved a lot in 3000 years. come join us sometime.

      • Replying to the above comment in that way, you’re implying that what Buble wants and what this site does are is some way different. But if you follow the link and read what Buble said:

        ““We have to continue to circulate the faces and names of those guilty parties. Let’s get them lots of publicity so that the police can make some arrests — and so we can give them a very, very special round of applause.””

        Sounds like he’s on the side of sites like this, no? Keep up the good work, Captain Vancouver.

      • shame on you, there is nothing illegal about capturing and publicizing the illegal actions of idiots who chose to do things of their own volition. The public has a right to comment on said actions. You on the other hand, seem to want to quell free speech and what is a perfectly legal website.

        Captain, keep on posting!!!

  18. shame on you – why don’t you leave your address here, we’ll send some of these young punks over to your house and have them smash your car (not bike) and house in and then you can let the police deal with it. they’ll get a slap on the wrist while their employers, school, etc. never finds out about the crime and then you can live happily ever after knowing that you never SHAMED them in public because OH NO, that is not the right thing to do.

    • I have been the victim of violent crime before actually, and yes I let the police/courts handle it. Vigilantism is wrong. Life isn’t some kind of action movie

      • shame on…so you agree if the courts find these people guilty, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Is that right?

      • yes

      • This isn’t really vigilantism buddy. We are venting if anything. I’d hate to have you as a friend during a riot. If I would have gotten jumped with you by my side, you would run away and let me get my ass kicked. You are a coward. We need less people like you and more like Bert.

      • Then you agree the police should go after anyone where the evidence is clear and without doubt, right?

      • lol hey frank you realize I still know its you even when you change your name right? See the little picture below your post? its unique to you 🙂 like a snowflake 🙂

      • matt g, no I think the courts should do that. and the courts should decide the suitable punishment. Not a bunch of yahoos on the internet.

      • Since when did scorn, ridicule and mockery become ‘vigilantism’?

      • thomas, people are losing their jobs and reputations over crimes they may not have been convicted of yet and may never be convicted for. I don’t think thats right.

      • Shame, if they are losing their job because they are being wrongly accused, they can hire a lawyer and have their day filing for wrongful dismissal, because that’s part of the justice system, too. As for the loss of reputation, they should have thought about that and headed for Skytrain, bus, car or left for home by foot. They may have hung around quite innocently, and that did not help. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Lots of bad decisions were made and let’s hope a little public ridicule this time will help them think better next time. This situation is over….but the question is…what will these people do next time? Maybe use their heads, I would hope.

      • But Shame, as someone who was a victim, you then realize the man hours it takes for one of these crimes. In order to prosecute 1/10 th of these alleged criminals, you would need twice the police force. There’s no way they can do that. The only way that these people can be brought to justice, and for the evidence to be gathered is for ordinary people to do it for them. If these thugs are not charged, and they think they can get away with it scott free, then for sure this will happen again. How could it not?

        I totally agree with you that these sites must be vigilant not to out people who do not deserve it. I will keep a close eye on that too.

        But you saw the videos. You saw all the people cheering them on. There has to be a change in the culture and let people know there will be consequences to these actions. Or otherwise for sure there will be other riots. Again, how could there not be?

        Now if you have a better idea on how to change the culture, I would really want to hear it.

      • shame’s better idea on how to change the culture is whatever he decides it is.

    • Here’s a hypothetical for you to think about that goes to the heart of what shame is arguing.

      What if I had a neighbor or co-worker that I just didn’t like and I wanted to mess him up real bad.

      I could start a website or blog that started shaming people who participated in the vancouver riots. It’s a hot topic right now, I’d just need a few people to post it to facebook and I’d get a decent amount of hits. Wouldn’t be hard to do either, there’s lots of information out there already.

      I just need to post a dozen or so before I gain some credibility. People start getting worked up and in a frenzy, just like they are here. Because of the emotions involved people stop thinking critically and start believing everything on my website at face value.

      Then I look for a looter in a picture that looks kind of like the guy I don’t like. I post the picture with his name and personal information attached.

      Done. Mission accomplished. I have now messed up this guys life and he did nothing wrong.

      Now in no way am I accusing the captain of this, I genuinely believe his motives are just.

