Mallory Newton: A Case For Vancouver’s Premeditated Riots

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation as to whether the Vancouver riot’s were premeditated or not.  In this case we have Mallory Newton posing with a masked man, with a shirt reading “I’m Just Here For The Riots”.  Even though this photo does not show these two individual’s involved in any criminal activity, I decided to post it because there are some who still do not believe that there were those who came into Vancouver with full intent to riot.

Mallory Newton

Mallory Newton With A Man Stating Intent To Riot

Some will disapprove of my posting of Mallory Newton’s photo as somehow linking her to the criminal activity of rioting downtown.  In no way do I accuse her of such.  However, I think she’s a moron for posing with this guy and then posting it up.  This post will remain as evidence of those who knowingly came downtown with masks, balaclavas, and other gear to aid them in the destruction of our city.  I’ll let others decide your judgement Mallory Newton.

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~ by captainvancouver on June 17, 2011.

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  1. There’s a screenshot of her facebook page where she admits to stealing a purse and $500.

    • I don’t believe you Jordon! Where is it? Guilt by association? Then everyone that was there, not rioting but watching should also be shamed for not stopping it.

    • I think thi site has lost all credibility after showing this picture…Yes, she was silly for posing with the meat head but so did many others and I don’t see Capt Vancouver chasing them down and tearing them new one. It was really hard for people to get out of downtown with the buses & trains shut down so we can’t blame people for not leaving fast enough. I feel bad for her and other person that gets shamed for doing something stupid…but clearly not illegal. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, I’m sure a few of us on here have taken a stupid pose & been on camera doing something not so flattering. Doesn’t mean we should be punished or ostercized by a group of strangers. Thats my other point…to be shamed you have to A) feel bad for what you did B) Give a shit about what people you don’t know think about you….You may end up giving these glory hounds their 15secs of fame. I think you need to stick to criminals not dummys because we all know there’s no jail time for stupidity!!!

      • I can totally understand this sentiment and don’t totally disagree with it. But it’s people’s attitude towards rioting that made this situation many times worse than it was. The only way to stop this in the future is to publicly shame people who supported it, so that people realize they’ll be consequences.

        If a friend of yours wore a shirt that said “All foreigners should die”, would you happily take a picture with him? Maybe not now, and that’s the point.

        (I know that I would not stop until I had beaten the shirt entirely off his body. But that’s just me)

  2. Glad you posted this scumbags picture. Shame her I say!

  3. Let’s get the shaming on Alicia Price going!

  4. This is pretty fucked up. Fuck you guys!

  5. ^That’s Mallory Newton lolololol

  6. Previous post must be from a spoiled shitstain waiting for his pic to be posted.
    My opinion? This maggot should be shunned by any and every decent person with an ounce of morals. She IS guilty by association. Just that simple.

    • Guilty until proven innocent huh?

      • No, not here. The Starbucks sipping WordPress crowd here think they have it all figured out. They can’t understand why people don’t give a shit about their hard-earned possessions. How not everyone could have their tongue in someone’s hole on a daily basis. They really do think their downtown life is truly representative of all of BC. I think they really do suck off the hard work of the rest of us yet still call it their own. Quite frankly I’d be happy if the downtown core was shipped off somewhere else.

      • gtp, it’s not a court, just the natural consequence of one’s actions in this day and age.

        Bartman, stfu you likelydon’t give a shit about peoples hard earned possesions because you don’t work hard for your possesions. Bets that your are one of the Punks. Hopefully the Captain exposes you and you face the natural consequence of your actions!

      • Bartman’s posts don’t make much sense. Too much jibbyjib there pal?

  7. Really classy slut

  8. ?

  9. She’s cute. Too bad she’s so stupid.

  10. Mallory Newton, or whatever your name is, well done, I’m sure you are embarassed as fuck

  11. Love that she’s holding up the “peace” sign. Go figure!

  12. She’s the same girl seen in the Coach store window with an armful of handbags

  13. Thank you..really informative!!

  14. i know this girl and all of you shoulb be ashamed .this pic was taken long before any riots

  15. there are lots of ppl in lots of pic that were just trying to stay safe and had nothing to do with the retards the were disrespecting our beautiful city !!!!

  16. Mallory is scum! So is the masked turd! They make a sick couple. Hope you remember the life you had before the riot you f*ckin b!tch because it is history with your public shaming. If she has a job, I hope she gets fired. Her friends should shun her and her stupidity! Public shame for scuzzy wh*res like Mallory Newton!

  17. Unmasked?

    • Totally the same dude.

      • I’m positive this guy was involved in other criminal activities, hopefully more pics of him surface while he was rioting.

