Kurt Sikora And “It’s A Cop Car”

As it’s now been almost a week after the Vancouver 2011 Riots occured, all news is old news pretty much in regards to the current crop of identified photos.  To show just how far behind I am of being “in the know”, I stumbled upon Facebookjustice just now and found a list purporting to be all the names of the ID’d persons of the photos making their rounds on the internet.

However, as we all know Captain Vancouver does a little something different on this  site.  I present to you Kurt Sikora of the famous “It’s a cop car” line said during the Vancouver riots.  In this YouTube video, Kurt Sikora can be seen aiding a crowd of people attempting to push over a car.  Frankly, I don’t know if it’s a police vehicle.  I thought police cars were always white and had red and blue lights on top.

Kurt Sikora

You should have said "It's a junk car!"

As the shot continues, when he is confronted by the girls taking the video evidence, he quickly says that he’s on their side.  When it becomes clear that the girls aren’t backing down he yells at them as if to justify what he was doing. “It’s a cop car, it’s a cop car”, as if each time would solidify the rationale.  Maybe that’s a good defence?  If I was Kurt, I would have said something like “The car doesn’t work”, or “The car is a junk car”, “It’s made out of lemons!”.  That way maybe they would have just let him go.  Unfortunately for Kurt Sikora, because it was a “cop car” I think the girls were even more annoyed and kept taking the video.  That’s my personal opinion on this.

**All attempts have been made to insure all information on this page is accurate.  The author does not endorse any of the comments of the users of this site.  If you feel any information on this site is inaccurate please contact CaptainVancouver with the subject line “CORRECTION”.  LINK TO DISCLAIMER HERE.**


~ by captainvancouver on June 22, 2011.

27 Responses to “Kurt Sikora And “It’s A Cop Car””

  1. it’s a ghost car, there were two ghost cars. One was a crown victoria & a ford fusion.

    • I think it’s pretty irrelevant whether it was or not.

      • That’s what amazed me about the “it’s a cop car” plea. It was in the minds I imagine of those rioting of an “us versus the police”. What they are now understanding in the aftermath is that when I was at home watching everything unfold, just like the women trying to stop him, the “us versus” was actually against those of us viewers at home too. I would have been just as upset if that was a John Deere lawnmower. Although I bet there are some with their moral relativism that would use this cop out too and say big deal it’s a lawn mower. Pun intended.

  2. “Its a Cop Car”

    Regardless if it was actually a cop car or not, I wonder if he (and others such as Nathan Kotylak, Alicia Price) realizes where cop cars come from. The stork doesn’t magically drop them from the sky, and they don’t grow on trees. They are paid for by taxpayer dollars. I don’t know if these people pay taxes yet or not, but their family probably does.

  3. The best site I’ve seen is on Facebook, the “Vancouver Riot Wall of Shame.” It’s really comprehensive.


  4. Happy to see your change in format. Though you seemed to think it was a personal vendetta against you, or efforts by rioters themselves (really?) to shut you down, most of your “detractors” simply wanted to see some moderation and limits on the violent and irresponsible commentary. Having posters register seems to have accomplished that. I look forward to seeing more rioters exposed, though I hope they will no longer be threatened, phoned, harassed, or called sexist, misogynistic or racist names.

    Johnny Canuck/David/Sinimics: engaging in a debate about moral and legal responsibility is not being a troll.

    Adding nothing to the thread, except to call other people names (ie. troll, Torontroll etc.), funny enough, IS actually being a troll.

    • Hi jones, I never thought it was a personal vendetta or efforts by rioters. I think you’re confusing my comments with others. I do believe that my blog is what was reported by the media as being the face of the public shaming campaign. That may change as time goes on. However, by nature of the name of my blog, if you type in public shaming and Vancouver (for that matter Captain Vancouver) I’m not suprised that the media has implied I’ve led the charge. Personally, as an example to the comment above which had linked another site, I don’t think I have enough photos to be the site that is given this credit of publicly shaming all Vancouver rioters. At this point, I’m even thinking that other sites have so much more content in regards to their photos, that as I’ve mentioned in my other post, I may start to focus on different things.

  5. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to leave a response without breaking the “Comments that attack a person individually” guideline in the new disclaimer…

    Since I can’t say what I’d like to say either to or about Kirt Sakora, and I can’t say what I feel about his actions, does anyone have suggestions on exactly how I should proceed?

    Am I going too far by suggesting that it shows poor listening skills on his part to ignore the riot act once it’s been read by police, or am I committing a hate crime by saying that it’s rather un-gentlemanly of Mr Sakora to undertake in the incitement of a mob to the final purpose of inverting a motor vehicle belonging to the public trust?

    Just to be on the safe side: Kurt Sakora if you are reading this I want to say that I am deeply sorry that I’ve posted this message here. I know it’s difficult for you to relate with me. Please understand that I’m an honest hardworking Canadian, and my law-abiding actions and a deep sense pride in my community made me imply these terrible things about you. I know that’s no excuse; if I’ve offended you in any way shape or form, please feel free to take legal action against me for the unjustified feelings I’ve expressed. It would serve me right if through court proceedings I am stipped of all my possessions so that they can be justifiably awarded to you, that you may invert them, and set them ablaze in the name of such noble causes.

  6. There is s difference between Public shaming, and sending photos to the police by email. These rioters were idiots but let’s let the Police and the Courts take care of them. We can help by privately sending photos and videos to the police.

