Promotion Of Public Shaming To Sell Stories

As the emotions of the first few days of the Vancouver Riots have slowly died down, it is no wonder that people coming forth to turn themselves in has also slowed down. The media was so happy to jump on the wagon in splattering the faces of Nathan Kotylak, Cammille Cacnio, Jason Li (just his picture and what school he goes to), and the latest Robert Snelgrove. While doing so they also placed them into the public eye much more forcefully than any public shaming online had ever done.

So where has the media’s appetite for including themselves in publicly outing people gone? Surely they must know that they aided in any further exposure to those now known as household names. I’m asked why not put more of those “committing the real crimes” on my blog and I may do so in time. They’re already listed on other sites so there isn’t an urgency for me to do so. However, what is the excuse of the media who were so happy to run stories especially of Nathan Kotylak and Camille Cacnio, while mentioning as a little blurb Edgar Garcia who was fingered as the man who stabbed a group of three friends.

Beginning to see a patern here? Stories about the “good kids”, the “students” and the one’s who make “just a mistake” make for great news. Those about the dregs of society are just common stories about thugs that fill the back splashes of your everyday news cycle. In other words, not news worthy enough to grab the attention of its readers.

As a side note, I gave an interview to The Dependent last Wednesday to give them my take on why I started the blog, my frustrations that I believe I share with many others, as well as my thoughts on what is in our future regarding all of its fall out. We’ll see how the article plays itself out.


~ by captainvancouver on June 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “Promotion Of Public Shaming To Sell Stories”

  1. What has differentiated your site from others is your substantial skills and commitment to determining the accuracy of information – you have held yourself to a high standard. This makes you eminently readable and a strong voice of reason. There is often an ebb and flow to news stories and there will probably also be a tendency for people to back off a bit from time to time in order to heal from such a catastrophic event. I hope you won’t be discouraged from continuing with your fine leadership role. Your goals and frankness are a beacon during this mess, just as the articles by a number of journalists has been. It would be a shame if prosecutions in Vancouver turned out to be as lame as the G20 outcomes, but time and dwindling resources can do that. Your work puts a spotlight on the people who participated in deviant behaviour and it is quite possible that your efforts will end up being more effective than the courts. I want to encourage you to not give up and to continue to provide that clear voice. Sometimes results are not readily observable. Sometimes we should carry on anyway. Your work can help the public not feel powerless – indeed, it may be the very vehicle which leads Vancouverites through the process of forgiveness for those who merit it. It’s a high calling.

  2. Hello Captain Vancouver, please don’t be discouraged and continue your mission to hold the rioters accountable to the public. If the media and justice system won’t do it, then at least we can count on you!

  3. Thank-you for maintaining this site to hold those rioting fools accountable, and for staying strong against rioter apologists. Much appreciated.

  4. Captain Vancouver, you better find yourself a lawyer: The Globe & Mail-“The mob mentality that we’ve seen on display in the past few days has rivalled every bit the mob mentality that overcame thousands of people on a warm June evening last week.”
    Your name has been mentioned quite a bit in these articles. If I have a family member harmed in any way connected to you site,just because you decided to declare yourself a judge for a couple weeks and hand down public shame sentences,I will be suing your behind off.
    Good luck………….

    Editorial insert: Coming from the poster who’s own blog seeks to post personal information about TSA Officers online to publicly shame them.

    • Ever think I had checked with a lawyer regarding what I could have on my site? For someone who posts on their own blog calling for people to post the names, addresses, and phone numbers of TSA officers to publicly shame them into stopping their actions…perhaps you should be the one to seek legal counsel as it’s obvious in this case who has between us both. On my site I state openly what I’m for and against, on your blog you openly declare and incite people to give out personal information about TSA agents.

      Nothing on my site will warrant a lawsuit. On the other hand….I suspect that you’ll either delete your blog or delete your postings as I’m pretty sure that if a TSA agent gets visited by a right-wing militia member and something does happen to them because your site lists their home address, The Department of Homeland Security will probably pay you a visit.

      Also as a Rand Paul supporter you shock me in your trust of how the media spIns this story just because you see my name cited in the news. Here’s a tidbit of what you said on your blog to remind you to think about your own house before looking at mine.

      “See the image Paul shows. Well, my idea would be if the image was taken a bit further back so we can see the young 6 year old girl and the TSA employees identity.,thus we can post his name, address,number,Facebook ID..
      Within 1 month I guarantee this abuse would stop…”

      Seriously…I thought I was living in bizzaro world when I read your comments in the context of what you’re writing in your own blog.

  5. yesterday I saw a lot of captain vancouver self-folded hats. yours?
    it made me smile!

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