      But we have NO WAY OF KNOWING what his motivations really are, and there are no references, citation or evidence being posted for many of these people that you can use to independently verify that what captain vancouver is telling you.

      Think long and hard about all the possible consequences of what’s going on here, not just he consequences you want to see materialize.

      • It’s possible for someone to get falsely identified however most of the videos I’ve seen are pretty clear and because of sites like this people are turning themselves in. If you go on a rampage, knowingly on camera, even take pictures of yourself committing the act, you deserve what you get.
        I think public shaming is a highly effective way of deterring people from doing this in the future. We’ll see because this hasn’t happened before ( as in using the Internet to out the rioters)…the legal system handled it previously and it happened again so obviously the threat of going to jail isn’t enough.
        I hope no one is falsely identified but in my opinion it’s worth the risk to prevent this from happening again.

      • Sites like this are doing what you said:

        Shame the people through pictures only, collect identifications, forward the identities to the police so they can verify that they are correct, and then arrests are made.

        This site is doing something very different.

      • These riots happened in 1994 and the law handled it then, didn’t deter anyone from doing it a second time, perhaps now they will stop and think before destroying property for fun.

  19. Captain Vancouver im glad you found this skater piece of crap..

    But,I would really like to find that guy in the yellow shirt.someone knows him.out him!

  20. ‘Shame on you’ thinks this site is misguided and akin to the war on terror. Last I heard, the 911 attack killed 3000 fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children. If those cop cars exploded and killed 50 people I guess it’s still a good kid making a mistake right?

  21. Good job again! The uneducated rabble that are knocking this site need to sit down and read a book to expand their minds a bit. Our court systems repeatedly fail us, particularly when under 18’s commit adult crimes. This site is serving a priceless community service. Everyone that has been outed has been photographed or filmed committing a crime. Captain Vancouver has shown a lot of care and restraint when choosing who and what to post. If he wasn’t, this site would have thousands of the cowardly spectators on it as well.

    • actually the legal system does exactly what it was designed to do when dealing with under 18s and thats anything it possibly can to prevent making a life long criminal. Does it always work? no! does putting kids in jail set them on the right path? I’ll let you answer that one.

      • i completely grasp what you are saying, slippery slope et al. etc. etc.

        at the same time.. what is the lesson they will learn if they do not feel the weight of the stigma of disturbing good civic order?

        the entire purpose of civilization is that we might have peace in a violent and chaotic universe, and instead these assholes decide they’d rather rape and pillage and then after a few years when they’ve murdered all the doctors and engineers and teachers for opposing their rule, they’ll force you to commit to their ‘five year plan’ of foraging for food in the underbrush.

        rex murphy was right – come down on them with the full weight of the state!

  22. I would have to disagree with shame on you’s comments. I think this site is great because the police and judicial system can only do so much. For most, it is a slap on the wrist and they go on with their lives. Most would probably re-offend during next year’s playoffs. This way, they have to be held accountable, not only to the courts but also to their employer, school, family and friends. Losing their job or getting kicked out of school are probably more devastating than getting some community service.

    • lol why do you keep changing your name frank the tank? be a man

      • “they may not have been convicted of yet and may never be convicted for”

        Pretty clear pictures if you ask me…

      • frank the tank I can tell its you by the pic by your name you dolt lol. And the majortity of these photos are blurry, they could be altered, there could be look alikes out there, WE AREN”T THE COURTS! WE DONT HAVE ALL THE INFO! we cannot cast judgment unless you participate in vigilantism.

      • “Pretty clear pictures if you ask me…”

        The pictures are clear, but the evidence tying the names to the pictures isn’t.

      • How many hours a day do you do this, Shame? You must have posted 250 times. Is Jack Layton paying you or is it the NCWAFWWGSFCAWTAPATAWICS?

        (Nonsexist Canadians Who Are Filled With White Guilt, Sympathy For Criminals and Who Take A Passive Approach to all Wrongs in Canadian Society)

  23. ‘Shame on you’ thinks this site is using words akin to the war on terror. Hmm, last I checked the 911 attacks killed thousands of innocent people. Maybe you are okay with that type of society but I’m not. If one of those cop cars explodes and kills 50 people, is it still ‘a good kid making a mistake’?

