A Tale Of Two Cities And The Captain Vancouver Backlash

When I read the news media articles, listen to the news and saw online bloggers denounce what I’m doing I realize that there exists an agenda to have my site shut down or silence it.  It is no secret that threats also come my way as seen in my blog’s comments and I will leave those up for all to see.  In the same way Captain Vancouver is denounced as the wrong-doer in this current debate, it ignores the fact that my site has nothing to do with the hundreds of names and 1,000,000 photos that are circulating around the internet.  I think the media and bloggers should get their facts straight that I don’t post willy nilly photos, nor does my site have hundreds of pictures that have the chance to be wrongly ID’d.  As well, they should check their stories out and learn that early on I’ve done my  best to remove personal phone numbers etc from my blog’s comments.  Since then I have not seen those types of comments from my readers.  They do however exist elsewhere, and not with Captain Vancouver.

My site exists as my own commentary and opinion on the photos that I choose to post up myself.  I cannot speak for the various other sites that ID and “out” others on photos uploaded and shared on their pages.  I am aware of what responsibilities I have and with due diligence I will attempt to complete them.  It is my full intention to moderate the comments on my blog (of which there are 3500 comments to sift thru) to remove those things I have stated I do not hold views of and which are against what I accept as appropriate to this debate.  All forms of inciting violence, veiled, real, or joke about will be removed as this has never been my opinion as has been alluded to by the media and blogging world.

For the audience awaiting new photos to be posted, they will be as I have time.  As I mentioned with the increase of traffic to this site ironically brought about by my detractors posting their backlash, I need to be responsible in moderating closely what comments are made.  I believe in freedom of speech and thus have chosen not to moderate comments before they are posted since the comments themselves provide some important lessons and can teach us much about ourselves and how we are really different people.  It amazes me to the point that I wonder if there are two different cities in how we view the case for and against public shaming.

The pictures will come again for those waiting to see who’s next to be profiled.  For now, please be mindful of what is posted since it will only give fuel and ammunition to those against what I am doing with my blog.  I am Captain Vancouver but so are you all.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


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  1. The purpose and point of this site is clear to us. Keep up the good work Captain.

    • Thank-you Nick…now off to literally HOURS of combing thru comments to make sure I do my job so as to not be given the label of irresponsible as has been suggested. Cheers Vancouver!

      • Is there a way for us as users to flag inappropriate comments? That way, instead of sifting every comment, you could just await a ‘ping’ that announces an inappropriate one.

      • we shoudl all help captain vancouver to keep this site as maintenance free for him – can we have a quick round of group-shaming the recurring trolls? (ahem regi/jones etc)

      • First of all Derp, trolls are not those who disagree with you. It is simplistic and stupid to dismiss anyone with a different opinion out of hand. And they are not the ones who are posting nasty language that WILL get CaptainVan in trouble.

        Second, CaptainVan–can you be as diligent about homophobic and sexist slurs as you are about the racist ones? That would be nice for the readers here.

        Edit 14 hours to read 3600 posts. Have someone in mind to help with moderating as well. You should already notice that they are taken care of. Also, if anyone does notice something I’ve miss email me at CaptainVancouver@ymail.com and subject line all caps CORRECTION

      • Dude, no one doubts your good intentions. But when you write that you have literally hours of work to do to makes sure this site conforms to you’re idea of what is just, don’t you think you will makes a mistake at some point? Don’t you think it’s possible that what you are doing online here is the Internet equivalence of doing vigilante campaigns to ruin let’s say, a car thiefs reputation, by getting a huge group of people to post his/her photo up in all the public places in Van City? If you did this in the 90s b4 all the videophones and social networks,you think then police would’ve just sat by and allowed the City to posted with this criminals image?
        I dont think so, they would’ve torn the pictures down,which is what you should do, voluntarily take this site down…..

        Editorial insert: Coming from the poster who’s own blog seeks to post personal information about TSA Officers online to publicly shame them. http://shameonyoutsa.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/rand-paul-vs-tsa-scum-paul-destroys-the-opposition/

      • I barely have any photos up. Make sure to check out Vancouver Riot Pics. I provide my opinion on photos from other sites. Have you had a chance to see those other sites at all?

    • So to be clear, you want to do a quick round of “group shaming” of me because I have pointed out there is a mob mentality at work here. Anyone else see the irony in that?

      • I see it. “If irony were made of strawberry we’d all be drinking a lot of fruit smoothies right now.”

    • Bravo and keep up the good work. I’m glad someone has the guts to stand up to those morons.

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. The MSM has a terrible track record in terms of accuracy when it comes to blogs.

    If there are 3 blogs who talk about the same thing, and only 1 of the 3 strives for accuracy & accountability while the other 2 say whatever they want, all 3 are painted with the same brush.

    You can’t expect someone who gets paid to report news for a living to be bothered to check their facts can you?

    • “You can’t expect someone who gets paid to report news for a living to be bothered to check their facts can you?”

      Exactly – it’s infuriating. I yelled at my TV this morning when an anchor stated that the 6 people who have so far turned themselves in did so because of the guilt pressing on the conscience. No mention of course, that the only ones who have turned themselves in are those who have already been outed online. That fact alone is commendation enough that Captain Vancouver is doing the right thing.

  4. “298. (1) A defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published.”

    Thus, one who publishes a blog purporting to identify criminals is clearly likely to injure the reputation of such people, so is it not an issue of law whether or not such is justified or excused, by the Criminal Code? That is, an issue for a Judge?

    • Regi, Maybe you should read the whole Criminal Code of Canada in respects to defamatory libel. You missed a whole lot.

      Public benefit

      309. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes defamatory matter that, on reasonable grounds, he believes is true, and that is relevant to any subject of public interest, the public discussion of which is for the public benefit.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 273.

      Fair comment on public person or work of art

      310. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes fair comments

      (a) on the public conduct of a person who takes part in public affairs; or

      (b) on a published book or other literary production, or on any composition or work of art or performance publicly exhibited, or on any other communication made to the public on any subject, if the comments are confined to criticism thereof.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 274.

      When truth a defence

      311. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel where he proves that the publication of the defamatory matter in the manner in which it was published was for the public benefit at the time when it was published and that the matter itself was true.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 275.

      Publication invited or necessary

      312. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes defamatory matter

      (a) on the invitation or challenge of the person in respect of whom it is published, or

      (b) that it is necessary to publish in order to refute defamatory matter published in respect of him by another person,

      if he believes that the defamatory matter is true and it is relevant to the invitation, challenge or necessary refutation, as the case may be, and does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 276.

      Answer to inquiries

      313. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes, in answer to inquiries made to him, defamatory matter relating to a subject-matter in respect of which the person by whom or on whose behalf the inquiries are made has an interest in knowing the truth or who, on reasonable grounds, the person who publishes the defamatory matter believes has such an interest, if

      (a) the matter is published, in good faith, for the purpose of giving information in answer to the inquiries;

      (b) the person who publishes the defamatory matter believes that it is true;

      (c) the defamatory matter is relevant to the inquiries; and

      (d) the defamatory matter does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 277.

      Giving information to person interested

      314. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes to another person defamatory matter for the purpose of giving information to that person with respect to a subject-matter in which the person to whom the information is given has, or is believed on reasonable grounds by the person who gives it to have, an interest in knowing the truth with respect to that subject-matter if

      (a) the conduct of the person who gives the information is reasonable in the circumstances;

      (b) the defamatory matter is relevant to the subject-matter; and

      (c) the defamatory matter is true, or if it is not true, is made without ill-will toward the person who is defamed and is made in the belief, on reasonable grounds, that it is true.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 278.

      Publication in good faith for redress of wrong

      315. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel by reason only that he publishes defamatory matter in good faith for the purpose of seeking remedy or redress for a private or public wrong or grievance from a person who has, or who on reasonable grounds he believes has, the right or is under an obligation to remedy or redress the wrong or grievance, if

      (a) he believes that the defamatory matter is true;

      (b) the defamatory matter is relevant to the remedy or redress that is sought; and

      (c) the defamatory matter does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances.

      R.S., c. C-34, s. 279.

      Editorial Insert Thanks Old Man. Whenever I see people placing short little quotes, you always have to question in what context do they not want you to know about. In either case, the lawyer counseling me has already gone over this with me and I feel confident in how I’ve presented all my material. Arm chair-legal-experts can now move along. Thanks again. CV

      • Nice work Old Man. Pretty basic and well established.

        Every posting made by the Captain is backed up by evidence. It’s all fair comment and legitimate public debate.

        The perpetrators are also free to dispute the evidence if they so choose.

      • Hey Old Man,

        Perhaps with your legal experience you can tell us what happens to Captain Vancouver if he incorrectly accuses a photo subject of say, looting (as he did with Luke Basso, just as an example) and that person loses their job, scholarship, opportunity for further education, and then decides to sue him?

        What if someone he has “shamed” gets the snot kicked out of him/her because of the “venting” here. If that person decided to hold Captain Vancouver responsible, could they pursue legal action against him? Even if their case was unsuccessful, how much do you think it would cost Capt. to defend himself? (Darn lawyers are just so expensive.)

        And finally, if a person is so harassed and humiliated that they commit suicide, I wonder if Capt. will be bale to defend himself legally (and morally) to that person’s family?

        Please, fill us in, wise one.

      • Jones, in the first instance, just go read section 309.

        In the second 2. He’s not responsible for the actions of others. Pretty plain and simple.

        So I hope you are filled in, dumb one.

      • Hmm. Not quite what I was looking for. You’ve proven that your cutting and pasting skills are excellent, Old Man, but your grasp of the legal system, not so much.

        Scott (down-thread), actually explains it much better than you do:
        “The final decision regarding defamatory libel may lie with a judge, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone can file suit against you and you’ll have to pay to defend it, multiple suits could be devastating. As the standard for civil torts is balance of probabilities and not beyond shadow of doubt as in criminal cases, that can get sticky. Remember also, we have the Human Rights Tribunal and if someone is so inclined, they can claim you have violated said rights, even by proxy for comments made on your site, if the HRT believes you didn’t show sufficient diligence. That one is the kicker in that it costs nothing for someone to file a HRT complaint against you, but you’ll have too retain counsel. Finally, a disclaimer as you’ve added may possibly limit liability but won’t completely protect you. Ideally, you’d not allow unmoderated comments to be posted to protect yourself from liability as best as you’re able. ”

        Right. I’m the dumb one.

      • Jones, go read my response to Scott. The threat of bring financial ruin to people by filing unsuccessful civil action against them is a myth. The plaintiffs will need to be successful, if not the defendant will file a Bill of Costs with the court and the plaintiffs may end up paying for more then they bargained for. To anyone thinking of try to use the courts in this manner better be careful.

