On June 15th, 2011 Vancouver hosted the final game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  At the conclusion of the game, people rioted on the streets of my city.  I’m here to enact and be the  judge that will use as my hammer, the historical precedent of public shaming that will ring eternally as long as the internet exists. Please send photos to CaptainVancouver@ymail.com with the rioter’s name and any other specifics.  Posting their photos and names on Facebook doesn’t come up on search engines.  In this blog they will, and the consequences of their actions will be rightly punished.



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60 Responses to “About”

  1. Here’s another:

    Edited: to remove email address to protect my source. Thank-you.

  2. found thgis on reddi http://i.imgur.com/ly36p.jpg

  3. another guy

  4. another

  5. A ton of names on this thread

  6. Man Hitler would have loved this site. Congrats!

    • Hey right, exposing criminals makes you a nazi? What retard squirted you into your mother’s belly?

  7. you rule, Captain Vancouver

  8. NOT a compliment. Careful there vigilante – do we want to live in a society run by mob rule? Let the cops do their job

  9. This one’s fairly legit. Why? He just got fired by his former boss:


  10. Captain Vancouver…..DAMN….what a joke…
    The same reason why I do not support rioters is the same reason I do not support vigilantes. Both have rats ass as a brain and do not think about anybody else except for their selfish ass. I really hope somebody plays the vigilante on you.

    • Exposing criminals does not make you a vigilante. It is too bad your father did not have a lower sperm count.

      • Agreed… This is NOT vigilantism. These people were there, they allowed themselves to be photographed, many of them ‘posing’ proudly for the camera. Well, here they are for all to see! Nice job Captain and keep it up. This is FAR more of a deterrent then catching a few and slapping the wrists of a few others.

  11. Great blog! Seriously! Glad you’re doing what you’re doing…I’m gonna try my best to get these people’s names out there so it destroys their future. They deserve it. They aren’t not children, they are adults. They are dregs of society.

  12. Also, I STRONGLY encourage the author of this blog to look on Reddit.com (if they you haven’t already) for original content.

  13. Please post about Brock Anton and his Facebook post that got made into a song on YOutube . It is so funny!

  14. Jagminder Singh Shergill (according to someone in the comments) – the guy in the yellow shirt below.

  15. Lets get some more on the pukes featured on this page:

  16. I just wanted to write to thank you for creating this site. It’s gotten awfully hard to live here and look people in the eye because of an overwhelming suspicion that this or that person may have been involved . This site gives me hope that at least some of these losers will be caught.
    So thank you. Very much.
    Mike Drew

  17. Michael Buble is encouraging us to name the rioters!

  18. Great for putting this site…any thoughts on how these riots could have been prevented from spreading?….do you think the city and vancouver police could have anticipated this prior? This is great site to atleast identify actual people instigating riots and at the same time, in the midst of moment, we humans are not perfect, we may be very good in our life but we do stupid things , which we regret later….atleast they should n’t be punished forever…through social media.

  19. Captain Van needs the comments to feed his ego. If it was just about shaming, he would keep the site free from truly base-level comments that use problematic language that feeds misogyny and hate. This honestly offends me more than the riots at this point.

    Shame, Captain Vancouver. You could have done an interesting thing here and you let it get away from you. Your writing is strong and research seems sound–just stop allowing your lowest common denominator fan base to ruin this. It makes you look bad and you lose credibility. And really? You want *these* people to look up to you? Is there one not-embarrassing comment on this site that supports you? Not recently from what I can see… It’s trite to say, but you’re no better than the people you profile.

    • You must be spending a lot of time here on this blog… xxxxxx

      • Captain Van… care to edit this? why not? misogyny is a hate-crime too, which you seem to overlook.

        edit insert: June 21/11Because this free blog doesn’t have plug-ins I can use to help notify me of flagged posts, I have to comb thru every single comment. For future reference if anyone sees an inappropriate comment, please email me at CaptainVancouver@ymail.com Thank-you. PS if someone wishes to purchase the paid version of WordPress to host my blog for me, then I will be a much rested man.

      • Awesome fans you have here Captain Van.

  20. Let’s dispel the hogwash that these are “small group of slack jawed anarchists”.

    see post 88 here – UBC grad.


  21. Same page, post 90. SFU student.


  22. http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2011/06/18/who-will-watch-the-watchers/

    You’re creating a mob.

  23. Your fans are, for the most part, idiots. Some of us thought this site was a good idea at the beginning. It no longer is serving its stated purpose. You have created a venue that invites mob mentality and degrades society further. I don’t think that many of them are capable of a complex thought, that what they are doing is little different than the riots of the other night. You seem to enjoy whatever you are wreaking however, and smart enough to realize what you are doing.

    • Shame is on you now…..

      This is the problem with Vancouver and the Left Coast. NOTHING will happen to these riot scum unless people like Cap Van publicly shame this people. Yes, there are people here that are not much better than the rioters, but there are very pissed off, intelligent citizens of Vancouver that want to take out the trash. People need to be accountable for their actions and this site is a great way to make them pay.