  24. I’m sorry everyone. I was wrong. I’m leaving now.

  25. lol I’m arguing with a 12 year old arent I? serves me right I should know better than to argue on the internet. I’m reporting this site though. Peace

  26. If Captain Vancouver put Osama Bin Laden on here (if he was still alive), would it be wrong to shame him for 9/11? Oh no…we are such bad people.

  27. Our legal system is overwhelmed and underfunded. As well, our judges have been very much out of touch with reality. Victims of crime are continuously trampled by the legal system. Perpetrators walk free. Perpetrators laugh at the short time in jail. Perpetrators continue their criminal activities because they know our courts are useless and toothless. The courts are weak and prone to leniency.
    This blog and sites like it are bringing to light, the rioting cockroaches who used the cover of darkness and the mayhem and chaos to commit their crimes.
    Like true criminals, they didn’t think they would be caught. They figured torching a police car and getting a trophy picture with the burning wreckage would be perfect for a Facebook status update. Technology is now their downfall because thousands of pictures of rioting criminals are helping to publicly shame those responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage. The physical damage to the city can ultimately be repaired. Economically, the city will heal but it will take a while and the cost to us as citizens and consumers and ratepayers will be substantial.
    Tell us why we shouldn’t out the rioters? Tell us why they shouldn’t be shamed?
    I think public shaming should be the standard and let the courts dispense their feeble punishment and lacklustre probation as they always do.

  28. Capt Vancouver has already retracted on that Basso kid so any inaccuracies will be retracted. Does that work for you shame on you?

    • you trust a complete stranger over the internet to not have any mistakes in his 5 minute write ups on other strangers that could ruin lives if even slightly inaccurate. thats fucking retarded.

      • i think Capt Vancouver is doing his homework and making sure that the ones he or she is posting is a justified participant of the riot. i don’t think he or she is just plastering any pic on here.

      • You said you were leaving? Why are you still here?

      • I thought you were going to report this site. Back already?

      • i’m reporting you to the intertubez police, shame on you, for using the word ‘retarded’ – it is reprehensible in this day and age!

        for shame…

  29. We live in an incredible age of video.

    About 4 years ago I lost a friend in a car accident. The police said witnesses watched street racers drive him off the highway. Who really knows? Was he racing too, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    If video showed up incriminating the felons, I would hope it would be posted to ruin their lives in return. Sorry if that’s not very ‘high road’ of me.

  30. Leave Matthew alone! I know him and it’s not his fault, he has fallen on his head way too many times skateboarding to be held accountable. Yes he was always an ill-tempered foul-mouthed jerk who insulted almost everyone, but he never broke windows! not many at least. Give him a break, no one who knows him genuinely likes him so you all giving him a hard time will do more to hurt his psyche than his tiny shriveled one-ball testicles already have.

    • It’s true. I know Mathew too. He truly has only one ball and the sad thing is he thinks slamming skateboards into glass will make it bigger!

    • Just because no one likes Matt doesn’t mean we should take it easy on him. He is probably one of the biggest, douchiest, most pathetic people I know to graduate, and live in Terrace. (Yes I grew up there). All the punishment he gets is rightfully deserved.

  31. Mathew will be flipping burgers again as soon as out of jail…. Good luck with the rest of your life you f’ing loser.

  32. The Outsiders would have rioted.

  33. Does Eakin currently live in Vancouver, or was he simply visiting for the game? If he is from Terrace and currently resides/works there, perhaps the local newspaper, the Terrace Standard, should be informed of their ne’er do well resident. I’m sure his employers, if any, would appreciate having grounds for termination. I’d also like to know what his friends and relatives have to say about this fine ambassador for their town. Any bets an e-mail campaign can get a reporter to the family estate by Monday?

  34. I’ve already notified the Terrace Daily regarding this douchetard’s involvement with the riots.

    Sometimes a slap on the wrist isn’t good enough.

  35. The white kid in the pale yellow shirt and headphones at 8:05 goes to my school. He proceeds to manhandle the twat in the blue jersey who was kicking the window. I’ll be shaking his hand on Monday.