        As for the Human Rights Commission. They will not get involved in cases pertaining to people facing criminal proceedings.

        Edit: In addition my lawyer did tell me that you cannot take someone to trial knowing that you will lose. Well, you can but that falls under questionable ethics.

      • You’re fooling yourself. In the case of a ruined reputation, loss of future opportunities and income, harassment, assault, suicide … in ANY of those scenarios most people will think it is worth the expense and the risk. Captain Vancouver has much more to lose. As far as the HRT, there is no time limit.

      • You may think I’m fooling myself, but arguments in court for each one is as follows:

        ruined reputation – They did it to themselves through their criminal acts and behavior that were conducted in public and against the public.

        loss of future opportunities and income – see above argument

        harassment- Captain Vancouver isn’t responsible for the actions of others.

        assault – see above argument

        suicide – see all the above arguments

        HRT will not hear cases on behalf of people involved in criminal activity or cases especially if the complaint stems as a result of said activity. So “no time limit” as you put it, doesn’t matter.

      • Right, you’re going in circles. You are presenting what his argument will be IN COURT. It will cost him a fortune simply to defend himself there.

        What’s more troubling, is that you apparently think it’s just fine if one of these teenagers, who has no previous record or history of criminal activity decides to kill her or himself because of this public shaming. Teenagers commit suicide every day over far less.

      • Jones, It won’t cost him a fortune because he hasn’t done anything unlawful. Get that through your head. I just love it when people on the internet want to argue with me about my own profession and think they know more.

        And no, if one of them commits suicide, it will be sad and tragic, but it won’t be the fault of this blog.

        That said, you accuse me of going in circles. Well I’m sorry ,but it’s taken a few tries to try and make you understand the legal aspect. You seem to be getting the legal aspect and the moral aspect of this discussion mixed in together. There are lots of people on this site that are more than willing to debate the moral aspect with you.

        If you wish any further legal consultation, I’ll need your address so I can send you a bill.

        Editorial Insert: LOL My lawyer actually said to me and I quote “Don’t bother trying to explain libel and defamation laws with people on the internet, you’re wasting your time”. Pretty much everyone is a legal expert by googling what they can find online and they know the law. We haven’t even gotten into the procedure of what that person needs to do first and admit publicly if they are accused of a defamed character. Thx again Old Man. CV

      • Good one, pretending to be a lawyer. You’re right, you’re not getting it. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

      • Old Man, I agree with you for the most part, but you have to admit that Captain Vancouver is risking some exposure to liability (to a civil action in defamation) in the event he makes an erroneous identification of a suspect. Sure the plaintiff could face paying a huge Bill of Costs if he loses, but certainly, Captain Vancouver as defendant would not be able to recover all of his legal fees. And if there’s some basis for the plaintiff’s claim, I don’t think it would be a frivolous lawsuit. Bottom line, I really appreciate the work that Captain Vancouver is doing, but when you have the power to significantly damage someone’s reputation at your fingertips (whether they deserve it or not), his work is not without its risks.

      • Jones, you got owned. Ya, he doesn’t seem to professionally know the law at all!?!! You’re not smart enough to admit it so you’ve make yourself look like a fool.

      • mebbe hez got some coach creme bags for sale??

      • Whyup, he’s no lawyer. I think we’re all smart enough to see that (except, perhaps, for you apparently). His “legal advice” for Captain Vancouver in the event of being sued for defamation, is “Don’t worry about it. You didn’t do anything wrong. No need to hire an attorney.” That should work out well.

    • You just got Schooled Regis!! How convenient you left out everything but the note that supports your Bullshit Agenda!

      • I have the benefit of a few years of legal experience. Don’t be too hard on Regi trying to pull a fast one. Nice try Regi.

      • no no, be cruel to regi, he is subjecting us to torrents of verbal diarrhea about jebus.

  5. Captain Vancouver is to be commended.

  6. There are thousands who support you Captain Vancouver. I am proud to be one of them.

    Keep up the good work, sir.

  7. We support you Captain Vancouver! Now quit explaining yourself and get back to the justice!

  8. Keep them coming Captain Vancouver – the vast majority of honourable citizens in Vancouver fully support what you are doing. These rioters are NOT innocent nor should they be excused. They should face the full force of the law and all the social consequences they have EARNED through their actions. If they are remorseful, GOOD, they should be. Acknowledging responsibility is the first step in rehabilitation. If they are truly sorry, then they will willingly accept their punishment as per our legal system.

    • Who is saying they are innocent? They are guilty and will be punished by our legal system.

      Shaming kids and their families is cruel.

      All of you who support this site claim to do so for noble reasons, but in the end you just like to see the downfall of good people.

      The people who rioted who are actual criminals, thugs, etc don’t care if you shame them because they will continue living their loser life filled with crime and ignorance.

      The people who rioted that were decent people striving to get an education and become a contributing member of society will be affected the most by shaming.

      What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You want these young people to stop getting an education and work a minimum wage job?

      Get a life.

      • you get a life, chump!…most ”good citizens” would not have joined in with this jungle like behaviour, more reminiscent of ‘lord of the fliies’. keep smokin’ that crack pipe, too, as per your ‘they are guilty and will be punished by our court system’…yeah, sure, and if they are with any SEVERITY then my lotto jackpot is coming home to roost tomorrow, too. again, no system is perfect…that these sites exist show very clearly people’s disenchantment with our public courts and being able to nab these goons and nip them in the bud. …most especially when we’ve had not ONE but TWO international blackeyes as a result of this….let them flip uncomfortably on the rocks like fish tossed on a boat to really have an important lesson hit home of taking responsibility for serious actions (again not talking about keying a car or knocking over a flowerpot in front of a person’s store)

      • yes actually, if that’s what ends up happening to them, that’s fine by me.

        more opportunities for my kids – these ones obviously didn’t want them.

  9. Hey Captain – In the end your motive is to make money off this site and that is fine. You can say your intentions are pure and you want to “protect vancouver”, we know the reason is you are doing this is to get a lot of traffic, hopefully put up some ads and make a quick buck. Or maybe getting some exposure and getting a job offer… either way you have your reasons….

    I was on your side at first.. the people who came down to specifically riot should be held accountable. You are targeting good people that made a mistake.

    I am not a rioter and I am not associated with any rioters. I was at game 7 and left right away to avoid any potential riots.

    Consider the harm you are doing to some of these people’s families… the parents, brother and sisters who did not participate but are being forced to hide out and close their businesses. Think about a kid who becomes depressed commits suicide or just stays depressed their whole lives.

    Have you never done something you regret?

    • So….”we” know that this is all about the money? Who’s “we”, kemosabe?

      Serious LOL. Oh, yeah….I see Captain Vancouver making a big pile of nothing on this project. By the time he gets ads up, the reason for this site will have largely gone away.

      This is about public opprobrium for those who trashed a portion of Vancouver, or who made it a point of standing in front of burning cars and looted stores and threw moronic handsigns….signalling their APPROVAL!!!!

      Need a definition of opprobrium? “Public disgrace or ill fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious”.

      Got a problem with the definition of the trashing of downtown Van as “grossly wrong or vicious”?

      And….yeah….I’ve done things I regret….but I never harmed another human, and I never destroyed public and private property doing it. How ’bout YOU, “putyourself…”. Or are you too busy using the Royal “We”?!

      • I didn’t realize using the word “we” would stir up so much emotion in you.

        I should say, “I” know that its his motives. My reason, who spends that much time on a website to not make any coin.

        Now you say you have never harmed another human being, those who harmed people should be tried by the law and shamed that I don’t care about.

        How about the girl who stole pants? Did she destroy anything? Harm anyone?

        Did the kid near the cop car destroy anything? He actually didn’t there is video proof now.

        Did their families harm anyone? Destroy anything?

        I am glad you know how to use a thesaurus big words make you sound really smart.

      • She contributed to the destruction of the store owner’s livelihood. She aided in the prevention of the employees of that store having a job to go to the following morning. Are you seriously claiming that she did not cause anyone any harm? Please tell me you are not that obtuse.

      • Actually, as per her apology, she returned the pants. Not much of a contribution to the destruction of his livelihood.

      • Actually Cap, if you decide to, you SHOULD MAKE SOME MONEY from this blog I don’t care if you have ads averywhere, “content is king” and we have a lot of that in here…
        you deserve a solid 6 figure income if you decide to keep running this blog, if you get money out of this blog, I think you totally deserve it… I admire the fact that it’s still made in a volunteer basis… make a “donate” button from Paypal and I’ll trow you some bucks right now, thanks for your social service.

      • so jones if someone breaks your window

        and another person reaches in

        takes your lamp

        but returns it 3 days later..

        it’s cool?

      • Nope, not cool at all. But I don’t think I’d have 1,000 people calling for the lamp-stealer’s head, get them kicked out of school, fired from their job, malign the charity they used to work for, post their photo for “eternus,” and wish them some happy sodomizing in jail. And then say, “Oh well, if they kill themselves from this humiliation it’s sad and tragic, but it’s not my fault. They shouldn’t have taken my lamp.” Punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

    • You are clearly an idiot PUTYOURSELF. Captain Vancouver’s site does no advertising, nor does he have a registration that charges its users. So how is he making money??

      • Also I should add that when someone is passionate about something they put in the time regardless of money. For example hobbies. I make no money off of my hobbies, yet I devout an incredible amount of time to them. Check your attitude and get off your high horse.

      • Name calling really?

        How do all other blogging sites end up making money?

        You building up an online audience and then you get offers for advertising. Or you do it for publicity, which enables you to generate employment offers.

        Editorial Insert: Just curious to know just what you actually think the shelf life of a blog about public shaming is? I understand that the audience is large right now, but unless you don’t follow how news cycles work, what’s hot today is burrr tomorrow. As well, employment offers? Like in person employment offers? Maybe the Attorney General’s Office will offer me a job? Or a fast track thru the VPD? Maybe a known gangster will offer me a great sounding fake job only to get me to reveal my identity just so he can kill my family? Sorry, it’s all fantasy. Perhaps in your world you aren’t used to hours of public volunteer service. Ever consider that only someone that does public service already would do something like this? I better stop as I’m giving hints as to what I do offline. Capt V

      • Yes name calling – I am glad I caught your attention. It must be extremely frustrating for you to be on here constantly arguing the negative side of justice. You have been trying to attack Cap’n Vancouvers credibility for days now, and incessantly I might add. Get over yourself already. It seems more like your all for getting attention more than anything else. Saying that he is trying to make money off of a Blog site does’nt make any sense. Blogging is social media, and the only people that make money off of social media are the top of the pyramid types. Creators of social media.

      • Actually lots of blogs do end up make money. Just an FYI. I am not hear to argue how you can make money online with a blog, but if you would like to know how you should google it.