    • Neck tat is generally the first sign of a loser creep who plans to get through life without a job so…makes sense.

      Definitely doesn’t look happy to be photographed.

  18. I’m all for this site, but if you’re going to post rioter pics for the purpose of public shaming, I really think it should be of those clearly committing a crime.

    The original post states: “Some will disapprove of my posting of Mallory Newton’s photo as somehow linking her to the criminal activity of rioting downtown. In no way do I accuse her of such.”

    But by including her with the likes of Jason Li and Jason Kotalyk, you sort of are. Or at least that she’s as guilty of criminal activity as they are. Heck, even in the site’s first post, you suggest this is like a form of criminal punishment (“Traditionally, before the advent of modern-day prison systems, public shaming was the norm in society.”). Basically, you publicly shame people for their CRIMES… not for being a dumbass.

    I think folks who behaved like Ms. Newton are worthy of derision, but those people who have been photographed committing a crime and been identified should the focus.

    • Public shaming may end up being the only real punishment these scumbags get. Putting their unevolved faces online is a good first step. I personally hope all of them suffer a lot. Embarrassment, harassment, humiliation, degradation, public shaming and maybe loss of employment, suspension from school and loss of friends.
      Face it, most of these scum will get a slap on the wrist in court. Maybe a fine, maybe probation but the stigma of being shamed on the internet should be a good start.

      • Well, like I said, I agree with the intent of this site. I’m glad Li and Kotylak are here, and hope to see Alicia Price and Zac Chan as well!

        However, this is a very serious thing to and it could have a long-term impact on people. That’s why it really should be reserved for those actually caught doing criminal activity. Just imagine someone having the bad luck being photographed on the wrong spot (but not actually committing a crime), being ID’d, then can’t get a job because he’s on sites like this.

        Once you become ambivalent to that, you lose moral authority.

      • If you can imagine the thousands of pictures taken that day of all the criminals you’ll have to know that there are photos and videos taken from different angles. Obviously not all of them have been made available for everyone to see but hopefully the police get all of the ones they need to arrest and lay charges on these scum. The public humiliation should be automatic because the courts are way too lenient out here.

      • Okay, but I think my point is lost on you.

        Public shaming for those committing a crime with proof = GOOD.

        Public shaming for those with NO proof of committing a crime = BAD

    • Ask me if we care?

  19. There are probably a dozen drunken guys lined up for a pump and dump on this dirty f*ckpig.

  20. Just becouse she is in a pic with a with an idiot doesnt make her one. Im in a picture with O.J Simpson and another with Mike Tyson. does that make me a murderer or a rapist? no it does not. She may have been in a pic. but nothing more.
    Mallory is a life long friend of mine and was born and raised in our beautiful city. she DID NOT ENGAGE IN ANY RIOTING DISTRUCTION THEFT OR VANDALISM.
    So save your hatred for those responsible. if u have any other rude demeaning derogatory ignorant comments about my friend, a women u DO NOT KNOW! Please have the nerve to to come say it directly. Becouse u dont know me either. but u can bet your ass i will be there to rearrange your fuckin face..

    • I like you very much!! I’m one of her family members and this is fucking nuts! If i lived in BC I would be doing the same as you! Thank you for back her up with me!

  21. This is reality, where the rest of you are living I’m not sure. This photo is a perfect example of what intelligent & educated young adults think of this media fed riot. These 2 did NOT loot of cause any damage to the city. If you want to say that they did not help due to even being there then fine… But there are photos of this guy standing in line WITH riot cops, not against them!!! These 2 were NOT swayed, warped or manipulated by the media frenzy… They ARE free thinking young adults with a very clever point, which is clearly going over all of your heads…

  22. I’m responding on behalf of Mallory Newton. I’m her aunt and have known her since she was born. I spoke with Mallory this morning and asked her about this picture and she told me that this guy took this picture way before anything happened. I don’t know him and asked her why he wore such a thing. She said that he did it as a “joke” and didn’t mean to offend anyone. As soon as he heard about the riot, he took off his mask and turned his shirt inside out so that everyone would know that he did not agree with this kind of behaviour. This so called joke was done in poor taste but his intentions were not to condone the riot or any of these criminals. Take a look at the background, do you see rioting going on? We ALL have done things that we are not proud of so why don’t you capture the pictures of the criminals in action? Unless you have proof of Mallory doing something wrong you need to focus your attention to these criminals. Try going on the “Vacouver Riot Morons” website and post comments on these criminals in action. That way you’ll have your proof and leave Mallory alone. You should be ruining the reputations of these evil spirited people and leaving the others alone.