  36. Looking forward to seeing the yellow shirt douche get named. Typical punk who is only tough when his buddies have his back.

  37. I am sick of the use of the words retard and tard.

  38. The Canadian justice system is, for the most part, ineffective. The lack of human resources has allowed criminals to essentially walk away free. Those so called community services and fines are not punishments. We need a way to toughen up on criminals, but until the justice system improves, this simply won’t happen. Most of these kids will probably will get off free from their crimes. So naturally the only way for them to serve their punishments is to leave are scar on their lives. This site does this precisely. Any future employer or educational institution can easily find out about their crimes through sites like this, which is why this site is effective. As for all the so called vigilantism, I just don’t really see it on this site. Now bare in mind I don’t read all the posts on this blog, but from the posts I have seen, no serious hate crimes have occurred. Most people on this site are simply displaying anger, of which, I highly doubt the original criminal himself/herself will actually know about.

  39. I have more respect for the shit stains in my underwear than I have for anyone who participated in these riots or anyone who defends them. You cocksuckers think this is harsh? Give it a few weeks… there will be significant cash rewards for anyone who can identify the sub-humans who destroyed a beautiful city. People are outraged at these pathetic pieces of shit who got their kicks. The amount of surveillance video and pictures is outstanding. We WILL find you. We will expose you. We will see that you’re brought to justice. Will will ensure that you’re never be welcome in our city again.

  40. I love your caption on the second photo.

  41. You are a XXXX , stop trying to support the anarchy that is the opp and the police , unless every member of the canucks apologize for the disgraceful loss the rioting should not stop. I mean 4 – 0 should yearn that every player should go down on his knees and apologize. What a bunch of a sellouts/chokers , do no accept he responsibility if you incapable of it ,


    • Holy shit! Did a stupid-bomb go off in your room? Lol I mean really, your incoherent mess of a post coupled with the sheer idiocy of it is jaw-dropping. I hope to god you’re sterile.

    • Well we have the leader in the clubhouse for ignorant comment of the night.

  42. I’m not sure how this link will work, but I caught this guy midway through his bashing fit. Let’s see:

  43. You are obviously living the life of a douche. I’m not even sure if your parents are reading this… but they fucked up so bad with you! Maybe they might realize this and start a new life with you, if it’s not too late!

  44. Please ignore the troll “shame on you”.

    Obviously too feeble minded to realize the importance of this site, to understand how critical an empowered citizenry is in maintaining law, order & justice.

    This “shame on you” troll appears to be choc-a-block full of politically correct indignation and is all stoked up on political correctness and so should be ignored as a pathetic minded, useless to society blog troll.

    Keep up the great work CV and everyone else just DON”T FEED THE TROLLS!

  45. Why this site is so important, why the rioters are so deserving of being outed and why the justice system needs the help this site provides in get the ID for the rioters.

    And shame on anyone too stupid and morally vacuous to think shaming criminals is doing something wrong

    • That’s a great letter, I hope the little weasel reads it and takes it to heart (assuming he has one).

    • There’s nothing on this site that hasn’t been on other sites and reported to the police. What’s different is that the threaded forum allows anti-social basement dwellers to rant at antisocial looters and rioters.

  46. Captain Vancouver – Please ID Yellow shirt guy. I’ve seen that piece of trash in so many videos! he needs to be named and shamed!

  47. In an age where prospective employers Google their potential hires before they even see them, let this blog serve as a testimony through the ages to remind these dirtbags just how much they fucked up. No amount of whiney ‘shame on everyone here’ posting is going to change that. Deal with it, thief lovers.

  48. Captain Vancouver:

    I have no problem with the photos here of rioters quite obviously committing crimes in these photos. In this era of new media I think they were foolish to think they would get away with it, and I’m perfectly satisfied knowing that as well as criminal charges they will be embarrassed, lose jobs, scholarships, opportunities. That’s as it should be.

    But you have allowed the mob mentality on the streets Wednesday night to take over your comment threads.Some of the violent, homophobic and threatening ranting here is the same kind of uncontrolled lawlessness that took over our downtown core earlier this week. if you are truly a “captain” you are showing no kind of leadership; in fact, now it’s you making our city look bad. You should delete the comments already here and not allow any further commentary.