        I am not attacking his credibility there is no doubt what he is posting is factual, I am attacking his intentions and the ends he is trying to achieve.

        I believe what he is doing in the end will cause more harm then good. People keep mentioning the criminals that jumped people, stabbed people, and harmed people as a defense for this site. By all means depict those people on here, the deserve and I bet you they don’t care.

        You are only harming people that have a lot to lose.

        Ever heard the quote hate begets hate? That is what is happening here, whether you all intend it or not. These people AND their families are getting hate mail and threats.

        Anyways this is my last post, I wouldn’t want to be a “troll”. I just wanted to bring up some points for argument sake, but I can see most people rather join in with the crowd or mob as one may call it.

      • Lots of blogs may see ad revenue but I don’t see a single ad on here… heck, I don’t even see google ads on here.

        Maybe you should save the accusations about ulterior motives for when there are actually signs of it.

        Claiming he’s doing it to make money when there is not a single ad on the site, is pretty weak.

    • ” good people that made a mistake” — they are NOT good people! They chose to steal, loot, smash, burn, and fight, etc.

    • I’ll answer that for you. Ad networks take awhile to approve your site and will only do so if they see that your content is worthwhile, you’ve been doing it for more than a week and have a reasonable number of views. Lots of people have visited this site but unless he was a blogger previously with pre-existing ad network accounts, I find it pretty unlikely he’d be able to join any of them in time to cash in on the initial wave of popularity and make any reasonable amount of money off it.

      Plus this site is run on a free WordPress site which puts several limitations on making money already. He’d have to move it to his own hosting plan and domain name to get on most ad networks. Most of the reputable ones don’t like being on free websites.

      Easy to do but I highly doubt that’s what Captain Vancouver is looking for here.

  10. Keep up your blog Captain Vancouver, your effort is not in vain. Level headed people will continue to support you, don’t let inflamatory rhetoric from posters trying to scare you win!

  11. If you think this blog and comments are inciting hate in whatever form… you can submit a complaint to WordPress here:


    • If WordPress were to look into this site they would see a person who is doing a good deed, and providing public information that can be used to aid in catching criminals!!

      • Well they will also see people being identified with personal information including phone numbers and addresses, mistaken identities, and a lot of hate language.

      • was destroying vancouver not hateful?

        i have seen no phone numbers or addresses, just names.

        just because we’re angry doesn’t mean we’re crazy – the reason you cats are so scared and trolling this site is because you’re cowards who can’t figure out that we aren’t like you – crazy.

      • Which Cap’n Vancouver has removed, and stated that he does not support people posting.

  12. “The people who rioted that were decent people striving to get an education and become a contributing member of society will be affected the most by shaming.”

    The decent people striving to get an education and become a contributing member of society would have already left, and would not be looting, setting vehicles on fire, and punching firefighters.

    • Decent people believe in the rule of law and innocent until proven guilty.
      Shaming in advance of a conviction is repugnant to justice.

    • Have you ever done something illegal when you were a teenager? Stolen something, smoked a joint, drank under the age of 19, fist fight, smash a school window?

      If you haven’t that’s great, but I would say 90% of adults have and they turned out just fine.

      Ruining their lives from such a young age isn’t good for anyone.

      I’ll say it again, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? You want these young kids to not get an education and work a minimum wage job? Maybe ruin their ties with community ? You are causing far more harm to society if these kids end up in our system when they otherwise would have learned from their mistake and moved on.

    • Regiservi, if you spout off like a troll and a pchycho 90% of the time, expect for your comments to be considered null and void the other 10.

      • Don’t feed the troll – Regi is a moron and likely just waiting for that knock on the door!

    • I think that Camille’s apology does a good job of explaining the rationale that was at work, that allowed otherwise normal, hardworking, ethical people to engage in immoral behaviour. Her moral compass was shifted by what was going on around her. In her case, she points out that her actions felt minor in comparison with cars being set on fire, buildings being smashed and looted, people being stabbed, etc. And you know what? Stealing a pair of pants is minor by comparison. Now we’re talking about destroying her life and that’s unjust for a crime that would be very minor, within a riot and even outside of one.

      • Which one? The first full of nastiness and defiance, or the second rewritten by a lawyer or PR firm that takes a wee bit of responsibility while blaming society for the majority.

      • I was refering to ABC’s take on Camille’s apology.

    • “Have you ever done something illegal when you were a teenager? Stolen something, smoked a joint, drank under the age of 19, fist fight, smash a school window?”

      I did all those things when I was a kid.

      I never destroyed a man’s livelihood and then danced around on the burning ashes.

      I never gang assaulted citizens who were defending the property of others.

      I never put the lives of dozens of people in jeopardy by igniting a makeshift shrapnel bomb with a full tank of gas. bystanders in

      And I never stood and cheered while other did such things.

    • “I did all those things when I was a kid.”

      How would you feel if they followed you around your life?

      “I never destroyed a man’s livelihood and then danced around on the burning ashes.”

      Did the girl that stole a pair of pants do that? Did the kid next to the car do that (Nathan)? Nope they didn’t.

      “I never gang assaulted citizens who were defending the property of others.”

      Again many people who are being publicly shamed aren’t the ones who committed assault. Trust me I am all for justice for those that committed violent crimes. Its a slippery slope with sites like this.

      “I never put the lives of dozens of people in jeopardy by igniting a makeshift shrapnel bomb with a full tank of gas. bystanders in ”

      He actually never lit it according to the newspaper and some video evidence. Secondly, did you see any cars blow up that night? It’s not Hollywood cars actually don’t cause violent explosions.

    • “Did the kid next to the car do that (Nathan)?”
      Give me a break, “the boy who stood next to the car”. That “boy” deliberately made his best effort to torch a police cruiser. He specifically targeted the work vehicle of those who put their lives on the line to serve and protect the public. Other pictures show him digging through a trash can for fuel to achieve his purpose. That he failed to effectively get the fire going does NOT mitigate his guilt.

  13. Keep up the investigative work Captain. Your efforts are being viewed by an international audience. Although it is doubtful I would ever return to Vancouver after this latest incident, it is good to know there are a few decent chaps left in the city.

  14. Stay the course Captain Vancouver, stay the course.

    However, you need assistance / assistants to help you with this, you can’t do this alone. I suggest you find some volunteers that can help you with reviewing the comments section. That way you don’t have to be wearing many different “hats”, focus on your core task: exposing the rioters, vandals and looters.

  15. Captain Vancouver….. I SALUTE YOU!

  16. Hey Cap’n,

    I have been following this blog for a while now. I think what you are doing is necessary to help people move on from this. People cleaning up the next day, showing love to the cops, writing on the plywood covering the Bays windows, etc, helped people to see that good can come out of this.

    I agree with this blog for the same reason. I was furious and felt really let down with my city. More than anything I was stunned that so many people would be so arrogant (and stupid) as to think that they could act like olympic level d-bags with no fear of reprecussions.

    This site (this is really the only one I go to) helped me because, if nothing else, at least I know that the majority of people involved are now sweating a little.

    So now I am not so angry anymore and I think that the vast majority of people will get there too. And this site will help.

    There are some posters on both sides of the fence that are there just to try to get a reaction from people. I quickly got in the habit of scanning the name of the poster first. If I recognize them as being nutjobs or instigators (from either side), I keep scanning and ignore that post. If the person has something valuable to say (from either side), I will read it.

    Dont me wrong, I still want to see more posts from you because I think you are doing is admirable, not because it will necessarily make people act better, but at least they may think twice about it from now on.


    Moving on.

    • Very well said. It amazes me how despite all the cameras, people thought they could loot and destroy without consequence.

      • this ‘event’ is going to be studied in anthropology and sociology and psychology and criminology and who knows what other classes for a long time.

        the photos that have come out of this show are a true snapshot of this generation – and i guarantee that the racial make up and geographical locations of the rioters is probably an exact cross section of the provincial makeup. people came from all over the province and the world and had themselves a big old riot – maybe they weren’t in van specifically to riot, maybe they did not know the history of the 94 riot, but regardless, they rioted. what a bunch of douchebags. if they aren’t going to be punished then we need names to faces and lots of lulz at their expense*, it’s only fair.

        *amount of lulz appropiate to each douchebag will be weighed out by a system of checks and balances called a ‘forum thread.’

      • this just is a larger version of ‘lord of the flies’… a much larger version

  17. One last comment , I want to make it clear some people are clearly losers and delinquents on this site.

    The problem is identifying who made a mistake versus who is a real loser. That is what the courts are there for. They look into that sort of thing before forming a judgement or even going to court.

    Also each person posted on this site has a family, does their family deserve to get hate mail? Forced to move?

    • This is not about sympathy for these criminals. If this is affecting their families then they will will have shamed themselves and caused that same shame for their families. I do not condone hate crimes against these people, but if they had gotten away with their crime and not had to be held accountable then they would likely be bragging about it with their buddies, and their families would never know the truth behind the harm they have caused. What these criminals did was totally selfish, and their families (if they have any morals at all) will help hold them accountable too.

      • that’s unfortunately what might make this a non-starter for some of these rioters,

        they don’t have a social circle that shares our value system – imagine that? terrifying, eh? that out of the 10-20+ people someone might have regular / close interractions with, no one has their head screwed on properly in re: to public decorum and respect for safety and good civic order.

        everyday i think about the rights and wrongs of this, and then i see the look on that poor blenz coffee shop owner. shes not just upset for her store and her livelihood – her entire conception of life in this country has been changed – how dare we let the yahoos run amok? settle for nothing now, settle for nothing later. shame the weasels.

  18. Keep going Captain. Sounds like you need a first mate.

  19. The media is definitely pushing an Anti- Capt. Vancouver agenda. The hyprocrites.

    In every misleading story they print about these blogs the comments are almost 100% in favour of the Captain. It’s hardly surprising that local & national media are out of tune with its readers & viewers. The same media that is up to their necks in shabby reputations for yellow, selective, sleazy, tabloid journalism. The same waterhead editors that moan about publication bans would have us all with black boxes around out heads, feed only info they deem worthy for us to know about. They want to be the ones who decide who gets demonized.

    The media showed how vapid & obtuse they with their coverage of the kissing riot couple. Notice that media jumped all over showing pics & naming Nathan Kotylak once the potential readership looked very ripe.

    The newspapers are cherry picking their riot coverage from social media.

    • In Alberta I have seen very little coverage of arrests. There was a small piece about Kotylak and an even smaller piece about Alex Pro that was before the videos/pictures of his truck flipping involvement. Unless its because its not BC then it does’nt look like Journalists are even doing stories about these criminals.

  20. Captain Vancouver, I live in Ontario and have been following your site since the beginning. Keep up the great work.

  21. Captain my Captain

    Another Captain agrees with you:

    Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said today:

    “If you come in voluntarily, you can do so discreetly and at a time that is convenient for you,”

    “If you wait until we find you — and we will find you — we will arrest you in a public manner suitable to the public crimes you have committed.”