    • Perhaps you should scroll up the page and see this same gentleman still wearing that same t-shirt during the riot.

      I'm Just Here For The Riots | Stanley Cup Riot 2011, Downtown Vancouver

      I think your niece is lying to you and what young girl would’nt lie to not get into trouble? In fact in the same tagged picture I see a girl behind this guy wearing a similar scarf? You be the judge.

      *****It should be noted that no one said Mallory was engaged in criminal behavior, but that this post was to support a theory that the riots were Pre-meditated. If a person wears a shirt like that to a riot, does’nt that seem suspect?

      • I would like to hear the explanation for the second picture, in light of the statement “As soon as he heard about the riot, he took off his mask and turned his shirt inside out so that everyone would know that he did not agree with this kind of behaviour. ”

        Unfortunately, I suspect my request will be met with silence.

    • Your niece lied to your face. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • Thanks aunt.

      If you are who you say you are, then we now know, because or your post, that Mallory is the type of person that would tell her aunt a bald-faced lie.

      I'm Just Here For The Riots | Stanley Cup Riot 2011, Downtown Vancouver

      • Check out Rosie B Photography’s comments in the link above. Apparently the aunt is a liar as well, as she clearly knew about the second picture before she posted her original response. She thinks Mr. Shit-stain is making a “clever point”.

        Better stick to photography, Rosie B, you’re a terrible apologist and an even worse liar.

    • Hi Mallory’s aunt,

      It’s been established on another forum that the unmasked photo of the same guy with Mallory in the background was taken between 9-10 pm.

      • She’s not going to reply. She’s been called out and will hide as a coward.

        Prove me wrong, Mallory’s aunt. Prove to me that Mallory was as innocent as you say she was, and I will do everything in my power to ensue that Mallory’s picture doesn’t pop up every single time a prospective employer does a Google search.

      • Moron….is a moron….so is strawberry…..who are you that people need to prove things to you ?! No body needs to prove anything to you. I bet your parents are real proud of you, trying wreck other peoples lives. Karma can be a bitch and I hope that you get bit in the butt big time.

    • I’m her cousin and I agree completely !

      • with her AUNT of course! and moron mcstupid…..your name says it all you just threatened on this and she’s already talked to the police about it and cleared it up so you might want to watch what you say because the cops already know this page and look at it DUMBASS!!!

  23. Shame the scum…your plainly an idiot. And Captain Vancouver….so are you! Should anything physically or mentally happen to Mal because of this picture being posted on your blog….you are solely responsible for it! The other pictures you have posted of people actually doing riotous acts…fine post them, Mr. Self Appointed Sheriff, but this picture and defamation of character is totally uncalled for. And I hope it comes back to bite you in the arse.
    Why don’t you and all the other negative people here direct your negative feelings and comments towards the people that are the actual shit disturbers…or better yet….channel it into something positive and help make it right. It’s a negative attitude that started this whole mess anyways!
    Two wrongs do not make a right…didn’t your parents teach you that as a child?

  24. Hi B. Rose,

    If your niece didn’t know this guy, how does she know that he did not do any rioting? How does she know that he turned his shirt inside out and took off his mask? And who wears a balaclava without criminal intent being involved?

  25. Captain Vancouver — you really need to seriously consider removing this pic and post of Mallory Newton – not just because this is a total misdirection of effort but because it undermines your own efforts to shine a light on criminals through the power of the internet and will ultimately erode your own credibility.
    This “Vigila-net Justice” can quickly deteriorate with such ‘guilty by association’ , McCarthy-istic postings.
    Take a step back — the t-shirt and mask are ominous pre-cursors (in your mind anyway) of the riot to come *only because there WAS a riot..* If there were no riot, this would be a picture of a cute chick standing next to a guy wearing a humourous t-shirt on a quiet pre-game afternoon.. and that is what it is.
    I had my picture taken with Darth Vader in Vegas last month — If I had known that soon after he would be blowing up planets with his death star, I would not have taken the pic. Or maybe it wasn’t Darth Vader — maybe it was just some guy in a funny costume wearing a mask….
    If she was posing in front of a burning car – yah, that does show some moral imbalance … maybe… enough to villify ? hmmm maybe not…
    I think you can see what kind of vitriol is being vomitted out here — Do you really want it directed at people that, based on the photographic evidence, have no association with violence, criminal activity or even any lack of moral judgement ?
    Your site.. your call…you have the power to bring about life-altering events in to people’s lives: I hope you can live with a wrong decision…


  26. @ lol at the tards…you are probably one of the rioters….you certainly sound like one. Put on some big boy panties and grow up! Put your real name up here tough guy and your address, or your parents so we can shame them and you for your lack of respect and immaturity. Didn’t your parents teach you anything? tsk tsk tsk.

