Common Sense, Joshua Evans Is A Hero Of The Vancouver Riots

Yesterday, we started to hear the news that Joshua Evans who was arrested with guns drawn by the VPD for holding a knife was actually a hero.  One of his lawyers, Gloria Ng appeared at the Vancouver Community Court on Wednesday as reported by the Vancouver Sun to ask for an adjournment of the case.

As can be read in the original article, one of the victims who was stabbed, Sunny Jaura, was telling the VPD that Joshua Evans was part of their group after they arrested him for holding a knife.  Where did this knife come from?  Imagine the scene of a knife wielding attacker who stabs three of your friends.  You then subdue the attacker and take the knife away.  No one is video taping this or snapping photos to accidentally mis-identify you.  This is a common charge by civil liberties people who say that out of context photos will incriminate innocent people, but I digress. In this case, because you take the knife away and the police show up at the same time and don’t see it, they point their guns at you and arrest you.  I can only imagine the trauma that Joshua Evans felt after having just saved his friends and was now being arrested.

Joshua Evans

Common Sense Hero

Joshua Evans is from Calgary and has since returned to work.  A second court date is scheduled on July 19th.  I imagine this will cost some money to fly or drive back to Vancouver.  This whole system of having to clear one’s name is going to cost Joshua personally and all of us in taxpayer money.  So while I’ve placed Joshua Evans within the confines of my blog to openly declare that I believe he’s a hero, our court system has to go thru these proceedings and at cost for him to clear his name.

Sunny Jaura said in the Vancouver Sun article, “It’s common sense, save the taxpayer money and do the right thing”.  Don’t worry Sunny and Joshua.  Public opinion doesn’t have to go thru the proceedings of up to a year for him to clear his name.  To all of us, Joshua Evans is a hero that we can determine thru our common sense.

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13 Responses to “Common Sense, Joshua Evans Is A Hero Of The Vancouver Riots”

  1. Well, at least we live in a society where individual’s are given the right to due process and Josh here has a chance to clear his name instead of the police just shooting him on site. It’s long, it’s expensive, it’s inconvenient, but it works.

    With the testimony of his friends as evidence he should be fine.

  2. If the testimony of Joshua’s friends is true and the courts deem him innocent, I hope all major press outlets release an article proclaiming his innocence. A quick google search for “Joshua Evans riot” shows that there’s still some links to articles of him being arrested and charged. That’s just not right for a guy who was in the right place at the wrong time.

    However, if he is found guilty in a court of law….

    Chris Evany being honored here, rewarded by Telus

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  5. ok, for the people who say that we need to leave all prosecution to the police and justice… here is where they were fallible. an innocent man was taken in at gunpoint.

    • When I almost 20, a group of my friends befriended and brought in a new guy into our circle. He was a foster kid growing up and told us he was slowly getting back into establishing a relationship with his parents. One weekend he told us his parents were away and that he was given permission to have friend’s over while he house sat for them. No big party happened. It was just a bunch of guys hanging out, maybe some beers, chips and movies.

      Days later the group of friends I was with learned that he had in fact broken into his parents house and stolen items from their safe and other valuables in the house. One of my friends had already given a statement to the police and I was also asked to give my own. I was told I didn’t have to if I didn’t want as I was not a suspect as it was clear who allegedly comnitted the crimes. Spooked as I was, I gave the polive all the information I had.

      A couple of years later I needed to get a criminal record check done for a job. Imagine to my horror when I was going thru the process I was harassed and humiliated by the lady behind the desk and was asked to explain “your involvement in a break and enter”. Fortunately I was told later that I was subject to this question to see if my current story matched my statement.

      There will be mistakes on all sides. The argument and notion to “leave it to the experts” is ridiculous when there have been innocents who have been incarcerated, put on death row etc. and in this case what happened to Joshua Evans. Equally ridiculously put forth is that photos identified by family, co-workers, and friends could be full of mistakes. Common sense is gone if these civil libertarians think that when multiple people come forth to ID someone that they personally know could be in error.

    • first and foremost, HUGE KUDOS TO YOU BROTHER! what you did took talent! a true hero!

      secondly, complaining that he was taken in at gunpoint in the middle of a city wide riot is being a bit silly. it was a true test that the VPD passed with flying colours considering that in ’94 he could have been realisticly shot dead. it is unfortunate that josh had to be in cuffs as long as he did and be processed properly, but since both sides stuck to operating in a “lets play it safe manner” this will be easilly resolved in court and im sure josh will get on with life just fine.

      its too bad we didnt get to see you at the vancouver spirit festival, hopefully it was just the first of a few recognition ceremonies to give thanks to people such as yourself.

  6. Alternatively, they all could have just went home.

    • I am lucky enough to know Josh Evans. I also knew his best friend who died serving Canada in Afghanistan. Both of them are absolutely amazing people who took different paths. I feel sorry for him and his family to have to deal with the intial bad press.

      Could he have gone home right after the game ended….yes. Did he stay inside while the riot took place and then take a non polulated route to skytrain when percieved safe….yes.
      Did he possibly save others from being stabbed or killed…yes.

      I think that’s all that matters

      I am proud to know such brave people. I honestly don’t think I have the courage to do either.

  7. Josh is a Hero. He didn’t even physically assault the kid wielding the knife. Three of his friends had been stabbed and were bleeding everywhere and this kid had a straight enough head to NOT knock the kid out!! Isn’t stabbing someone or three people considered attempted murder. Josh made a citizen arrest without force and had to go to jail for it!! Josh’s name is being dragged down with these bogus charges. Josh is an engineer not a thug!! The public and press should be looking for heroic stories like this one to try and save face for our beautiful city!! Stories like these are what make Canada a great nation. 99% of the population would have ran away with their tail in between their legs. The Sedins are great hockey players but no heroes; they are just doing their jobs. The term hero is thrown around so easily and it bothers me. My brother was K.I.A in Afghanistan and is a Canadian Hero but ultimately was doing a job he loved to do; a job that 99% of the population are too scared to do. Josh is a hero because he put his life on the line for a simple reason: his friends were in distress. There was nothing to gain in this situation but everything to lose including his life. The point is Josh should be recognized as a hero publicly and his name should be cleared of any wrong doing and given a medal for bravery and valor. I’m so proud of Josh and the man he has turned into.

    • Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts and support for Joshua. If the media put as much into this story as it seems with talking about “good kids done wrong”, it would put pressure on the “system” do make things right.

      As for the heroic sacrifice that your brother had made, honor must also be given to their family as it is you and yours that knew them as the best that Canada has as our men and women in uniform. Thank-you.

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