    • That means that Dustin Anderson and Alex Pro’s time is running out! They had better turn themselves in now or face even more humiliation. I know that Dusty is scheduled for upcoming court dates I would love to hear he showed up for court for his arraignment only to be arrested yet again for his actions at the riots.

    • That is awesome. That’s exactly what they should do.

    • i will make an effort to be at some of their court hearings, if they happen to go to court – i am so shocked by their actions, but i can’t say, after living here for 25 years and knowing the entire history of the city, that i am particularly surprised.

      it used to be that people like these idiots would only be seen behaving this way out at places like stave like or strawberry island or 20 mile bay on a long weekend. now the provincials have decided to torch a city that they basically have no affinity for – in their mindset the city is full of yuppie douchebags and asians, etc. they have no idea that this is a working community and blowing up vehicles in a closed area – and under a 100 year old stone and wood building – is a really, really stupid and unsafe idea.

      there are other places in the world where having a mass primal experience is acceptable and encouraged – it’s called burning man – but that would be too expensive for these wanksters.

  22. Lets get real here, we know what will happen to many of these people…. nothing and this most likely played in their decisions to partake in the riot to begin with “Hey I can go ahead and kick that cop car door, everyone else is doing it, and there is no way they’ll bother arresting me for a couple kicks when so many are doing far worse things”. Although I do believe or maybe I should say HOPE that we will see some punished with severe jail time and serious fines many will get through with a slap on the wrist or nothing at all and go back to their lives like nothing happened and that’s just not enough. These kinds of sites and sites like it (provided are moderated correctly) are what ultimatly IMO will prevent something like this from ever happening again in our city!

    Sadly as we saw on June 15, 2011 some people have no respect…. the only way to detour these type of people is consequences.

    • i have already seen articles on the vancouver media co-op site written by local anarchists encouraging future rioters to ‘mask up’ as they say.

      fortunate thing is, none of these douchebags read – except the megalomaniac masked up kids, you know, the dominant personalities in those groups that control the others and claim ‘there is no hierarchy’ etc. so they’ll never heed the advice – and of course, once a cop sees you with a mask on in a crowd, you’re pretty well done, son.

      so sick of these douchebags – i can’t wait to spot one on them bus, or the next time i’m out at guildford mall.

    • well said…exactly….when honey and leniency don’t work, sometimes a swift and earnest kick in the ass is a good alternative. often we learn not so much when we succeed, but when we fall; and sometimes we need a good falling down to really ‘get it’.

  23. I would like to add my voice of support for you Captain Vancouver. I think you are doing the right thing and a good job in this controversial, volunteer position. I have not seen a single compelling argument to stop from your detractors on this site over the last several days. On the other hand, I have seen an amazing amount of rationalization, justification, and every other sort of attempt to portray what you are doing as wrong.

    This is the social media-enabled 21st century and the rioters and the public are both learning how this new form of interaction works. For the rioters, they are quickly realizing that real life does not carry the anonymity of the Internet and there are dire consequences for their misdeeds. I think the backlash is coming from people who are perplexed by their own sense of guilt or confusion as to what happened and what it says about our society. The one underlying truth though is that to participate in a free society means to be accountable for your actions that are enabled by that freedom. The collective fury of a society wronged is a powerful force and perhaps can go too far (an actual, literal lynch mob, not a figurative one). But I don’t think that is happening here. Everyone at that riot had a choice. When I was downtown in Toronto during the G20 and things went to Hell, I went home. Everyone who was there had that choice too.

    • i can’t see any lynchings coming out of this – these douchebags aren’t worth the hassle/lawyer fees.

      photoshop is way more fun.

      • I hope you’re right, Derp Derp.

      • What I’m coming to see as a much greater likelihood is that one of these teenagers who had no previous criminal record or pattern of engaging in this kind of behaviour is going to kill him or herself. Teenagers commit suicide over far less than this kind of public shaming. Based on previous comments the readers of this blog will probably cheer, but I think it would be a tragedy.

  24. hey capt vancouver, crooner Michael Buble is right up your ally:

    go get ’em!

    plus there is lots of vancouver support at being disgusted at what happened and how many polled feel less than 25% will get their rightful convictions (hence the public outcry and momentum behind this ‘name and shame’ machine).

    from vancouver province:

    What percentage of identified participants in the Vancouver riot will be prosecuted?

    100 percent

    75 percent

    50 percent

    25 percent

    Less than 25 percent

    • if only you had an ‘edit’ button…i’m multitasking and yet notice spell/grammar mistakes, upon re-reading my posts…ever think of having that function, capt van?

      edit insert: I’d have to move the blog to the paid version of the service. I’m not making money off this (*glare*) as some people imagine, so paying out of pocket for something like that isn’t quite in the cards.

  25. Keep

    Identifying potential criminals for the police and Crown is a most important duty of all loyal citizens. We can help make our society a better place by letting criminals and wannbe criminals know they will be ID’d, they cannot operate incognito and good citizens everywhere will stand up and be counted in the fight against crime.

    You are letting us be better citizens.

  26. I support you 100%. Don’t listen to all the negative comments, people have to be held accountable or else riots would occur every other day. Keep doing what you’re doing man.

  27. The good posters here support you Capt Vancouver! Forget the 1 or 2 posters that Troll here looking for attention, your deeds are noticed for the positives and not the negatives they spout off about.

  28. I’m from Toronto, Ontario and I am very happy with your work Capt. Don’t get rattled by the comments on either end of the spectrum – just keep doing your work (exposing rioters) and spend less time justifying it. The level-headed majority understand and support what you are doing.

    Ed C

  29. Keep up the good work Captain! I too have received threats for some of my Facebook comments that have never been threatening in any way and simply point out obvious facts based on video and photos I have seen. Your annominity is accepted and respected by your followers and your dedication is applauded!!! We hope that you continue to fight the good fight on behalf of Vancouver.

    PS – Did you ever identify yellow shirt guy? As I was hoping to find out who the idiot was.

    Editorial Insert: Hi Jack, I was given 3 different names for him with every source I read all being different. From every lead I got, this guy was swift in covering all his tracks. All his different accounts were deleted quickly, everything scrubbed. To top it off, I’m sure either his friends or himself were involved with tossing different names around to throw off the trail. On top of that, he’s got some pretty loyal family and friends. I would love to put that guy up and have his photos ready to launch, but can’t nail the final name. It’ll happen some day.

  30. What happened to Captain Vancouver? This site isn’t posting anything new, just constantly talking about whether it should exist or not. I guess this site is finished.

    Editorial Insert: Hello and thx for reading. With all the publicity, I’ve had to shore up any security, legal, site and content issues. I’ve been working on that, and that alone for the past 14 hours. Answering multiple media requests has also eaten up quite a bit of time as well. This site will continue to operate as the photos are all out there. I just have to properly vet the photos too. I’ve pretty much lost a complete day of not putting a new photo up to help ensure I can operate longer into the future. Thx again. CV

  31. The final decision regarding defamatory libel may lie with a judge, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone can file suit against you and you’ll have to pay to defend it, multiple suits could be devastating. As the standard for civil torts is balance of probabilities and not beyond shadow of doubt as in criminal cases, that can get sticky. Remember also, we have the Human Rights Tribunal and if someone is so inclined, they can claim you have violated said rights, even by proxy for comments made on your site, if the HRT believe you didn’t show sufficient. Diligence. That one is the kicker in that it costs nothing for someone to file a HRT complaint against you, but you’ll have too retain counsel. Finally, a disclaimer as you’ve added may possibly limit liability but won’t completely protect you. Ideally, you’d not allow unmoderated comments to bee posted to protect yourself from liability as best as you’re able. Remember a lot of these little hooligans have wealthy parents. I may not agree with what you do but I triumph your right to free speech, just remember that true freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Canada. I’d suggest retaining an attorney as soon as possible.

    • maybe the captain is really good with computers and the intertubez and will never be found? what then?

      and what if the captain needed said help/tech/aide? i am fairly certain that can be provided for in this city, if it has not already been offered (hint hint) – and that will be the sweetest part – the captain achieves the true anonymity that these rioters foolishly believed they had.

    • Scott, the one thing anyone thinking of filing suit needs to remember, is that if they lose, the defendant can then file a Bill of Costs with the court under Part 11 of the Federal Court Rules and Tariff B of the Federal Court Rules. This could end with the unsuccessful Plaintiff paying for all costs for all parties involved in the suit they filed. So if some one is thinking of proceeding, you better be sure you have a sound case.

      And until anyone does try, Captain Vancouver doesn’t need to retain a lawyer.

      • Why Federal Court? Wouldn’t the Statement of Claim most likely be filed at the BCSC?

    • If Captain Vancouver is going to court because he rejects the rioters and promotes this transparent blog.. so the thousands of Vanocuverites who are willing to shame these fools should go to Jail too.. let’s put the whole city in jail then??

  32. “The people who rioted that were decent people striving to get an education and become a contributing member of society will be affected the most by shaming.”

    1) If you are a decent person you don’t riot.

    2) If you want to be a contributing member of society you don’t willfully destroy the things that make up that society.

    “What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You want these young people to stop getting an education and work a minimum wage job?”

    1) We want them to punished .

    2) They don’t need to give up on an education, but they need to LEARN that their actions have consequences.

  33. what is interesting is how this incident is serving as a lynchpin for a pendulum that has swung in a new directlon in our attitudes towards ‘crime and punishment’.

    going in one extreme from what many perceive to be a soft court system on young offenders engaging in very damaging acts (let alone repeat offenders ie drunks hit n runs, etc), to this reactionary ” I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it any more!! ” name and shame machine, directly as a result of the public’s anger, humiliation and anger at being let down repeatedly.

    hopefully somewhere in the ‘middle’ is where a more assertive, faster reacting and truly just sentencing system will finally arrive…but probably won’t happen immediately, that’s for sure…then it’s a matter of ideology: ie punishment vs rehab, left vs right on how one should be punished.

    • yeah a nice balance of shame, public service and rehab needs to take place….

      • Agreed — justice is about both punishing wrongdoers appropriately (neither excessively nor too leniently) and discouraging them from repeating their wrongs (using punishment and using education). You need all three of the elements you mention to achieve both those goals.

    • Good points.

  34. Its frustrating because you are painting all rioters with the same brush.

    I guess I just don’t see that logic.

    One rioter stabbed another person
    Another stole pants from a store that is smashed and already looted
    One unsuccessfully tried to light a copy car on fire?

    Do they deserve the same sentence of being shamed?