  27. What an ignorant, dumb aunt! And really…you’ve known here since she was born? Wow, congrats!! Anyone who wears a shirt like that is there to incite a riot and your niece is clearly supporting the cause by acting all cool and shit by taking a picture with this idiot.

    Let me tell you about MY niece. When the game was over and it started to get ugly, my niece left downtown. She did not stick around to take pictures with guys like this. She did not stick around to cheer on the rioters. She just left. No posing. No participating. Your niece is a liar. Only a liar would be in a pic like this.

    • uhh you REALLY must be blind! do you see ANY FUCKING PEOPLE around them????????????? this was obviously traken BEFORE the game considering its complete daylight and there is absolutely NO PROOF from this picture that she was part of anything!! there is countless pictures of this guy with this shirt with people. THERE IS NO PROOF and also after the game TRYING to leave from right outside the game was impossible

  28. So B. Rose, we’re still waiting for the explanation of that second picture. It it’s plausible, I suggest that Captain Vancouver remove this thread from his site.

    Here’s your chance to clear your niece’s name…

  29. Ha you negative immature self-absorb nincompoops, I’ve just seen another picture of this guy posing with another female….go fetch puppies!

    • And your point is?

    • Ha Jeff… I just found a forum where the cool guy admits that Mallory is a good friend of his. So much for poor Mallory not knowing the guy. Yes, he posed with another female. That still doesn’t mean that he didn’t involve himself in the riots. He was obviously prepared and little Mallory was “cool” with that. I hope she enjoys her career at McDonald’s.

      • so what is your point ‘strawberry’? ….go find the other picture of the other chick and shame her too! And what about the other pictures of dudes walking beside him. Shame them all for knowing him and being in pictures with him…….why single out just one person. This is not about him…..As stated in mr self appointed sheriff’s (captainvancouver for you not so smart people) title above the picture……it’s about Mallory. Go bark up another tree you undereducated fruit bar!
        Moron McStupid…you name fits you well, especially if you don’t get the point.
        I can’t wait to see what happens to this blogger for posting this picture and his caption. As for The other people actually doing riotous acts…..go get em!

    • Jeff I agree with you completely you’re just as smart as all the NORMAL and OF AGE people! and I already comment ed on moron mcstupids name because hes just describing himself!!!!

  30. This post is disgusting. You’re clearly still hysterical over the riots and have lost perspective. This blog is a public service, and I fully support the shaming of actually guilty parties, but this particular post is nothing more than a witch hunt. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • I disagree. Regardless of Mallory Newton’a actual involvement in the riots, her obvious attitude towards “rioting” is exactly the type of immature, self-entitled bulls**t that led to the riots in the first place. These pathetic excuses of humans went to this event hoping that a riot would break out, and were delighted that it did. And lets be honest here… in the second picture (links posted above), we all know it’s her standing behind Mr. “I’m just here for the riots”. That picture was obviously taken at night, long after the riot act was read and people were told to disperse. While she may or may not have partaken in the animalistic destruction of a beautiful city, she certainly condoned it by her actions.

      • She isn’t the one in that second picture unless she changed the colour and length of her shirt. Look, I’m not affiliated with this girl and if she was indeed taking part of the riots, then I’m on all for shaming her, but this is flaky evidence at best, and this could have serious consequences in the future for her. We’re all upset about what they did to our city, but scapegoating someone who is not responsible is not the answer, and in a lot of ways is just as primitive a response as the idiots who rioted in the first place.

    • What picture are you looking at? In the first picture I see a short girl with mousy blonde hair, a white t-shirt, jeans, and a green and blue Canucks scarf. It the second picture, you can just make out a short girl with mousy blonde hair, a white t-shirt (enlarge the picture; you can just make out her right shoulder and the cuff of her t-shirt where it meets the skin of her arm), jeans, and a green and blue Canucks scarf. What looks like a different shirt is either the baggy pants of the guy in the green shirt behind her, or possibly a black jacket she threw on. I agree it’s circumstantial, but you’d have to be really naive to think it’s not her (wishful thinking, perhaps?).

      • I merely think that some actual evidence of wrongdoing should be presented before potentially ruining someone’s life. But, perhaps that’s my naivety.

        Also, there is a man named McCarthy who be fond of the subtext in your last sentence.

    • Sorry, I forgot. She’s the victim; the criminals are the outraged citizens of Vancouver who watched their city burn and their stores looted by a mob of bored, self-entitled, overprivileged young men and women who went looking for a riot.