  24. keep up the good work!

  25. Captain Vancouver,
    First off, tip of my hat for your commendable work, brother.
    Second, please get the word on on this gang of fucks, seen in this pic threatening a 56-year-old lady in front of Louis Vuitton with a skateboard.

    It’s been reported that, shortly after this pic was taken, the woman was knocked to the ground and LV then smashed by these disgusting little animals.

    This pic -more than any other riot pic- makes my blood boil, and many others feel the same way. There have been some uncorroborated attempts to out some of these fucks, but so far to no avail.

    Here’s another link to my post of it on facebook, you can read people’s reactions. We want these guys’ heads on pikes.


  26. O Captain! My Captain!

    Of Interest–>Matt Gibson Huffington Post : My Experience During the Vancouver Riot

    Was this photographer/reporter doing a story for the Huffington Post, OR was this the diary of a rioter?


    From his article…

    I climbed onto the other police car to photograph this woman. As I stood on the car in the spotlight of the police helicopter that was now circling overhead, a short man shouted at me, “Get off of there.”

    “Why?” I asked. The car was already trashed. I wasn’t hurting it.

    “This is my city.” He screamed, red-faced.

    Then I heard a loud bang and felt a sharp pain in my forearm. There was a black streak across it. I’m not sure what it was that hit me, but it was most likely a rubber bullet.

    —Interesting photos to go along with the article…. from on top of the police car.

    Keep up the good work,

  27. Captain Vancouver, a huge thank you! We all know that 90%+ of all these rioting scum will get off with a slap on the wrist as our justice system is a joke. However, you have given us all hope that justice will indeed be served as these morons lose jobs, school positions, scholarships, etc either now or in the future when people Google their names. Please keep this going as long as it takes to “out” as many losers as you can. I will do my part to help. Again, thank you. Vancouver needs more people like you.

  28. Thank you for outing these assholes!
    your blog is very up to date, concise, and funny.
    If it does not lead to criminal charges im glad that its leading to the public shaming most of these people deserve.
    Anyone who says otherwise i just dont understand.
    but from the worlds outside view WE ARE ALL GOONS.

    These people dont have the right to just riot and get away w/ it.
    They should have to be responsible for their stupid actions.
    I love hockey, and vancouver, and this doesnt happen in other cities.
    Karma is a bitch rioters.

    here’s another good site that might help you compile some photos.

    Hope you find the Yellow shirt guy, hes in so many videos

  29. FYI: Both Mat Eakin and Luke Basso are from Terrace, British Columbia! The more you know.

  30. Please get this guy!

  31. This entire blog is about accountability, and yet the author hides in the shadows of anonymity.

  32. Time to take down the site captain or your name , address and phone number will be posed. You made your point but this site no longer serves a constructive purpose

    • says you 😉

    • What has happened to freedom of speech in Canada? Those who disagree with the site seem to make threats without any regard for prosecution and they use this “freedom” freely. However when someone sets up a site to expose and names mindless thugs who have damaged the image of Vancouver then he must “shut up”? Why not expose these people ? They have damaged public and private property, YOUR tax dollars will be used to replace damaged public property and you will see price rises in products from the private sector to cover the costs. The damage done internationally as the TV pictures were pushed across the world is incalculable. Why are those apposed to this site wanting to take away free speech and allow the rioters to get away with there actions? Are you so weak you do not want to stand up to those thugs? Most are cowards hiding like the scum they are. So let the site expose them show them for what they are. If you do not like it you can say so but threats? that’s unacceptable and you know it! I wonder how many would make threats is they had to use their actual names ? Maybe we have a load of cowards making the threats as well.!

  33. from

    last post

    a SFU student

  34. I think this site is doing a great job. PLEASE do not hold off exposing these mindless people. This would not be necessary if the police and court system would deal with these louts. I say put them in stocks in Stanley Park. The story has played across the world and has harmed Vancouver and its image. There is no defense of any kind for what happened.

  35. good work…this is a powerful social tool…smile for the camera all you rioting imbeciles out there!

  36. Agree with Lee and Fu, where’s your accountability, Captain Vancouver? And who are you to claim such a title? Keep on hiding behind your keyboard. You must be a politician or corporate executroid, with such lack of accountability. It’s now your responsibility to provide compensation to those who lost jobs, after the first month or so of their unemployment. Naturally, you won’t agree with this, and I doubt you’ll post this, but this is the view from Toronto the hated. Oh, and to be clear, as far as I know, I don’t know ANYONE who took part in the riots – why would I want to know anyone in Vancouver, all inhabitants of which seem to hate my city of residence? Your view, and that of many of your visitors, seems to be that one mistake in judgement should have far-reaching consequences. Take a look in the mirror and tell me you’ve never, ever, made a mistake in judgement – I won’t believe you. For the biblical among you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Editorial insert: From someone coming from Toronto you can take your city’s stake and claim of having Canada’s largest mass arrest in our history where over 1100 people were arrested for the G20 Summit. Breaking news on June 20th was that only 24 people have thus been convicted out of those 1100 plus people. This was just shy of 1yr ago this week if I need to remind you. So take your attitude and deal with the problems in your own city and relish in the fact that your court system in Ontario is so much better because there now lurks amongst you 1100 arrested rioters who are still walking freely. http://www.canada.com/news/arrests+result+just+convictions/4977307/story.html

    • Captain Vancouver has already admitted he’s done things that would be considered wrong. Difference was he didn’t get caught. Captain Vancouver is awesome that way!