    • yes they do…because they were each and every one of them was apart of something greater that night: a collective wave that destroyed our international reputation in many ways: morally, financially and physically. If you’re a part of that huge and ugly event, however long it lasts, the momentum is too great to separate things out, a looter from a true thug, …all part of a large, diseased and distasteful vessel we want to quickly eradicate…. so suck it up buttercup. have no doubt this will all fade to some extent in the months and years to come (again, we cdns are a pretty level headed bunch), but for now there is alot of pent up anger.

    • Exactly, Canali — even those who only cheerfully posed beside the destruction were participating in and encouraging an incredibly destructive event. If someone shoplifts a pair of pants in “normal” circumstances and gets caught, it doesn’t make the evening news. But if that same person is captured on film stealing pants during a riot, it DOES make the evening news, because that person is not only stealing pants, but also contributing to an incredibly destructive and shameful event.

      The damage goes far beyond the cost of a pair of pants.

    • so you didn’t riot as much as the others, i take it?

      • I really like how you accused anyone who hold a different opinion of being a rioter. I guess since we’re already throwing out the rule of law we may as well also throw out this country’s noted respect for a diversity of opinion. Burn motherfucking Constitution, burn!

      • “Burn motherfucking Constitution, burn!”
        I’m sure Nathan Kotylak could help with that.
        He likes to set things on fire…


    • Do they deserve the same sentence of being shamed? YES.

      Beyond being shamed, do they deserve different punishment in accordance to the law? YES.

    • Yes.

      Do they all deserve the same punishment in a court of law? No.

      However, the only way to get them INTO a court of law is to find out their identities.

      But, I’m sure they all would have just turned themselves in on their own, if it weren’t for site like this….

      Go back to living in your bleeding heart, pro-rioter, apologist world, while we in the real world continue to expect people to be held accountable for their actions.

      • Just because people are pointing out that rioters have rights too does not make them pro-rioter or apologist. Holding them accountable would be doing what the VPD asked, and give the relevant information to them, and hopefully.sending the rioters to court, not taking the law into your own hands and publish their identities in the hope that their lives would be ruined forever.

      • Just because people are pointing out the rioters’ identities does not show that they want to ruin any lives forever. Holding them accountable to the general public is what this website is doing, and effectively forcing the rioters to ‘confess’. This website does not take the law into its own hands, is publishing what is public information, and is showing that there are public consequences to one’s public actions.

      • No one wants to ruin these people’s lives forever. We want them to come forward, admit guilt, pay restitution and accept punishment in a court of law. Just as we would expect of any other person who broke the law. Unfortunately, it seems that social pressure is the only thing that is forcing these people to come forward without waiting to be hunted down by the RCMP.

        Before we lay blame about ruining people’s lives, let me ask you this:

        1) Who thrust themselves onto the public stage by posing for a picture in front of a burning car, or while smashing a window, or while lighting something on fire? Who is responsible for that? It’s not me, is it?

        2) Again, who posed for pictures with big shit-eating grins on their faces in front of complete strangers, knowing full well that said picture would almost immediately wind up on the internet? Who’s responsible?

        3) Who made the choice to pick up a rock and smash something, or light something on fire, or steal a pair of pants from a store? Who decided to stay in the riot zone after the Riot Act was read? Who is responsible for that?

        Here are the facts:

        If you allow yourself to be photographed in a public place, doing a stupid/illegal thing – people have the legal right to identify you publicly, and there is NOTHING you can do about that. However, there is a very easy way to avoid this fate: Don’t do stupid/illegal things in public. Or, failing that, don’t allow yourself to be photographed doing stupid/illegal things in public. Problem solved!

        Let’s think about some of the damage caused by this riot that hasn’t already been discussed:

        1) Vancouver’s world image has been SHATTERED by this. Don’t think this will all blow over in a couple of months and that the tourists will be lining up to come back. They won’t. Not for awhile, at least. It’s going to take some time, because not only are we now stuck with the riot label, we’re also stuck with the “We Riot For Absolutely No Reason” label too. That’s kind of a big deal to someone who is planning a vacation.

        2) This riot has destroyed the image of any legitimate protest movement who ever decides to hold a rally in this city. There is no way anyone will be able to peacefully protest anything ever again in Vancouver without being marked as a possible rioter. See some real injustice happening in the world and want to speak your mind about it in a thoughtful and peaceful manner? Too bad. You’ll be immediately labeled as a threat to public security. If you think I’m joking, just wait and see.

        3) I don’t know about you, but my personal sense of “community” has completely vanished. I just realized that I don’t really know any of you, even though you are my neighbours. That really sucks.

        4) None of us have any idea of the extent of the damage caused by this riot. Maybe we should wait until we can make a proper assessment of that before we declare that we’re being too hard on these people. Yes, many of these people had an unfortunate lapse of judgement and are otherwise good people – but this isn’t like accidentally scratching someone’s car in a parking lot because you weren’t paying attention. This lapse of judgement was of the most serious and dangerous kind.

        I vehemently oppose anyone who thinks these people should be threatened, harassed at home, or physically harmed in any way. But I want to know who these people are so I can exclude them from my life. I have that right, as a citizen, to freely choose who I associate with – and I choose to exercise that right.

        To put it plain english: If you’re an asshole – word gets around. It just happens a lot faster on Facebook and Twitter. There’s an easy fix if you want to avoid this: Don’t be an asshole.

      • Well said well said. I could not ashes with you more. And the fact that if it helps get someone else to think before they act then it’s done it’s job.

      • thumbs up! agreed….don’t expect a city, given it’s 2nd blackeye internationally, despite a great olympics, to let goonlike behaviours off the hook….this will, if anything, prove to be a huge detriment to possible future ‘disturbances’

        sometimes you have to come down hard on the chickens, to truly scare the monkeys.

      • I agree with most of this – it is exactly why I believe this shaming campaign began. Unfortunately, you go too far and c.v. has seriously damaged his credibility by posting names of people who (in your opinion) act ‘stupidly’ on a shaming site..

        true, its on the internet – but what’s the purpose of posting the name of the person posing and IMPLYING guilt by association ? It’s bizarre –and I have said before, Monty-Python-esque. Now, I just find it Orwellian.

        Exactly so !! Not ONE of the 170+ people who have ‘come forward’ so far has come forth on their own volition !! For this, I give a standing ovation to c.v. and the other shame-bloggers (shloggers ? 🙂 .
        However, posts that name names of ‘stupid people’ must be taken down and discontinued so that the basic idea is not diluted.


        i have not seen any new names in at least 48 hours – everything else is public record after they’re charged – still not fair game?

        i’ll take the orwellian dystopia over Lord of the Flies ANY DAY OF THE FUCKING WEEK, thanks.

      • all the bleeding heart apologists over look one thing:

        2) This riot has destroyed the image of any legitimate protest movement who ever decides to hold a rally in this city. There is no way anyone will be able to peacefully protest anything ever again in Vancouver without being marked as a possible rioter. See some real injustice happening in the world and want to speak your mind about it in a thoughtful and peaceful manner? Too bad. You’ll be immediately labeled as a threat to public security. If you think I’m joking, just wait and see

        this is exactly correct – this riot has destroyed our ability to have legitimate mass rallies at a future date if we were suddenly confronted with a serious breakdown in the economic/political situation.

        we just herped till we derped.

      • Very well said, Hal J. I agree completely. Those who threaten or criminally harass rioters or their families are also in the wrong, and need to find a better way to deal with their anger. BUT — the core idea of this site is absolutely valid: public consequences for serious, destructive, public mistakes. The association of your name with your own shameful actions may sting, but it is a natural byproduct of behaving irresponsibly.

        Responsible individuals understand that their actions have consequences. Those who don’t, or forget, must inevitably learn the hard way…

  35. Alex Pro may not get any jail time for just posing in front of a burning car. Before anyone comments that I should only be posting photos of people doing actual criminal acts. Anyone, including Alex commits a sin of omission by not doing the right thing and walking away from the actions perpetuated by others that are not good.

    So I should walk away when someone is being attacked or raped? You’re moralising is pathetic, you just like getting people in shit and pick any target, right or wrong to exercise your “power” on

    • well come on, Alex Pro is no doubt, enjoying the riot, he’s on a RAVE!!! and that’s the point, he may not go to jail, he may not get charges…but he should be ashamed for sure. That’s why he earned a position on this blog. I think Alex was just very out of his mind, not saying his the evil… just.. wrong actions… maybe a role model for the biking world, not a role model for the citizenry…

    • Mr. Potato-

      Alex Pro did NOT just pose in front of a burning car, despite what his so-called ‘apology’ stated.

      There is a video (which shows his face) of him smashing the truck while its upright. There are also video and photos of him actively participating in pushing the vehicle over.

      His ‘apology’ suggesting that all he did was pose for a photo was a lie. Which was pretty obvious when you’re covered in grease stains.

  36. Detected: Worm.JS.FBook.a

    Also your comments page is infected with a virus you troll

    • What virus? there are no virus in here… you need to know more about the technicalities of the internet bud, no files downloaded, no virus.
      good try to scare out pple from this blog anyway….

  37. Captain, you can always lock older topics if you have too much stuff to moderate…

    • Locking older topics is a good idea. A lot less to moderate that way and the Capt can keep his attention focused on the top of the blog.

    • I think locking topics of those criminals who have already turned themselves in or acknowledged their participation in some way is a good idea.

      If it means less for you to moderate, leaving more of your time for posting, I vote for locking any topics you need to.

  38. Keep doing what you’re doing Captain Vancouver!!

    I am raising two young Vancouver Canucks fans myself and am 100% behind this blog and it’s purpose.

    Way to set a precedent for my kids and tomorrow’s generation as a whole.

    Too bad so sad for the kids/parents of these apparently ‘good’ kids being caught and shamed but you’re doing a HUGE favour for the future teens/fans as well as parents of future teens/fans to see this all being played out.

    Thank you and keep being awesome.

  39. Well…. all I can say is you are doing a great job and the police should actually reward you, the police is asking for cooperation and was the MAJOR OF VANCOUVER WHO FIRST SUGGESTED TO SHAME THE RIOTERS and make sure the people see their faces and use those faces as examples of what is wrong. So well done pple.
    I agree that racist comments or sexist comments or hate speech is not constructive, so these coments must be deleted somehow…

    STILL, all you need Captain Vanocuver is a clear DISCLAIMER and you’re SET (I think you already have one) DISCLAIMERS on pages like this are very important and have legal value. I’m telling you this cos I’m a webmaster too and work with lawyers.
    if you need to find a lawyer to verify your disclaimer just let me know I’ll contact you with someone… Don’t give up, let’s keep posting more ID’s or at lease LINKS to other pages so you are Clear cap.

  40. I’m assuming that the anger is coming from the 1000’s of rioters who are deathly afraid that their idiotic actions may result in actual consequences–keep up the work, captain, my captain!