      I’m sorry Mallory, I know that “I’m only here for the riots” is a hilarious joke to you (for some reason I don’t get it), but rightly or wrongly, your obvious amusement at this “joke”, and your willingness to gleefully pose with one of the “jokers” has made you one of the faces of the 2011 Vancouver riots, preserved for all time on the Internet.

      I suggest that you teach your children that *who* you associated with is almost as important as your actions. If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

      • Please do not hysterically construe my words. I never said nor implied anything of the sort.

    • My apologies.

      Whether or not this is “right” or “wrong”, it’s not going to go away.

  31. i’m all for nailing scumbags and burning arsonists with photos of them caught in the act but this is ridiculous and a fine example how easily lynch squads can go offside.

  32. Mallory Newton, oh my gawwwd… why did you do this to yourself?
    I don’t think corrections centers are fun, or rehabs.
    I’m sorry that your naive personality made you victim of these highly embarassing moments. You downgraded big time let me tell you… with time and perseverance you will win the support of people again…

  33. hmmm guess c.v. didn’t take my suggestion… too bad… I now dub you ‘IRRELEVANT’. It’s ironic actually, whether you can see it or not, how your actions parallel the actions of the rioters, wherein posting inflammatory comments and pictures is akin to setting a car on fire and the mindless drones who cheered him on are mirrored by the likes of tards drooling and cheering.
    It’s become Monty-Pythonesque and would be funny if it weren’t so sad. (‘Burn her, she’s a witch.. she turned me in to a newt !! — well I got better…’).

    too bad c.v. — you’ve taken a great idea like a public shaming and, like so many before you, abused the power, attracted riff-raff for followers and made yourself irrelevant.

  34. I agree TIM! this blog is dead. the ignorant posting have now indeed become IRRELEVANT!
    Leave my friend alone. she did nothing but be in a photo!
    fxxk u bloging pCATy!

    edited for profanity

    • It ain’t ever going away. Ever.

      By her association with idiots, this naive young woman has irreparably ruined her life.

      • She’s a good and stronger person than you think Moron! Her life is not ruined like you wish it would be. Grow up cheeseball and focus your energy on shaming the ‘real’ bad guys. You, Moron Mcstupid, are really just as bad as the actual rioters. I wish I could be there to see karma bite you in the ass for your stupidity and ignorance.

    • Don’t blame me. I’m just stating a truth.

      Every time she goes to get a job, every time she applies for a loan, every time she tries to enroll in school… this image will pop up and haunt her for the rest of her life.

    • ya ur right shorty.. who the fuck is this moron mcstupid???? Cause thats exactly what he is a fuckn stupid moron.grow up and get a life.maybe if had one u wouldnt be posting shit u know nothing about…..

    • agreed

  35. There’s a very valuable lesson here: If you don’t want to be associated with rioters, don’t allow a picture to be taken of you gleefully standing by some douche-bag in a balaclava and a “I’m only here for the riots” t-shirt, no matter how “funny” you think it is.

    (and don’t try to cover it up by lying to your aunt!)

  36. Captain Vancouver wears a Balaclava as well.

  37. K…wait a minute. The second picture of the balaclava dude unmasked with the “mystery” girl behind him, the girl is definitely Mallory Newton. The black you see on her arm is the jacket she is carrying over her arm in the first picture posing with balaclava boy. Bad roots, white t-shirt, long scarf, black jacket… And what is that in riot boy’s hand? An expensive bottle of cologne to help him mask the overwhelming stench of “loser”. Mallory is a liar, and a participant in the Vancouver riots. End of story.

    • You done goofed, Mallory! Consequences will never be the same!

    • In the unmasked photo, isn’t that glass on the ground? It looks like the windows are smashed. Plus, it’s already dusk.

  38. hey captain my captain….has anyone done checks on the t-shirt printing companies for the order of shirts printed above???/
    its kind of a unique order…….

  39. Sure people came downtown with the intention of rioting, but if you think this photo is evidence, you lack an appropriate sense of humour. But to be fair, the joke was only funny until things went wrong.

    • The joke was never funny, you pathetic sack of shit.

      You rioter’s and apologists think this is harsh? Wait a couple of weeks. Soon people will be offering significant amounts of money to anyone who can identify any of the sub-human shit-stains who took part in these riots, or who stood by and watched.

  40. Perhaps Mallory’s name could be cleared if the very brave man in the t-shirt and balaclava would come forward and identify himself, explain the oh-so-clever statement he was making with his shirt, and account for his (and Mallory’s) whereabouts 30 minutes after the Vancouver Police Department read the Riot Act and ordered everyone to disperse from the area.