  37. […] **All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.** […]

  38. Violating WordPress TOS: does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party. Reports can be made here:

    It doesn’t matter how many disclaimers you add, dude.

  39. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this site or what it’s doing, I applaud it (and I AM actually an educated person), however, I do think that cursing out those that do not agree with it and say so in the comments section, is completely unacceptable! They have a right to their opinion also. Cursing them out only makes the person doing the cursing look like an ass and DOES make this site look bad. You only make yourself look like a thug by behaving that way. These pictures speak for themselves, please let them, and don’t tarnish what this site is doing by being vile and nasty to those who don’t agree with it. Likewise, my hope is that those people who are threatening the families of those involved in the riots STOP IT! The perpetrators are paying a steep price being publically shamed like this (and so they should), that is enough; their families do not deserve to do time for a crime they did not commit.

  40. Geezuz. I can’t believe this crap is happening. Captain Vancouver, you are really fucked here.

  41. Personally, THE WHOLE DEBACLE, the mobs and the reactionary netizens “shaming” people,as an American has made me realize something. Canada IS NO DIFFERENT,not better,not more lawful,than American in the face of destruction and fear. You threw people’s civil liberties out faster than we did.
    Do readers on here know public shaming is A LEGAL punishment in Asia. The mob like mentality amongst netizens in the Facevook site,on here,and the VPD which has just sat on it’s haunches and let this abuse occur on th net, it has permanently affected my view of the northern neighbors. If you guys had to deal with half the crap Americans deal with, you’d have burned your constitution years ago.

    • It’s true. We are completely failing as a society here. Where we are normally so smug, a la awesome Captain Vancouver! The city is reflecting badly on the entire country, from the riots to this site.

  42. What has happened to freedom of speech in Canada? Those who disagree with the site seem to make threats without any regard for prosecution and they use this “freedom” freely. However when someone sets up a site to expose and names mindless thugs who have damaged the image of Vancouver then he must “shut up”? Why not expose these people ? They have damaged public and private property, YOUR tax dollars will be used to replace damaged public property and you will see price rises in products from the private sector to cover the costs. The damage done internationally as the TV pictures were pushed across the world is incalculable. Why are those apposed to this site wanting to take away free speech and allow the rioters to get away with there actions? Are you so weak you do not want to stand up to those thugs? Most are cowards hiding like the scum they are. So let the site expose them show them for what they are. If you do not like it you can say so but threats? that’s unacceptable and you know it! I wonder how many would make threats is they had to use their actual names ? Maybe we have a load of cowards making the threats as well.!

  43. Useless for one poster to say “just back off and let the police do their job.” The police WERE doing their job to the best of their ability, as well as the fire department (one of whose members was punched out by a very distinguished looking gentleman)
    The information gathered here will aid the police enormously in tracking down people – often thinking of themselves as “cool” and / or “good citizens” smashing, hitting, and of course, looting (otherwise known as stealing).
    I applaud the people who came down the following day as volunteers, and helped clean things up.
    If there is a silver lining in this dark cloud, it is perhaps that the event galvanized positive community spirit in those who value and take pride in Vancouver being consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.
    And for those of you who burned, smashed, looted and made general pigs of yourselves, all I can say is that, usually, what goes around, comes around, and I hope it comes back to you.
    Great that someone had the ingenuity and guts to create this website.

  44. There is s difference between Public shaming, and sending photos to the police by email. These rioters were idiots but let’s let the Police and the Courts take care of them. We can help by privately sending photos and videos to the police.

  45. Yellow Shirt Guy: Don’t know if this is accurate but on Vancouver Riot Pics site 2 people posted his last name as Dhanda, from Surrey. Works for Dhanda Trucking in Surrey.

    • People have asked me why I haven’t ever posted the infamous “yellow shirt guy”. The reason I haven’t is I’ve seen 3 different versions of who this guy is. I even had someone email me that he knows him from highschool and his name was one of the three I mentioned. Even if I’m 90 percent certain from all the different sites and sources I check out, I also don’t want to get it wrong. This guy could have wrote the “How to riot and get away with it” manual for the social media age. I’m sure while everyone was at the riot bragging about how they were involved, yellow shirt guy was deleting his Facebook account. I also think that either alone or with help he also started a campaign of misinformation. With at least 3 different names floating around it’s harder to “out” him. I still think he’ll get caught. One of his friends or someone who is an aquaintance or does business with him will out him to the police. The only difference is of it were done thru social media it would be free. In his case I think he’ll be outed because of Crime Stoppers and someone will get paid.

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