    And if I was you, I would never consider revealing myself. You run a serious risk of being the target of legal action. No, it’s not illegal to take and publish photos taken in a public place — it’s THE WORDS that accompany them. If an individual who has not committed a crime has been shamed by you or your readers for being at the riot, it won’t take much for them to win a case for defamation of character. Even if you think you have a case for defense, your legal fees will be astronomical.

    And before the mob here attacks me as a rioter, no, I was not there. I was at home watching the game and following the news reports with my children, who I am teaching to be good citizens both on the street AND ONLINE.

    • lol intimidate much?

      i recommend you get over the shock of language, it makes life a lot easier.

      pro-tip: avoid defamation lawsuits by only commenting of photos of people actually in the act of douchebaggery in question, never before or after.

      • The shock of language? What does that even mean?

        Your “pro-tip” is bunk, Derp Derp. You are obviously not a lawyer. Anybody can sue you for defamation; if you can prove they were doing the douchebaggery IN QUESTION, then maybe they won’t win their case. But you’re still going to spend a shitload of money trying to prove it.

        Have fun with that.

    • How dramatic.

      Yes some of the comments have been unsavory, that’s what we refer to as the “faceless keyboard warriors” and we’ve all become accustomed to their stupid remarks (ever read the comments on a you tube video?) but saying it’s no different than the people who torched cars, looted stores and beat people in the street is absolutely ridiculous! It’s infuriating when morally superior people have the audacity to compare dumb comments to acts of violence committed to the citizens of Vancouver,

      I’m a mother and my child will know right from wrong including proper conduct online, she will also know when to stand up for what she believes in and not let other people bully her.

      The people in the streets were bullies and POSED for the camera, they don’t have a defamation case if they’re stupid enough to allow themselves to be photographed committing a crime and then brag about it on social media.

      • Really? If it’s so different, I wonder why the water polo player’s family felt it necessary to leave their home in fear for their safety? Now watch the commenters say they have the violence coming to them for being bad parents . . . that’s mob mentality. I certainly hope your child learns his/her lessons well. You’ll be singing quite a different tune if you find yourself at the other end of this scenario one day.

        Posing for a photograph is not a criminal act. Publishing those photos is not a criminal act. Defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual a negative image. All I’m saying is, if any one of the people Captain Vancouver is shaming decides to challenge him on it in court, he’s going to have a hefty legal bill to pay.

        And don’t kid yourself, everyone on here thinks themselves morally superior, including you.

      • You’re right I did misread what you said, also I didn’t mean standing up to bullies is by posting online anonymously, I meant how the public is reacting by shaming them publicly.

        It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out as this is a new way of dealing with this sort of thing. I think our city is setting a precedent (as far as dealing with a riot). We’ll see how this works to deter crime and this need people have to get famous at all costs.

    • Of course it’s different, you were talking about the comments not about people attacking their families which is obviously reprehensible, their families aren’t to blame…nor is the owner of this site.

      If posing in front of a burning car which you may or may not have lit leads to a defamation of your character too bad, you did it to yourself.
      You would have a point if it wasn’t for these dumbasses doing everything film…knowingly.

      What I see are brats trying to get know for something in a culture where people get famous for anything nowadays.
      Well, they got their wish, their famous and now they will learn what that means, including shaming your own family by acting like a complete ass.

      What I take objection to are extreme comparisons like saying someone venting on a forum is equal to one setting cars on fire and beating people…or one threatening the lives of their families which I haven’t seen here.

      • Please reread my original post. I did not say the rioting and the comments were the same, I said the mob mentality was the same. And if you haven’t seen the threatening comments on here then you should take a closer read, especially among the 718 comments under Nathan Kotylak’s picture.

        I also said I am in favour of publishing the photos, the video, the idiotic facebook status updates and their names if they are correct. Pictures speak a thousand words, and I think the public shaming of these morons is terrific. But let the evidence speak for itself. ‘Captain Vancouver’ should not be acting as judge and jury with his own comments, and allowing hundreds of people to spew homophobic, misogynistic and violet rhetoric. It’s just stirring up more shit, and makes this city’s residents look even more idiotic than they already do.