  41. OH WOW Mallory, you’re so COOL, taking a picture with a guy with that printed on his shirt! Hurry up and put it on Facebook so everyone will think you are totally RAD!!

  42. Your caption alone discredits this entire post. “Mallory Newton with a man stating intent to riot”? I’m pretty sure the shirt say “I’m just HERE for the riots” NOT ” I’m just here TO riot”. It’s a shitty shirt, in poor taste yes, but that is all.
    I’ve seen hundreds of photos from Wednesday night, and yet only a few of Mallory and this man. The photos of this man that I have seen are all “posed” photos. He’s got his balaclava on and posing with Canuck fans, random people and even riot cops. Every other photo I’ve seen, and theres only been one or two in total, he is NOT wearing the mask and NOT committing any crime or even looking like he might be committing a crime. Walking around downtown and wearing a costume to pose for photos is stupid in light of how the riot turned out, sure. But unmasking yourself when you’re walking around or not posing for a photo? Doesn’t really sound like much of a criminal to ME.
    As for “Mallory’s attitude towards the riots”, posing with someone in a bad Tshirt doesn’t mean you support it whether they’re your friend or not. I’m pretty sure her attitude is a laughing one because anyone who wants to ruin the city they live in is an idiot.
    I walked around downtown the day after the riot had been cleaned up. I happened to walk by “bang on” and. “cherry bomb” and in each of the two stores was a mannequin with a shirt that said “I survived the 2011 Riot”. So, I’m actually pretty surprised that this is the only Tshirt of its “type” that I’ve seen. That being said, you know the Tshirt was made before the riots ever happened. And no, it doesn’t mean that he was here to riot. Everyone knew that there would be a riot regardless. People came prepared with backpacks full of weapons and alcohol, etc. Neither of these two have a backpack or weapons, or even alcohol. They’re both clean of soot, or blood, or any other “evidence”.
    All that taken into account, draw your own conclusion.

    It’s pretty clear: Stupid shirt in bad taste. That is all. Find any photo or video proof of anything otherwise, and I will eat my words.



  43. For all of you saying that she is innocent, no she is not! Once the police read the riot act you have 1 half hour to leave the area, if you don’t you are taking party in an unlawful assembly a crime which is punishable by up to 2 years in jail.

  44. Riot act was read, or at least I heard it was. This photo looks like it was taken before everything started to happen or at least away from the “action”. It could have also been taken after it all, but I’m pretty sure it was dark by then.
    I for one was at a pub on granville. When we left the pub, the crowds were starting to get rowdy. We never heard the riot act read and didn’t know anything about it at the time. We decided to go to a bar on Davie street while things calmed down. Cops would not let us go towards the skytrain stations at the time. So, we waited it out for a couple hours and then walked to the train station afterwards.
    My point is: you don’t know when this photo was taken nor do you know where they were at the time of the riot act being read. You really don’t know anything.
    The riot was embarrassing and stupid, but pointing fingers at people for a bad Tshirt makes you look just as stupid. They’re not even around any crowds in any of the photos I’ve seen, let alone anything burning, etc.

    • In the posts above there are links to a second photograph. This photograph show a group of 5 individuals walking in a commercial area. In the background, you can make out the smashed window of a store; the ground is also littered with broken glass. The picture also appears to have been taken at night.

      There are two key individuals in this picture:

      1. In the foreground, a young man wearing a black balaclava, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt that reads “I’m Just Here For The Riots”
      2. in the background, a short woman with streaked blonde hair, a white t-shirt, blue jeans, a black jacket, and a blue and green scarf

      In viewing this second photograph, any reasonable person would conclude:

      1. The two individuals in question are the same two individuals in the first photograph (i.e. the one with Mallory celebrating the concept of rioting)
      2. The individuals are present in the riot area long after the riot act had been read

      • One thing I should add:

        The two photographs also show that the relationship between Mallory and the man in the ‘clever’ t-shirt was not a one-time, random thing (e.g. she didn’t just momentary pose with the guy for a picture and then go about her merry way). They clearly know each other and hung out together on that terrible, shameful night.

      • did u ever think she was celecbrating the canucks made it to the finals… Probably not!!!! CAuse u wernt there, nor do u know anything about her!!!!! all people should take u comments and shove them up ur ass

      • Hey McMoron….it’s a good thing you aren’t an investigator of any sort…because you suck at it! LOL You can’t prove anything about if the riot act had been read or not!! LOL You are just making yourself look and sound more and more like a dummy. I laugh at you, as do a lot of others!!! hahahahahhaha THank you for the laughs!

