Casey Anthony Not Guilty For Killing Daughter

I know that this has nothing to do with the Vancouver Riots, or for that matter Canadian Law, however it was just announced that Casey Anthony was found not guilty in murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee.

As so many of those against my blog and others out there state, they dislike what we do because the rioters are not given a fair trial. In this case, much like OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony has been given a fair trial. However, much like the public shunning that OJ Simpson received after he was found not guilty for murdering Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, I predict that Casey Anthony will receive the same treatment.

So why is this relevant? The hypocrisy of those sitting in their white towers crying for the rights of the rioters and looters receiving a fair trial will now sit silently and say nothing when Casey Anthony is slammed, shunned, and ridiculed on talk shows, blogs, websites, and the media. I will be very surprised if any publication comes to her defense now and says “Come on everyone, she was found not guilty thru the court system and trial by a jury of her peers. Please stop harassing her. Casey, if you’re reading this article, if you’re having a hard time finding employment, we have a job here for you at The Georgia Straight. We believe you and don’t think that what you’ve been accused of has any bearing on who you really are. You really look like a nice person and your defense team presented that well.”

OJ Simpson is innocent, please leave him alone. Casey too. I imagine that the same should be said about the alleged rioters and looters pictured and plastered all over the Internet, caught in the act until they get their day in court.


~ by captainvancouver on July 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “Casey Anthony Not Guilty For Killing Daughter”

  1. Just my opinion…

    But this website/ blog has become redundant.


    • Just figured it out now that news cycles typically only last about two weeks? In a month no one will even care about what the rioters did as there will be something else to be angry about.

      • Duh,

        It’s redundant because your first post in over a week isn’t even about the riots.

        And almost half of the dozen or so people you have called out as rioters are what I would call “soft” targets. University kids with no criminal backrounds who got caught up in the mass hysteria of the moment and didn’t even try to hide their faces. I’m not saying these individuals shouldn’t be punished, but what about the dozens of real jerks/ criminals who smashed the windows of the Bay, trying to hide their identity from the cameras covering their faces. They are the real losers I want outed.

        That’s why this blog is redundant.

        My opinion.

      • I’ll post up people if and when I feel like it. As well, I’m operating under the definition of redundant being the unnecessary repetition of what is already out there. It would be true redundancy for me to repeat and post what others are already doing and have done. But hey, if you want to take over the blog be my guest. Drop me an email and post away all the photos you wish to add. It’s gotten a few offers to earn you advertising dollars too and it’s all yours.

  2. Like I’ve said before, I know from experienc what an ultimate time waster creating, updating, maintaining and moderating a comment based blog like this is.

    It’s your monster, you created it, you deal with it.

    Just my opinion, that’s all. If you cant commit to it fully then delete this site and spend your time doing things more important…

  3. She still committed lying to the police and multiple cases of cheque fraud, and you guys want to hire her? uhhhhhh okay… will you hire any pretty face with a sad story? Can I have an interview?

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