  41. alot of people are fed up and are behind you.
    forgiveness, even with a heartfelt apology, is but one step towards redemption…it’s not a free card to getting off the hook.
    Canadians are by and larger very forgiving people…sure we (esp vancouverites) are extremely upset at having our lovely city and reputation reduced to something you’d see in the Rodney King LA riots and then having our nose rubbed in it by ignortant international media sources (ie CNN calling us ‘sore losers’ thinking it was all about a hockey game…NOT!) but we will forgive you: but not the old way with a ‘slap’ on the hand…not this time Jose, no way.

    interesting is that ALOT of people also feel an apology is only but one step towards true forgivness….see below.

    • Right on, Canali. Well said.

      Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes have consequences, and public, destructive mistakes can and should have serious consequences. Having your name publically associated with the public, destructive mistake you made is both a natural and fitting consequence.

      There can be forgiveness, and there can be redemption; but removing consequences from actions encourages people to behave less responsibly, not more. As you say, Canali — an apology is a good step towards redemption, but it does not undo the mistake and the damage caused.

      Keep up the good work, Captain Vancouver. Stay sharp; stay diligent; oppose violence and threats; fact check carefully; and keep naming names. You are doing a public service and (much of) Vancouver stands behind you.

  42. Captn’ there no way you’ll have enough time and patience to keep this project up, but sites like this MUST stay up until all responsible have been dealt with by the law. Your appeals are just going to draw in the trolls that’ll keep posting offensive remarks + personal details in order to get your site off the web.

    So, how do you effectively deter trolls? You already have the idea – public shame. This can be done automatically or on a per-case basis. Leave each offensive post (but not personal detail) up exactly as is, but edit it with the poster’s IP address (not email, since those can be faked to feed spam to other people) . I know IP addresses can be spoofed and ain’t perfect, but it’s a start. You can leave it up to the white hat elements to dig up the account name behind the IP address, or at the very least we can file complaints to their ISP. After a few examples of these I bet you 99% of your hate speech /personal address posts goes away.

    Edit: I’ll keep that option open. That’s a good to have that as a tool to use. Thanks CV

  43. Everybody who saw the RIot as a RAVE or as BIG PARTEE should be publicly ashamed yes. if you stole a purse, posed with a huge smile, burned a car etc.. it’s to be proven by the cops… this is just about what’s EVIDENT on the videos and images.. people having a hell of a parteeeee!! yeah!!!

    • i think we’ll find out eventually that there was a lot of drug abuse going on – coke/meth etc.

      some people certainly had a shit-ton of energy.

  44. See Youth Criminal Justice Act 110(1)


    “no person shall publish the name of a young person, or any other information related to a young person, if it would identify the young person as a young person dealt with under this Act”

    There are several instances where you’ve posted names and photographs of young people and have linked them to a crime that would be dealt with under this act.

  45. Wow, it seems like all you vigilantes are under the same mob-mentality that these people were. It’s pathetic of you all to assume you would “never” be involved in this as a young adult. Maybe you really should read up on the powerful effects of mob mentality. Some of these people are otherwise good, hard-working people who temporarily lost sight of right and wrong. Everyone around them was doing it, and they didn’t consider the lively-hood of the people at SEARS.. they were caught up in the excitement and rebel-behaviour. You people need to get off your high horses, and stop claiming you know you wouldn’t participate in this. These people are just like you… With this public shaming, you are putting people who would have put this incident behind them and live a productive life… into a situation where they are forced out of school and whatnot. It isn’t your job to punish them.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

    • Which is worse to you? A group of people smashing, looting, fighting and generally acting like idiots with no respect or regard for other people or property? OR A group of people that are judging them and attempting to identify the worst of their behavior to set an example? It only seems like a mob mentality in this commentary because the vast majority of us agree that these assholes behavior was completely unacceptable to citizens of Vancouver, fans of the canucks, residents of British Columbia and Canadians.

      • To Canali… yes, zzzz…. just don’t think, act… sound familiar? You people aren’t even considering what a big deal this really is, this is a scary example of the future, and the power of social media. You might want to consider that before proceeding ruining other’s lives. I’m sure you have your secrets that you wouldn’t want everyone here knowing, but whatever, it’s always fun to judge others from your ivory tower.

        To WintersWolves, obviously rioting is a terrible thing. But that doesn’t mean this form of vigilantism is warranted. Send their identities to the police, and have them deal with it. You are solving absolutely nothing by bring shame to the people and their families. Just causing more harm to society in the long run. But hey, it’s fun to have a little online riot isn’t it? I’m sure many people here have vandalized in their youth… among other things, and turned out to be fine people. But whatever…

        reminds me of the simpson episode when bart beheaded and a mob formed to burn him. He was just a kid going along… there were quite a few of them at that riot.

  46. everytime I watch the many and ever growing number of videos of people clearly looting ….or being hurtful to others…or damaging property, all the while having a smug ‘know it all grin’ (that you just SO much want to slap off), I am just SO glad that site and others like it are nabbing people (with clear evidence) exist….

    otherwise it’d be another ’94, before social media existed as it does today, before we ourselves could document wrong doings, and as a result SO many douchebags ”got away with it”….hopefully not this time baby, not this time!

  47. Support your blog, AND public shaming, Capt Van. I hope you do get some help moderating though.
    Here’s a little ditty that relects my view on this bullshit that has been forced upon us as a city and (our hockey team) and our country.

    O Canada/Vancouver
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!
    From far and wide,
    O VANCOUVER,Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free (from any Canadian citizen present June 15th that make excuses like “caught up in the moment” and false tears…..)
    O Vancouver, we stand on guard for thee.
    O Vancouver, we stand on guard for thee!

    All Involved, (criminals/family or those of you who stood by and watched as these people ransacked/bullied our city, or make excuses for those that are being outed) I say to you… time to eat a big fat slice of humble pie. Deal

  48. *but no rat with cell has snapped your pic.

  49. Before the cop cars, there was the garbage can fire. His momentary lapse of judgement was a loooong moment of repeated pyromania.

    Did he apologize for this or just the cop car incident?

    4:20 mark

  50. Old Man, lol.
    I think someone else said it best, you’re pretty good at copy and paste, but you understanding of how our law works in actual. Practicee is a little on the weak side.

    In reality, bill of cost judgments are routinely ignored, resulting in repeat visits to obtain payment months or even years later, if at all. You can quote me the verbiage all you want, I have first hand experience with how it works in practice.

    I’m not an attorney and clearly, neither are you. This being the case, it’s foolish and irresponsible of you to advise Captain Vancouver he should not retain an attorney.

    Only an attorney can make that determination and an initial consultation is under $100 at many offices, and would be money well spent on his part.

    Edit: I have an attorney who specializes in Defamation cases. Thanks for the suggestion as I’m sure they will try and send me letters and I of course will be ready. Scrambling in a panic when I see the email at 11pm is not a good way to have a good nights rest.

  51. Keep up the excellent work Captain! With you 100%!

  52. Oh Jess, one of the fools posted on this website saying how the riot was good to Vancouver… Unbelievable…


  53. Captain,

    This is the second day without any real new information. That’s a shame. Lock up the comments and post a batch of new offenders. The detractors of this site have successfully distracted you and got in the way of the job at hand, just as the horde of cheering onlookers prevented the emergency services from doing their job on Wednesday night.

    If there isn’t a batch of new postings on day three, then this blog will have ceased to be relevant in the public eye, and that would be a shame.

    I hope you continue, as do many others.

    And I hope you’re saving up for a big effort on the one week anniversary.

    • This.

    • The job got done already, everything else is extra or in the millions of files that are now all over the Internet, this website can continue just as a social courtroom, new pics would be great tho… the anger level will go down and pple will get more objective

  54. Everyone has an opinion.
    I for one, think you are doing a great job and would be sorry to see you give in to the crybabies who feel they must protect the nihilists and un-productive left.
    This site exposes those that have done wrong; some will learn and correct their ways, others will end up in the prison systems.
    We know that the courts will hand out token “slaps on the wrists” – this just isn’t good enough. I was seething with anger when I saw the behavior of the crowd trashing the town I grew up in and the people responsible should be punished.
    Bravo Captain Vancouver. A job well done and a job worth continuing!

  55. I read this morning that the evidentiary standards to convict people for looting will require police to actually come up with the items in peoples’ homes following a search to prove they stole them (and they’ll no doubt throw them out on hearing that). More and more it’s looking as if the judicial response to this will be a slap on the wrist… Good to know there’s still justice out there, Captain Vancouver. Keep it up! 🙂

  56. Don’t let them silence you! The riot was big, a lot of criminals in their that have a lot to lose. It seems that those criminals and friends of them are trying to denounce this website in an attempt to avoid consequences.

    Keep up the good work Captain.

  57. You’re doing a fine job, blubbering 17-yo crybabies and suddenly-meek teenage social-thieves notwithstanding.

    Thieves and rioters are amongst the worst possible sets of people; any way at all they can be discouraged is fine by me.

  58. Keep up the awesome work Captain – don’t let any skater punks or professional shit-stirrers intimidate you into silence! You are the voice for everyone in the region that believes that actions have consequences!

  59. Keep up the good work Captain Vancouver. This blog must stay to shame the rioters and looters. Most of the participants just don’t think they did anything that wrong ..ie Camille Cacnio and her so called ‘apology’ where she asked for sympathy, declares herself a victim, and didn’t think what she did was that wrong see: http://therealcamille.wordpress.com/

  60. Psychologists and sociologists will always bring up a primary reason that rioters do what they do – anonymity en masse. Surrounded by hundreds of others, there is a de-individualization that leads to a sense of security. This blog is solving that problem. If future generations with as much image-capturing technology as we have today enter into a riot, I hope as a result of this type of societal outing, more people have second thoughts and are less likely to be ‘caught up in the moment’ and feel secure en masse.

    That’s the good thing about this blog. Now the bad:

    Watching videos of these riots, it’s clear that there are two types of people in these crowds:
    1) The pre-mediated, career criminal, don’t-give-a-fuck thugs.
    2) The young kids who lack a solid base of ethics and morals who made the wrong choice when so many more made the right one and did not participate.

    The problem with the online Name & Shame process is that the majority of the evidence will show the latter idiots, because they went in unprepared (no masks, plan, etc). Idiot kids like Jason and Camille (who deserve punishment but not a lifetime of negative name association) will get the bulk of our early negative attention while the shittiest elements of Vancouver society will get off fairly unscathed because they aren’t stupid enough to get their picture taken on high definition film.

    I know you’re just one man, but please do what you can to out the worst offenders first: those who swarmed and beat good samaritans, instigators who were involved in the original police push-back, and those who went store-to-store along Granville Street smashing, fighting and looting for two hours straight.