  45. Stupid is as stupid does. And this idiot girl did a stupid thing. What does that make her?
    S T U P I D !!

  46. i would like to start out by saying ive known mallory for 10 yrs we are not the best of friends but i do no one thing she is a good caring kind person who had an error in judgement.. I think everyone is for getting she is not the one wearing the shirt “Im just here for the riots”.who the hell are all u people to sit there and judge her when u dont even know her!!!! For all u people to sit there and pass judgement and ridicule her makes just as guilty as the people who were rioting… It is because of people like u that the riot even happened to begin with. The rioters didnt care about who got hurt in the process and neither do ne of u. everyone makes mistakes its weather or not we learn from them… I think she has….DIDNT UR MOTHER EVER TEACH YOU IF U HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY TO SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!!! HOPE UR FEELN BETTER MALLORY…. KEEP UR HEAD UP UR FREINDS AND FAMILY KNOW THE REAL U AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS

      Mallory Newton is a terrorist supporter. She stood by the terrorist as they tried to burn our city down. “Guilty do to association” The police told her to leave the area but she refused. If the man she stood by burned your car would you still say Mallory Newton did nothing wrong? Mallory Newton will go down in history as a terrorist supporter and you support her makes you just as bad.

      • Mitch….what a goof you are….terrorist supporter? Big words for a small dude! Pull you head out of your butt and wash off all that crap because I can smell your BS from here!

    • agreed again! I’m her cousin and this is absolutle bullshit!

  47. What happened on Wednesday night was one of the most disgusting, puerile, shocking acts of cowardice in recent history. A good chunk of a wonderful city was destroyed, business were ruined, honest, noble people were beaten by cowardly, sub-human thugs, Vancouver was shamed, and Canada is now the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Quit treating it as if it was a house party that got a bit out of hand.

    I’m getting so very tired of hearing about how “good” these people are and how they “made a mistake”.

    Good people don’t participate in riots.
    Good people don’t associate with balaclava-wearing thugs.
    Good people leave riot zones once the Riot Act is read.

    So save your breath. No one’s buying it. It’s people like Mallory, with her tacit consent and approval of the whole “riots are cool” mentality that led to these riots.

  48. Moron McStupid, you clearly ARE just that, a moron. Do you even live in the Vancouver area? I’m guessing not. If you did, you’d know that the area they’re walking past in the second picture is the Bay. They’re walkig down a slight incline. At which if you live in the area or have ever been downtown, you know that that is the walk to the Granville skytrain station. Most people were stuck downtown for hours, including myself, and could not go home until the streets were cleared. Sure you were supposed to go home. Many could not.
    If these were thugs, I’m sure they’d reach their hands into the broken store windows to grab some loot. They’ve got empty hands. Oh, and no backpacks to put shit into either. Strange.
    Mallory and this man clearly know each other. So what? They’re both adults, and are allowed to hang out with whomever they choose. Stupid shirt or not. The point or statement being made here is that you can wear whatever you’d like, it’s a free country. Wearing a stupid shirt does not make you a stupid rioter.
    All you fools all like to talk about Mallory and her celebratory ways…. She, like many others came to celebrate the game. Many of those idiots downtown that night came to riot and fight. I think the Tshirt is a clever way to stay out of trouble. If he wore a Boston jersey, he might not be alive right now, but wearing the shirt he did wear, got maybe a few dirty looks. He looks pretty untouched to me.

    PS Captain Vancouver, I was supportive of your public shaming until I came to this post. You’re an idiotic coward.

    • Got Bless Captain Vancouver for standing up to the terrorist supporters.

    • Bravo for being intelligent, analyzing the situation & coming to a reasonable conclusion.. I agree with you 100%.. It`s unfortunate that peoples desire to help punish the guilty has become a “witch hunt”… everyone has an opinion regarding the shirt & statement this guy is making only because there actually was a riot that we all knew was inevitable, regardless of how much people want to believe “we’ve changed”..
      (That statement is a crock of shit in its self.. “we’ve changed”? who’s changed? The punks that cause this were babies in 1994, so not them..) If there had been NO riot the situation may be different. Either way, thank you for having common sense, something so rare these days.