        Though you may think so, anonymously calling people names on a website does not constitute standing up to bullies.

      • Jones is the “new” shame on you. Both completely naïve…..keep up the GREAT and INSPIRATIONAL work Captain Vancouver!!!

  49. Shame On You is a troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

    Thank you again, Captain Vancouver, for doing this on behalf of all Vancouverites, indeed all Canadians. We’re with you. These mindless little fucks–from the uber-violent, to standby photobombers, to the brainless bimbettes stealing makeup and bags–deserve every bit of shame and justice the rest of us can mete out. As livid as I am about the violence and destruction, it’s those who stood by, laughing, who make me fear most for our society. Bring back the pillory: I’d be first in line to beat them on the head with their Coach bag.

    • LOL

      it’s lord of the flies if an earthquake happens :'(.

    • How is it that Shame on you and Shame is on you now (2 different posters actually), are trolling? Because they represent a point of view you don’t share or don’t understand? That is not a troll. That is dissenting opinion, and there are a lot of others here who don’t agree with you either. They are not all trolls and I think Captain Vancouver said he would listen to all points of view.

  50. My thoughts are anyone who was there after about hour was part of the problem. The crowd fed these ppl. I wasn’t there but a friend was he said the crowds where chanting “do it ….do it”. He said it was surreal. Truly creepy. This charged these ppl up. Most who wanted to leave had the ability. True some got stuck after the police set up lines. But the friend I mentioned earlier walked up to cop and asked if he would escort him and his wife to his car. The cop did and they left. Again the crowd fed this just as much as the guys looting and vadalising. Anyone standing there observing this does deserve to be put up on sites like this. If you were at a local Mall on a saturday morning and saw a guy get jumped by three other guys and beat him or see some kids in a parking lot lit a car on fire, would you just stand and watch? Would you cheer them on? Would you pull out your cell phone and video it to post it later? Why is this different than any other situtation? If there was no crowd the police would not have been outnumbered 100 to 1 (I can tell you numbers almost always win) and could have quickly swept these losers into custody. The police did the correct thing by only stopping voilence to ppl and recording the rest for future arrests. They did the right thing. And to Captain Vancouver I appreciate your patince in posting to confirm you have the correct ppl. 90% of the ppl there after dusk were supporters of this riot. Good Job Captain Vancouver. Stay dilligent post the facts and show the world Vancouverites & British Columbians want to see these losers come to justice even if only to see who these losers are. As I suspect most of them will never be punished by the courts.

    (Sorry for the bad spelling/grammar. It is hard to type when you are frustrated)

  51. Your anonymous “public shaming” is cowardly and makes you no better that the rioters. if the publishing of names in connection to photos results in a backlash against those individuals you find yourself the involved in legal proceedings. Good luck with that.

    • Please stop embarrassing yourself, you know nothing of the laws. Go hide behind your Micky Mouse name.

  52. Not going to college or ‘post-secondary’ does not make a person an idiot. I mean, obviously.

    However this guy IS an idiot for doing what he did. Pathetic.

  53. of all the crimes committed, let us forgive the captain for his grammatical errors – in his defense, i can attest that it can be difficult to forge one’s sentences coherently after watching 12 hours of drunken bridge ‘n’ tunnel types shit all over everything you hold dear.

  54. It’s “Oh”, not “O.” Next time you’re going to comment on someone’s grammar, try to get straight yourself. in the meantime, please feel free to help yourself to a nice piping hot cup of STFU.

  55. I’m not going to imply or paint every one posted up on this site with the same brush stroke. Some deserve everything coming to them and others are in a grey area. Just as we depend on the justice system to perform its function, this site has a function too. There are a lot of footage of the riot that has reached people deep in their pyche and are genuinely angry. They have a right to vent just as much as the perpretrators who ransacked downtown Vancouver. If we continue to let societal unrest unchecked, I would hate to see the day when this region sees a real crisis like the “Big One” or a “Tsunami.” These same socialpaths who can ransack a city for a single hockey game will do much worse. They prey on the weak and as a society we need to stand together against such evil.

  56. Please please please find the douche in the yellow lacoste shirt. He makes an appearance in almost every video of the riot and he’s being a total ass every time.