    The majority of our public shaming will naturally land on the first outed parties. This effect is giving those fools much worse relative treatment than those who most deserve a criminal record and public scrutiny. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve to be called out for their actions, but the highest levels of shame are falling on the wrong parties.

    Keep up the great work, but please try and better prioritize the worst offenders first, not just the easiest to identify. Anything we can do to help in that, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    (reposted from CV’s first thread)

  61. Hi Captain Vancouver, love your site, keep up the good work. Have you seen Rex Murphy’s rant from CBC news? It sums up alot of what people in Canada are thinking. “Those who can be identified as participating in the riot; those who in any way had a hand in instigating or spreading it; those who damaged property; those who hit and hurt other people; those who scorned and savaged the police, set cars alight — all of the vandals and hooligans, within the confines of what is absolutely legal, should be sought out, named, charged, and offered real, substantial penalties.”

    And finally, he ends with: “The rioters are a third-rate band of losers who still managed to cast a shadow on what should have been — win or lose — a wonderful night for all the country. Everyone in Canada who loves hockey and Canada despises these people. ”

    Keep up the good work, Captain Vancouver. The legal system may not do anything substantial, but public shaming will. Full rant is here: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2011/06/17/rex-murphy-punish-those-who-tore-the-heart-out-of-vancouver/

  62. I like how “Captain Vancouver” always omitted the most legitimate problem people have with this site and its intent of public humiliation – that it’s a travesty of our justice system and our laws, and is a form of vigilantism. Why don’t you address that? A shortage of moral courage?

    • How is what Captain Vancouver is doing in any way different from what they do on CTV news?

      CTV names criminals before they’ve been prosecuted or in some cases even before they’ve been arrested. CTV Online has open comments boards below the online versions of their stories, which they moderate for racism or the promotion of vigilantism.

      The BC population want to know who these thugs are the same way the people want to know who the Top 10 car thieves in the province are. Those are announced every year and they are ‘publicly shamed’ in exactly the same way.

      • Keep in mind that CTV as a news source is subject to certain regulations and standards and must always abide by the law. For example, CTV will not give out the name of youth criminals, or encourage public humiliation and permanently ruining people’s lives with no regard to the due process of the law. They also attempt to use neutral and objective language that will not jeopardize the principle of innocent before proven guilty; for example, they will not say something such as “two scumbags that are involved in the murder are arrested and we hope they rot in jail for a long time.” Instead, they’ll say something along the line of “two suspects in the murder case have been arrested.” Therein lies the difference.

    • Because Captain Vancouver is mired in the black or white debate. Guilty or not guilty. There are no shades of grey, no context, no extenuating circumstances, no relativity. Everyone is shamed equally regardless of their crime. Everyone deserves derision and ruin, regardless of any possible positive future outcome. He said it himself in his whiny statement of “It amazes me to the point that I wonder if there are two different cities in how we view the case for and against public shaming.” Because either you’re with Captain Vancouver or you’re against him. He misses the point completely. Just like most of the people here…

      • Very well said, but dont expect the emotional mob in here to understand your point.

      • Nice point. At the end of the day “Captain Vancouver” and his legions of supporters are barely better than the rioters: the rioters gave vent to their frustration, pent-up aggression, etc with no regard to the rule of law; “Captain Vancouver” is doing exactly the same thing. Now, cue badly spelt, grammatically incorrect name-callings.

      • Now, cue badly spelt, grammatically incorrect name-callings.

        Comma misuse, spelling error.

  63. Keep up the excellent work Captain Vancouver!
    Don’t let these sympathizers make anyone forget the wrongs that were done by these individuals.

    Everyone is accountable for their actions, and you get what you deserve. One can only imagine the number of criminals who wouldn’t have turned themselves into the VPD had it not been for websites and posts that brought their despicable actions to light.

    If you loot, damage property – be prepared to pay the price. Karma always comes full circle.

  64. The people that participated in the riots were well aware of cameras snapping pictures and recording video if not posting it themselves or bragging about it. So suffer the consequence if you aren’t smart enough to figure out that there is proof of your idiocy. This is the reality of our digital age.
    Public shaming isn’t too much of a punishment for everyone who participated in these riots whether it be posing for photos in front of the burning car or actually starting the fire in the first place.
    The real issue here is the attitude that this kind of behaviour is cool and that’s what’s wrong with this situation. The justice system is certainly not enough to make these people think otherwise but I bet all this public backlash is really making them think hard now!

  65. Thought you might like this Facebook link. Apparently there is no heart in “Vancouver Riot Pics: Post Your Photos” anymore. They are not interested in ‘name and shame’, rather they are only interested in those already caught. The image to some of the website discourse is below.

  66. will Vancouver break out into civil war?


  67. Captain Vancouver is an unrepentant coward. I hope you have legal advice.

    This blog is all about kicking the same people every day, over and over again, when they are down. Some of them are already being dealt with by the system, but you can never be satisfied until when? They pick up litter in front of your condo?

    Whatever you want, the end result is, the so called “rioters” come out of this looking better than you.

    So why dont you show your face you gutless wonder so you can be shamed? You are no better than Dustin Anderson or Brock Anton.

    • Could not say it better.

    • “Some of them are already being dealt with by the system”

      Only after they were outed online. You don’t get to cherry-pick facts in this argument. Most of the people identified were subsequently shown to be covering their tracks or trying to deny their involvement, until more damning evidence was found.

      “Whatever you want, the end result is, the so called “rioters” come out of this looking better than you.”

      No, and they never will. Not only have they made the Canucks logo the most infamous sports team identification since the Oakland Raiders, but they’ve given the city and this country a black eye in the media for what they’ve done.

      They had a choice when they decided to start torching, stealing and assaulting in full view of cameras, long after they were told to get off the streets. They should all be found culpable.

      Thankfully, Lance, your opinion will never matter in this fight. Justice is already being served.

      • More like mis-served. Also, dead Alex, notice that “Captain Vancouver” has to put up this post specifically to address the issue of people opposed to this blog. Lance’s opinion, and the opinions of many other more rational citizens of Vancouver, do matter.

  68. Captain Van,
    Ezra Levant did a great piece on SNN today. You’ll like what he has to say about Nathan Kotylak and others you’ve outed here. Enjoy:

  69. I love you Captain Vancouver! 🙂
    That aside, they have no right to close down your blog as this is a form of freedom of speech. You are not explicitly declaring that any one person shown on your site is, without a doubt, a participant of the criminal acts committed during the riot. Please continue to do what you are doing! The people who participated in the riot and have been caught on film or camera (by one or more of the many who stood around and observed as if they were at some circus show, which I’m sure it was) brought this upon themselves. No one is to blame for an individual’s actions, but themselves.

  70. Interestingly enough, the majority of the people who have turned themselves in and issued public apologies have been profiled on this blog. Would the have done the right thing otherwise? Not likely. This blog, and others like it, has been instrumental in forcing people to be accountable for their despicable actions.

  71. Also, vigilantes do not show their face, ever. That is a well-known fact : )

  72. Let me try again. Here’s Ezra Levant’s SNN piece:

  73. How are these identifications verified? Are you just relying on random strangers sending you tagged photos? I will admit that most of them do look close, but they could also be one of many other nondescript white kids. Could I send you a picture of my neighbour’s smart-ass son who happens to look like one of the blurry punks flipping the truck?

    Also, what is the point of insulting people on the site? The evidence should stand for itself. The personal insults (of people you have never met!) severely damage the credibility of the site. If you are going try to claim it as a public service, I would at least want to make it LOOK objective.

  74. “Yes Scott, you definitely are not an attorney, That much is clear.”

    And somehow, clear though it may be, I still have a far better grasp of the law than you, maybe something to do with a degree I earned, but then again, maybe not.

  75. I’ve been too mad to post until now. The anger is starting to ease a bit and I believe I can think clearly again. I have to say I’m feeling a little guilty for not going downtown and helping out, when I knew there was going to be trouble win or lose.

    Aside from the riot, there seems to be something else going on in Vancouver, and by Vancouver, I really mean the whole Lower Mainland. People are tired of putting up with assholes who ruin everything. Its getting impossible to go anywhere without these rioters/looters acting like drunken morons. Every fireworks, busy day on a ski hill, at a campground, the PNE, the beach…… is wrecked because people like Alicia Price, Mathew Eakin, Brock Anton, et al acting like such idiots….they swear loudly, get into fights, break stuff, and leave a big pile of broken glass and beer cans behind. Occasionally they crash their car on the way home because they are so hammered and tie up traffic all day while police waste time investigating.

    Usually these people don’t quite go far enough to receive some sort of punishment from the courts, so the rest of us have to suffer. Now they went to far and are paying the price. I can believe that UBC girl (Camile) is not usually a trouble maker. I find it hard to believe it was a one time thing for the Water Polo kid torching the police car. Retards like him are out every weekend yelling, screaming, getting into fights, and breaking stuff. Finally the general public can get back at them. What I would find interesting is hearing stories from the neighbours of these losers. Someone lives near Alicia and has to put up with her nonsense everyday. Same for that retard from Surrey who punched the fireman.

    I hope what Captain Vancouver started will continue. Of course the effect of shaming will be diluted over time, but it would be nice to see something of this last. Maybe a permanent page people can post pics of losers so they can be tagged and id’d.

  76. Keep up the good work Captain and don’t let the media’s need for a new “angle” on this story halt your progress!

    Good luck to you and Vancouver at finding those responsible.

    One ultra-minor nitpick: Watch the apostrophes on the plural words (“rioters” not “rioter’s”).


    The only people crying are the rioters and terrorists who are getting caught. I love how the police are going after the terrorists in a public manner from now on, to help the GOOD people of Vancouver in shaming the terrorists.

  78. You were quoted in the Toronto Star, a known hang-out for bleeding heart lefty idiots who never met a thug they didn’t want to hug! Of course they think you are evil, which makes you just that much more respectable in my books! Keep up the great work,

  79. well, lookee here: ‘name and shame’ has scored a point (sorry detractors, this marble is for our side):

    Dustin Anderson to turn himself in due to public pressure (can’t leave his own home)
    ‘If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime’…think next time.

  80. Captain Vancouver is a hero!

  81. The majority of people seen rioting will NOT be brought to justice. I guarantee you that the majority of the people highlighted on this site will either have nothing done to them by officials or receive very light sentences. The system just can not handle the volume of people that cause problems during a riot. That’s why their actions have to be known to the general public. It’s not about violent retribution. It’s about paying a social consequence for anti-social behaviour. So far the people that have been highlighted on sites like this have come forward and admitted their guilt. Shaming works. They should lose their jobs, scholarships, or at least be docked wages or expelled from school. They should demonstrate to their communities their remorse for their actions through community service. They can apologize all they like, but until they become a contributing member of their community, it’s all just words. There are always second chances, but it takes a lot of work to earn that chance.