  49. If you seriously think that wearing a bad Tshirt makes you a terrorist, you’re a narrow minded fool. If you think that being out with your friend who is wearing a bad Tshirt makes you a terrorist supporter, you need to get out more.
    Hiding behind your computer posting photos of innocent people calling then rioters and terrorists is NOT standing up to anyone.
    I do not support anyone who is guilty of trashing Vancouver and think that should be shamed however people see fit. But this should be JUST that. Photos of guilty people committing crimes.
    Captain Coward, I hope someone takes a photo of YOU with a brand new Coach bag walking down Granville and everyone accuses you of being a rioter. Maybe then you’ll see the other side. You’re a completely narrow minded uneducated idiot.
    These people did not do anything. If you think they did, post your “proof”. I guarantee you won’t find any BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANY. THEY ARE NOT RIOTERS TERRORISTS, OR THUGS.
    Oh, and “Mitch, it’s GOD not GOT”

    • lmfao!! love it! Every point is made and I agree completely. Mal is my cousin and I’ve known since this started how its been for her and everything is good. the PROOF is EXACTLY the posting i put up near the start! this isn’t ANY PROOF so all the comments that are continued by the people that have no lives need to get one!!

      • You’re right. I do need to get a life. You won’t hear from me again.

  50. Totally agree eric in ottawa!

  51. Reading back over my comments I see that some of them were immature and overly judgmental. I sincerely apologize.

    I still believe that Mallory made a very poor decision in allowing herself to be photographed with such a tasteless t-shirt. She and her friend may have been trying to make a valid point, but given the enormity and the horror of the situation, I’m afraid that most people (myself included) just don’t find the joke remotely funny.

    Again, please accept my apologies and pass them on to Mallory; I made a poor decision and am sincerely sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusions. As you’ve pointed out (and I agreed), I need to stop wasting my time and get a life.

    Moron McStupid

  52. Where will these rioters be on Canada Day coming up. I hope I don’t hear that any of them are singing the Canadian anthem, especially the part that says “We stand on guard for thee”. Too bad they cannot be banned from being involved in any celebrations involving our home and native land. I wonder where they will be on July 1st?

  53. Chill out cousin of Mallory’s. Capt Vancouver clearly stated…

    Some will disapprove of my posting of Mallory Newton’s photo as somehow linking her to the criminal activity of rioting downtown. In no way do I accuse her of such. However, I think she’s a moron for posing with this guy and then posting it up.

    Would have to agree. She’s a moron. Anyone taking pictures in front of a burning car, broken window, riot police…all morons. You’re basically saying that you think it’s cool what’s going on even though you are not participating. And to all those that just CHEERED on the rioters…MORONS again.

    • Frank….then he never should have posted this picture, grouping it in with the others he has posted. Have you not seen the other pictures of this dude, posing with other people? Where’s the witch hunt for them? Why aren’t you after them too? Well, get on and look for those photos and you can publicly call them all morons too. I guess with the name Frank the Tank, it shows that you are all brawn and no brains.

  54. Okay I never thought I would be saying this because Mallory and I are not the best of friends to say the least…and I did lmao when I first saw this…but seriously the level of anger still felt days after the riot and days after a much more positive thing the cleanup…is scary…ppl are still spewing hate…last time I checked countering hate with hate was not a good idea. Yes Mallory done fucked up but if the police thought she fucked up enough to be considered a criminal she’d have been arrested. And again I can’t believe I am saying this but let her alone…really I think everyone needs to let go of the anger because this has turned into a witch hunt and if you don’t think ppl reacting like this days after the fact makes vancouverites look as ugly as the rioters then you are sadly mistaken. So please I beg of you..stop hating and try to put oyur energy into doing something positive..something to make our city look good. Thx for listening. Hope you all have a fabulous day.

  55. In the same change of heart that you took away Luke’s association with rioting, you should take down Mallory’s. Please focus on the criminals. If you really want to name morons for posing in riotous scenes, there are hundreds more idiotic than this one.

    Any moronic 18 year old who stepped between a camera and a burning car, flashed a gang sign and then laughed and ran away deserves derision from his peers, but not from the general public for years to come.

  56. Look up the words unlawful assembly in the Criminal Code of Canada and maybe some of the people defending people who were just at the riot will want to rethink what constitutes a criminal act. Remember ignorance of a law is not a defence.

  57. obviously you know the people in the photo to be such a rabid defender. Must be very proud of the friends you keep. If you were downtown after the Riot Act was read, you’re guilty. I live downtown and didnt bother going anywhere near the events, let alone wear a shirt supporting riots. After the game, there was no reason to stick around, so anyone who decided to stay was looking for trouble. It’s pretty obvious. Mallory newton and her companion are guilty of wanting to see my city destroyed.

  58. wthout a doubr, Eric. that person should be publicly exposed for being the same kind of ‘scum’ he claims to be against.. A persons character is more in question than who they are or what they look like. People make choices in their lives, obvious shame the scum chooses to compete for being worse than those he passes judgment on.

  59. Interim Management Indonesia

    Mallory Newton: A Case For Vancouver

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