    • Gah!

    • This was posted in reply to my mention of yellow shirt guy, earlier:

      found on the budget-video on youtube:
      “yea that bitch in the yellow is jagminder singh shergill thats his full name “

  57. i think it’s great that this site exists. we all know that the legal system has serious limitations, and many of these people will walk away unscathed. i don’t condone violence or threats of violence, but these people do need to be held accountable for their actions. they went out there and rioted, looted, or just contributed to the problem by posing like idiots with the burning cars, rather than clearing out. the “innocent bystanders” made it infinitely more difficult for the police to get the situation under control. the people cheering on the destruction are not innocent.

    it is unacceptable to threaten these people – it makes us no better than them, but it is 100% commendable to publicly out them and let their employers/friends/families know what kind of people they are.

    thank you, captain vancouver! and shame, you are obviously very concerned about injustice. rather than wasting hours and hours writing inarticulate and inflammatory remarks on this website, why don’t you do get out of your house and actually do something useful with your time? there are better ways to effect change and fight injustice, and nobody is listening to you on here, anyway.

  58. Really?

    First: what you meant was “Oh”, and not “O” (the first word of your post).

    Second: Grammar is not a “concept”. It’s a collection of rules that, if examined closely, cannot be justified beyond past historical practice.

    If you’re really interested in grammar, why don’t you take your “talents” to a forum dedicated to grammar?

    If you have something relevant to say about hockey, riots, Vancouver, the ethics of public shaming, etc., this would be an appropriate place.

    Give it a “Try”. That is if your Surrey school system education allows you to string together a complete sentence.

  59. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  60. Just discovered this site. Love it! Am sharing links on mt FB page to spread the shame. I want the rooters faces on billboards next!

  61. I think we need more pictures, it’s Monday and the list in here is not growing up that fast, we also need to know what to do in Riot situations, kind of a no brainer,

    Tips to survive and behave in Riots

  62. This is how we’re being promoted as a tourist destination.. a Jewell:

  63. you can see him in a window at 1:50 in swimwear etc.
    then starting a scuff 2:36 after that in the street
    then at breaking the window 8:00 at LV
    who are your buddies in the masks? Didn’t know your ass was on camera did you? For all those that doubt this guys involvement, this should be convincing enough and video holds up in court!

    • That isn’t him in that “scuff” at 2:36. Although at around the 5 minute mark, that IS him standing on the van and helping to smash at it. There has to be a hundred other pictures of him on top of that vehicle.

  64. lets not forget about bike asshole either. Infact I think the bike probably did more damage, cause of that peg. Unfortunately no good face shots on this video.. any in others?


  66. Isn’t this the same kid that threaten someone trying to protect the LV store front?

  67. Criminal charges are happening. The VPD and other police agencies are happy with the response to their request for information. It’s working!
    People with no previous criminal involvement are being identified correctly by friends and family, classmates and co-workers.
    The police will be laying a lot of charges. They may not happen quickly, as over 1 million photos and videos have been provided to police.
    So criminals who previously thought they were home free after ripping off stores, setting vehicles on fire, assaulting people or causing destruction…you will be found.
    Public sharing of names is working. Public shaming of criminals is working.
    Remember, the bad guys had the numbers that night.
    We have the numbers and the evidence now!

  68. These idiots have embaressed the city of vancouver, and now it is time to be embaressed themselves. Matthew Eakin is a loser. Even if these idiots get off, the upfront legal costs for them will make them think twice.
    Going to be a real eye opener when they want to start a career too! haha
    I think this site is very useful though this investigation. Good work Captain Vancouver.

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  81. You’ll all be happy to know that this dude has learned his lesson, I talk to him all the time and he’s really straightened out his life, and I’m super pumped for him! Sometimes you need to go though the toughest things to realized that it’s finally time to make a change. He was a young kid caught on the wrong path, but now he’s changed his life around; he’s working hard, owns his own construction framing business and has grown so much as a person and as a great human being…..Everyone has messed up at some point or another, and if you start to criticize this young individual, take a look at yourself and realize that we all make mistakes and bad judgement calls in this life, and always remember “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone….Which is no one.

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