  7. hi Jason,

    actually, by the public shaming, people paid more attention to other pictures and were able to see someone in the same attire as Alex Pro pushing the truck he posed in front of.

  8. This guy hardly did anything. He is not worthy of this page at all.

    • The YouTube video has been made private for some reason. The Vancouver Riots page has it on their site as mentioned below. They managed to download a copy of it before it was taken down.

  9. Nice work, Captain Vancouver – let’s keep ’em coming…

  10. Sounds an awful lot around 2:44 that someone utters a threat to punch someone else in the face. Wonder who that was.

    Also sounds like the gentleman clearly identifies that the woman is raging at him.

  11. When you commit crimes in public, in front of thousands of cameras, then why complain when your public exploits are replayed for the world?

  12. I’ve downloaded the video before the original poster took it down, and it sounds like the woman barking and arguing with Kurt who keeps answering with “It’s a Cop car” is the mother while the brunette at the 2:44 mark is his sister.

  13. We all know that pictures can lie, that videos don’t always show exactly what happened. That’s why we have worked for hundreds of years to set up systems where people can be tried in a court with evidence and a judge or jury. When you ‘try’ someone based on only this evidence you risk being wrong. Even if you are right most of the time, is it worth risking being wrong even in just one case? The consequences of your Public Shaming campaign are potentially very damaging to individuals. It can ruin their lives and even lead to self-harm. Please leave the investigations and the trials to the police and courts -those that we invest the power and authority to do so. Send all evidence to the VPD by email.

    • I’m curious. If you have a video of someone doing his part in flipping a car, or lighting a car on fire, or running out of store with loot in hand…what else do you think possibly happened? That there was someone off camera with a gun forcing them to do this? I’m genuinely curious, because I don’t need to courts to tell me what is shameful behavior if there is enough evidence, I know it when I see it.

    • I got two questions, one is your issue with this site and the shameing or did you post on the facebook list of this and the YouTube of it. See this is not the first place this has ended up but I hope it will be a permant place so five years from now anyone and everyone has access to it to say oh yeah flipping cars(cop or just regular) is not cool. Secondly the problem with the courts is they don’t do enough. Sure they might give out some time to a very select few but the rest ether get a slap on the wrist if anything. We all know most of the canadian justice system is a joke. And when it’s done it’s done. Which in my opion is wrong. Back in the early 90’s I had 4 so called friends break into my house. Steal everything and get caught. I think the got maybe 3 weekends of community service and had to pay the stuff back. But a month later life was normal for them. And I am sure is long gone off of any record. Now what happened at the riot was way worse but is just as easy to erase. And that is wrong. Honestly in my opion the biggest most import thing that can come from shaming any of them is next time vancover makes a run at the cup or there is some event with a gathering of people and there if a cop car sitting there, people will stop and at least think is it worth it to flip it. Is it worth the headache. Instead of is it worth the loss of a few weekends

  14. Well, like I said even if you are ‘mostly right’ is it worth risking the one case where you aren’t? Perhaps it’s a poor quality video, or its only a photograph (as we have seen), there is no way to be sure what happened before or after. What about the example that is currently in the Vancouver Sun, where the man that police saw with a knife is said to actually be a hero that took the knife from someone else? When you set up a structure like this – Public Shaming – you leave the possibility open for mistakes. These could be doctored videos, doctored photos, revenge plots, or just simple errors. Again I will say you will mostly be right, but the consequences of being wrong just once are very dire. Our police and courts have been set up to eliminate as many of these errors as they can. Detectives, lawyers, and judges spend years training to become very good at doing just that. Again I beg all of you please, there is nothing wrong with handing in evidence, just do it in a functional and safe way for everyone, email it to the police.

  15. Just want to voice my support for this site, keep up the good work!

  16. The original video has been made private, but this one seems to catch some of the action around the ford focus.

    You can see the gentleman in the question at the beginning of the video, but he doesn’t do anything incriminating.

    Editorial insert: at the 2:30 mark you see him help push the car in attempting to flip it. Prior to that you can see that he is calling in people to come in motioning with his arms to flip the vehicle. The “It’s a cop car” comments I was referring to was when he was yelling into the faces of the woman who filmed him. That is missing from this video. This video is not complete compared to the first one. However, I disagree that one cannot see the subject involved.

  17. how to…

    […]Kurt Sikora And “It’s A Cop Car” « publicshamingeternus[…]…

  18. This guy is a total asshole.
    I have pictures and video of him egging on some drunk guys to smash the windows at the Budget building near the post office. I told him to grow up, and to stop inciting idiots to do terrible things and he simply told me to fuck off.
    He was also filming EVERYTHING. He was essentially filming himself and his friends breaking shit like he was making some sort of perverse BROS GONE WILD video.
    He was trying to talk to guys into beating the shit out of the guy who was guarding the Budget windows that were still up, and hadn’t been destroyed yet.
    This guy, is an asshole. Period.

  19. I totally agree that this guy is a very evil man…What he put me and my family through his past actions was one of worst and saddest day of my life…He is a liar, greedy and will get anyone in trouble for the sake of fame and money..This is the first time I have seen this video and I am sad to say that after two years, I thought I have put my angry feelings behind and moved forward ..This video does prove that this man is truly not a good man..I feel sorry for his parents….

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