  82. 1st Strike : Attempting to Ignite a police car.

    2nd Strike: Alleged Sexual Assault (No Consent for inappropriate touching)

    3rd Strike: Alleged Destruction of Property and Looting

    Mr Nathan Kotylak try getting yourself out of this one, I dont think the tearful apology is going to work again.

  83. maybe you guys should just get better at hockey and then you wouldn’t have to snitch on people like a coward.

  84. Some of you people who are calling our judicial system a joke should spend some time in another developing country, where the type of law you want exists.

    Maybe you would like spending time in North Korea?

    We as Canadian’s have rights for a reason to protect the innocent.

    Yes I will be called a “troll” or a rioter or an apologist.

    The truth is I am proud to be Canadian and I personally like my human rights.

    • So because other countries are shitholes we’re not supposed to complain? FAIL

      • its funny he seems to think we want brutal violent justice – no we want names on pictures so the cops can go visit them at their houses and bring them into the station for questioning. that’s it.

        we are not the government, we are individual canadians who are compiling these photos and sharing them, making jokes, trying to get people to recognize them.

        the charter is not going anywhere, don’t get your knickers in a knot.

  85. Ok first off I just want to say that what is happening with this site is a great thing and I wish it had been around before. I think alot of you are missing the point of it I think, it’s not just about that night and the anger it caused for all of Canada and Canucks fans and the such. Cause much like the rest of you I did want to lynch them all. I don’t live in Vancouver anymore. And that riot got so so much negative attention for such a wonderful city. Here’s the thing though the people being blamed are at fault and they deserve what they get. But even with that said there are way way bigger benifits to this site. Five years from now when some event happens somewhere in Canada and an angry mob decides hey I thing we should destroy stuff that isn’t ours, if this site causes even half the mob to stop and think well I don’t want to end up with my life ruined or be shamed then I think it’s done more then it’s worth. If a pro had got shamed and lost all his sponsors back in 94 and it was common knowledge, do you think Alex might have stopped and thought dude I like riding for aliving. See this is the thing we are all angry across this great country about the riot but that anger will go away. But if a site like this can stop the next riot or at least break it up enough police can contain it easier well then it’s all worth it too me.

  86. please keep this site up. it is amazing and im in full support of leaving these dbags 15 minutes of fame permanently on the internets.

    Van City Liver

    • hear hear! somebody find ‘skaterdouche’ that assaulted the woman defending the holt renfrew store.

      Van City Kidney

  87. No one wants to ruin these people’s lives forever.

    Comments indicate otherwise.

    I don’t have any problem with the project: outing people caught on video tipping cars over is fine. The comment threads here, though, are pretty ugly. Maybe everything apart from information about the rioters themselves needs to be deleted. This one included.

  88. Whatev. Can we have a little bit less Captain Vancouver navel gazing and little more name-and-shame.

    • Done moderating and I will begin again. I need to just step out of the house and will be back in a hour and half. All comments scanned and moderated to leave me time to focus again. I’ll leave everyone with one last thing to ponder. The G20 Toronto Riots happened last year. Over 1100 people were arrested making it the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. On the news they said that we may arrest anywhere from 500-1000 people. The National contacted me for an interview and told me that they wanted a story about what was happening on our end and if shaming will work or have an effect. My thoughts are hell ya! In Toronto they have an absolute failure in bringing justice to the 1100 arrested. As of today they have 26 convictions. Now think about that, 26 out of 1100 people. So for all those people thinking our courts will deliver bring justice to the Vancouver rioters, I present our neighbours to the East and their 26 rioters in jail.

  89. While I agree with the point of this site, I find myself thinking ‘captain Vancouver’ did this for ego gratification and attention. If it was purely for what he says it is, he’d simply be posting photos and NO COMMENTARY. All this chatter is useless for the purpose of this sites existence. If i was innocent of wrongdoing and ‘outted’ here, and my reputation was destroyed, I would go after this site and any associated with it for damages regardless of personal cost. As for ‘Old Man’ anyone can claim to be anyone on the internet, especially when the guy uses a pseudonym: a lawyer, Batman, your mom… seriously, if you want your words to have any weight, put your real name behind them, otherwise you’re a trolling, lying coward. This site concept would be better served as part of the criminal justice system, I agree we should know who those most likely to re-commit crimes, those who assaulted others, and those who stole things, with a secondary section for those who chose not to leave the area after the riot act was read, those posed proudly in front of the destruction, alongside those who stood up against the crowd.

  90. Do you really think you can participate in ruining people’s lives without consequence? The cowards who egg Capt Vancouver on can do so because they don’t have to face the consequences. Are they going to pay your legal fund if it comes to that? Are they going to protect your family and property if it comes to that? Revenge has many forms – this site is a testament to that. These rioters are not poor people – they have resources. I hope you have more resources. All the other sites have stopped doing what you are doing – for good reason. It’s not a court of law you have the most to fear. It’s the wrath of someone who is obsessed with seeking revenge. The hunter will become the hunted.

  91. I was responding to Hal J, btw

  92. you must be new to the internet

  93. I LOVE this site! I sent it to everyone in my office too!
    Keep up the great work on YOUR blog.

  94. It’s probably hard to ignore all of the negative press you are getting, but i would say that the vast majority of people who have heard of this site think it’s fantastic. the problem is that usually only the extreme views will comment, which is why you get people denouncing you as inciting violence against the people who rioted and then you get the people who are supportive and probably mean well, but post inflammatory things.

    I hope that you ignore the extremes on both sides and remember that there are many many ordinary kind people who were absolutely devastated and disgusted by what we saw people doing on television and who support what you are doing 100%.

    thank you for this site and I hope you keep posting pictures and shaming the people who shamed Vancouver.

    Also, as a side note, the apologists need to step back and reconsider their veiws. Cpt Vancouver isn’t promoting violence and anyone who makes comments promoting violence against the rioters is in the wrong. Public shaming, however, is a great tool to hold people accountable and discourage them to act like this is the future.

    nobody “made a mistake” that night. lighting cop cars on fire, looting and committing acts of violence are NOT mistakes. They chose their behaviour and have to live with the consequences.

  95. Captain Vancouver, thank you very much for putting all the time into researching the overabundance of photos, videos and tips….and turning your blog into something anyone can quickly use as a comprehensive resource. Your efforts to provide the complete (as much as is available) story of these folks who broke many laws during the riot, are worth it.

    Anyone who regrets their choices on the night of the riot has several choices to make amends. Thanks to PUBLIC SHAMING, some of those who may have thought they could disappear into society and pretend they never did anything wrong, have been outed. If that is what it takes to trigger their consciences, well, so be it. Whatever it takes, lets be thankful that shaming has the desired effect. They can publicly apologize, they can turn themselves in, and they can also alert Capt. Vancouver if they want their story updated.

    Any wrongdoers who are truly sorry for their actions, don’t wait for the authorities to demand recompense, do the right thing NOW, TODAY, by contributing to the clean up efforts and start paying for the damages you have caused. Go to the store whose window you broke and start paying for its replacement. Volunteer your services to your victims. To those that set cars on fire or damaged cars, contact ICBC and start paying. RESTORATIVE JUSTICE. Don’t wait for the law to track you down, if you want to make amends, start today. You know what you did, what damage you caused, apologize and make amends. And we all know what you did too, thanks to all those pictures and videos. So you might as well accept that you ARE busted, one way or another, and do your best to do the RIGHT THING.

    The general population will have a lot more respect for you, and may be willing to give you another chance, if you do the right thing now by doing YOUR BEST to make amends for your mistakes. The road to recovery starts by acknowledging your mistakes. Stop hiding, go to the police and tell them you want to make amends to YOUR victims.

  96. from vancouver riots ‘post your pics’ fb page:

  97. Just a suggestion (Someone may have said this already but I can’t be bothered to read 1000 comments :p)

    If you made it so that people actually had to log in to comment it would get rid of a lot of the flamers (idiots) who are allowed to say whatever they want hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.

    Something as simple as making them create a basic account with username, email and PASSWORD, then have a confirmation email sent to the address provided to make sure it is not bogus. Then they can only post a comment after they click the link in that sent email.

    Right now people can post using multiple usernames and bogus emails with no repercussions.

    Would make your job easier as you would have fewer comments to delete or edit from all the useless Tards.

  98. Nice job Captain Vancouvet on the login changes!

    Should get rid of most of the idiot flamers, not all, but most.

    • Stupid typo!

    • You’re telling me! Wow, I know I said I’d be back after a few hours the last time I posted even a reply. I was up 14hours thru the night and hadn’t slept until past noon today and couldn’t even begin to post up something like I had said. It’s now been 6 hours since I last was here and the comments have dropped tremendously. Literally only 6 posts. Not sure if this is exactly what I hope to accomplish. It has gotten rid of spammers, but also some of the most worthy bits of discussion.

      • No, Kudos to you Captain!

        Just shows how many armchair warriors there actually were, pretending to be all brave, spouting all their crap, hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. Were are they now?

        Anyone willing to fight the good fight should be willing to back it up, even if it’s just with a real email address.

  99. I’ve got no problem using my real name on here.

  100. I also have no problem replying using my real name. I stand behind everything I’ve said and will continue to do so.

    Now on with the shaming – there are so many who are so very deserving.

  101. If we need to change the language on this site to meet those rules and regs that newspapers and television news follow, I’m all for it. I can see past repeated use of the word ‘allegedly’ before every statement. The news regularly names criminals before they are arrested or prosecuted.

    There is no defamation if you are labeling their acts alleged and to the best of your knowledge, the individual is who you say they are and is doing what you say they are doing. Can you claim beyond a reasonable doubt that the individuals posted so far are who they are and are doing what they are allegedly doing? Absolutely you can.

  102. Captain Vancouver! I SALUTE YOU once again for speaking out on behalf of the true Vancouverites and true Canucks fans. I just want to make a point in why these pathetic excuses of Vancouver, and Canada need to be SHAMED. My friend and I, who are loyal Canucks fans and have been for many years, brought up a great point. We both agreed that we look at people(maybe say “judge”) differantly on the streets then we did pre-riot. That goes both ways though. Now, my friend and I; who had nothing to do with the riot and are are utterly disgusted by it, are going to be “judged” looked as “hey, maybe that guy was in the riot and is he “truly” a concerned citizen or one of those douches that desicrated our great city” and “is he a True Canucks fan?”. The point is these fools (and you know who you all are! DUSTIN ANDERSON!) Gave us a bad reputation which will last a long time. These shamings HAVE to continue other wise its going to happen again at some time or another. These asshats have to be made an example of so others don’t follow in there footsteps. Hats off to you CV, and keep up the GREAT work!

  103. Hats off to you, contributors, and this site to hold those thugs accountable.

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